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Bon Voyage On A Nordic Christmas Adventure with Dream Cruises

Set Sail on A Nordic Christmas Adventure with Dream Cruises

Bringing to life age-old traditions from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

On board Genting Dream and World Dream

Let Dream Cruises whisk you away on “A Nordic Christmas Adventure” on board Genting Dream and World Dream. Celebrate this Christmas with a Super Seacation holiday and make new memories that will last a lifetime. Bringing to life the age-old traditions and cultures of Scandinavia, Dream Cruises presents an exciting array of culinary delights, Christmas themed activities and decorations and heart-warming entertainment that captures the essence of the holidays with influences from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. “A Nordic Christmas Adventure” will begin from mid-November until 1 January 2022 – to spread joy and cheer all winter long.

“Dream Cruises is delighted to continue to bring the world onto our ships with “A Nordic Christmas Adventure”, offering an immersive and multi-sensory holiday experience for a truly international Super Seacation,” said Mr. Michael Goh, President of Dream Cruises. “After all, the year-end festive season is a perfect time to relax and unwind and we invite our guests to bond with friends, family and loved ones with activities and flavors inspired by Nordic traditions and cultures.”

Bucharest Christmas Market, Romania

Let there be Light

Dream Cruises will transform its flagship vessels into winter wonderlands at sea. Kick-start “A Nordic Christmas Adventure” with a spectacular lighting ceremony that will bring to life the exclusive Dream Advent Calendar and start the magical miniature Santa Express train that will wend its way through a delightful Gingerbread Town.

Follow the lights to the Zouk Beach Club where you can explore a charming Nordic village illuminated with thousands of twinkle lights, highlighted by a festive Swedish yule goat in the village square, and where Santa will make an appearance all the way from Finland! At the Nordic Market, enjoy a selection of Christmas pastries, festive hampers, Scandinavian souvenirs and fun crafts and remember to snap photos with your favourite Christmas characters to preserve the memory. For the ultimate souvenir, pick up a set of limited edition Dream Cruises Christmas Cards and explore the ships to collect 10 different embossing stamps to personalize each card to keep as a souvenir or to share with friends and family.

Sumptuous Holiday Feast

Christmas would not be the same without a sumptuous feast of seasonal food and drinks to share with family and friends on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. At the inclusive restaurants, The Lido and Dream Dining Room, complimentary traditional holiday fare will include roast turkey, slipper lobster, Gammon ham, roasted beef tenderloin, honey glazed Norwegian salmon, ginger-spiced chocolate cake, Christmas cookies, Swedish St. Lucia saffron buns and much, much more. Gastronomes can upgrade their dining experience at specialty restaurants such as Prime Steakhouse & Seafood Grill or Umi Uma with Wagyu beef, foie gras, tiger prawns, oysters and other delicacies.

Live Christmas Performances 

Capturing the spirit of the season, delightful, family-friendly performances will take place in the state-of-the-art Zodiac Theatre that will bring back memories of nostalgic childhood Christmas shows.  “Verry Christmas,” on board Genting Dream, is a Christmas spectacular replete with Santa Claus, elves, an evil Snow Queen and even a Polar Bear while World Dream’s “Jolly Holly” show highlights a stunning array of talented performers in spellbinding routines.

As well, from 17 November to 18 December on board Genting Dream, the renowned musical theatre performer Eli Zaelo, from the cast of “The Lion King Musical” and “Titanic The Musical”, will be performing at the Nordic Village square to share her talent and spread joy to passengers.

Nordic Art Lab

Finally, Nordic traditions and cultures come to life through a variety of handicraft workshops for kids and kids-at-heart of all ages. Visit the “elf-service” Tomte Bar to pick favourite accessories to create a personalized tomte in the “Build A Swedish Tomte Workshop” or join in on “Norway Northern Lights Scratch Art” or “Nordic Christmas Ornament Making”, “Danish Weave Knitted Cup Cozy DIY” or the “Julehjerter” Danish Heart Weaving” workshop. Tiny tots can also enjoy various fun and adventurous activities in the Little Dreamers Academy at Sea with special holiday programs during the festive season.

