Cartier Unveils The Culture of Design Campaign Featuring Seven Iconic Designs

The Reflection of Rebellion – Juste un Clou Bracelet


For Cartier, it all starts with the design. An uncompromising feature: the line is clean and precise. This radical concept, conceived by one of the only Maisons capable of designing creations that form a unique collection of cult jewellery and watchmaking designs, will become Cartier’s signature.

Tank, Trinity, Juste un Clou, Santos, Love, Panthère or Ballon Bleu, instantly recognizable, these collections are based on four main principles of creation: the purity of the line, the accuracy of the shape, the precision of proportions, the precious details.

This intelligence of design places objects seamlessly within their time as well as within the future. Contemporary, although vintage to some, these designs stand the test of time: classic, eternal, essential. They can all be reinvented and continue to inspire conversations: a boundless source of creative energy which Cartier dares to develop over time. A cultural, but also emotional heritage. These pieces are heirlooms. The connection that we have to these pieces continues to grow with time. A powerful feeling directly linked to the idea of heritage and the timelessness that they symbolise.

Juste un Clou

Imagined in the 1970s by designer Aldo Cipullo for Cartier New York, theJuste un Clou bracelet is the reflection of a nonconformist, rebellious and provocative era. On the bangle, before the head of the nail, five ridges are engraved in the bracelets, which are reminiscent of flat-headed hardware nails with identical engravings. The eye for detail goes even further with a diamond shape that has been reworked into its lines and the end the faceted tip. On the diamond versions, the choice of setting informs the shape and geometry of the creations. Four different settings are used for Juste un Clou. On the diamond-paved tip, the graduated cut emphasises volume and perspective. With Juste un Clou, Cartier perfects the purity of an ordinary shape and turns a simple nail into a jewel with pure, radical and uncompromising lines. The entire nail is present, but more elegant, less sharp, like a rock-chic statement all at once. The expression of Cartier‘s design vision.





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