ASH SS 2015 Collection

Main Line Collection
The fashion network, the endless movement as contemporary pilgrims within the
fashion system steals the fussbett style. ASH reviews it dynamically as a rock
pilgrimage between styles and trends. Painted by various shades, black and whiteoptical, gold dressed, the fussbett becomes light, flexible, technical and trendy. It also carries a brave and terriblychic western style, both in the flat version with rubber shark teeth shapedsole as well as a higher one (up to 6 centimeters) for a bold and aggressive mood.
Sport Line Collection

The great success of the Sport Line is still increasing and being inspired by technical details for a sophisticated and polished mood.
The Man Line, by its side, supports the success of sport fashion. Slip on Lennon and zipped Heroe are inspirational for a man who is not afraid of a
match with smoking and bow-tie, meanwhile a stylish man will be able to wear the sandals Nikki gracefully.