13 Jul 2022 By May Ng

Beyond The Light An initiatory journey into the heart of ancient Egypt

This year, Valérie Messika explores the fascinating and mysterious lure of ancient Egypt. She unveils a solar and powerful High Jewelry collection: Beyond the Light, an incandescent shower of gold and diamonds – a promise of eternal radiance. The Parisian Maison dreams up a unique and mystical journey. A magical odyssey where passion, audacity and excellence compose an entrancing and majestic collection of unparalleled artistry.

The Artistic Director perfectly blends her inspirations and know-how. Through a purity of form and graphic lines, an imperial look and exceptional stones, Valérie Messika conducts a retro-futuristic symphony subtly tinged with Egypt and its hypnotic mythology. Unique and innovative sets where diamonds are transformed from piece-to-piece result in a vibrant and mystic collection of jewels. As the masterpiece of the collection, Akh-Ba-Ka and its constellation of 15 exceptional diamonds radiate a light of near illusive purity that emanates from the incomparable 33-carat diamond. This gem from a 110-carat rough diamond reveals an incredible story, where passion, instinct and know-how intersect. Akh-Ba-Ka is a majestic set that sublimates the mythical theme of the Egyptian winged scarab. “Ancient Egypt was a civilisation that continues to fascinate all generations and cultures. It emanates a mystery, an almost magical aura that evokes eternity. It is also a world that instills a powerful and inspiring spirituality,” explains Valérie Messika.

Exceptional diamonds, transformable pieces, technical innovations, and original designs. Beyond the Light is an infinite Light and a new horizon for Messika High Jewelry.