3 Apr 2024 By May Ng

Art Basel Hong Kong 2024



Maison Ruinart is delighted to unveil its Carte Blanche 2024, created by a collective of artists that have a strong connection with nature. Part of Conversations with nature will be exhibited at Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 from 26 to 30 March2024, through the work of Tomoko Sauvage.

For almost 300 years, Maison Ruinart has maintained a unique dialogue with nature – celebrated through the Carte Blanche 2024. By taking the time to observe, listen to and understand nature, the oldest champagne house harvests its fruits, fromwhich each cuvée takes form. Attention to detail lies at the heart of ancestral know-how that respects the ecological equilibrium expressed in every bottle. Champagne is above all a natural product from the vine: emerging from the earth, imbued with water and light. Each bubble contains a glimmer of the ever-renewed cycle of the seasons.

Inspired by this tangible connection with nature, Maison Ruinart lays the foundations of a collective movement. Bychoosing to bring artists with strong convictions into conversation with the living world, the Maison sends out an ambitioussignal at moment when climate upheaval puts so much at stake. Unveiled throughout the year at art fairs around the world, the artworks will be brought together in a permanent display in a garden at Ruinart’s historic site in Reims, at 4, rue desCrayères. While the emotions they arouse will connect us to the beauty and fragility of our planet, these creations also willconstitute a call to action in the face of the challenges posed by the Anthropocene.

Drawn from five continents, the artists invited for this Carte Blanche embody both contemporary art and different ways environmental issues are perceived around the world.

Andrea Bowers is based in Los Angeles. Marcus Coates and Thijs Biersteker live in Europe. Pascale Marthine Tayou works between Belgium and Cameroon. Henrique Oliveira has studios in London and São Paulo. Tomoko Sauvage travels between Paris and Tokyo.

Together, they will breathe life into multi-faceted reflections that resonate from New York to Madrid, Tokyo to Dubai, Hong Kong to Paris. Rather than concluding a debate, these multiple, abundant conversations will make the different voicescarried by nature heard. Everyone is free to join this open discussion. Like a choir, the Carte Blanche 2024 declares its support for a universal dialogue with all living things – nourished by infinite approaches, viewpoints and knowledge.

In the heart of the future Artists’ Garden in Reims – with a natural and artistic imprint embodying Ruinart’s values, the artworks in the Carte Blanche 2024 will demonstrate a lasting commitment to a more sustainable world. They willengage in passionate Conversations with nature.

«For us, it is about considering nature and all living things as a subject to converse with rather than a subject of conversation. And giving a voice to the fauna and flora that surround us.»


Cellar master, Ruinart



In 2024, with a Carte Blanche entitled Conversations with nature, Ruinart is bringing to life a form of art that is committed to nature and driven by a multitude of talents. Although they use different media, all the artists have a strong connection with nature. Some are interested in climate, others biodiversity All of them focus on the relationship between mankind and nature through their unique prism. Andrea Bowers combines art and activism, Thijs Biersteker bases his work on scientific data, Marcus Coates creates new relationships with a «more than human» world, Pascale Marthine Tayou brings out beauty where least expected, Henrique Oliveira and his spectacular sculptures bring plants and other organic elements together, while Tomoko Sauvage is passionate about bubbles – from how they form to their transparent appearance. These six artists have been selected to come and dialogue with nature in the Champagne region and question our relationship with living things – embodying the collective impetus set in motion by Maison Ruinart.

«As the oldest champagne house, Ruinart has cultivated an intimate bond with the land and naturefor almost 300 years. We have a responsibility to better understand and preserve it. Our cuvées arethe fruit of this relationship. Artists are the best ambassadors to promote the preservation of nature, which is essential for Maison Ruinart. They are at the cutting edge of society and have a powerfullanguage capable of engaging our different audiences.»


resident, Maison Ruinart


Tomoko Sauvage has gained international renown for her experimental approach to music, which combines acoustic instruments with electronic technology. Her artistic journey is closely linked to her interest in the transformative qualities of natural elements, particularly water. Tomoko Sauvage often composes with a series of porcelain bowls filled with water. For nearly fifteen years, she has also researched the sound effects of bubbles, which she uses in her creations. By manipulating the surface of the water and using hydrophones (underwater microphones), she produces singular sounds that blur the lines between the organic and electronic. Her work has been presented at leading cultural institutions including the Palais de Tokyo, Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid and the London Barbican Centre.

Tomoko Sauvage deal with random elements and try to strike a balance between the control she want to exert and this randomness. A bit like a gardener, she create an environment so that the objects resonate as beautifully as possible. She likes working with vibrations, which are the expression of living things.

«I work with vibrations, which are the expression of living things. Everything around us is vibrations and we are too.»


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