29 Jul 2021 By AWAY IN STYLE

BOSS 2021 Chinese Valentine’s Day Capsule

To celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day, BOSS is launching a capsule collection with a graphic dolphin-face motif on iconic pieces in recognition of love. The new campaign features Chinese singer Jane Zhang.

Dolphin’s playful and joyful nature lend to Dolphin meaning associated with youthfulness, harmony and love. Known for their intelligence and grace, dolphin’s ‘Smiley’ face is also considered to be lucky or a good omen.

Sustainability has been a guiding principle for HUGO BOSS for many years. To arouse public awareness on the protection of endangered species in the ocean, part of the proceeds of this Collection will go to the charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of dolphins.

BOSS Chinese Valentine’s Day Capsule Collection includes a range of ready-to-wear garments, accessories, men’s underwear and sports socks. The garments are designed in unisex fit, with the unique dolphin smiley-face motif and heart embroidery.  Items include classic T-shirts, Polos, a relaxed fit hoodie and an iconic Hawaii shirt with all-over dolphin print.  An unlined navy suit jacket features red stripes and stitch in the interior that matches the capsule’s color palette. The classic white leather sneakers complete the looks for lovebirds in the world.





系列於以下香港專門店獨家發售 Exclusively available at:

BOSS 中環畢打街1-3號中建大廈地庫 I Shop 17, Basement, Central Building, Central

BOSS尖沙咀海港城G302店  I  Shop G302, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui


Chinese Valentine’s Day, BOSS
Chinese Valentine’s Day, BOSS
Chinese Valentine’s Day, BOSS