Dior J’adore Eau de Parfum Infinissime

Launch Date: April 1st , 2021

Available at all Dior beauty boutique, counters and online boutique http://shop.diorbeauty.hk/en
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She is woman, infinitely.
Proud and noble, head held high, no compromise – chin up.
She has boundless strength and is graced with a natural power that emanates from her every step.
She is beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful, as only women sure of themselves and their power can be.
She is beautiful because she acts, making choices and decisions about her life.
The J’adore woman has always been all of this.
A woman, infinitely.
An icon, infinitely woman.

The Dior Perfumer-Creator has unfurled the flowers of the J’adore bouquet, enveloping them in feverish, intense sensuality with a hint of wood. An endless burst of flowers that diffuse infinitely. A hyper-present composition signifying a new vigor, adding volume and curves.This intense and luminous J’adore is suggestive and spellbinding, without limits. This J’adore has even inspired its own name, an affectionate neologism expressing its infinite beauty: J’adore Eau de Parfum Infinissime.

“J’adore Eau de Partum Infinissime has a unique, voluptuous charm derived from Grasse Tuberose. By including it in the composition of J’adore, I created a romantic encounter: as if J’adore were “seducing” the intriguing Tuberose, embracing it, reinventing it, giving it light. It is the immediate mark of a strong and confident femininity.” François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

Suggested Price:

Dior J’adore Eau de Parfum Infinissime HK$1,015/50ml;HK$1,470/100ml
Dior J’adore Eau de Parfum Infinissime Roller Pearl HK$460/20ml

FANCL Skincare Base – Excellent Rich UV

FANCL 限量版 無添加亮肌透薄底霜

限量版 無添加亮肌透薄底霜   HK$238 / 24mL

春夏天特別多皮膚問題出現,天天化粧帶口罩,該如何為皮膚做好粧前準備,遠離肌膚暗黃、膚色不均、出油、脫粧等問題? FANCL為您帶來 限量版 無添加亮肌透薄底霜,利用光線散射原理展現亮麗粧容,令偏黃暗啞及膚色不均的情況變得不顯眼;而SPF35PA+++防曬系數亦有效阻截紫外光,預防曬黑及衰老;加上0防腐劑」,不為肌膚帶來負擔,特別推薦給因泛油而導致脫粧問題的熟齡肌膚使用。

  • 袪黃除暗,提升光澤︰「亮澤緊緻盈潤油」集結有效針對複合肌膚問題的抗老修護成分,集袪除偏黃暗啞、提升肌膚光澤彈性、水潤保濕等功效於一身,讓肌膚一整天保持亮澤緊緻。
  • 打造清爽柔滑肌膚︰「毛孔清爽平滑配方」有效於凹凸不平的皮膚表面吸收多餘油脂並以多角度散射光線,發揮柔和聚焦的效果,瞬間讓毛孔變得不顯眼。
  • 締造自然透明感粧效︰「魔幻亮紫配方」以紫色珠光粉粒調和並遮蓋暗黃膚色,締造具自然光澤的透明感肌膚。


香港     銅鑼灣Fashion Walk地下26-27號舖                            銅鑼灣時代廣場地庫B226號舖                          銅鑼灣皇室堡一樓125號舖                                   太古城中心二樓242-243號舖

中環皇后大道中30號娛樂行地面C舖                            上環NAN FUNG PLACE地下G4號舖

柴灣新翠商場339及354號舖                                       西環寶翠園西寶城103號舖

九龍     尖沙咀Victoria Dockside K11 Musea二樓218號舖

尖沙咀海港城港威商場二樓2349-50號舖                       尖沙咀The ONE地下GA02號舖

尖沙咀K11地庫二層B214號舖                                     東鐵尖東站22號舖

彌敦道永安九龍中心地下(Wing On Plus內)                    九龍站圓方一樓1091B號舖                               旺角朗豪坊B1樓17號舖                                      港鐵旺角東站新世紀廣場一樓140號舖

鑽石山荷里活廣場二樓251A號舖                                              九龍灣德福廣場一期一樓F32號舖

觀塘創紀之城五期apm大堂樓層C-1號舖                      西九龍奧海城二期UG16號舖

九龍塘又一城UG30號舖                                                           紅磡黃埔花園時尚坊第二期地下G21舖

新界     港鐵沙田站6號舖                                                                                 馬鞍山新港城中心二樓2043號舖

大埔超級城B區259號舖                                                          屯門市廣場一期一樓1066-1067號舖

葵芳新都會廣場三樓313號舖                                                    荃灣荃錦中心179-180號舖

