Bene at Sheraton Grand Macao presents 12 tempting dishes for “The 12 days of Christmas”

Home-style Italian trattoria offers festive dining for families and friends this holiday season

With Christmas just around the corner, Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central is celebrating the 12 days of Christmas at Bene with a special selection of 12 classic Italian home-style dishes. Bene is the perfect setting for families and friends to gather together to reflect on the past year and celebrate the start of a new one!

On the 1st Day of Christmas – Pig Porchetta Tradizionale (Christmas Eve Dinner, 24 December)

Roasted suckling pig from the old country, just how mama used to make. Lovingly roasted in Bene’s stone oven for two hours, this Italian classic offers a subtle blend of tastes and textures. As guests take their first bite, the crispy brown skin breaks cleanly to release the fragrant aromas of fennel, rosemary and thyme. This custom-blended, herb stuffing brings out the meat’s natural flavors, adding to the springiness of the perfectly cooked pork. Served with contemporary condiments – mustard fruit and salsa verde – this adds a touch of sweet and savory.

On the 2nd Day of Christmas – Roast Turkey with Chestnut, Mushroom Pomegranate Sauce (Christmas Day Brunch, 25 December)

Bene’s take on a Christmas classic, featuring imported turkey from France. Roasted in Bene’s stone oven for three hours, the juices from the stuffing – comprising carrots, leeks, celery, and onions – keep the meat moist and act as a natural marinade to bring out the meat’s rich, earthy flavors. Guests can choose from classic condiments such as a thick, savory giblet sauce or sweet and refreshing cranberry relish. For a classic dip, the chestnut, mushroom and pomegranate sauce will be the perfect choice.

On the 3rd Day of Christmas – Baked Hokkaido Scallops (Christmas Day Brunch, 25 December)

Savor Japan’s finest scallop infused with the flavors of Italy. Marinated with a special blend of herbs and golden garlic, these giant Hokkaido scallops are baked at 180oC until perfectly cooked. A splash of lemon juice adds an extra layer of flavor.


On the 4th Day of Christmas – Braised Beef in Red Wine (Christmas Day Brunch, 25 December)

An exquisite, melt-in-your-mouth beef short rib dish that will pique the appetite. Australian grass fed beef is prepared using sous-vide (ingredients are cooked in sealed packages in warm water). The

meat is cooked in its natural juices and Italian red wine Barolo. After 12 hours at 80oC, the tenderness and juiciness of the meat, combined with subtle aromas of the wine will tingle the taste buds.

On the 5th Day of Christmas – Lamb Loin with Apricot Sauce (Christmas Day Dinner, 25 December)

A complex dish that combines the freshness of garden herbs with succulent lamb. Rosemary, Italian parsley and thyme are mixed together with a robust Dijon mustard from France, and packed tightly around the lamb. Pink and cool in the center, and dark brown at the edges, this is another must-try dish from Bene’s master chefs.


On the 6th Day of Christmas – Zampone, Stuffed Pig Trotter (Boxing Day Lunch, 26 December)

A classic Italian pork dish featuring sausage, lard and castellucio lentils. Pig trotters from Italy are filled with fresh, handmade Italian sausage and lard, vacuumed sealed and cooked in a warm water bath for an hour at 85oC. Juices from the sausage infuse the tender pork with a rich, natural saltiness that doesn’t require further seasoning when served. Paired with a thick stew of Italy’s world-famous castellucio lentil, slow cooked with herbs and bacon, this is the epitome of traditional Italian cooking.

On the 7th Day of Christmas – Iberico Lamb Loin and Ribs (Boxing Day Lunch, 26 December)

Rich, succulent lamb loin and herbs served with a side of fall-off-the-bone, South-American-style lamb ribs. Bene’s master chefs first marinate the lamb loin with a vigorous rubbing of rosemary, before searing this select cut of meat in olive oil until browned, with a cool, pink center. For rib lovers, Bene’s Iberico lamb ribs are first gently poached, until just cooked, in an herb and garlic-flavored stock before being roasted with fresh Brazilian red peppers for a touch of spiciness. Both dishes will be served with oven-roasted root vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots, and a thick luscious lamb gravy.

On the 8th Day of Christmas – Risotto Gamberoni (New Year’s Eve Lunch, 31 December)

The quintessential Italian dish featuring Carnaroli – ‘the king of rices’, fresh king prawn and tied together with rich lobster soup. This medium-grained rice is slowly deglazed with wine until half- cooked, before being lightly tossed together with sautéed king prawn. A full-bodied Lobster bisque is then gently folded into the Carnaroli until assimilated, after which parmesan cheese and butter are added to ensure a silky-smooth texture. Served al dente, guests will love the rice’s natural richness and the taste of the sea, making this dish the perfect choice to share with that special someone.


On the 9th Day of Christmas – Grilled Wagyu Beef Steak (New Year’s Eve Lunch, 31 December)

A contemporary Italian classic that combines prime cut beef with years of Italian tradition. Featuring Stockyard, the leading exporter of Wagyu beef in Australia, this M7-grade beef is lovingly seasoned with whole black peppercorns and Bene’s signature blend of steak rub, before being slowly grilled to perfection with lower-temperature white charcoal, made from oak. One of latest trends in grilling, this delicious steak will melt in the mouth.


On the 10th Day of Christmas – Wild Mushroom and Parmesan Cheese Cannelloni (New Year’s Eve Dinner, 31 December)

Bene’s signature Italian tube pasta featuring a distinct blend of wild mushrooms and parmesan cheese. The wild mushrooms are finely chopped and blended by hand, before being sautéed and seasoned with salt and pepper, and a dash of Italian herbs. The cannelloni are then stuffed and covered with a creamy and thick béchamel sauce, and topped with generous helpings of Grana Padano, a semi-fat cheese from Italy which was first produced by monks almost 900 years ago; before being slowly baked to a golden brown using a Cooking Salamander.

On the 11th Day of Christmas – Risotto Pudding (New Year’s Eve Dinner, 31 December)

A classic and nostalgic Italian dessert that brings back memories of home and family. Arborio rice is gently simmered in milk, which further enhances the short-grain rice’s natural creaminess. When the risotto is al dente, Bene chefs add pure vanilla pods specifically sourced from Madagascar. This simple, rich dessert is then chilled overnight, before being served with a sprinkling of cinnamon and toasted almonds. Featuring subtle flavors of Sicilian orange zest, this is a must-try dish for dessert aficionados.

On the 12th Day of Christmas – Risotto Nero di Seppia (New Year’s Day Brunch, 31 December)

A rich, squid ink seafood risotto topped with cherry tomatoes and gold leaf. Carnaroli rice is first slowly deglazed with a dry Italian white wine, before squid ink – which is naturally salty – is carefully folded into the rice. To add a further layer of subtle flavor, sautéed, ultra-springy baby squid rings, are added into the risotto. Grated Grana Padano adds a silky texture and a gentle gloss to this rich Italian classic.

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