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Mexico Beyond the Beach Chairs

Beyond the beach chairs Whether you like it or not, it’s not all about underage debauchery and Spring Break in Cancun. Mexico provides the perfect natural  surroundings to appease thrill seekingtourists While relaxing by the beach with a frosty drink will always remain a popular vacation activity, tourists are increasingly seeking hands-on vacations involving adventure […]

Ayana Resort & Spa

Ayana voted world's #1 Spa BY CONDE NAST TRAVELLER READERS, FOLLOWING REBRANDING Thermes Marins Bali Spa has been awarded the World’s #1 Spa at the Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Spa Awards 2010, in the latest accola de bestowed upon AYANA Resort and Spa Bali following its rebranding. AYANA was also awarded Favourite Hotel Spa in […]

Cavalieri, Rome

“When in Rome…” With the 13th FINA World Championships making a splash in Rome this summer, the most famous hotel in Rome took the opportunity to revamp itself for its 50th Anniversary by announcing its corporation into the Waldorf Astoria brand- making it the first European hotel of the hotel chain. Chic-modern is mixed in […]

Ravesi’s Bondi

  Located along the heart of Sydney’s trendiest coastline suburb, Ravesi’s is home to one of the best accommodations Bondi has to offer. A boutique hotel that brings a touch of stylish decadence to the grungy seaside suburb. Housing only a few rooms, the boutique hotel has accumulated a long waitlisted of fashionable clientele. But […]

South Australia Travel around in luxury & style

Travel Around in Luxury and Style   South Australia (www.southaustralia.com) has long been recognised for its abundant free roaming wildlife, its fine quality food and wine, and its laid back, alfresco lifestyle. Now it is developing a matching reputation for its luxury accommodation and touring opportunities.   Below are detailed eight of South Australia’s top luxury […]

The city’s known as the wedding capital of the world

Everything about Las Vegas is big. The city’s known as the wedding capital of the world, it’s entirely appropriate that 100 couples were married to make it an extra special occasion. A land auction, held back on May 15, 1905, initiated a revolution that saw this desert valley transform itself the fastest American city and […]

Queensland Stuck Between A Reef & a Lush Place

In just over six hours you could be walking through the world's oldest rainforest and swimming over the world where two world heritage sites actually touch, Far North Queensland is home to a swarm of stirring pursuits and a small amount of wildlife to keep you on your toes Pete, theirreverent Aussie-hatiing Kiwi land driver, […]

Paris Special

The City of Blinding Lights With Parisian boutique of all boutiques – fashion landmark Colette, celebrating its 10th year at the forefront of international chic, Away In Style takes a look at what’s new in the city of couture and romance. Read on for the low-down on where those in the know are eating, drinking, […]

Summer Palace

A palatial banquet in the local mall As with the outlets at Kowloon’s new W hotel or Central’s Four Seasons, the restaurants in the Island Shangri-La are housed in both a hotel and a shopping centre. The phenomenon of an integrated hotel-residential-retail-commercial complex seems to be finally catching on in Hong Kong. But of course, […]