• Grande S10 is the new flagship of Azimut Yachts’ S Collection.
  • A highly classy sports yacht, it redefines the concept of open design, combining the flowing sexy lines of the exteriors with unprecedented onboard comfort.
  • Based on scrupulous respect for guests’ privacy and designed to enable the owner to see and feel the yacht responding to the sea, the layout also shows an unusual degree of versatility throughout.
  • Alberto Mancini, who designed the exterior lines, has imported themes and references from some unusual and fascinating worlds little explored by nautical designers.
  • Francesco Guida’s interiors are in a classic-contemporary style based on prestige wood and white lacquer. Precious metals underscore the paneling, decorative motifs and furniture tops, featuring a special wood finishing.
  • As in the other models in the S Collection, Carbon Tech and other leading-edge technology features make Grande S10 a paragon of modernity, a new raising of the bar in Azimut Yachts’ ongoing commitment to innovation.

    S10, the new flagship of the eponymous Azimut Yachts collection, is a distillation of pure emotion, its two designers – Alberto Mancini (concept and external lines) and Francesco Guida (interiors) – having enjoyed a free hand in developing new ideas fleshed out with exquisite materials and avant-garde technology. The result is a magnificent product, a perfect balance between sportiness and elegance.

    Exterior design
    Eclectic as ever, Alberto Mancini drew on three ideas that have never featured in yachts of this kind. The first is that of a refined modern villa on the Californian riviera with terraces leading down to the water. This translates into a three-deck layout – Flybridge, Main Deck and a Beach Platform fully open to the sea – enabling Mancini to deliver an extraordinarily large external area for a sport boat, so that her owner’s eye can freely roam the horizon.

    The megasailer concept, the talented Trieste architect’s second inspiration, is based on a sort of patio design reminiscent of old sailing boats, being discreetly placed slightly forward and lower than the rest of the deck thanks to two steps. As explained by Alberto Mancini himself, “I took this from the elegant J-Class yachts of the ’20s, where this space was designed to shelter guests from the wind: the original privacy zone thus created distinguishes this boat from all the other models on the market”.page1image1657520

The third source of inspiration is car design, which gives the model its sporty personality and permeates the shapes and choice of materials. “I’ve always been fascinated,” says Mancini, “by the designers in Turin, city of motorcars par excellence, partly because of my background in car design, a field we shouldn’t see as antithetical to nautical design”. Initially used for its technical performance, carbon fiber has now become a very visible stylistic feature in the Grande S10, where it produces a strong feel of dynamism, that of a thoroughbred whose muscles seem to flex even when not in motion. Another feature of the S10’s unique and innovative design, alongside the Carbon Tech, is her lighting, which combines the functional and the aesthetic. LED lights pick out the steps of the stern swim platform and the central stairway – like a backbone – accessing the flybridge, which has a full view of the bow pulpit. The lights switch on in rapid sequence to create an unusual scenic effect, this too inspired by car design and also illuminating the boat’s courtesy areas.

Versatility and privacy in constant contact with the sea
A major characteristic of the Grande S10’s layout is the enormous versatility of her spaces. This is particularly evident on the Main Deck, which embodies a living area concept unique for a sport boat of this size and is also enhanced by a double set of doors and fully openable windows enabling the feeling of space to be continually changed. A first sliding glass door between the patio and the dining area, when open, turns these two zones into a single large ambience with a table under cover and two sofas in the open, continuity being highlighted by use of the same teak and other materials and colorways in both areas, while a second, slightly curved door in the middle of the living area separates the indoor lounge, keeping the areas air-conditioned. Closing the patio door and opening this central one creates a layout typical of yachts of this size, the difference being that the dining area is by the entrance and the salon is farther forward. Two large areas are thus available for differing uses depending on needs and times of day.

Behind the helm station there is a day head which can also be accessed from the lateral walkway.

To enjoy maximum privacy even on a sporting boat, the owner may have sliding doors installed to separate the helm station from the living area.

The helm station features an innovative design high-tech console whose clean, simple lines recall the style of the Cupertino brand.

The bridge was produced in partnership with Simrad-Naviop and has a single ultra-wide screen displaying all the main monitoring and navigation information, a mix of video sources and clusters of content chosen using the commanders, or two touch screens duplicated by two physical joggers for extra redundancy and safety. The bridge’s design features curving, reflecting forms set off by precious materials and accent lighting: complexity concealed beneath a simple yet surprising design.

The generous 17 square meter cockpit can be furnished with loose furniture so as to serve as a daytime relaxation area or a dance floor in the evening, another example of the high flexibility of this extraordinary project. Further, a stern-facing transparent parapet turns it into a veritable terrace

overlooking the sea: a masterpiece of design and creativity! Mancini has on one hand built the handrails into the bodywork, replacing steel with fiberglass, and on the other designed them so that one section can be pivoted upward to support the bimini for shade but also to further open the lateral spaces and maximize the infinity terrace effect.

Another design feature is the use of carbon fiber in the frame of the lateral structures and in the bow area as far as what the designer has defined the “gun barrel” (on account of its silhouette) and which is further embellished by a teak panel and a strip of LEDs.

