“Fruitful Imagination” Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong

Alain Milliat “Fruitful Imagination” Afternoon Tea Set at

Synonymous with greens in full blossom, chillier air and golden sunset, late summer is the best time with vibrant fruits and slightly heavier ingredients of autumn. The new Alain Milliat “Fruitful Imagination” afternoon tea set at the Lobby Lounge lets guests enjoy the captivating aromas, textures and refined flavours of the Alain-Milliat-infused morsels in its airy high-ceilinged space for the ultimate relaxation. Highlight of this menu is the table-side service that presents all five kinds of fresh-off-the-oven scones while guests choose three Alain Milliat exquisite jams of their liking to round off the afternoon on a fruity note!

Guests can top off this delightful afternoon enjoyment with a complimentary Alain Milliat mocktail when sharing their afternoon tea experience onto social media with specific hashtag.

Alain Milliat “Fruity Imagination” Afternoon Tea Set at Lobby Lounge

Date:                   From now until 29 November 2020

Time:                   Monday – Friday: 2:30PM to 5:30PM

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 2:00PM – 6:00PM

Price:                   HK$ 628 per set for two guests (*subject to 10% service charge)

Reservations:    +852 2252 5237 / lobbylounge.khhk@thekerryhotels.com

Address:              Level 1, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong, 38 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Southeast Asian Cuisine Monsoon Arrives in Hong Kong

Dedicated to the authentic flavours of Southeast Asia, Monsoon showcases the culinary innovation of Will Meyrick, executed by his trusted Indonesian Head Chef Gede Budiana.

In Southeast Asia, the monsoon season brings fond nostalgia and memories of watching the rain while slurping soup noodles or digging into a hearty comfort meal at a street-side hawker stall. It is an excuse to take a mid-day break while we wait for the rain to stop, rain that also brings bountiful harvests, flowing rivers and a sense of optimism. The monsoon crosses cultural and national borders; it binds the people of Southeast Asia together and brings life and vitality to the entire region.

Inspired by Authenticity

Located at ELEMENTS and dedicated to a modern expression of Southeast Asia’s best street-food dishes, the newly-opened Monsoon showcases the very best flavours, textures and traditions of this vibrant region with a menu laced with the culinary musings of award-winning Chef Will Meyrick.

Chef Will Meyrick is well-known for his devotion and creative take on Asian cuisine. His stellar career path has led him from London to Sydney and extensively through Southeast Asia, where he fell in love with the exotic spices, flavours and textures that make the indigenous cuisines of the region so intriguing. He’s now the driving force behind some of Bali’s most coveted restaurants, including flagship fine-dining restaurant Sarong; Mama San, a chic and popular eatery; Hujan Locale which offers regional Indonesian cuisine with a contemporary twist; and Billy Ho, a popular Izakaya-concept. Chef Meyrick’s passion for the culinary culture and rich heritage of Southeast Asia is what really drives his creativity and sets him apart as a chef and restaurateur.

Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Catering to 100 guests, Monsoon combines inventive and inspiring takes on classic Southeast Asian fare, which is served in exotic and vibrant interiors reminiscent of the colonial architecture still lovingly preserved across the region. Dressed in forest green and honey-hued wood, Monsoon is bathed in golden light from banks of suspended pendant lamps, accentuated with decorative rattan umbrellas set across the ceiling.

Comfortable banquette seating with rattan detailing is matched with forest green and vibrant floral textiles, with elegant vintage-esque floor tiles, captivating floral wall tiles and timber panels gracing the walls. The main dining room is complemented by a private dining room, which caters to eight diners, and an elegant bar area accentuated by touches of bronze and brass, where guests can sample from the restaurant’s tropical-led cocktail menu and extensive wine list.

The Flavours & Textures of the Monsoon Belt

These vibrant interiors serve as the perfect canvas on which the culinary team presents its modern take on traditional Southeast Asian fare. Examples of Meyrick’s authentic yet bold approach to Southeast Asian street food dishes at Monsoon include Cambodian steamed Salmon Amok, a blend of salmon, Thai basil, lemongrass, red curry, betel leaf, and silky coconut cream, dressed with nahm pla prik and served in banana leaf; a royal beef salad of brisket simmered in coconut, shredded bamboo, lemongrass and roasted chilli sauce; grilled king prawns marinated in garlic-soy and spices, and served with tangy seafood nahm jim sauce; and grilled Barramundi marinated with “jungle curry” and wrapped in banana leaf.

