Beatrice Borromeo is the Testimonial of the New Buccellati Adv Campaign

The new Buccellati advertising campaign is composed of a series of black & white pictures, masterly directed by the young British photographer and director, Josh Olins. The pics describe a day in the magic and eternal city of Rome, trying to find unusual sights and iconic places.

The testimonial of exception for this advertising campaign is Beatrice Borromeo, daughter of Paola Marzotto and of Count Carlo Ferdinando Borromeo.

To her, the dearest family jewels are signed Buccellati, because she got to know them since she was a child. It is not just her aristocratic name that makes her a very elegant young woman, but also her being a protagonist of our century; her personal culture and social commitment have always characterized her, as a journalist before and then as a documentarist.

Totally at ease on the photo set, Beatrice has relived the city of Rome, after having lived there almost a decade ago, when she moved there to found and important national daily newspaper. Those memories emerged during the shooting, thus immediately creating a strong bond between Beatrice and the city. Then, the energy of the whole production team and of Josh Olins made the rest.

The shots enshrine Beatrice’s free spirit and refined grace, who emphasizes with intense expressions the beauty of the Buccellati jewels and the workmanship techniques characterizing them: handengravings that render the gold surface soft and precious, the Maisons’ iconic lacework patterns, and the inspirations drawn from Nature and Renaissance times.

The locations at Piazza di Spagna, Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza di Pietra bring us to moments of simple daily life, while the shots in the rooms of the Roman villa at the Gianicolo are images of peace and reflection, or of extreme elegance in evening gown and Buccellati high-jewellery creations.

The combination Buccellati/Beatrice Borromeo has turned out to be perfect, and this has resulted into a collaboration, which is going to be successful.

A great Italian heritage brand breaths a new energy with Beatrice, who combines a great style and an intellectual strength making her a modern female role model and an icon of the future.