Cartier Destinée Collection The Symbol of Everlasting Love A Timeless Creation for All Occasions

Cartier Destinée Collection

The Symbol of Everlasting Love  A Timeless Creation for All Occasions

Diamonds encourage the most audacious exploits and inspire the wildest dreams. To the vibrant force of each individual’s character and personality, Cartier adds a sparkling spirit that lights up people’s lives, enchanted diamonds in the wake of a story in which women are sparkling, majestic heroines. Cartier diamonds remain a favourite among royal families and women who have their sights set high. This year, Cartier introduces the new additions to the Cartier Destinée collection with spectacular dazzle and vibrant colours, reflecting the Maison’s emblematic style.

Cartier Destinée Novelties

The Maison capitalizes on the success of Cartier Destinée with new coloured variations, elegantly combining glamour and sophistication to offer a dazzling and celestial collection; as fragment of stars, as testimonies of love. It’s a timeless creation for all occasions, from bridal to life celebrations. The centre stone is magnified by a delicate halo of micropaved diamonds enhancing its size, sparkle and colour. Each mount is handcrafted and bespoke to the centre stone. The collection also features a highly complex claw setting and the pave graduates in size according to the curve of the ring for an optimised beauty.



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