Monsoon also features a great selection of curries and slow-braised dishes, including tender and fragrant Massaman beef curry with potatoes and shallots; creamy chicken green curry, which boasts the perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavours; and succulent Indonesian Wagyu beef rendang, slow-braised beef short ribs in coconut milk with traditional spices.

Noodle and soup lovers shouldn’t miss the comforting seafood Tom Yum soup with prawns, squid, galangal, shallots, chilli, coriander and tamarind; Indonesian “Soto Rawon”, a slow-cooked beef short ribs with soft egg, potato, tomato, Asian celery, green shallots and fresh lime; and chicken with crispy noodles “Kho Soi” served with pickled mustard greens and chilli relish.

Diners with a sweet tooth shouldn’t miss out on the decadent desserts, including Vietnamese creme caramel with coffee granita; “Kampung Snicker”, made with peanut butter parfait with butterscotch and chocolate-coated peanut; lemongrass panna cotta with cucumber lime jelly served with lemon and basil sorbet; and the classic black sticky rice with fresh mango, topped with coconut milk and mango ice cream.

Monsoon also offers an eclectic selection of tropical-inspired cocktails and mocktails. These include Monsoon, the perfect summer refresher, with vodka, fresh passion fruit juice, lemon, chilli, kaffir lime leaf, and topped with a fizzy cold beer; and Muse of Asia, with fresh lemon juice and blended Scotch whiskey.

Guests will love Monsoon’s range of vibrant and refreshing mocktails, include Lemon Berries Colada with grenadine, coconut milk, fresh lemonade and blueberries; and the earthy Orient Seas, with Indonesian apple infused black tea, fresh orange and apple juice.

The New Hospitality Norm

Embracing technology while also acknowledging the world situation, Chef Meyrick has set up Monsoon remotely, in what the chef predicts will become the new norm in hospitality. From his base in Perth, Meyrick has regularly liaised with the Monsoon culinary team, which is headed by his trusted head chef from Bali, Gede Budiana, via videoconferencing, and has created an archive of videos that detail the various preparations for each dish, to maintain quality and authenticity while ensuring Meyrick’s signature style is reflected in the new Hong Kong restaurant.

“This is going to be the new ‘normal’ for the restaurant business,” says Chef Meyrick. “We have to be willing to adopt new technology and be flexible when it’s just not practical to travel to Hong Kong to train the team in person. If anything, this is a return to the basics as we slow down the process, document all the recipes, and create an archive that the culinary team will always be able to refer to, to ensure consistency and authenticity.

The chefs’ new tech-driven approach will also benefit foodies around the world as Chef Meyrick prepares to launch Monsoon at Home, a series of insightful online cooking demonstrations that will be distributed via the restaurant’s social media channels, so that avid fans will be able to create their favourite Monsoon dishes at home.

Chef Gede Budiana has a rich career, much of it working at Chef Meyrick’s side. Budiana was part of the opening team at Sarong, which went on to be named in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Born and raised in Bali, Chef Gede Budiana went to culinary school for job security at the age of 18 but quickly discovered his passion for cooking and hospitality. He met Will Meyrick while working at a beach resort in Bali and was inspired by the young Australian to be creative with Southeast Asia cuisine. When Chef Meyrick decided to open his first restaurant, Budiana quit his hotel chef role to help Meyrick establish his restaurant empire.

Monsoon is located at Shop 1045,1/F ELEMENTS, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. For reservation, please visit www.monsoonoriental.com.hk  or please call (852) 2511 0100.

Wallet-friendly Weekdays Lunch Set With Free-flow Option of Thai-style Chai Tea

Guests will be able to delight in the hearty Southeast Asian comfort food of Monsoon with the launch of the eatery’s wallet-friendly set-lunch menu. The lunch set is available from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 2:30 pm, and is priced from HK$148. Guests are able to add HK$18 per person to enjoy a free-flow option of Thai-style Chai Tea. All prices are subject to 10% service charge.

Highlights of the seasonal lunch menu include Penang short ribs beef curry with peanut and fresh basil with Jasmine rice and a Thai-style pomelo salad with chicken and Nam Yam sauce on the side; stir-fried minced chicken with chilli, long beans, baby corn, and basil, served with Jasmine rice, topped with a fried egg, green mango and carrot salad with Nahm Jihm dressing on the side, and paired with a bowl of chicken broth with daikon; and as a vegetarian option, stir-fried eggplant with green vegetable and yellow chilli bean sauce served with Jasmine rice and beetroot salad with cucumber.

