10 Nov 2023 By May Ng

Benefit 2023 Holiday Collection: Embrace the Glamorous 60s with Retro-Modern Prints Fa-la-la fabulous gifts inside!

Ohmygosh! We’ve been waiting all year, and FINALLY, Benefit Cosmetics’ 2023 Holiday Makeup Sets have officially arrived! This year’s limited-edition holiday sets are inspired by the glamorous 60s Christmas parties. The 60s were known for their pop art and psychedelic art, which became iconic of that era. Christmas parties in the 60s were filled with exaggerated elements and kitsch, such as tinsel Christmas trees, vibrant outfits, traditional casseroles, and glistening cocktails. Benefit wants to be a part of that ’60s party too!

This year, the cylindrical gift boxes are adorned with geometric patterns, featuring the iconic colors of the time: orange-yellow, turquoise, soft pink, and chocolate brown, they resemble Christmas tree ornaments and crackers, adding a touch of nostalgic modernity to the packaging, making them also the decorative pieces for the party! In addition, each set contains various popular makeup or skincare products from Benefit. And the best part is that they are all available at amazing prices, with discounts as high as 62% off! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s adorn your “Benefit” Christmas tree and let the Benefit’s giftsets add a touch of glamorous 60s atmosphere to your Christmas party!