Callixto “Kimchi Dreams” Summer 2014 Collection


Callixto, the purveyor of eclectic jewellery and accessories sourced from around the world, presents its edgy, street-cool Summer 2014 collection, titled “Kimchi Dreams.”

“The ‘Kimchi Dreams’ collection are my fabulous finds from Seoul,” says Callixto founder Sasha Dennig. “Korea is an incredibly fashionable city and I love the Korean aesthetic. It’s very feminine but still edgy, with lots of rhinestone and glitter. This season, I focused my attention on statement earrings as I think you can’t have too many of those.”

Sourcing the pop-tastic collection from around Seoul, including the city’s infamous night markets that are open until 5am, Sasha says this collection is very accessible and wearable — with all pieces retailing for HK$600 or less.