20 Jul 2023 By AWAY IN STYLE


For Fall / Winter 2023, Berluti chose four historical colours from the patina book to highlight the collection. Alongside existing tones, they will take over the iconic Jour leather goods line. Combining a timeless spirit and a vibrant energy, the new shades include Grapes, Mimosa, Opuntia and Osso.


Inspired by the hedonism, warmth and richness of red wine, Grapes echoes the subdued, secret atmosphere of a gentleman’s club. Deeply anchored in Berluti’s DNA, the colour is available in a wide range of Jour bags, from the classic Premier Jour cross-body bag and E’Mio Scritto briefcase to the new Taglio line – including the Un Jour, Toujours, Nino and Jour Off styles -, complete with distinctive cut-outs that bring a particular depth to the patina.

葡萄紫的靈感源自紅酒溫潤酣暢的美妙體驗,與品牌低調而神秘的紳士俱樂部氛圍相得益彰。葡萄紫色根植於Berluti的DNA中,在各式Jour包袋上皆可覓其芳蹤,無論是經典的Premier Jour郵差包、E’Mio Scritto圖紋公事包,抑或是全新Taglio系列中的Un Jour公事包、Toujours托特包、Nino手拿包和Jour Off旅行袋,其獨特的廓形與Patina古法染色技藝巧妙融合。

Blooming just in time for the Fall collection’s drop, mimosa is one of the exceptional few flowers that thrive during the colder months. Its subtle honey-like perfume and its luxurious yellow colour inspire this bright patina that brings light to the Un Jour Scritto Swipe briefcase and the Premier Jour Gulliver cross-body bag.

含羞草是少數能在寒冷季節吐露芬芳的花卉之一。其盈盈暗香與金黃色調成為Patina古法染色的全新靈感,躍然於Un Jour Scritto Swipe公事包和Premier Jour Gulliver郵差包之上,為新品增添一抹亮色。

Taking its name from the distinctive pear cactus, Opuntia takes on an intense green colour that is both daring and versatile. Unconventional by nature and perfect for the colder Winter months, this patina is available in Scritto Jour styles, including the Toujours Mini and Toujours XS totes, the Premier Jour Mini cross-body bag and the Nino clutch. It is also featured on the Scritto Swipe version of Un Jour, E’Mio Gulliver and the Working Day backpack.

仙人掌綠的靈感源自與眾不同的梨形仙人掌,色調濃郁,大膽百搭。獨樹一幟的天性,令其成為寒冷冬季的絕佳配色, Jour Scritto 圖紋系列包袋完美演繹了這一色調,包括Toujours 迷你托特包、Toujours XS托特包、Premier Jour迷你郵差包、Nino手拿包、Scritto Swipe斜紋款Un Jour公事包、E’Mio Gulliver郵差包以及Working Day雙肩背包。

With its delicate ivory shade with golden undertones, Osso is inspired by raw natural elements. Particularly transparent, this patina requires exceptional know-how and material quality, as it reveals all the attributes of the leather underneath. Timeless yet unique, it is featured in the Toujours XS Scritto and Toujours Gulliver Scritto totes.

白玉灰的靈感則來自大自然中純粹原色,以細膩的象牙白為底色,外加一抹靈動的金色襯底。這種Patina淺色調的打造對皮料的品質有著極高的要求,唯有精湛技藝才能呈現獨特的透明質感,同時保有皮革的原始紋理與光澤。Toujours XS Scritto圖紋托特包和Toujours Gulliver Scritto圖紋郵差包選用了這一白玉灰色,雋永經典,卓爾不群。

The new patina leather goods will be available in Berluti stores worldwide and on the e-shop from July to November 2023.