BYREDO Launches Slow Dance Collection

The slow dance: A rite-of-passage moment for both girls and boys before they metamorphose into women and men. A feeling of exhilaration tempered by awkwardness; a heady collision of innocence and experience, knowing and not knowing felt across countries, cultures and time.


It is with this in mind that BYREDO presents Slow Dance, an evocation of memory and desire from a male perspective, to be worn by either gender. A scent that mixes ideas of the feminine and masculine, bitter and sweet in a rich, intoxicating distillation redolent of warm skin and breathless exchange. Here, high school clichés mingle and become something more; at once familiar and iconoclastic, the ancient perfumer’s arsenal is made modern and anew.


Slow Dance Eau de Parfum

HK$1,200 (50ml) / HK$1,800 (100ml)


Traditional elements, particularly resins and balsams, are creating an enveloping and timeless sensuality through scent. Like ancient incense utilised in a more contemporaneous rite, the slow dance. Here, the rawness and nobility of ingredients reflect the rawness and nobility of emotions evoked: a top note of opoponax or sweet myrrh provides an immediate, honeyed and smoky sensuality in a rich, intoxicating amber signature. A heart of labdanum reinforces and encourages the creamy softness of the scent to stay true while geranium provides a sparkling freshness. Swathing all is a veil of violet, a magical note for either gender and a universal balance. A base of vanilla and patchouli anchors the scent, utilising the universal sweet appeal of vanilla against the mysterious compulsion of patchouli, the known and the unknown, light and dark, together at once.


An Oriental Amber

·         Top: Opoponax

·         Heart: Geranium, Labdanum, Violet

·         Base: Vanilla, Patchouli