Bally The Bloom Bag Collection

An essential and evergreen bag characterized by purity of lines and careful attention to details. This duffle bag features buckles at both sides, which allows for expansion so the sides open up like flower petals, hence it’s named “Bloom Bag”. The attention to detail can be found in the crest icon embossed on the base of handles, hinting at Swiss mountains’ peaks as well as in the new metal “screw” rivets which are consistent throughout the collection.

The Bloom Bag is offered in plain calf leather declined in classic Bally Red, Black, Nude but also Blush, Light Military and Citron, featuring detachable shoulder strap and internal pockets. The bag is further developed in two different materials mix: contemporary chic Pony skin in Bally Red and Black and a mix of Python, suede and calf in three very original color combinations.