14 Dec 2022 By May Ng

ARMANI beauty Introduces ARMANI CODE PARFUM to Rewrite The Code of Masculinity

ARMANI CODE PARFUM evolves a new, modern chapter within the Giorgio Armani masculine fragrance world. At the heart of the fragrance’s philosophy is the concept of “rewrite the code.”

Today, a man can be more in tune with his uniqueness and is at ease with being simply who he is. In this contemporary, forward-looking world, masculinity reflects today’s men, rather than archetypes, and becomes multi-faceted, more diverse. Men are free to express a more authentic and evolved masculinity, and to be more emotionally attuned.

These new codes of masculinity naturally align with what has always been Giorgio Armani’s overarching vision: that of a nuanced, sensitive masculinity.

“My idea of masculinity is free from patterns and impositions. My work, from clothes to perfumes, couldn’t be further from
the stereotypical and speaks to the constant rewriting of codes. This new fragrance is a further step in that direction.
Being a man today means giving free expression to elegance and therefore finding the balance and harmony between
what you choose to wear and what you have inside you, your way of presenting yourself and existing.”

Giorgio Armani

Retail Price: HK$980/75ml
Launch Date: Available at Store now!

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