24 Jan 2024 By May Ng

“Breathe Pilates Launches Premium Studio in Bangkok – Unveils a Holistic Approach to Fitness”

Breathe Pilates, Singapore’s top studio, is now open in Bangkok on the 4th floor of Erawan Bangkok, near BTS Chidlom. Offering premium small group and private classes with a maximum of eight participants per session, the studio stands out for its personalized attention.

Distinguished by professional instructors, Breathe Pilates is also the Training Centre for STOTT Pilates in both Singapore and Bangkok, offering the first Thai language Pilates instructor training courses.

Inclusivity is a priority, welcoming beginners to join various classes, including Reformer and Tower sessions. The Reformer Foundation class improves balance, strength, and mobility, while the Fat Blast class blends Pilates principles into a dynamic, fat-burning workout. Stretch Pilates focuses on gentle yet effective exercises for flexibility and pain relief.

For expectant mothers, Breathe Pilates provides unique Prenatal Pilates sessions, led by experienced instructors, focusing on pelvic floor and back muscle strength.

Catering to rehabilitative needs, Clinical Pilates classes with certified Rehabilitative Pilates instructors offer personalized one-on-one sessions for injury management and prevention.

Breathe Pilates invites Bangkok residents to experience premium Pilates in a convenient location. Join us at our new studio and redefine your fitness journey.