chloé, la vie en roses

freedom, modernity and femininity… in 2008, chloé imagined a unique rose, luminous and fresh, full of grace. it was so distinctive that it instantly became the maison’s olfactory signature. this one-of-a-kind flower perfectly reflects the delicacy and natural elegance that make chloe’s creations highly desirable.

the chloé rose has many faces. over the last eight years, it inspired many interpretations, exploring different dimensions of the flower’s scent while remaining instantly recognisable.
today, a new variation on this iconic rose graces chloé’s garden: chloé fleur de parfum. it tells a completely new olfactory story and highlights the flower’s heart, the source of its richest and softest scent. chloé fleur de parfum is a pure concentrate of skin-deep sensuality.

the range

fleur de parfum eau de parfum spray 30ml                    hk$580
fleur de parfum eau de parfum spray 50ml                    hk$835
fleur de parfum eau de parfum spray 75ml                    hk$1,020


Jo Malone London Christmas 2016

Magic and mayhem! Fabulous fantasy!
Romance and spectacle galore! Oh, Christmastime.
Make merry mischief with Jo Malone London.

House of Jo Malone London HKD/MOP 2,000
Orange Bitters Candle 420g HKD/MOP 2,095
Orange Bitters Cologne~ 100ml HKD/MOP 1,250
Cologne Intense Collection^ 9ml x 5 HKD/MOP 1,430
Cologne Collection 9ml x 5 HKD/MOP 1,100
Pomegranate Noir Collection* HKD/MOP 1,050
Mimosa & Cardamom Collection HKD/MOP 1,050
Miniatures Candle Collection 35g x 5 HKD/MOP 1,000
Bathtime Collection HKD/MOP 720
Miniatures Soap Collection HKD/MOP 450
Christmas Cracker* HKD/MOP 480
Christmas Ornament HKD/MOP 300
Scented Ceramic Christmas Ornament# HKD/MOP 420
Pine & Eucalytpus Home Candle 200g HKD/MOP 665
Pine & Eucalytpus Luxury Candle 2.5kg HKD/MOP 4,655
Pine & Eucalytpus Diffuser 165ml HKD/MOP 880
Pine & Eucalytpus Room Spray 175ml HKD/MOP 640
Available from November 2016
Christmas Advent Calendar

Harness the thrill of the season with this time-honoured British tradition. Twenty four spoiling surprises mark the countdown to the holidays and all the joy they bring.

Look forward to the moment each day when you open the doors of your very own Jo Malone London Townhouse to reveal gift after gift.

Christmas has never been so luxurious.
HKD / MOP 4,700*
Available exclusive to Lane Crawford from November 2016

* Pomegranate Noir collection ,Christmas Cracker, Christmas Advent Calendar: Exclusive at Lane Crawford counters:
^Cologne Intense collection: Exclusive at Lane Crawford counters, selective boutiques (Elements / Pacific Place / Harbour City / Festival Walk) & Galaxy Macau
#Scented Ceramic Christmas Ornament: Exclusive at selective boutiques & Macau Galaxy
~ Orange Bitters Cologne 100ml: Exclusive at Sogo Boutique, CWB

YSL Beaute Mon Paris

Obsessive. Intrusive. Consuming. Intense. Passionate. Sensual. Paris.
Paris for Monsieur Saint Laurent embodied a sense of truth, passion and purity of emotion, one that was defiant of social inhibitions and celebratory of moral freedom.

In his heart, Paris was an eternal emblem of love. A constant inspiration in his work, his life, everything he created was underpinned by a deep connection with the city.

In Paris, everything was possible. “ [..] I have chosen your name for this perfume, because none is more beautiful. Because I love you. My Paris.” Yves Saint Laurent
HK$625/30ml ; HK$930/50ml ; HK$1,300 / 90ml

image016Inspired by archive sketches of lavallières, the classic pussy bow at the front of the neck of a blouse, perfume bottle designer Catherine Krunas took this piece and inverted it, turning it into a metaphor for a modern love affair at the peak of its passion.