Daily Ninety Minutes Free-flow Package for Just HK$168
Monsoon also offers a 90 minutes free-flow package on red, white and sparkling wine, house spirits, beer, choice of special cocktail, soft drinks and juice selection, priced at HK$168 per person. This brilliant deal is available all day that’s perfect for those lingering meals.  All prices are subject to 10% service charge.

Exquisite Mud Crab and Mid-Autumn Menus from Yat Tung Heen

Yat Tung Heen Celebrates the Season with Exquisite Mud Crab and Mid-Autumn Menus

One Michelin Star restaurant Yat Tung Heen is proud to present two new menus celebrating both crab season and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Chef Tam’s Seasonal Mud Crab menu (HK$820 pp) is famous around town and beyond, and this year’s eight-course presentation will be no exception. Available from today until 31 October, guests will enjoy a combination of the seasoned chef’s most coveted dishes as an appetizer, with Signature Honey-glazed Barbecued Pork, Chilled Tomatoes Marinated with Preserved Plum Juice and Deepfried Puff Stuffed with Crab Meat, Mushroom and Onion all making an appearance.

A Pan-fried Fresh Crab Claw Stuffed with Minced Shrimp in Crab Roe Sauce is visually impactful and incredibly delicious, paving the way for sought-after Braised Winter Melon with Sliced Abalone stuffed with Crab Meat in Conpoy SauceBraised Bird’s Nest Soup with Fresh Crab Meat elevated a classic Cantonese dish with plum morsels of the prized crustacean, while Steamed Mud Crab with Chinese Yellow Wine and Chicken Oil is fragrant, flavorful and filling. Chef Tam also offers up an aromatic Fried Rice with Crab Meat and Minced Ginger, a perfect end to the decadent menu’s savory dishes.

Dessert features Yat Tung Heen’s renowned Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo and Trio Sesame Pudding — an incredible end to an exceptional crab feast.

For the ultimate dining experience, three of Yat Tung Heen’s finest wines are paired with the exquisite dishes, for an additional HK$280* per person (minimum two persons).

The Mid-Autumn Festival Menus, available from 25 September until 4 October cater to four and twelves persons (HK$3,280 for four persons, or HK$9,680 for 12 persons*) gives families the perfect excuse to gather over delicious dishes. Each menu features ninth decadent courses. Starting with dishes like Crispy Roasted Marinated Suckling Pig, the feast showcases Yat Tung Heen’s finest dishes, including Braised Bird’s Nest Soup with Fresh Crab Meat, Braised Abalone (10 heads) with Sea Cucumber in Abalone Sauce, Sautéed Off-shell Lobster with Broccoli and more. After the savory courses, guests will enjoy sweet choices such as Double-boiled Pear Soup with Chuan Bei and Snow Fungus as well as Steamed Red Date Pudding with Steamed Sponge Cake – a house specialty.

Yat Tung Heen
Address: B2, Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Road, Kowloon
Tel:  (852) 2710 1093
Opening hours:
(Mon –  Fri) 11:00 – 15:00 ; 18:00 – 23:00
(Sat – Sun & PH) 10:00 – 15:00 ; 18:00 – 23:00


YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong Launches Rare Cuts Omakase Experience
To celebrate the relaxing of social distancing measures, YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong by global sensation WAGYUMAFIA is excited to add a brand new omakase experience to its menu, allowing guests to taste rare cuts of their famed wagyu that has been hand-selected by founder Hisato Hamada directly from the Ozaki farm before being sent to Hong Kong.
Although WAGYUMAFIA Japan exports their wagyu worldwide, Hong Kong is the only city outside of Tokyo to have access to these rare cuts of Ozaki beef as it is the only country Hamada imports the entire ‘head’ (whole cow) to be exclusively tasted at WAGYUMAFIA and YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong.
While provenance, rearing and slaughtering of the cows are important factors affecting the texture and taste of the beef, the butchering of the meat is equally important which is why the butchers at YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong take great pride in the “Migaki” (polishing) process every day when they receive the day’s allocation of meat.
“The Migaki process of each cow is almost ceremonial. When slicing into the different cuts, only the most experienced butchers will know the right way to remove the fat and the sinews while navigating around the different muscles to ensure you get the finest taste and texture out of that cut. The slightest change in the angle of the knife could affect the marbling, texture and flavour of the meat,” said Yohei Yamamoto, Chef de Cuisine of WAGYUMAFIA Hong Kong.
The omakase set (HK$980) features six rare cuts and is accompanied by YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong’s signature Wagyu bone soup, cast-iron prepared Koshihikari rice, daikon with ponzu, pickled cucumbers, “big eye” BBQ dipping sauce and Hong Kong exclusive Wagyu Keema Curry, along with the Goma Salad and Soft Serve.
Guests ordering the omakase set will be able to try different rare cuts each time as the butchers will choose the cuts depending on what meat is available that day.
Some of the rare cuts include:
  • Senbon suji (rib cap), one of the top cuts of beef at the back of the ribs, between the chuck and sirloin cuts, with intensely sweet fat and rich umami taste
  • Zabuton (top blade), the meat located behind the shoulder blades, a rare cut as only two kg of this cut can be polished from each cow
  • Misuji (chuck flap), famous for having “the best marbling” among cuts of wagyu beef. This exceptionally tender cut is the central part of the chuck eye roll, each cow only has around three to four kg
  • Kata shin (chuck eye), the well-muscled and lean cut from the area between the shoulders and upper part of the foreleg with strong flavours
  • Kainomi (flap meat), the closest part to tenderloin with excellent flavour balance between lean and fat meat
  • Sankaku Bara (Chuck Short Rib), the perfect cut to taste in order to enjoy the sweetness of the fat and the umami of the lean meat in one bite
  • Rib geta (rib finger), the meat in between the ribeye and rib bones

