Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui is pleased to announce the appointment of Chef Wong Ho Kan as the new Chef de Cuisine of The Chinese Restaurant.

Born to a culinary family where his father and uncle made their lifetime careers in the Chinese kitchens, Chef Wong soon became interested and was determined to become a Chinese chef since his teens. Stepping into the industry at age 15, Chef Wong has over 30 years of professional experience in cooking Chinese gastronomical delights in award-winning restaurants around the city.

“I believe that special, fresh and seasonal ingredients is the key to cooking a perfect dish,” says Chef Wong. Apart from cooking, Chef Wong is also interested in reading and exploring markets, where he gets his inspiration for new dishes from.

Appointed as the Chef de Cuisine of The Chinese Restaurant in May 2020, Chef Wong oversees the Chinese kitchen operations for The Chinese Restaurant and Events at the hotel.

Chef Wong will debut a Hong Kong Traditional Specialties Menu, which will be available from 4 September to 31 October 2020. The menu will feature a range of classic Cantonese gourmet dishes popularfrom the 1970s-1980s and carefully crafted by Chef Wong.

Beef in dried plum sauce and rock sugar is a cold appetiser perfect for the summer. To make it, beef shank is first steamed with dried plum for more than three hours before being mixed with gelatine and chilled. It is a truly cool and appetising treat to start a meal with.

Inspired by the traditional and renowned Cantonese specialty Gold coin chicken, which is made by alternating layers of tender barbecued pork, charred pork fat and pork or chicken liver slices, Chef Wong has created the dish Barbecued honey chicken liver. To make it, chicken liver is barbecued for around 20 minutes before honey is applied. It is a classic dish not to be missed.

The hero dish of the menu is Stuffed pigeon in clay pot with morel, fungus and Yunnan ham, a common and traditional home-style dish in Hong Kong in which the stuffed pigeon is stewed for more than two hours. The pigeon has a juicy and tender texture with a rich essence of morel and Yunnan ham.

Another notable dish is the Wok-fried shredded spotted garoupa with egg and bean sprouts. To make it, the egg is carefully stir-fried continuously to create distinctive grains, which creates various texturestogether with the shredded spotted garoupa and bean sprouts.

Shrimp toast with green pea puree is a classic Cantonese appetiser that gives diners a 1970s retro vibe. Each peeled shrimp with tail is sandwiched between two pieces of white bread and smeared with minced shrimp. Each sandwich is then topped with green pea puree before being deep-fried. It is a crispy and tempting treat that elicits childhood nostalgia for many Hongkongers.

Regarded as one of the most revered Hong Kong classic specialties, Chef Wong is bringing back to The Chinese Restaurant Baked fish intestine with matsutake mushroom and egg, which is largely unavailable today. Fish intestines are cleaned and then poached with ginger and chives to free from the fishy flavour. They are then baked together with matsutake mushroom slices, beaten eggs and fish oil essence for around 25 minutes. It is an iconic Cantonese classic in which the eggs set like a frittata.