BOSS SS21 Milan Fashion Show

BOSS 於米蘭Palazzo del Senato舉辦戶外時裝展,呈獻色彩絢麗、愜意休閒的2021春夏系列。為數不多的嘉賓受邀到現場,時裝展在多個網上平台進行全球直播,並於上海同步舉辦活動,為場外觀眾獻上視覺盛宴。

Palazzo del Senato對BOSS而言意義非凡── 20年前,首場BOSS女裝時裝展正正在同一場地上演。重回舊地,品牌頌揚BOSS女士恆久不變的自信、優雅與力量,並慶祝BOSS男女裝共同邁入嶄新紀元。

BOSS 2021春夏系列聚焦工藝、色彩和藝術。倫敦藝術家William Farr的作品結合鮮花與現成物,為今季的刺繡和印花單品注入靈感,而花卉圖案和金屬圓環細節則貫穿整個系列。




BOSS revealed an uplifting, colorful and relaxed Spring 21 collection with an outdoor show at the Palazzo del Senato in Milan. The runway show was also augmented by a multi-platform global livestream, and a simultaneous live event in China.

Indeed, the first-ever BOSS Womenswear show was held at the The Palazzo del Senato exactly 20 years ago. This return was to celebrate the enduring confidence, elegance, and strength of the BOSS woman, as she moves together with the BOSS man into a whole new era.

The Spring 21 collection focuses on craft, color, and artistry. The work of London-based artist William Farr, which unites flowers with found objects, inspires embroidered and printed pieces, while floral motifs and metal eyelet details are seen throughout the collection.

The show continues a decisive move towards casualization, revealing a sportier, younger vision of the BOSS man and woman. BOSS dedication to craft is evident, with many materials sourced in southern Germany, while embroidery and laser-cutting draw the eye to the detail of the pieces.

A refreshing palette of blues, vivid emerald and soft rose enhances this new attitude, along with shades of sand, cream, and forest green.