One of the differentiating factors that keeps guests coming back to YAIKINIKUMAFIA time and again is the superior quality of Ozaki beef and now, even more chances to try a range of different cuts and textures, all of which are never pre-seasoned when served to allow its natural flavours to shine through.

Guests can also supplement additional cuts based on their preferences and order extra steaks that are cut to order, as well as YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong’s signature “FML” cuts – fatty (otoro), medium fatty (chutoro) and lean (akami), and side dishes as desired.  
When booking, guests interested in learning about the Migaki process and the different cuts of beef should request the standing chef’s table where they can watch YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong’s butchers “cut-to-order” and also learn the best ways to grill the different cuts of meat, whether at the restaurant or at home.
For reservations, guests can register on the official website to receive a private booking link. Reservations open on the 15th of each month for the following month.
Address: 2/F, Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan
Telephone: + 852 3105 1250
FB/IG: @yakinikumafiahk
Opening Hours: 
12pm-5pm – Lunch
6pm-10pm – Dinner

Enjoy Lan Kawi Fong Entertainments Iconic Restaurants in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Takeaway or Dine-In this Mid-Autumn Festival

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival takes place on Thursday October 1 and the following day is a public holiday, meaning three days of out-of-office bliss. Lan Kwai Fong Entertainments is proud to present an extensive range of dining options for you and your family this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Guests can now enjoy their favorite dishes from our heralded group of restaurants – Porterhouse, Kyoto Joe, Tokio Joe, Fumi and the recently launched Aria – in the comfort of their own home thanks to the newly launched premium delivery service ‘Lan Kwai Fong Delivery Direct (LKFDD)’.

Enjoy free home delivery for an order of at least HK$600, or 25% off for takeaway when ordering the Mid-Autumn Festival Menus online via https://delivery.lkfe.com/From now till 27 September 2020, customers will also receive a *HK$200 e-coupon for all online orderings.

Furthermore, you and your family are welcome to enjoy these great Mid-Autumn Festival Sharing Menu for Four at our individual outlets on 30 September 2020 and 1 October 2020.


Boasting a panoramic view spanning across the sea and sky that frame Hong Kong’s iconic skyline, Aria is offering the ultimate Italian food experience in California Tower, Lan Kwai Fong. Including family style recipes with a twist, Executive Chef Andrea Zamboni will take you on a delectable culinary journey to a modern Italian.

Enjoy a special Mid-Autumn Festival Set Menu at HKD 2,980 for four persons with highlighted dishes from the menu including Australian M3 Beef Carpaccio; Caprese Salad with Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Basil; Pizza all’Astice, with Tomato, Boston Lobster, Basil and Fior di Latte and Craving of the Day.


Porterhouse, a beautifully decorated steakhouse with the most extensive selection of meat cuts in town in addition to the freshest and finest of seafood and a la carte menu, will be offering a special Home Sharing Set from HKD1,688 for four persons. This delightful menu includes Lobster Linguine with Fresh Tomato Sauce and Fennel Pollen; Grilled Australian Striploin with skinny fries and Grilled Mangalica Pork Porterhouse with Sage and Garlic Marinated.