The sense of spaciousness is also enhanced by the beach platform, this too being generously bigger than usual because full beam.

The Flybridge is accessed from the Main Deck stern area via a carbon stairway at the center of the yacht, almost as if it were her backbone. This deck is entirely devoted to conviviality and entertainment. In addition to the comfy sofas, guests have two tables that can be joined to create a large table seating eight in a second and more informal dining area with a wet bar and a mobile BBQ. An optional fiberglass hard top is also available.

The night zone occupies nearly all of the Lower Deck and includes the owner’s suite and three guest cabins (two with double beds and one with twin beds), each with a private bathroom. The roomy 21- square-meter owner’s cabin (full beam) has plenty of light thanks to the large windows. It has an island bed (see below).

The galley and crew quarters are accessed by stairs leading down from the stern area of the Main Deck. These stairs can be accessed from both the internal dining area and the lateral walkway, in line with one of this yacht’s main design criteria, that of the owner’s and guests’ privacy. An interesting and highly useful feature here is the serving hatch. The crew area has two cabins and a laundry cabin that can also take an extra bed for the crew.

Lastly, the garage has room for a tender up to 4.5 meters long, such as a Pirelli J45 (a special version of which has been produced for Azimut owners in partnership with the Milan-based shipyard), as well as a Sea-Doo Spark jet ski and two Seabobs.

Interior décor
Light-filled and sporty
This yacht’s innovative layout inevitably influenced the décor of the interiors. Francesco Guida has underlined the importance of the concept of “flexibility as multiplier of space”, and the versatility of the various settings also serves to create new possibilities, a whole new atmosphere.

“Grande S10 is a strong evolutionary development in the category because it manages, more than ever before, to make comfort and large spaces fit into sporty and streamlined forms,” says architect Francesco Guida. Typically Italian cleanness of design characterizes both the exteriors and interiors of this surprising boat in fact. The interior décor plays on a pairing of prestige woods and white lacquer, the latter producing a light-filled effect and a sporty look.

Speaking from his long and impassioned experience of nautical interior design, Guida sums up the project’s strengths as follows: “On Grande S10 too, and maybe even more so on this particular boat because it’s the flagship, we used prestige metals to point up the paneling, decorative motifs and furniture tops. The latter can also boast a pleasing and original decorative effect produced by the special finishing of the wood”.

The owner’s suite and the guest area are characterized by very similar furnishing and colors to create continuity and a sober and elegant atmosphere. What makes the owner’s cabin different from the rest of the night zone is its unusual size, unique in this category. It has an unexpected layout for a sporting craft in fact, with a big island bed and an appealing bar corner.

Engines and technology
One of the technological innovations in this model is the electrochromic glass skylight by Isoclima Cromalite. It’s a laminated panel incorporating an electro-optical film based on SPD (Suspended Particles Device) technology. The system is activated by an electrical field that aligns the particles suspended in the film to be able to control solar radiation transmittance very effectively in the visible range and certainly significantly in the solar range.

Grande S10 deploys the latest-generation technical solutions identified by Azimut’s Innovation Lab in the framework of the ECS – Enhanced Cruising Solutions program in order to offer the best possible yacht management: it has the innovative Active Trim Control system, which guarantees optimum trim at all times, reduces hydrodynamic resistance and optimizes consumption. S10 also has Sea Star electronic power steering (EPS), which enables the owner to adjust rudder reactivity by regulating turns of the wheel and effort on the basis of cruising speed, and without requiring any hydraulic cabling.

In the engine room, two 2,600 HP MTU engines give the Azimut Grande S10 a top speed of 35 knots. S10 also has an Active Ventilation System that regulates fan rotation speed on the basis of temperature.

Lastly, as already mentioned, Carbon Tech was obviously given a major role, as in the more recent generation models out of the Avigliana yard. Carbon fiber in fact was used to make the entire superstructure, the Fly and the hardtop.

Azimut Yachts



Lunghezza fuori tutto Length overall 28,7 m – 94’2’’


Lunghezza fuori tutto (inclusa Length overall (incl. platform 29,9 m – 97’ piattaforma) expander)


Larghezza max Beam max 6,34 – 20’


Dislocamento (a pieno carico) Displacement (at full load) 90 t


Motorizzazione/Trasmissione Engines/Transmission 2x MTU 2600 hp Linea d’asse /Shaft line


Velocità massima Maximum speed 35 nodi -kn


Velocità crociera Cruise speed 30 nodi -kn


Serbatoi carburante Fuel tank capacity 9.500 lt – 2,510 US gls


Serbatoi acqua dolce Water tank capacity 1.750 – 462 Us gls


Cabine Cabins 4 + 2 equipaggio/crew


Posti letto Berths 8 + 3/4 equipaggio/crew


Servizi Head compartments 5+2 equipaggio/crew


Materiale di costruzione Building material Carbon Fiber + GRP


Costruttore Builder Azimut Yachts

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Design esterni & concept Exterior designer & concept Alberto Mancini

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Design interni Interior designer Francesco Guida

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Categoria / Certificazione Category / certification CE A

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