Broadway Macau’s Hot Pot Sensations Returns for the 4th Year

Warm up this winter with new hotpot offerings at Broadway Food Street

Broadway Macau is foodies’ fantasy land celebrating Macanese authentic delicacies and other Asian cultural delights. With the strong support of Macao Government Tourism Office, Broadway Food Street is bringing back its ever-popular Hot Pot Street promotion for the 4th year this October. From now until 29 February, 2020, the food street offers a unique outdoor experience for guests to enjoy 20 authentic varieties of hot pots from 14 outlets, complete with a brand-new self-select station featuring fresh seafood, organic vegetables, as well as premium beef from all over the world.

Hot pot enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice by this year’s Hot Pot Sensations. Featuring the most popular hot pots from previous editions, guests will have their extensive picks of the freshest catches of the day, organic vegetables, and select cuts of quality beef across the globe at a central station, that can all be enjoyed in any of the 20 exciting hot pot offerings. Together with up close and personal street performances and live music, Broadway Macau is THE destination for guests to enjoy authentic gourmet, also a place that promotes the city as an UNESCO “Creative city of gastronomy”.

Diversity of authentic hot pots highlight:

  • Lei Ka Choi – Braised Lamb Brisket Casserole: Braised Lamb Brisket Casserole, served in a traditional clay pot and cooked over a charcoal flame, is a heartwarming dish that’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Fong Seng Lai Kei – Suckling Pig and Lobster Seafood Hot Pot: Suckling Pig and Lobster Seafood Hot Pot is an authentic Macanese flavors that combines the fresh sweetness of Boston lobster, shellfish and the satisfying succulence of suckling pig to rejuvenate the body and senses.
  • Huo Gong Dian – Braised Fish Head and Mutton Hot Pot: Braised Fish Head and Mutton Hot Pot puts a Chinese twist on the western surf and turf. It is a must-try for meat and seafood lovers.
  • Xin Dau Ji – Seafood Hot Pot in Rice Broth: Seafood Hot Pot in Rice Broth is a Chinese classic hailing from the Shunde region of Guangdong. The combination of quality seafood and porridge may be simple, but the essence of the sea concentrated into the rice broth takes it to the next level.
  • Du Hsiao Yueh – Boiled Fish Head Hot Pot with Ginger and Chinese Herbs: Guests who are feeling under the weather will appreciate Boiled Fish Head Hot Pot with Ginger and Chinese Herbs, a traditional Taiwanese casserole infused with a hearty blend of Chinese medicinal herbs. After indulging in the tender and meaty fish head, guests are recommended to drink the restorative broth to improve blood circulation.

Enjoy further authentic flavors such as Snow Crab & Seafood Miso Hotpot, Fish with Chili and Pickled Cabbage Casserole as well as Braised Chongqing Spicy Chicken Casserole etc. The wide selection of hotpots will surely satisfy all foodies along Broadway Food Street.

Adding to the foodie experience, guests are invited to take part in social media challenges “Share For More” to gain for best prize. Follow Galaxy Macau on WeChat for a guaranteed chance to win coupons to use on your hot pot meal, or post your best steaming pot pictures on Facebook or Weibo to become the “Hot Pot Foodie” and to win a free night at Broadway Hotel with a MOP$1,000 dining voucher. With so many hotpot options and beyond, Broadway Food Street’s Hot Pot Sensations is sure to become the first choice for guests to have a joyous time with family friends’ gatherings in this winter. Promotion details can access the website at: