1 Dec 2021 By AWAY IN STYLE

Cartier’s Contemporary Christmas Tree Inspires Festive Goodwill


Amid the radiant, panoramic backdrop of Victoria Harbour, Cartier unveiled a majestic, 13-metre-high Christmas tree of dazzling red and gold at K11 MUSEA Promenade, vibrantly encapsulating the festive spirit of hope and peace, love and togetherness, caring and sharing.

Reflecting Cartier’s profound appreciation and support of the arts, the tree was illuminated during a grand spectacle starring myriad talents, who brought exuberant holiday cheer to the winter night air. Heralded by the angelic vocals of the Cartier Kids, a broad compass of talent and artistry captivated guests, from spellbinding urban dance and music – including a jazz parade, a capella and a six-year-old beatboxing prodigy – to invigorating parkour stunts and longboarding choreography. The contemporary tree, a bold, harmonious sculpture of giant baubles that reimagines festive tradition, beaming messages of hope, fellowship and celebration across the city.

Cartier will remain at the forefront of festivity and benevolence throughout December. Daily light displays will embellish the tree and the abundance of wrapped gift boxes beneath it, while musical interludes will showcase up-and-coming local singers, a capella groups and bands. These public performances at 3pm on weekends also provide memorable photo opportunities with Cartier’s iconic bellboys.

Embracing the virtues of compassion and generosity synonymous with this time of year, Cartier has partnered with three social enterprises – Codesmine, Open House and Happy Baton – and six NGOs – The Hub Hong Kong, TREATS, Food Angel, Playright Children’s Play Association, Hong Kong Blind Union and Wise Angel – to curate and distribute presents of educational toys, books and handmade hand soaps to underprivileged children, disabled students and elderly people in need. Through this gift drive and the resplendent tree, standing tall and bright for all to enjoy, Cartier affirms its long-held ethos of giving back to the community, fostering goodwill and sharing the joy of the season.

Cartier's Contemporary Christmas Tree