18 May 2024 By May Ng

Aveda NEW Invati Ultra Advanced™ Collection for Thicker, Fuller Hair

Aveda Celebrates a Breakthrough for Thinning Hair

Aveda’s Invati Ultra Advanced™ is available starting May 27, 2024 at Aveda stores and online at https://aveda.imaginex.com.
【Invati Ultra Advanced™】
invati ultra advanced™ exfoliating shampoo light/rich HK$ 350 / 200ml
invati ultra advanced™ thickening conditioner light/rich HK$ 400 / 200ml
invati ultra advanced™ revitalizing scalp serum HK$ 775 / 150ml 
invati ultra advanced™ fortifying leave-in treatment HK$ 400 / 100ml 
invati ultra advanced™ thickening foam HK$ 390 / 150ml
Thinning hair and hair loss are growing concerns among men and women globally, so Aveda’s highly dedicated team of scientists – including biologists, pharmacognosists and analytical chemists – are continuously researching how best to address these issues. With more than two decades of rigorous scientific research and an 8-year collaboration with world expert authorities in skin and hair biology, Aveda has unveiled an innovative solution for thinning hair, now available in a new collection.
Introducing Invati Ultra Advanced™, a high-performing, multi-step system featuring a new and exclusive triple-action Follicle Vitality Complex. Designed to be a solution for both women and men with all types of thinning hair, this 94% naturally derived3, vegan collection fortifies strands to reduce hair loss due to breakage by 85%1 when using the Invati Ultra Advanced™ 4-step system, and instantly thickening hair up to 11%4 so you feel like you have 11,000 additional hairs on your head2 when using the Invati Ultra Advanced 5-step system. With the formidable efficacy of the NEW Invati Ultra Advanced™, you’ll feel the power of thicker, fuller hair.
“The power of Invati Ultra Advanced comes from a decade of relentless research, blending cutting-edge science with ancient botanical wisdom,” said Alison Pawlus, PhD, Aveda Principal Scientist and Pharmacognosist. “Backed by collaborative studies with the University of Bradford, our pure plant extracts, meticulously selected for potency, tackle thin hair head on, redefining care for thinning hair. With a dedicated team of experts and a commitment to green extraction, we are proud to be at the forefront of hair care.”