香港 – 随着冬季来临,年终假期及圣诞佳节将至,星梦邮轮将于今年11月中旬至2022年元旦展开「北欧圣诞 星梦奇航」主题航次,为旅客打造充满北欧风情的冬日邮轮假期;旗下两大旗舰「云顶梦号」与「世界梦号」将化身为海上奇幻国度,将北欧五国的节日美馔、圣诞特色主题活动及传统布置带到海上,把丹麦、芬兰、冰岛、挪威和瑞典的节日传统文化活现眼前。



「世界梦号」及「云顶梦号」将化身成为海上冬日乐园,让旅客彷佛置身北欧奇幻国度;每个「北欧圣诞 星梦奇航」主题航次上都会举行隆重的亮灯仪式,在降临节日历亮灯的一刻,船上所有圣诞灯饰亦会同时点亮,同时启动可爱圣诞老人微型列车,徐徐穿过姜饼小镇,是旅客不容错过的打卡热点 ;闪烁的圣诞灯饰会一直蔓延及照亮位于船尾的北欧童话村,除了瑞典传统圣诞山羊外,骑着雪橇从芬兰远道而来的圣诞老人亦将惊喜亮相,欢迎旅客的到来。

打卡拍照之后,旅客可走进节日气氛浓厚的北欧圣诞市集,各款圣诞糕点、节日礼物篮、北欧纪念品和特色小物琳瑯满目;各大经典圣诞人物亦会在市集上现身,与旅客合照留念! 星梦邮轮更将推出限量版圣诞卡套装,旅客可以探索船上的不同角落,在圣诞卡上收集共10 个不同造型的纪念印章,留为个人珍藏纪念.

Nisser in Norway and Denmark, Tomtar in Sweden or Tonttu in Finnish, Scandinavian folk elves, northern Christmas motif, Tomte standing against the starry sky with gifts and sledges.


平安夜和圣诞夜是与家人和好友相聚、尽情享受丰盛飨宴的欢乐时刻。 旅客可在丽都自助餐厅和星梦餐厅免费品尝多款传统节日美食,除了传统西式圣诞大餐的菜式如香嫩多汁的烤火鸡、琵琶虾、圣诞蜜汁火腿、香烤牛柳和蜜汁烤三文鱼外,星梦邮轮更特别准备了挪威姜味朱古力蛋糕、北欧圣诞曲奇、瑞典圣露西亚番红花甜面包等北欧冬日美点。 旅客亦可选择将餐饮体验升级,细味1号扒房、海珍舫及海马日本料理的多款美馔如和牛西冷、鹅肝、虎虾及三文鱼及生蚝等,在节日大快朵颐、尽兴而归!


在「北欧圣诞 星梦奇航」冬日主题航次上,星座剧院将上演充满欢乐节日气氛、适合一家大小观看的大型舞台制作 – 旅客可在「云顶梦号」观赏由圣诞老人、精灵、冰雪皇后和北极熊主演,充满圣诞元素却又颠覆想象力的「乐颂圣诞」表演秀,亲身参与这个节日盛会。「世界梦号」的「奇乐梦幻圣诞」表演秀,则为旅客展示一系列精彩且高难度的表演,让人叹为观止。欢迎各位与我们一同展开这趟奇幻旅程!

在11月17日至12月18日期间,曾于「狮子王」及「泰坦尼克号」音乐剧中演出的著名歌唱家Eli Zaelo 将登上「云顶梦号」童话村广场为旅客献唱圣诞经典歌曲,以歌声传递快乐。


童心满满的大小朋友皆可参加北欧手工创意坊亲手制作高质感手工艺,从中体验北欧传统和独有文化:旅客可来到「瑞典圣诞精灵工作室」的瑞典圣诞精灵自助店,亲自挑选不同配件打造专属圣诞精灵; 亦可在「挪威极光艺术画」创作工作坊中学习艺术刮画, 发挥无限创意;  喜爱北欧简约风的旅客,亦可学习以各种树枝、树叶和松果等天然素材制作北欧风圣诞吊饰;或参加「丹麦圣诞之心手作坊」学习编织一颗圣诞之心,为挚爱带来惊喜。 小朋友更可在「小小梦想家」海上学堂参加北欧主题活动和圣诞限定课程,享受寓教于乐的海上假期。

Set Sail on A Nordic Christmas Adventure with Dream Cruises