At first constrained by the neck-tie, the Mon Paris lover is overcome by a daring power of seduction, the untying of the bow symbolic of the release that comes with love.

Will be available in all YSL Beauté boutiques and counters now
Please visit YSL Beauté website for more details:

Dior Prestige Foundation



With its voluptuous texture, Le Nectar de Teint Dior Prestige adorns the skin with the velvet glow and satin freshness of the Rose de Granville petals, the most beautiful rose in the Dior Gardens. Precious and melt-in, this fluid foundation revitalizes the most demanding skin and offers the plumped radiance of a complexion glowing with beauty.

1-f099490848pinceauprestige_f39 2-f047996030diorprestigelenectardeteint_f39
Intensely revitalizing, its texture is as light as fresh dew. It slides silkily onto the skin to envelop it in roundness. As soon as it is applied, the complexion is smoothed and illuminated with a pearly radiance. Day after day, the incredible life force of the Rose de Granville infuses the skin with its revitalizing power to complete the action of Dior Prestige skincare. Fundamentally soothed, deeply protected and revitalized, the skin reveals more and more beauty and seems to look younger than ever.




Liptensity Lipstick pushes the boundaries of colour. With the expertise of tetrachromat Maureen Seaberg — who has the genetic ability to see up to 100 million hues imperceptible to the average naked eye — M·A·C has created an unprecedented spectrum of 24 shades with extreme, undeniable colour intensity, using our groundbreaking High-Frequency Tetrachromatic Pigments technology.


STALLION (deep black)
GALAXY GREY (light bluish grey)
BLUE BEAT (deep dark blue)
MARSALA (deep magenta pink)
BURNT VIOLET (dark plum)
MULLING SPICES (burgundy brown-red)
POSTMODERN (amped coral pink)
CLARETCAST (mid-tone magenta)
HELLEBORE (vibrant mid-tone purple)
LIFE’S BLOOD (bright berry red)
AMBROSIAL (bright plum pink)
EROS (warm hot pink)
GUMBALL (creamy blush pink)
MEDIUM RARE (creamy soft pink)
LOBSTER (burnt orange)
HABANERO (vibrant orange-red)
FIREWORKS (vivid, bright red)
CORDOVAN (deep rose red)
DRIFTWOOD (soft lilac beige)
DOE (creamy neutral brown)
SMOKED ALMOND (bright rose brown)
TOAST AND BUTTER (peachy cinnamon)
DIONYSUS (deep plum)
DOUBLE FUDGE (intense dark brown)
Suggested Retail Price HK$195

DIOR J’adore 2016 with Charlize Theron

diorvisual-bts_ridgecrest-1-copy diorvisual-bts_ridgecrest-3-copy diorvisual-bts_ridgecrest-4-copy diorvisual-bts_ridgecrest-5-copy diorvisual-bts_ridgecrest-7-copy diorvisual-main-copy  diorvisual-teaser-copy lowvisual-bts_ridgecrest-8-copy


J’adore is a timeless and luminous companion to women’s lives.
It is a unique way of celebrating the love of femininity, which is the signature of the Dior soul. A symphonic perfume, it portrays every flower.
A sensual perfume, it portrays every woman.
J’adore is also a name, calling out like a life force.
A bottle-symbol. A radiant icon, full of life.

Habitually surprising, it once again takes the opposite course to that already established, in a genuine rebirth.
Reinvented, it returns to its original strengths.
Redefining a new vision of luxury, it touches on the essence of life.

A new gold arises, born of the water and stones, the sun and the wind. In a dream place that measures up to women’s desires.

For more than a decade, J’adore has merged, body and soul, with Charlize Theron.
A woman of fire and rain, of water and wind, she is regenerated in the imposing setting of life-giving, magical nature.
Witness the naked beauty of sensitive emotions.
She finds meaning in the world again, and returns to herself, jubilant.

J’adore !


