Asaya Hong Kong continues its Wellcation series, this July, expanding its curated selection of restorative-getaway experiences for individuals, couples, families and friends.

The Asaya Wellcation series began in June with one-day or one-night programming, and now builds on that programming with “Discover More”, the addition of workshops by visiting wellness specialists, plus a focused two-night wellcation to either “Connect”, “Activate” or “Rest”.

Incorporating tools and practices to take home, an Asaya Wellcation begins as a restorative escape — and paves the path for an extended self-discovery journey that can truly change your life.

Focused Two-Night Wellcation – Connect

Forming, nurturing and maintaining connections – with ourselves, our families, our partners or our friends – is vital to our overall health and wellbeing. Whether it is forging a new relationship or rekindling an old one, each connection we make means opening up, actively listening and being willing to try new things. Incorporating mindfulness, bodywork, nutrition and skin health, the Connect Wellcation at Asaya is an opportunity for self-care and self-reflection, and one that you can share with a loved one.

Focused Two-Night Wellcation – Activate

Our bodies are a complex system requiring constant care and maintenance if we are to enjoy optimal health and pain-free living. The Activate Wellcation harnesses the expertise of Terry, Resident Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Practitioner, who will provide a personalised and sustainable functional training session that teaches you how to build strength and resilience. With the addition of nourishing meals, body and facial treatments, and access to Asaya’s world-class facilities, the Activate Wellcation is the kick-start your body, mind and spirit needs. ​

Focused Two-Night Wellcation – Rest

Rest rejuvenates body and mind, regulates mood, and enhances learning and memory function. It is fundamental to our health, our happiness and our success in everything from personal relationships to professional careers. The Rest Wellcation is designed to provide much-needed respite from the demands and distractions of everyday life through a combination of meditation, massage, healthy eating and a one-on-one session with Resident Practitioner Kit. No matter what your schedule or to-do list looks like, it is time well spent for your long-term health.

Discover More: Self Care Wellcation

Continuing on from the Discover Asaya Wellcation is the addition of Workshops from Visiting Wellness Specialists. Give yourself the time to venture deeper through a results-driven programme. Each programme includes a workshop* from a visiting wellness specialist, and the choice to compliment your journey by booking either a guided session** with a resident wellness specialist, or to simply sit still with an aromatherapy session or bespoke treatment***. A three-course lunch at Asaya Kitchen is included in each programme.

All guests can also enjoy full access to the Asaya Fitness Centre, swimming pool and Well-being Classes. Whether you’re looking to recharge, refocus or simply relax, the Discover More Daycation or One-Night Wellcation provides the space and support to deepen your journey to complete well-being.

(*90 – 120-minute workshop, see Appendix for workshop details;

**60-minute session, choose from:​​ Singing Bowl Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Expressive Arts Therapy, Functional Insight Training, Active Isolated Stretching, Sports Therapy​​;

virtual sessions can be arranged​​.

***Choose from: 60-min Aroma Atelier by Asaya or 60-min Essential Detox Ritual by EVIDENS DE BEAUTE / Anti-Vice by GOA facial.)

All Discover Asaya Wellcations are still available for booking. Bookings received before 11 July will receive the introductory rates. All booking enquiries after 11 July will receive the new rates as listed above.

Asaya Hong Kong: 6/F, Rosewood Hong Kong, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (+852 3891 8588)