6 Apr 2024 By May Ng

Benefit’s NEW POREfessional PORE CARE

Level Up Your Pores with the New Innovations!

The PORE expert, Benefit Cosmetics, officially launched the PORE CARE collection last year, specifically targeting pore health and the collection is all about your PORE essentials – You’ve got your pore cleansers, toner, masks, and moisturizer. The PORE CARE collection has strengthened Benefit’s authority as apore expert in the beauty market. Building on this success, the brand is now taking it up a notch this year by introducing 3 more new pore care products that combine innovative technology with highly effective ingredients and pore-focused formulas, do even MORE for pores, and were developed to elevate and enhance your current pore care routine., taking the pore games to the next level! Let’s meet the three new members of the pore care family:

  1. The POREfessional Hydro Pop: A hydrating & smoothing pore essence.
  2. The POREfessional Shrink Wrap: A overnight AHA+PHA pore treatment.
  3. The POREfessional Wow Polish: A triple pore-exfoliating powder.

Together, they seamlessly address cleansing, smoothing, and refining pores. Benefit Cosmetics continues to lead the way in achieving healthy pores!

At Benefit Cosmetics, we deeply believe that pores are the foundation of clearer, smoother, healthier-looking skin. Since the successful launch of The POREfessional primer in 2010 which then became a Benefit bestseller, Benefit has been continuously seeking innovative solutions for pore-related concerns. After years of collaboration with the skincare division Hélios Research Center (located in France) under our parent company, LVMH, and having done thousands of tests and studies on pores, we proudly introduced a comprehensive pore care skincare collection in 2023. The the POREfessional PORE CARE collection was specially developed to help minimize, clear, and smooth the look of pores, each product in this collection is specifically designed to address various pore concerns, resulting in healthier-looking skin. Let’s explore the world of pore care together! The collection is all about doing MORE for your pores so that you can see more from your skin!

Benefit Cosmetics’ the POREfessional PORE CARE collection is specially formulated to address 3 most common pore-related skin concerns and dilemmas: Clogged pores, Large & visible pores, and uneven texture. The 9 high-performing products were categorized by solutions and ranged from makeup removers, cleansers, toners, versatile masks, essence and moisturizers. The PORE CARE collection embodies Benefit’s product philosophy of targeted solutions for beauty concerns, allowing users to customize their routine based on their specific pore issues. There is no rigid sequence for using these products. You can start with makeup removal and cleansing, follow your regular skincare steps, or even skip directly from cleansing to serums and moisturizers. The key is to understand your pore concerns and adapt your routine accordingly. In addition to a variety of pore-targeted ingredients, all the products also consist of bisabolol, the overarching ingredient extracted from chamomile which makes all our formulas feel comfortable on the skin. The entire collection is clinically proven and dermatologist-tested, the non-comedogenic formulas are pH-balanced and suitable for all skin types. Benefit’s PORE CARE collection has everything to address pore concerns without compromising skin health—truly a comprehensive approach to pore care!

The POREfessional Hydro Pop Essence HK$680
The POREfessional Shrink Wrap Overnight Pore Treatment HK$415
The POREfessional Wow Polish Exfoliating Powder HK$440
The POREfessional Deep Retreat Clay Mask - HK$325