Since 1999, Jean-Baptiste Mondino has directed the fascinating story of the J’adore woman.
He has, in turn, immersed her in an opulent bath of gold, stripped her bare in the quest for truth, and had her climb to a new elsewhere.

On a quest for a new version of the truth, he wanted her free from constraint, transported to a world of water, sun and wind created in her extraordinary image.

The new gold

Jean-Baptiste Mondino’s J’adore films are sensorial journeys.
In this new opus, Charlize Theron appears in an imposing setting of a vast, unspoilt expanse in which the elements converge. An unreal desert of water and ochre-coloured stone, in which the sky meets the earth. Powerful nature extends as far as the eye can see, bathed in a life-giving, regenerative rain. A sublime warm light radiates every shot.

Both symbolic and steeped in a sacred dimension, this film is a return to the fundamentals. A return to the need to redefine luxury and get back to one’s roots in the rawest, most beautiful, components of nature. A new gold emerges, the fruit of this meeting of the elements. It is an organic, essential gold.

“My story with J’adore is a long one, marked by a relationship of loyalty and trust with the House of Dior and with Charlize Theron,” emphasizes Jean-Baptiste Mondino. “With every film, the House of Dior wanted to make this woman evolve, and understand her role in the world, defining a rapport with luxury. This film follows on from the previous one, which saw her climbing towards a salutary “elsewhere” having eliminated the superfluous. It has a new, radically different beginning. She no longer needs to escape, as she is now totally free, immersed in regal nature, almost naked and rid of all artifice. Her vision of the world is essential, designating what is of primordial importance: protecting our planet and in particular, the water that is our new gold. She tells us that luxury can have meaning.”

Sacred nature

Seeking to celebrate nature while creating an exceptional ambience, Jean-Baptiste Mondino invented a unique place, “that measures up to women’s desires,” as he puts it.

Filmed in natural light, the natural beauty of these rare images required no re-touching, only extreme patience.
Only a few hours at dusk enabled the director to capture the ideal, golden light that he wanted. Entire days spent waiting for this miraculous moment provided them with a unique experience, in a combination of patience and contemplative joy. Regal nature laid down her law.

“Today, I can confirm that the planets all aligned for us to create this film. From storyboard to filming, everything went perfectly. The sun, wind and sky… Nature spoiled us, and there wasn’t a moment of disappointment. At around 6.15 every evening, when the light was finally perfect, it was like a mystical experience!”

Jean-Baptiste Mondino

The power of emotions

More stunning than ever, Charlize Theron radiates serene beauty. Her smile is genuine, her “J’adore” vibrant.
Jean-Baptiste Mondino filmed her up close, in her footsteps, her every emotion.
Sensually transparent and minimalist, her dress reveals her shoulders and endless legs.

“Charlize was extraordinary. As a South African, she rediscovered sensations that she loves. The sun, the wind, and the desert filled her with joy. She was totally committed and genuinely emotional. You can see all that – she radiates beauty and happiness.”

In barely-there sandals, she runs freely, with an animal stride, to the powerful rhythm of a remix of “I Love You,” by Woodkid. Vibrating in unison, Charlize seems to be in the grip of the elements.
There is no struggle in this conquest, only perfect harmony.


J’adore possesses the most precious of all: a signature and emotion.
J’adore is unique, for it is a floral ideal.
This perfect flower does not exist, yet is nevertheless present, quivering on the skin.
A sensual, invented bouquet, crafted down to the last detail, like a made-to-measure flower.

An unimpaired jewel, J’adore is extremely elegant, revealing the evident.
Its complex composition remains unseen; there is no pretentious vaunting of its brilliance, ever.
J’adore is there, simply luminous. With a smile, it reaches out to you.

“J’adore is an extraordinary perfume as it takes up the challenge of being readily seductive while having an original signature; of being sensual without being heavy. It’s a composition that combines opposites, and renders iconic floral notes as an attractive, original and mysterious whole. J’adore invents a flower that doesn’t exist.”

A sensational bouquet

Flowers shine at the heart of J’adore.
Their chorus forms an evident harmony and an immediate pleasure that delights the senses.