Known for using the freshest of produce in creating Japans most famous and favourite delicacies, Fumi offers a Mid-Autumn Festival Menu at the price of HKD2,400 for four persons. Enjoy a Prime Sashimi Platter with Hokkaido Botan Shrimp, Toro, Young Yellowtail, Sea Bream, Hokkaido Scallop and Ark shell; Barbecue Platter with Beef Tongue Steak, Miyazaki Bulgur Sausage, Miyazaki Marumi Pork Belly and Miyazaki Sweet Potatoes and Miyazaki Beef Rib eye with Kyoto Tofu Hot Pot.

Kyoto Joe

The long-established Japanese iconic Japanese restaurant, restaurant now located in California Tower will be delivering a Family-Friendly Mid-Autumn Festival Menu at HKD 1,380 for four persons. The menu includes Sashimi Salad with Tuna, Salmon, Scallop and House Dressing; Robatayaki Grilled Chicken Thigh, Beef Tendon and Sweet Potatoes and Tempura Shrimp Roll & Spicy Salmon Roll.

Tokio Joe

Tokio Joe, the well-loved omakase destination in Lan Kwai Fong will be launching a Mid-Autumn Festival Menu at HKD2,400 for four persons. The special menuincludes Sashimi and Sushi Combo; Wagyu Atsuyaki and Joe’s Inariwa Udon.

Mid-Autumn Festival Set Menu for Four Dine-In (HKD) Takeaway (HKD)

(Enjoy 25% off)

**Free Delivery


Aria $2,980 $2,235 With every order (minimum order HK$600), diners can enjoy free delivery and the following *complimentary items when they spend a minimum of:

  • HK$800 and receive 1 Chef special entrée valued at up to HK$200
  • HK$2,000 and receive 1 bottle of selected sake/red wine valued at up to HK$500
  • HK$5,000 and receive 1 bottle of Ruinart Champagne valued at up to HK$1,250
  • HK$10,000 and receive 1 bottle of Dom Pérignon Champagne valued at up to HK$2,500
  • *Terms and conditions apply. Please visithttps://delivery.lkfe.com/pages/terms-and-conditions for more details.
Porterhouse $1,688 $1,266
Fumi $2,400 $1,800
Kyoto Joe $1,380 $1,035
Tokio Joe $2,400 $1,800

VistaJet And Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong


Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival

  • Special Mid-Autumn Festival offer — bespoke Hong Kong flight experience with VistaJet and a curated in-flight menu by Executive Chinese Chef Wing-Keung Wong of Michelin-starred Man Wah at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong;
  • Save up to US$5,000 on a future VistaJet flight;
  • Enjoy the Staycation by M.O. luxury suite package, VistaJet flight amenity gifts, a private culinary experience with Chef Wong and legendary mooncakes at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.

VistaJet, the first and only global business aviation company, announces a collaboration with Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong to launch a Once in a Blue Moon experience, inviting guests to dine with loved ones at 40,000 feet under the brightest moon of the year for an unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival.

Available from September 15 to October 15 2020, the special offer includes a bespoke Hong Kong private jet experience where a gourmet menu will be served on board, curated by Executive Chinese Chef Wing-Keung Wong of Michelin-starred restaurant Man Wah at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. Guests who book during this period will also save up to US$5,000 on a future VistaJet flight valid until the end of the year*.

The exclusive in-flight menu highlights Chef Wong’s beloved signature dishes, including his Wagyu Beef Puffs with Black Pepper Sauce; Double-boiled Matsutake Mushroom with Fish Maw and Chicken Broth; and Braised Fresh Crab Claw with Glass Vermicelli. The special menu is also available for lunch at The Krug Room, an exclusive private venue at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.

In addition, the experience comes complete with a Staycation by M.O. suite package at the legendary hotel. It includes a stay in a luxury suite with a wide range of privileges, and an exclusive opportunity to have a private cooking class with Chef Wong. As a third-generation chef, guests will learn recipes that date back to the Qing Dynasty.

“The experience is inspired by these extraordinary times that we are living in,” said Ian Moore, Chief Commercial Officer at VistaJet. “Whether it’s creating special memories with your family or a one-of-a-kind private flying experience, VistaJet is here every step of the way to ensure a seamless experience in the air and on the ground where safety, health and personalized moments are always our top priority.”

“Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong is excited to be collaborating with VistaJet. We share the same service ethos by offering guests the finest experiences that define hospitality and travel, and we look forward to delivering moments of delight during this unprecedented period,” added Pierre Barthes, General Manager and Area Vice President, Operations of Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.

