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JOYCE SPOT presents a weekly spotlight. Handpicked pieces hot off the virtual runway. Selected from our global network of designer talents, this is the best of JOYCE distilled down to its core. Stay tuned for the latest additions from iconic and emerging designers – such as ROKH, A.W.A.K.E MODE, CASABLANCA,  MOLLY GODDARD, PHIPPS, JORDAN DALAH […]

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Feast at Lan Kwai Fong Entertainments

Lan Kwai Fong Entertainments (LKFE) is delighted to present sumptuous Italian and Japanese-themed brunches on May 8th to 9th2021, to treat your beloved mother in style on Mother’s Day. Make sure you reserve a restaurant with the best arrangements and celebrate with the whole family! In addition, every mother dining at one of our outlets […]

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept “Black Panther” Flying Tourbillon

Following the announcement of its long-term partnership with Marvel Entertainment, Swiss Haute Horlogerie manufacturer Audemars Piguet is delighted to reveal the first iteration of its Marvel heroes watch series, the Royal Oak Concept “Black Panther” Flying Tourbillon, limited to 250 pieces. Inspired by historical character watch designs, the Manufacture wanted to pay tribute to a […]

“In Loving Memory of Leslie Cheung Online Concert 2021”

Cartier Accessorized Karen Mok, Chilam Cheung and Chiu Tsang Hei Cartier accessorized singers Karen Mok and Chilam Cheung, and music director Chiu Tsang Hei at “In Loving Memory of Leslie Cheung Online Concert 2021”on 1 April, an occasion to pay tribute to the legendary artist. Karen Mok wore Reflection de Cartier earrings andEtincelle de Cartier […]

FURLA teams up with LINE FRIENDS and launches a capsule collection

Furla has cooperated with LINE FRIENDS to launch a capsule collection of charming accessories featuring three of its characters on a range of bags and small leather items. The main character BROWN, known for his unceasingly sincere heart, is joined by his dear girlfriend CONY, who is bright, cheerful and passionate. The third main character […]

The Finest Artisanal Vegan ‘Cheeze’ Shop Le Fromage by Ma Arrives at K11 MUSEA

Curator Tina Barrat, Hong Kong-based French jewelry designer turned raw-food maestro, crafts culinary gems from simple natural ingredients. Over twenty choices of handcrafted vegan cheese will be on offer. Creamy truffle flavoured ‘Shamembert’ (HK$240/235g; HK$160/120g), tastebud tantalising ‘Moon & Earth’ (HK$180/140g), lusciously pink peppercorn studded Brie: Pink Peppercorn (HK$250/380g; HK$150/190g), Cheddar Smoked (HK$250/315g; HK$150/160g) and the Gorgonzola inspired ‘North Pole Star’ (HK$180/150g) are just a […]

MALIN+GOETZ advanced renewal moisturizer

高效更新補濕精華乳 抵禦都市侵害  高效抗氧 重建肌膚屏障 來自紐約的MALIN+GOETZ一直深信「護膚從不複雜」,精簡而高效的配方才是都市人的最佳皮膚護理。創辦人Matthew及Andrew因此研發了適合所有肌膚的簡單兩步護理程序:潔淨+保濕(2-step everyday essentials: cleanse + hydrate) 以滿足皮膚基本需要。再配合特別護理功能的產品以針對偶發性需要,平衡及穩定皮膚,呈現健康活力。品牌的獨特配方嚴選可信賴的溫和天然成份,不但俱實證,真實可靠,不盲目追求新鮮感和科技潮流,從而減少對皮膚的刺激,使皮膚維持自然健康平衡的狀況,安全有效。 重建肌膚保護屏障 即時高效保濕抗氧 七大功效抵禦都市侵害 MALIN+GOETZ的補濕產品均含有品牌獨家研發的吸收性脂肪酸,深層滋潤補水,有助迅速吸收而不殘留。 advanced renewal moisturizer高效更新補濕精華乳同樣秉承品牌哲學,為都市生活而設,以多元的護膚效能抵禦都市侵害。精華乳質地輕盈易推,不黏笠。高效配方蘊含由瑞士稀有品種蘋果幹細胞萃取,高度抗氧化,有效保護皮膚免受外來環境傷害,重點改善皺紋及細紋。配合白芒花籽油、亞麻籽萃取、水分複合物及氨基酸以形成七大護膚功效。 advanced renewal moisturizer高效更新補濕精華乳質地輕盈易推,蘊含品牌獨家研發的吸收性脂肪酸,可深層滋潤補水,迅速吸收而不殘留,不黏笠。高效配方包括由瑞士稀有品種蘋果幹細胞萃取、白芒花籽油、亞麻籽萃取、水分複合物及氨基酸以打造七大護膚功效。精華乳中不含任何對羥基苯甲酸鹽(parabens)、硫酸鹽(sulfates)、麩質(gluten)及合成香料。尤其切合抵禦都市侵害而受損的膚質,而且所有原材料均不含任何動物來源的成分,沒有經過動物測試,適合任何人士的膚質包括純素者於任何天氣下使用。 主要成份 白芒花籽油 – 為皮膚鎖緊水份 亞麻籽萃取 – 鎖緊水份及增加皮膚彈性 水分複合物 – 平滑及柔化細紋,肌膚更見細緻飽滿 蘋果幹細胞 – 高度抗氧化,保護皮膚免受外來環境傷害,減少細紋的形成 氨基酸 – 可增加肌膚中的骨膠原,平滑肌膚,增加柔軟度 每日基礎護理 (cleanse. + hydrate.) 每日兩步護理程序: 於正確潔膚並拭乾後,為肌膚滲透補濕,取適量高效更新補濕精華乳塗抹於面和頸上,可於早晚使用。 西柚潔面啫喱 HK$320/ 236ml  弱酸性的潔面啫喱蘊含天然西柚萃取和植物性氨基酸潔淨配方,有效溫和而徹底地淨化肌膚,有效卸除面部及眼部淡妝,去除面部污垢,平衡肌膚pH值,同時不致乾燥、脫皮或刺激。適合所有膚質使用,尤其敏感肌膚。 高效更新補濕精華乳 HK$550/50ml 乳質地輕盈易推,蘊含品牌獨家研發的吸收性脂肪酸,可深層滋潤補水,迅速吸收而不殘留,不黏笠。高效配方包括由瑞士稀有品種蘋果幹細胞萃取、白芒花籽油、亞麻籽萃取、水分複合物及氨基酸以打造七大護膚功效。

NEW! Spring Dishes Abound at Okra Hong Kong 

Seasonal Seafood Takes Centerstage at the Neighbourhood Izakaya To celebrate a festival of flavors this spring, Okra Hong Kong puts forward the best in-season bounty of the sea in all-new dishes masterfully crafted by Chef Max Levy. Glowing firefly squid light up the neighbhorhood izakaya this season, where Hotaruika (HK$130) hailing from Toyama Bay are steamed and […]

Tracee Ellis Ross Wears Tiffany & Co. At The 2021 NAACP Image Awards

Nominated for both Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture for “High Note” and Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for “Black-ish” Tracee Ellis Ross wore Tiffany & Co. by legendary designer Elsa Peretti®. Ross appeared in a bold Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti® Snake necklace and iconic Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti® Bone Cuffs on each wrist in 18k gold. Introduced over fifty […]