Creating an exhaustive portrait of this bouquet is impossible. Distinguishing some of its floral beauties may, nevertheless, shine light on the mystery. The origins of J’adore’s smooth sweetness are better grasped for knowing Comorian Ylang Ylang essence, which reveals the subtle beauty of floral-fruity notes. Soothing, even somewhat narcotic, this flower of paradise instils exotic sweetness. The vibrations of beautiful Turkish Rosa Damascena can also be felt in its lively, almost sassy notes. Exuberant and spirited, instantly present and a bit of a “show-off,” it warms the senses and unfalteringly imposes its sensual power.

François Demachy

Dior Perfumer-Creator

Jasmines of the world

At the heart of J’adore, the intensity of a jasmine duo is diffused.
Jasmine Grandiflorum from Grasse, and Jasmine Sambac from India, combine forces and differences to craft a superb note in the ultimate floral incarnation. An exceptional flower, Jasmine requires picking at the break of day, at the moment of peak fragrance. It is as though this suspended moment, when the light is perfect, reunites J’adore and its symbolic flower in an essential truth. The truth of a moment in which everything makes sense, and Jasmine is jubilant.

The House of Dior put Indian Jasmine Sambac in the spotlight, and “launched its career.” Little used before the creation of J’adore in 1999, the “flower of the Gods” entered the major league and established its pedigree with its brilliant presence in the composition. Fruity with a hint of orange blossom, it has the instant power of the blazing sun. It has a broad fragrance spectrum, and its attractive appeal is rich in delicate, sensual notes.

Grasse Jasmine, combined with it, is the absolutely quintessential noble flower. Harvested at the “Domaine du Manon,” a Dior perfumes partner for 10 years now, it is a rare raw material, prized for its unique qualities.
Its presence is a signature, and a pledge of absolute luxury.

Its supremacy is such that the Provençal people call it “the flower,” as though it were a concentration of all the spirit and magic of the exceptional Grasse flowers. Flowering more abundantly than Indian Jasmine (it “suffers” more owing to the contrasting climate of the Grasse region), this variety develops unique and unrivaled accents.

It is undeniably potent, yet nevertheless subtle. Highly attractive, it appeals to the senses and speaks immediately of seduction. It is florally “perfect,” heightened by the sun- kissed fruit of a luscious “candied” note.


The emblematic crop of the Grasse region, Jasmine, more than a flower, is a veritable symbol. The icon of this unique terroir, located between the sea and the mountains, enjoys an ideal climate that enables it to “suffer” and develop its exceptional fragrant qualities. Although current production is in no way comparable to what it was (1,600 tonnes in 1930 versus 14 tonnes in 2015), Grasse Jasmine remains an exceptional flower prized by major perfume houses such as Dior, who are put off neither by its rarity, nor by its considerable cost.

For 10 years now, Dior perfumes have worked in partnership with the “Domaine du Manon,” run by Carole Biancalana, who reserves her entire Jasmine Grandiflorum harvest for the House fragrances.
Following in the footsteps of previous generations, she courageously endeavours to cultivate a crop as beautiful as it is difficult.

Indeed, Grasse Royal Jasmine, or “large flower” jasmine, is a flower that does not tolerate harsh winters (more than a week of frost is fatal), and requires suitable land that is sunny, protected and sufficiently irrigated.
Harvested from mid-July to roughly mid-October, once the little white stars have blossomed in the night, the Jasmine is picked every day, from dawn until about ten o’clock. The delicate little white flowers are pinched off, one by one, slowly filling the pickers’ baskets. (A good picker can collect around 400 grams of flowers per hour).

The harvest, stored in the shade in thin layers, must be transported the same morning for transformation into a Concrete, and then an Absolute.
A kilo of jasmine contains around 10,000 flowers. And to make a kilo of Jasmine Absolute, it takes about 700 kilos of flowers. These mind-boggling figures emphasize just how rare and costly this raw material is.

