22 Sep 2023 By May Ng

Byredo and Susanne Kaufmann collaborate on a limited-edition series of products

Celebrating the sensorial connection between skincare and fragrance, Byredo partners with natural beauty pioneer Susanne Kaufmann to launch a limited-edition collection of products in a conscious collaboration.

What started as a creative conversation in a restaurant in Paris between two industry innovators, developed effortlessly into a partnership that celebrates the roots of both brands. Susanne Kaufmann’s expertise in efficacious skincare powered by nature’s plants meets Ben Gorham’s knowledge of the transportive might of fragrance, resulting in a deeply moisturising scented body oil and a roll-on fragrance oil with skincare benefits.

“Our collaborations at Byredo have focused on brands and people within our immediate community. We have stayed true to this ethos with the work we have done together with Susanne Kaufmann, who we have known as a creator and an entrepreneur for many years. It was a true privilege to work with Susanne and learn from her expertise within the realm of skincare.”

—Ben Gorham, Founder & Creative Director, Byredo

A reflection of time and place, the series is named after Susanne Kaufmann’s home in Bregenzerwald, a forest region in the heart of the Austrian Alps where her eponymous skincare line is responsibly produced. Here, the traditions and knowledge surrounding the healing power of local Alpine plants have provided endless inspiration for the development of her line over the past two decades.

“Whenever I return from a trip to a big city, the first thing I do is head out into the forest for a walk to clear my mind and reset. I am always inspired by the scents that fill the air. This collaboration encapsulates everything I love about my home in the Bregenzerwald; the vast array of efficacious natural ingredients we have, the crisp, fresh scent of the Alpine forests that fill the air and the creative and innovative imaginations of the people who live here.”

—Susanne Kaufmann, Founder & Creative Director, Susanne Kaufmann

Bregenzerwald Body Oil
Bregenzerwald Fragrance Oil