To book the Once in a Blue Moon experience, please register your enquiry at https://www.vistajet.com/en/news/once-in-a-blue-moon/.

Chef Wong’s exclusive menu is available on flights departing Hong Kong between September 15 and October 15 2020. To experience the menu at The Krug Room within Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, please call +852 2522 0111 or email mohkg-restaurants@mohg.com.

* Offer available for On Demand flights. Flights and promotion are subject to terms and conditions.

The Staycation by M.O. package includes the following:

  • HK$1,288 dining or spa services credit per stay.
  • Upgrade to the next room category upon check-in.
  • Daily breakfast for up to two adults and one child under the age of 12.
  • Access to the Kid’s Club filled with games and entertainment.
  • Pet program for one dog (10 lb / 4.5 kg) per room.
  • Children’s activities include: Chocolate Hunt, Towel and Balloon Art, Manicure Workshop and Amenities Memory Game.
  • 24-hour flexible check-in and check-out.
  • Welcome VIP amenity.
  • Staycation Experiences such as Tea Appreciation Class, Curated Hotel History Tour, Saturday Wine Appreciation Class, Weekend Chocolate Master Class, Mixology Class and Flower Wreath Class.
  • Complimentary Mercedes-Benz test drive for guests who book a two-night stay in a City View Room or higher room category.
  • Enjoy 25% off on food at selected restaurants of The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.
  • Additional benefits available when guests log into or join Fans of M.O.


Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui is pleased to announce the appointment of Chef Wong Ho Kan as the new Chef de Cuisine of The Chinese Restaurant.

Born to a culinary family where his father and uncle made their lifetime careers in the Chinese kitchens, Chef Wong soon became interested and was determined to become a Chinese chef since his teens. Stepping into the industry at age 15, Chef Wong has over 30 years of professional experience in cooking Chinese gastronomical delights in award-winning restaurants around the city.

“I believe that special, fresh and seasonal ingredients is the key to cooking a perfect dish,” says Chef Wong. Apart from cooking, Chef Wong is also interested in reading and exploring markets, where he gets his inspiration for new dishes from.

Appointed as the Chef de Cuisine of The Chinese Restaurant in May 2020, Chef Wong oversees the Chinese kitchen operations for The Chinese Restaurant and Events at the hotel.

Chef Wong will debut a Hong Kong Traditional Specialties Menu, which will be available from 4 September to 31 October 2020. The menu will feature a range of classic Cantonese gourmet dishes popularfrom the 1970s-1980s and carefully crafted by Chef Wong.

Beef in dried plum sauce and rock sugar is a cold appetiser perfect for the summer. To make it, beef shank is first steamed with dried plum for more than three hours before being mixed with gelatine and chilled. It is a truly cool and appetising treat to start a meal with.

Inspired by the traditional and renowned Cantonese specialty Gold coin chicken, which is made by alternating layers of tender barbecued pork, charred pork fat and pork or chicken liver slices, Chef Wong has created the dish Barbecued honey chicken liver. To make it, chicken liver is barbecued for around 20 minutes before honey is applied. It is a classic dish not to be missed.

The hero dish of the menu is Stuffed pigeon in clay pot with morel, fungus and Yunnan ham, a common and traditional home-style dish in Hong Kong in which the stuffed pigeon is stewed for more than two hours. The pigeon has a juicy and tender texture with a rich essence of morel and Yunnan ham.

Another notable dish is the Wok-fried shredded spotted garoupa with egg and bean sprouts. To make it, the egg is carefully stir-fried continuously to create distinctive grains, which creates various texturestogether with the shredded spotted garoupa and bean sprouts.

Shrimp toast with green pea puree is a classic Cantonese appetiser that gives diners a 1970s retro vibe. Each peeled shrimp with tail is sandwiched between two pieces of white bread and smeared with minced shrimp. Each sandwich is then topped with green pea puree before being deep-fried. It is a crispy and tempting treat that elicits childhood nostalgia for many Hongkongers.

Regarded as one of the most revered Hong Kong classic specialties, Chef Wong is bringing back to The Chinese Restaurant Baked fish intestine with matsutake mushroom and egg, which is largely unavailable today. Fish intestines are cleaned and then poached with ginger and chives to free from the fishy flavour. They are then baked together with matsutake mushroom slices, beaten eggs and fish oil essence for around 25 minutes. It is an iconic Cantonese classic in which the eggs set like a frittata.