荃灣荃新天地UG09號舖                                                           荃灣廣場二樓240-243號舖

青衣青衣城一樓104號舖                                                           元朗廣場地下017B-018號舖

將軍澳東港城一樓199L號舖                                                      將軍澳新都城中心二期商場L1-1178號舖

澳門     澳門倫敦人倫敦人購物中心2樓2117號舖                     澳門板樟堂街16號


顧客服務部熱線 : 8223 2625                              Website:  http://www.fancl-hk.com/


Dior Forever

NEW Dior Forever 2021

Exclusively pre-launch on online boutique,http://shop.diorbeauty.hk/en from March 8th, 2021
Available at all Dior beauty boutique and counters

@diormakeup @peterphilipsmakeup #diorforever#foreversisterhood #diormakeup #diorhk

An icon at women’s sides since 2007 and reinvented by Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, Forever is the remarkable foundation that enhances women and their beauty. Forever.
To complete the routine, this season has new offerings that enhance performance: Dior Forever Skin Veil SPF 20, our first primer with extreme wear and extreme hydration; Dior Forever Cushion Powder, an on-the-go couture finishing powder with unprecedented freshness; and Dior Forever Perfect Fix, the new all-in-one setting spray that instantly sets, hydrates and refreshes the complexion.

Suggested Price:

Dior Forever Foundation HK$520/30ml
Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation HK$520/30ml
Dior Forever Skin Veil SPF 20 HK$480/30ml
Dior Forever Cushion Powder HK$495/10g
Dior Forever Perfect Fix HK$380/100ml


Beige Ebloui, Rose Oasis, Corail Aqua… A new collection of three limited-edition lipsticks, three beauty objects lacquered for this one season in vibrant, sunny colours. Fleeting idylls, polychrome visions along a white-hot road. Canyon colours, a blissful moment of escape, energy in abstract form. Fragments of molten yellow, pink, turquoise and coral.

A dream streaked with light. The sparkling vibrancy of a road trip punctuated by mirages. Oases, cacti, and dunes as far as the eye can see. With a counterpoint of mineral notes borrowed from wide open spaces where beige, sand and ochre stretch out across the horizon, when the gaze becomes one with the vastness of the day. When the sky traces lines of surreal chromatic vibrations.

A radical aesthetic that is at once pure and energetic, modernist and sensory, where colours, like melodious notes, compose bursts of optimism and light.

With their shimmering satin finish, the three lipsticks release colour. These three radiant shades enhance the luminosity of the lips like reflections on water, like tremblings mirrored in the golden light of day.

BEIGE EBLOUI: the vibration of sand richly warmed by the sun, an amber caress on the lips.


ROSE OASIS: neither quite fuchsia nor quite magenta, an exalted pink, part bougainvillea, part succulent plant.


CORAIL AQUA: a divine dip in a turquoise pool, the shimmering glow of a bright and intense vermilion.


The objects in the spring-summer 2021 Rouge Hermes Limited Edition collection are refillable. This possibility adds a sustainable dimension to their unique temporal presence.


The spring-summer 2021 Rouge Hermes Limited Edition collection will be available from March 2021 in selected Hermes retail outlets around the world.

CHANEL Beauty News: Le Blanc Skincare & Makeup


With a complete LE BLANC skincare and makeup ritual, CHANEL has taken a more holistic approach healthy whitening that reinforces its vision of beauty: Achieve radiant skin with a rosy glow that plays perfectly with the light.

In 2021, CHANEL unveils the new generation of LE BLANC SÉRUM upgraded with a triple-efficacy formula that intensively brightens, soothes and evens skin tone.

Two CHANEL exclusive active ingredients, TXC™ complex and Gardenia Fruit Extract, have incorporated to improve both skin tone and texture with equal effectiveness, revealing an even, firm and luminous skin.

TXC™ is a highly effective molecule that regulates pigmentation and stimulates the production of proteins to build the skin barrier. Combined with allantoin and vitamin E, it also intensively reduces dark spots and soothes the skin.
Harvested on Yakushima Island in Japan, an exceptionally lush island and designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gardenia Fruit extract is a powerful moisture-boosting source that stimulates amino acid metabolism, which boosts nutrition and energy within the cells.

Like tweed or the little black dress, long pearl necklaces are part of the stylistic vocabulary of CHANEL.

The new and limited PERLES ET ÉCLATS DE CHANEL makeup collection recreates the luminous luster of pearls Gabrielle Chanel wore to illuminate her face.

