1 Jul 2023 By May Ng

BMW M’s first plug-in hybrid SUV

“BMW XM: BREAK THE NORM” Immersive Experience in Central

Groundbreaking BMW M’s first plug-in hybrid SUV – BMW XM

5 Mysterious Zones designed by Hong Kong Film Awards Best Art Direction winner Ahong Cheung

The first-ever BMW XM is ready to claim the world

Look into a new future at Asia Standard Tower from July 1 – 9, 2023


The first-ever BMW XM – a trailblazer like no other, fuses the exclusive M Series lineage with the rugged X series persona, fit for the thrill-seeking racetracks and the groundbreaking passion for which BMW is known. In the mid-70s, BMW M was all about sports car, and the BMW M became a perfect fit for its time. Leading up to the finale of BMW M’s 50th anniversary, the brand celebrates a milestone birthday with the much-anticipated, electric plug-in hybrid SUV – BMW XM, as the world’s first high-performance vehicle with an electric drivetrain system. For such a groundbreaking feat, BMW invites auto-fans to embark on a spectacular journey. From July 1 to July 9, BMW will host the “BMW XM: BREAK THE NORM” Immersive Experience at Asia Standard Tower for 9 days straight, whereby the two-storied building will bring 5 mysterious zones designed by Ahong Cheung who has won the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Art Direction. Go beyond the limits of imagination and explore vastly different experience in terms of visual, auditory, tactile, and sensory sensations in preparation for the grand debut of BMW M Power’s first-ever high-performance hybrid masterpiece – BMW XM.