25 Nov 2023 By May Ng

Byredo Holiday 2023: Swedish Folklore

For this holiday season, Byredo presents a landscape of Swedish folklore embracing the memories of Founder & Creative Director Ben Gorham. Evoking an enchanted world that recalls precious and blurred memories of childhood, fanciful tales bring an emotional connection to holiday traditions, and inspire new imaginings.

Gnomes and mythical creatures, anthropomorphic plants and animals – fragments from Scandinavian legends come alive through the artistry of Swedish illustrator John Bauer, whose whimsical illustrations are synonymous with the country’s cultural history.

“John Bauer’s illustrations are placed as a tapestry of memories in my mind, connecting traditions and enchantment from childhood. His work captures the essence of Swedish folklore, intertwining it with the untamed beauty of nature” Ben Gorham, Founder & Creative Director, Byredo

Forming a series of visual motifs, detailed craftsmanship and vibrant colors depict legendary heroes and ethereal knights. Frozen fragments full of childhood musings that shape a familiar language, reflecting the universal power of myths to captivate.

Drawing you back into the comforting embrace of fairy tales and bedtime sagas, Byredo Holiday presents an all-inclusive destination for seasonal gifting. Suspended between dreams and reality, revisit the age of innocence to experience new moments of magic.