  1. Boosts up your flawless complexion with the best-selling LE BLANC MAKEUP BASE and BRIGHTENING GENTLE TOUCH FOUNDATION
  2. Sweep over the cheekbones, forehead, nose, chin with the exclusive creation PERLES DE LUMIÈRE – a highlighting blush embossed with a double C and pearls to add soft pearly luminosity to the features that catch the light.
  3. Layer with BAUME ESSENTIEL for a hint of pearlescent or rosy shine over highlighter for a high-shine, pearly finish. This hydrating balm can also be used by itself on the lips and eyelids.
  4. Complete the look with the new LES 4 OMBRES #374 eyeshadow palette, which combined four harmonious shades of white and pink, as well as a deep aubergine characteristic of Tahitian pearls.
  5. Add a final touch of delicate, rosy color on the lips and nails for a bespoke finish.

LE BLANC has achieved major success over the past 10 years and continuously demonstrate its ability to innovate skincare products for women who want even, smooth, clear skin that radiates with a beautiful, rosy glow.

Discover all new limited-edition products and enjoy online shopping privileges on http://www.chanel.com/-epopup_2


Express yourself in colour with Gucci Beauty’s debut lip pencils and eye liners

Gucci Beauty introduces the first set of lip pencils and eye liners. Complementing the House’s makeup collection, the new Crayon Contour des Lèvres And Stylo Contour des Yeux debut in six shades respectively – blendably soft universal nudes and reds for the lips, and a rainbow of waterproof shades for the eyes. Developed under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, the lip pencils and eye liners give beauty lovers yet more opportunities to experiment, get creative, and express their unique self.

Gucci Beauty Crayon Contour des Lèvres – Lip Contour Pencil

Crayon Contour des Lèvres naturally enhances the fullness of the lips. It offers an instant and intense bold colour result, whether it is worn alone or in preparation for a truly long-lasting lip makeup.

The formula and application

Creating a feather-proof finish, Crayon Contour des Lèvres is formulated with super emollients to ensure a creamy texture that swipes effortlessly onto the lips. With a soft and blendable formula, the lip contour pencil glides across the mouth with ease for the ultimate precision finish. In six essential shades, this is the perfect tool to fill and shape the lips for true staying power.

The design and range

Available in six flattering shades ranging from nude to taupe and red, Crayon Contour des Lèvres is presented in a sleek white tube with a gold-plated cap, the colour of the lip liner, and finished with Gucci lettering in gold.

Gucci Beauty Stylo Contour des Yeux – Kohl Eye Liner Pencil

Stylo Contour des Yeux is a kohl eye liner pencil both long-wearing and waterproof. Offering instant bold, true colour, it makes it easy to create all kinds of makeup, from vibrant waterlines and cat eyes to complete eyeshadow across the lid.

The formula and application

Designed with freedom of expression in mind, Stylo Contour des Yeux is formulated with a creamy, soft texture that makes it as versatile as it is fun. Creating an effortless, gliding-on experience, the highly pigmented colour makes it suitable for lining all areas of the eye, so you can experiment and draw away to your heart’s content.

The design and range

Available in six bold shades ranging from black to blue, red to amethyst, Stylo Contour des Yeux is presented in a sleek nude pink tube with a gold-plated cap, the colour of the eye liner, and finished with Gucci lettering in gold.

The Campaign

A continuation of the visual language established for Gucci Beauty, campaign images shot by Mark Peckmezian with art direction by Christopher Simmonds explore the 80s aesthetic. Taking us back to a nostalgic breakfast in bed scene, the pencils and liners can be found amidst unkempt bed sheets, and breakfast trays with juice and tea.

The Line-Up

Gucci Beauty Crayon Contour des Lèvres – Lip Contour Pencil – 6 shades – Nude, Tendre, Miel, Rouge, Rubis, Bordeaux.

Gucci Beauty Stylo Contour des Yeux – Kohl Eye Liner Pencil – 6 shadesNoir, Anthracite, Chocolat, Bordeaux, Amethyste, Céleste

The Line Up

Crayon Contour des Lèvres – Lip Contour Pencil      $260  
Stylo Contour des Yeux                                                  $260  

Gucci Beauty Counter

Shop 3323A, Level 3. Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Kowloon 852.3755.4592
Sogo, Causeway Bay 852.2831.3908
Lane Crawford, Canton Road 852.2118.3428
Lane Crawford, IFC 852.2111.0572


Benefit Cosmetics 1st mascara with   MAGNETIC FORCE

They’re Real! Magnet draws lashes out to extreme lengths

Hong Kong, 19th February, 2021— Benefit Cosmetics, known for its bestselling mascara They’re Real!, is introducing an EXTREME LENGTHENING mascara “THEY”RE REAL! MAGNET”. The innovative extender brush has a magnetically charged core that gently pulls the magnetic mineral enriched formula up and out beyond the tips of your lashes. With the innovative ideas, Benefit becomes the first brand to create a mascara with a magnetic core and are patenting the brush technology in the market.

