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31 rue Cambon with CHANEL

31 rue Cambon 是一篇向 CHANEL 美學發源地 rue Cambon 31 號總部致敬的頌詞,藝術總監 Virginie Viard 構思系列廣告時,再次邀請美國導演 Sofia Coppola 助一臂之力 — 去年 12 月工藝坊系列在巴黎大皇宮亮相,如同將總部 Chanel 女士 的公寓、訂製服展覽廳以及著名的鏡面樓梯搬進時裝表演現場,震撼的意念 Sofia Coppola 亦 有參與其中。 工藝坊系列廣告由 Sofia Coppola 任指導,Melodie McDaniel 負責攝影,傳奇的鏡面樓梯 成為廣告背景,模特兒 Mona Tougaard、Gigi Hadid、Vittoria Ceretti、Rebecca Leigh Longendyke、Anna Ewers、 Ola Rudnicka、潘浩文及 Blesnya Minher 踏著歡快步伐,從 Gabrielle Chanel 的殿堂走到 Karl Lagerfeld 與好友經常去的巴黎 La Coupole 餐廳 — 當 年餐廳的舞會可謂盛極一時。 廣告概念延續時裝展的主題,回歸 CHANEL 風格之根本,由建於二十年代初的裝飾藝術風格鏡 面樓起步,據說當年 Gabrielle Chanel 會坐在第五級樓梯觀察樓下舉行的時裝表演,觀眾卻 見不到她,從鏡中反映她就見到模特兒示範的身影。Sofia Coppola 解釋說:「我們想像當年 在總部舉行時裝表演的情景,觀眾近距離欣賞模特兒穿梭示範的興奮心情,還有 Chanel 的鏡 面樓梯都令我心往神馳。」 系列用色全為 CHANEL 經典:白色飄逸長裙及縐緞套裝;黑色平織外套繡彩色水晶,黑色羊毛 茄士咩軟呢大衣有華美刺繡;金色見於絎縫大衣、連身裙及一款繡滿花朵的蕾絲裙;Lesage 工 藝坊的麥穗、絲帶或珍珠刺繡點綴於多款服裝;一個鑲水晶金色雀籠形晚裝小手袋取材自 Chanel 女士公寓中的小雀籠,亦用於配襯廣告中一個造型;CHANEL 經典雙色概念見於輪廓 分明的黑白軟呢套裝,以及 Massaro 工坊製作的金配黑色高跟鞋;Lemarié 羽飾及花飾工坊 的工藝,為黑色蕾絲連身裙、有 CC 標誌的淡褐色半截裙以及印山茶花白色阿剛紗小斗篷錦上 添花;Gabrielle Chanel 心愛的山茶花鋪滿一件晚裝飛行員短外套;軟呢混珠片衣料用於連胸 飾的連身褲、短身套裝的外套及直身半截裙;另一經典元素鏈條與珍珠串、蝴蝶結或山茶花配 搭相得益彰。時尚首飾如手鐲、項鏈、長項鏈及頸圈光華閃爍,為造型添上華美一筆。 2019/20 工藝坊系列廣告影像表現 rue Cambon 31 號總部的神髓、活力、傳奇地位及永不過 時的時代感,完美地向 CHANEL 的歷史及經典風格致敬。   Go straight to the heart of CHANEL’s world: […]

LUX | Exclusive Island Buyout

EXCLUSIVE ISLAND BUYOUT – LUX* NORTH MALÉ ATOLL RESORT AND VILLAS WELCOMES GUESTS BACK TO A SAFE SANCTUARY FROM 15 JULY LUX* North Malé Atoll Resort & Villas provides an exclusive sanctuary for holidaymakers to enjoy their summer holiday while staying safe with an Island Buy Out Package. Starting at USD 180,000, the package includes […]

Japan’s Favourite Hot Spring Town is celebrating 1,300 Years

Kinosaki Onsen, Japan’s Best Hot Spring Town, is celebrating its 1,300th anniversary this year. The charming village, known for its serene ambiance and its authentic old Japan allure, has been a local favourite since the 8th century when hot springs were discovered in the area. And whilst wellness and relaxation have remained the obvious drawcards […]

Versace | Capsule

Versace launches a capsule collection celebrating the upcoming summer. The collection boasts a dedicated print depicting heritage gold-tone acanthus leaves fused with subtle animalier accents. The hand-painted motifs are placed onto a checkerboard background in bright shades of yellow, green, orange and turquoise. Evoking a summer by the sea, the vivid design is featured on […]

The Gold Coast put on the charms…

Queenslanders are being urged to holiday on the Gold Coast as the first burst of campaign activity launches to support struggling operators looking to capitalise on a tourism-led recovery. Destination Gold Coast CEO Annaliese Battista said the new campaign launched on 15 June, is the first step in revitalising Gold Coast’s tourism sector with the […]

New Program to Support Domestic Business Events Sector in Australia

A new $1.5 million program launched today will help the domestic business events sector get back on its feet in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and drive new business to regions around Australia. Tourism Australia’s Business Events Boost Program will provide convention bureaux, convention centres, professional conference organisers and event managers with the opportunity […]

G Adventures unveils new ‘Travel with Confidence’ policy

New safety measures to be implemented across all G Adventures tours  As the tourism industry looks to the future of travel following the COVID-19 pandemic, G Adventures has unveiled a new ‘Travel with Confidence’ policy which introduces new safety procedures across all future G Adventures trips. Designed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both […]


Renowned worldwide as a pioneering brand in fine food products, Royal Caviar Club offers exclusive access to the world of fine things and rare pleasure – from premium caviar and champagne to luxury accessories. In a rare and limited-time opportunity, Royal Caviar Club presents special-value Stay At Home Indulgence Packages for the city’s gourmets. All orders […]