As soon as the weather turns cold (November-December), the Jasmine plants are cut down and the stumps have to be “earthed up” i.e., covered with soil to protect them. The young stems that grow back after winter then have to be attached to each other. This painstaking manual work is indispensable when cultivating Grasse Jasmine, which is the noblest and most highly prized variety, as emphasized by Carole Biancalana:

“Grasse Jasmine has an aroma that is intensely floral, yet not heady. It is full of character, yet more faceted than any other variety of Jasmine in the world.”


Laura Mercier’s Artistry Essentials

Fall 2016 Eye Conics
Embrace your seductive, mysterious side with these artistry essentials that create Laura’s perfectly dramatic smoky eye.

The versatility of the 2 liners, the NEW Instant Ink 24-hour Brush Eyeliner and Kajal D’Orient Eye Liner,gives you an intense, clean, precise line that extends the shape of the eye while the NEW Brow Dimension Fiber-infused Color Gels define, lengthen and thicken brows. Finish the look with Black Karat Baked Eye Colour and Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara. Step it up and start playing!

NEW! Instant Ink 24-hour Brush Eyeliner 24
Lining is an iconic look for Laura. Laura wanted to create a quick, effortless way to define and extend the shape of the eye in one swipe. Instead of using a felt tip applicator, Laura focused on a more luxe brush with comfort and precision. HK$250 / 0.5ml

Brow Dimension Fiber-infused Color Gel

The natural-looking brow is back in trend and fuller than ever. Brows revisit a natural shape with textured volume and pronounced colour.

The fiber-infused formula builds easily for thick, sculpted, lush brows. The gel base grooms, defines, and sets brow looks for a polished effect for up to 12 hours. The mini mascara-like wand is specifically designed to length and shape to allow for the most precise blending and shaping. HK$190 / 5ml

Kajal D’Orient Eye Liner
Laura always loved the look of how women in the Far East wore their eye kohl, delivering a sense of mystery and seduction.

The creamy texture of the Kajal D’Orient Eye Liner melts onto the skin, instantly creating a stand-out liner look while it blends easily and evenly for a truly smoky eye. Its highly adherent color makes it easy to apply smoothly and with perfect precision. To achieve a dramatic liner look, glide on this gentle liner formula
in the water line of the eye (inside the lower lashes).

SHADES – Besides Noir Supreme, it has two NEW shaes – Vino and Graphite! HK$240 / 1.5g

Eye Basics
Laura wanted to create a perfect canvas for the eye, just as Primer creates the ideal canvas for the face.
The result is Eye Basics – the ultimate product to camouflage eye imperfections and enhance the durability of eye makeup. Eye Basics provides skin friendly ingredients to help enhance the delicate skin on the lids.
Use under other formulas or all on its own, Eye Basics is highly versatile. HK$210/5.1g

Baked Eye Colour
An innovative wet/dry Eye Colour formula featuring Baked technology in beautiful shades that last all day.
This smudge resistant, lightweight eye colour gently smoothes onto the lid for an even application.

Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara

Build. Sculpt. Style. This luxe, creamy, flex formula gives your lashes built-in memory control for mega lengthening and styling. The combination of the uniquely molded brush and easy-glide texture gives you extra lashes with instant shape. Clump-free with no un-even build-up. So brush it on and see a-lot-a-lash!
HK$210 / 9ml

Laura Mercier Boutique Store

Shop B237 Times Square, Causeway Bay Tel: 852-27570729

Make up For Ever Fall 2016

Play with Color & Contrast to #RevealYourPersonality

Each personality is a mix between lights and shadows, between colors and obscurity.

FALL 2016 DEEP CONTRAST invites everyone to play with contrasts and
colors and reveal the different characters inside each of us.

image004 image010 image014 image016 image019

It is often said that eyes are the window of the soul.
Makeup Artists know how to sculpt the eyes, give them dimension, enhance their shape and can even give the impression of a larger, more defined eyelid by playing with contrasts and colors. Eyes are the best way to express creativity, technics and personality especially for pros who work on movies and need mostly matte shades.

