3 Feb 2024 By May Ng

Byredo Makeup by Lucia Pica

“There is a confidence in the choice of colour that represents you, that has an impact and leaves a memory of you. It becomes part of you. These colours have a roundness and mutability that adapts to you. They express and amplify who you are. There is an intimacy between texture and emotion. There is the expression and amplification of who you are and how you make a mark.” Lucia Pica, Creative Image and Makeup Partner

“We conceived of Liquid Lipstick as going back to gut emotions, something extremely authentic and elemental. The packaging is a totemic design that extends this concept of fluidity; you can be true to yourself, but the nature of people is that we are also constantly changing and in flux.” Ben Gorham, Founder & Creative Director, Byredo.

Liquid Lipstick Matte

Touch: mutable, sensual and an outward expression of inner emotions. The enduring intimacy of the haptic sense was the starting point for Lucia Pica’s imagining of matte lipstick as a sensorial second skin, where the inner life becomes the outer one in the Liquid Lipstick Matte.

Embracing an idea of confidence and elegance, focusing on and enhancing the person without a mask of artifice, Pica’s conception of makeup evolves once more with a statement of self-assurance in the Liquid Lipstick.

Utilising a palette of ten high-pigmentation tones spanning light to dark – from the fleshy reality of Muted Cry, via rich rosewoods and browns such as Space In Between and Calmer to vivid and intense reds like Red Coma and Fire Grace to the deep burgundy of Marriage – Liquid Lipstick Matte invokes the power of making a mark and directly announcing an inner you through lip colour.

In the Matte, a strength of purpose and experience is sought, of lasting impact and durability for both the product and the wearer. Nevertheless, there is a refusal to negate mutability and ease that lives and flows with the wearer. Instead, the Liquid Lipstick Matte becomes part of the person through the day, a purposely blurred, velvet-like second skin lightly worn. A creamy vegan formulation enables the melding of makeup with the body, becoming a personal signature. Here the power of poise and the self is drawn upon – it is the choice of an inner life expressed through vital lip colour that endures.

Application has instinctive ease and precision through a sharp, lightly flocked wand that delivers colour saturation in one stroke. Agency and amplification are given to the wearer – through quality and confidence there is the possibility to make a defining statement through the roundness of a single red tone worn alone without any other makeup.

BYREDO Liquid Lipstick Matte HKD $430