Sands Macao Dining Wins Big

Ten Restaurants at Sands Resorts Macao and Sands Macao

Receive Wine Spectator 2020 Restaurant Awards

Quality wine lists recognised with prestigious accolades

Sands Resorts Macao and Sands® Macao have again received commendations from the prestigious Wine Spectator 2020 Restaurant Awards for the superb wine lists at 10 of their restaurants.

This is the eighth consecutive year Wine Spectator magazine has honoured Sands Resorts Macao and Sands Macao for their restaurants’ outstanding wine offerings. This year, two-glass Best of Award of Excellence winners include Portofino and North at The Venetian® Macao; La Chine, Brasserie and Lotus Palace at The Parisian Macao; CopaSteakhouse and Golden Court at Sands Macao; Chiado and Dynasty 8 at Sands® Cotai Central; and Zi Yat Heen at Four Seasons Hotel Macao.

Tom Connolly, Senior Vice President of Food and Beverage Operations, Sands China Ltd. said: “We are thrilled and honoured to be recognised by Wine Spectator, now for the eighth year in a row. Our team works hard to ensure we offer the best possible experience for our guests, and that includes dynamic wine lists representing the finest international labels old and new, offering great value at every price point. Being endorsed in this way is hugely gratifying, and encourages us to continue raising the bar.”

With Macao designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, there has never been a better time to explore Sands Resorts Macao and Sands Macao’s award-winning array of great dining options.

Wine Spectator’s Restaurant Awards recognise restaurants whose wine lists offer interesting selections, are appropriate to their cuisine and appeal to a wide range of wine lovers. Wine Spectator began its programme to commend the world’s best wine lists in 1981. There are three levels: the Award of Excellence, the Best of Award of Excellence and the Grand Award — with 2,289; 1,387; and 100 winners this year in each respective category.

A Contemporary Expression of Authentic Italian Cuisine by Chef Andrea Zamboni

Inspired by the beauty of opera and the show-stopping flavours of artisanal produce, Aria brings a contemporary rendition of authentic Italian cuisine to the heart of Lan Kwai Fong. Accompanied by panoramic views of the city from its 24th-floor perch atop California Tower, this gastronomic symphony is conducted with finesse and élan by executive chef Andrea Zamboni, who brings 20 years of Michelin-rated restaurant experience to Aria’s open kitchen.
Showcasing seasonal ingredients flown in weekly from sought-after producers in Italy and around the world, Aria offers a unique modern twist to family-style Italian cuisine, elevating traditional classics and secret family recipes through high-quality ingredients and innovative culinary accents from all over the world.
The Chef and his Culinary Philosophy
Although born and raised in Bergamo in northern Italy, Chef Andrea spent the early part of his career working in the country’s central and southern regions, as evidenced by the influence of Mediterranean cuisine on his cooking.
“My cooking is a representation of my life experiences,” says Chef Andrea, who speaks fluent Mandarin from his time on the mainland. “At its heart, it is proudly and authentically Italian, but it is infused with the flavours, techniques and inspirations from all the places I have visited and people I’ve met to create food that is both satisfyingly familiar yet truly global.”
Renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, the chef’s gastronomic style also draws strongly from the enviable line-up of virtuoso chefs he has worked with over the years, both in Italy and in Asia, including cooking alongside Michelin two-starred chef Oliver Glowig at the Capri Palace Hotel in Napoli and Michelin one-starred chef Luca Marchini at the Ristorante L’Erba del Are in Modena, as well as stints at three-Michelin-starred restaurants da Vittorio in Bergamo and Otto e Mezzo Bombana in Hong Kong.
Chef Andrea’s greatest inspiration, however, is the legendary Gualtiero Marchesi – widely regarded as the father of modern Italian cuisine and the first chef in the country to receive three Michelin stars – who he had the opportunity to learn from at the Ristorante Teatro alla Scala il Marchesino in Milan. Indeed, the late master chef’s motto, “Leading by example is the highest form of teaching”, can be seen written in Italian on the tiles of Aria’s show kitchen.
The Food
Featuring classic family recipes and seasonal specialities enhanced by Chef Andrea’s inimitable style, Aria’s menu showcases exquisitely presented meats, jet-fresh seafood and masterfully executed pizzas and pastas elevated by premium produce from specialist suppliers in Italy and around the world. Many of the ingredients that Chef Andrea uses to create his inventive flavour combinations can’t be found elsewhere in Hong Kong.
Among the highlights are Tagliatelle with Zarda Spicy Tomato Sauce, Blue Lobster and Bagna-cauda Fondue ($268), Foie Gras e Scampi (market price), Traditional Baked Eggplant Parmigiana with Basil, Parmesan Cheese and Fior di Latte ($148), Italian Milk-fed Veal Cutlet Milanese Style with Tomatoes, Celery Relish and Sicilian Lemon ($428), and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Apulian Burrata and Basil (HK$108).
In addition to the à la carte menu, Chef Andrea gives full rein to his culinary creativity through Aria’s exclusive chef’s table, where he delights guests with an omakase-style menu of his favourite off-menu dishes that changes weekly based on seasonal ingredients flown in from around the world. For $2,000 (+10% service charge) per person, Chef Andrea will keep his specialties coming until guests can’t eat anymore.
LKF Chef Kits
For times when guests want to bring the Aria experience home, Chef Andrea has created chef kits that combine everything you need to cook up your favourites at home, whether for yourself or your family. The new ready-to-make food kits include step-by-step instructions and all the essential ingredients, sauces, condiments and spices, so that every budding chef can create the perfect Italian meal at home, including dishes such as: A Taste of Italy Eggplant Parmigiana (for two persons; $338); An Italian Journey Open Ravioli (for one person; $228); and Fantasy Millefoglie (for one person $198). To celebrate the launch of the Chef Kits, guests can enjoy 30% off for the time being. For more information, please visit https://delivery.lkfe.com/.