They’re Real! Magnet is a powerful lifting & lengthening mascara with a magnetic force, from the design of the brush, formula and the wiper. With They’re Real! Magnet, your eyes are not only the windows to your soul, but also have power to attract positive people just like MAGNETS!

formula for anti-gravity

The magnetic mineral enriched formula was formulated specifically to interact with the magnetic core in the brush, drawing the mascara up and out beyond the tips of lashes for powerful length & lift. The lightweight and buildable formula won’t smudge or flake. It is water-resistant, sweat-proof & humidity-proof, which draws lashes out to extreme lengths in ultimate SUPERCHARGED BLACK that lasts for 36-hours.

Extender brush with magnetically charged core

The Extender Brush is a firm-yet-flexible custom-engineered brush with a magnetically charged core overcoated with soft plastics zigzag bristles. The magnetic core in the brush attracts the formula pulling lashes up & out to extreme lengths during application.

It took a lot of hard work and time for Benefit’s product development team to find out the perfect balance of the weight and strength of the magnet in the brush core to attract just the right amount of formula to the brush. Together with using the 3D printing brush technology, the team has successfully built the brush shape over the magnetic core. The ZigZag bristles in the brush are also specially shaped & strategically placed, the varying lengths of these ZigZag bristles allow them to wrap around lashes, evenly coating both long & short lashes 360 degrees to fan out, lift & separate lashes to extreme lengths.

They’re Real! Magnet

(in supercharged black shade)

Price: HK$240

Shop list:


Shop No.B206A, Basement 2, Time Square, Causeway Bay (Tel: 2110-9528)

Shop G34B, Lee Tung Avenue, No. 200 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai (Tel: 3621-0598)

Shop No.31, Level 2, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Kowloon (Tel: 3427-9582)

Shop No. 9, G/F, Pakpolee Commercial Centre,

No.1A Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok (Tel: 2956 1002)

Shop UG55, Olympian City 2 , Olympian City, Kowloon (Tel: 3621-0036)

Shop no.1043, 1/F, Grand Yoho, Yuen Long (Tel: 2116-5383)

Shop No. G13, G/F, Park Central, No. 9 Tong Tak Street, Tseung Kwan O (Tel: 2324-6499)

Shop No.279A, Level 2, Plaza Hollywood, Diamond Hill (Tel: 2114-0599)

Shop No.127-128, Level 2, V Walk, 28 Sham Mong Road, Sham Shui Po (Tel: 2708-3900)

Shops M-V13&V15 on MTR Level of V City, Tuen Mun, NT (Tel: 3427-3222)

Brow-A-Go-Go stores

Ground floor No.22, Lyndhurst Terrace, Central (Tel: 2157-0398)

No.25D, Hoi Kwong Court, Nos. 13-15, Hoi Kwong Street, Quarry Bay (Tel: 3579-4000)

Department stores

Lab Concept Facesss, Queensway Plaza, 93 Queensway (Tel: 2116-9857)

Facesss, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui (Tel: 2110-3495)

1/F, YATA Department Store, New Town Plaza 3, 2 Shatin Centre Street, Shatin (Tel: 2698 6608)

Sephora store

Shop No. 1073-75 on Podium Level One, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central (Tel: 5808 5441)

Shop Nos. G21-G23 & G25 on the Ground Floor, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Rd, Causeway Bay (Tel: 3153 2783)





an innovative formula that is good for skin, provides a natural fresh finish and doesn’t transfer, so everyone can be fearless when it comes to using foundation.


Water-based with a breathable finish, WATERTONE FOUNDATION gives skin a natural,   luminous finish that lasts all day. The formula is lightweight and hydrating for skin that looks—and stays—fresh and radiant. It’s suitable for normal, combination, oily and sensitive skin. Co-created with our pros, the range offers 23 shades for all skin tones, and blends seamlessly for natural fresh look.

WATERTONE is the ultimate foundation for all. It’s perfect for men and women looking for truly natural coverage; foundation wearers who want a buildable, professional formula; those with mature skin desiring coverage that doesn’t settle into wrinkles or fine lines; body foundation wearers looking to even out their skin tone from head to toe; and professional makeup artists coveting a buildable, universal foundation for their kit.