To offer this professional know-how to everyone, MAKE UP FOR EVER creates FALL 2016 DEEP CONTRAST collection including 3 star products: ARTIST-SHADOWS 4 (limited edition), PRO SCULPTING BROW PALETTE and HIGH PRECISION LIP PENCIL.

MAKE UP FOR EVER allows you to step into their shoes and reveal your true personality.

Our new FALL 2016 DEEP CONTRAST collection invites you to play with all the unique colors and contrasts like a pro.





HIGH PRECISION LIP PENCIL HK$120/8 Shades (launch on 29th Sep)


Shop B206B, Basement 2, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
+852 2154 1151

Show beauty

Introduces its First Basic Care – Wet Collection

Treat your Hair with a Daily Dose of White Truffle and Quinoa

SHOW Beauty, the opulent hair styling and haircare brand from the UK, was founded by socialite and model Tamara Ecclestone. It brings back luxurious experience for hair with a unique blend of innovative natural hair care ingredients.

Merging opulence with efficacy, SHOW Beauty introduces its first daily hair care Wet Collection with two ranges – Sublime Repair and Pure Moisture. Both ranges are formulated with White Truffle, known to be the “diamond of the kitchen”, along with Caviar to provide hair with minerals, proteins and anti-oxidants which condition and strengthen fibres to help hair stay healthy. Sublime Repair range is further encased with Quinoa, “the gold of the Incas,” as a source of vitamin E and amino acids to target specific areas of damage. Providing rich nourishment with every application, hair looks and feels more lustrous and full of life as well as glamour.

Wet Collection is encased in packaging that embodies SHOW Beauty’s signature glamour. The bottles are crafted in glass with rose gold accents to further assert the brand’s premium lifestyle position.

Price of Wet Collection

Sublime Repair Shampoo $420 / 200ml
Sublime Repair Conditioner $420 / 200ml
Sublime Repair Treatment $520 / 200ml
Pure Moisture Shampoo $350 / 200ml
Pure Moisture Conditioner $350 / 200ml
Pure Moisture Treatment Mask $450 / 200ml
Riche Leave In Conditioner $450 / 150ml




Seeks the best for both the skin and the environment



Imagine over 5,000 micro-drops of Immortelle Millésimée, suspended within a water-based gel enriched with Jania Rubens to act on facial contours and volumes. Imagine a combination of potent active ingredients protected and encapsulated in tiny, identical drops, individually produced and enclosed by a super-fine membrane. And all these ingredients wait for the right moment to act on the skin and recreate harmony.

For the Divine Harmony Serum, our Laboratories asked an esteemed, ingenious partner to multiply the number of active ingredients held by each of these micro-drops. They not only contain Immortelle Millésimée essential oil, but also myrtle essential oil and camelina, evening primrose and borage oils.

With each pump of the dispenser, the earth and sea collide. The micro-drops burst delicately, without leaving the slightest trace. Jania Rubens and Immortelle fuse together and melt into the skin. The lightweight serum infuses the skin with powerful active ingredients. As the fingertips trace the contours of the face, they seem to sculpt its youthful plumpness and soften stubborn wrinkles.




Divine Harmony beautifully combines the regenerative powers of two exceptional age-defying ingredients: Jania Rubens and Immortelle Millésimée. The Divine Harmony Cream transports us to the Island of Beauty with its refreshing, uplifting scent of the clear Mediterranean waters, woven with notes of earth, myrtle, musk and immortelle. The cream’s texture is as soft and fine as the skin. It melts – quite literally – into the skin, which rapidly absorbs its active ingredients.

Upon contact, the Jania Rubens extract sinks into the skin, giving a feeling of comfort and hydration. Then the formula evolves. The cream transforms into a soft oil that allows the lipophilic active ingredients to penetrate the skin – particularly the Immortelle Millésimée and myrtle essential oils, as well as camelina, evening primrose and borage oils. It helps to soften expression lines, rebalance facial volumes and boost radiance: the three pillars of facial harmony.