Aria is located at 24/F, California Tower, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 2804 1116. For more information and updates, you can join Aria on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ariaitalianhk/) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/ariaitalian/)  Hashtags #aria #ariaitalian #italian

Chef Ricardo Chaneton The Return of Stereo by Mono

In response to the latest spate of COVID-19 restrictions in the city, MONO’s Chef-Founder Ricardo Chaneton announces the return of STEREO by MONO, a family-style dining experience for groups of four people. Combining Ricardo’s South American roots and solid French culinary training, the home dining experiences will be available for self-pickup and delivery on JIA Everywhere.

While MONO presents a singular tasting menu that encapsulates South America’s complex gastronomic heritage elevated by Ricardo’s mastery of French fine dining, STEREO BY MONO leans on the warmth and comforting nature of South American culinary culture to offer two set menus influenced by the dishes that Ricardo ate growing up. These inspired South American classics are a nod to how the mere lifting of a spoon can bring forth joy and comfort in spades – what the city’s diners are craving right now.

“It’s a hard time for everyone and it is even more important for restaurants to live up to their namesake – ‘restaurant’ is derived from the French term ‘restaurer’, meaning to restore – to lift the spirits of our community,” says Chef Ricardo. “I want to invite diners to experience a different facet of my interpretation of South American cuisine, in which honest, soulful cooking and premium produce come together to provide a sense of much-needed comfort during these times.”

Two South America-inspired Food Sets for Delivery (serves 4 people)

Set A (HK$2,080) features Venezeulan arepas (traditional soft corn bread) with a confit carabinero and avocado salad filling; whole roasted chickens a la brasa (Peruvian style roasted chicken) with steamed jicama and rustic chimichurri; MONO’s signature mole sauce; and alfajor cookies with a strawberry jam and white chocolate filling.

Set B (HK$1,690) is a spread of heirloom tomato salad with arctic char and seaweed dressing; charcoal grilled meagre with sweet corn; French quail with congri (a bean and rice dish originating from Cuba), steamed jicama and quail jus infused with chilli ancho.

Both sets come accompanied with quinoa sourdough loaves and desserts of white peach pies with lavender and honey. Diners can also choose to stock their pantries by adding on MONO favourites – 500ml bottle of Eva Aguilera Arbequina olive oil at HK$800 and Imperial Caviar Mono special selection (10 grams) at HK$238.

All menus are subject to change depending on availability of fresh ingredients.

  • All orders must be paid and placed 24 hours in advance. Any orders placed after 6 pm will be processed the next following day.
  • STEREO BY MONO sets are available for pick up & deliveries from Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 8:30 pm.
  • Delivery is free within Hong Kong Island locations with a minimum spend of HK$800. Delivery fee for Kowloon location is subject to HK$200 with a minimum spend of HK$800; the New Territories location is subject to HK$300 with a minimum spend of HK$800.
  • Once purchased, refunds or cancellations are not allowed.
  • Due to the sustainable ethos held by MONO, cutlery will not be provided.

For more information, visit www.jiacatering.com. All orders can be made via WhatsApp +852 5723 5668 or email events@jiagroup.co.