New WATERTONE FOUNDATION is incredibly easy to apply and delivers a perfect finish. This lightweight, breathable formula minimizes the appearance of imperfections, provides 24 hours of radiance* and hydration**, and is made of 78% water*** and 94%**** naturally derived ingredients. Formulated for modern makeup users, it’s transfer-proof, sweat-proof and humidity-proof, and lasts all day.

*Instrumental test on 20 subjects

**Instrumental test on 11 subjects

***Water + Green Tea Water

****Calculation based on iso standard 16128 part II,

as well as supplier raw material data, water percentage included.

The remaining 6% help optimize the formula’s sensorial texture and stability over time

Suggested Retail Price: HK$320 (All 12 shades)



Developed in collaboration with our professional makeup artists, two innovative new tools were designed specifically to maximize WATERTONE’s performance. The new WATERTONE SPONGE is made from unique, water-activated materials that allow it to transform into a soft, bouncy tool that smooths foundation seamlessly onto the skin. It allows you to easily build the foundation to medium coverage with a covetable, fresh finish every time.

Suggested Retail Price: HK$130

The new Artisan Brush #116 was carefully designed to hold and apply water-based formulas. Apply the product directly to the brush and it will gather and deliver the perfect amount for a flawless, airbrushed finish.

Suggested Retail Price: HK$350



MAKE UP FOR EVER is committed to innovation that never compromises performance. WATERTONE is our first sustainable foundation*, formulated with 94%** natural-origin ingredients and without animal – derived ingredients, parabens, silicones, PEGs, EDTA, mineral oil, or phenoxyethanol, and less than 1% fragrance.

** Calculation based on iso standard 16128 part II,  as well as supplier raw material data, water percentage included.  the remaining 6% help optimize the formula’s sensorial texture and stability over time

WATERTONE’s glass bottle is 100% recyclable, with a removable, indented cap that acts as a palette or effortless mixing and blending when using fingers or a sponge.

Its cardboard packaging was sourced from sustainably managed forests, and both WATERTONE tools were also crafted with sustainability in mind. The WATERTONE SPONGE is latex-free and encased in a 100% recyclable plastic box made from 30% recyclable materials, and Artisan Brush #116 is made with synthetic fibers and an eco-label beechwood handle.



BRUSH #116 HK$350

Available on 4 March 2021



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Shop B206B, Basement 2, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong +852 2154 1151

Follow us on FB: MAKE UP FOR EVER / IG: @makeupforever

NEW  Secret Camouflage Concealer Brighten & Correct Duo


High Pigment. Weightless. Full Coverage.

LAURA MERCIER introduces the NEW Secret Camouflage Brighten & Correct Duo,

an effortless 2-in-1 concealer that corrects facial imperfections and brightens the under-eye for a naturally flawless complexion.

Laura Mercier defined the French concept of “camouflage” with the introduction of her bestselling Secret Camouflage palette in 1996.

Maintaining the artistry of Secret Camouflage, this innovative duo stick offers effortless and easier-than-ever application.

Featuring a range of 12 highly pigmented shades this creamy concealer duo instantly erases even the hardest-to-cover imperfections with undetectable coverage and effectively brightens the under-eye area.

This all-in-one duo smooths and blurs imperfections while Skin Brightening Pearls and Plant extracts help reduce the appearance of under-eye darkness.

Simultaneously, moisturizing benefits help protect against skin inflammation and boost hydration for comfortable, all-day wear.

#LauraMercierbyHK #FlawlessFaceExpert #EffortlessArtistry 

Officially launched in all channels on 1 March

LAURA MERCIER Secret Camouflage Brighten & Correct Duo

HK$295/ 12 Shades 

Alisha Wong (852)2262 6345 / 5122 5003

New Dior Prestige La Crème Mains de Rose

Available at all Dior beauty boutique and counters from March1st, 2021
Available on online boutique, http://shop.diorbeauty.hk/en from March 8th, 2021
@diorskincare #diorprestige #diorskincare #diorhk

Communication conductors that reflect age and health, our hands tell the world about us. Dry skin, damage and dark spots… As the skin on the hands is constantly exposed, put through an ordeal of endless washing and hand sanitizer application, and as it is much thinner than on the face, the skin here is vulnerable to inflammation and premature aging. Hands deserve great age-defying care, such as the first cream, Dior Prestige La Crème Mains de Rose,  enriched with the Rose de Granville, which repairs all the way down to the fingertips.

Suggested Price:

Dior Prestige La Crème Mains de Rose HK$540/50ml