19 May 2023 By May Ng

Benefit’s Spring/Summer Humid Weather Skincare and Beauty Recommendations

As we enter the humid rainy season, it’s important to make a significant change in both skincare and makeup products. Benefit has carefully selected the following beauty essentials:

In humid weather, our skin often feels congested and greasy. Therefore, it’s advisable to switch to lightweight skincare products that won’t clog pores while still providing adequate hydration.

Introducing the POREfessional Smooth Sip Silky Moisturizer, a lightweight gel moisturizer with a delightful fresh scent. Enriched with Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), it effectively minimizes pore appearance and nourishes the skin. This moisturizer also contains celery seed extract and flaxseed extract, which are rich in Omega-3, along with squalane and aloe vera leaf juice, known for their superb hydrating properties. Its water-based formula feels refreshing and comfortable, effortlessly glides on, and gets quickly absorbed by the skin. With just a single application, it delivers all-day hydration, leaving the skin feeling incredibly smooth, soft, and nourished. In fact, an overwhelming majority of users reported an immediate improvement in skin texture and a remarkable 96% of users confirmed a more even complexion after using it consistently for a month. Don’t forget to replenish your pores with moisture after your daily cleansing and toning routine!

Benefit Cosmetics HK_the POREfessional super setter_$285