Satoru Hashimoto
Executive Sushi Chef, NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong

Satoru Hashimoto has developed his career over the past decade at Nobu restaurants in Europe.  Most recently he worked as Head Sushi Chef at Nobu restaurants in bothMarbella and Ibiza, Spain. He also spent eight years as Sushi Chef at Nobu Berkeley Street London, where he previously worked with our NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong Executive Chef Rhys Cattermoul.

Satoru grew up in Fukushima, Japan. While attending high school in Koriyama he started working part-time at a sushi restaurant and later spent six years in Tokyo gaining experience in modern Japanese cuisine at a variety of restaurants.

It was at age 24 when his journey with the NOBU began. It’s an amazing story of passion and determination, as well as fate and destiny. After watching a Japanese TV programme on Nobu Matsuhisa, Satoru became fascinated by Nobu and his new style Japanese cuisine and set out to pursue his dream of working at NOBU restaurants internationally.

Despite not speaking a word of English, he applied for a two-year UK work visa and booked a flight to London. On the plane, he asked the lady sitting next to him for assistance in completing the UK landing card. As fate would have it, she worked as a chef at NOBU London and arranged an interview for him. Within a few days of arriving in London, he started working at NOBU Berkeley Street part-time, while studying English. That began his eight years there as Sushi Chef!

Next his career took him to Spain where he served as Head Sushi Chef at Nobu Ibiza Bay before returning to London to work at Nobu Park Lane. Satoru spent the past year and a half as Head Sushi Chef at Nobu Marbella before joining NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong this fall as Executive Sushi Chef.

What does Satoru most look forward to in his new position as Executive Sushi Chef at NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong?  “After being outside of Asia for over a decade, I am excited to be back and have access to the amazing range of top quality ingredients, not only from Japan but also fabulous local and regional products.

What inspires him? As per Satoru, “I am inspired by other chefs. I have been fortunate to get to know several high profile Michelin star chefs who frequent Nobu restaurants and sit at my sushi bar, including the 3-Michelin star Chef Dani Garcia from Spain and Pierre Koffmann of La Tante Claire in London. They give me ideas and recommendations of ingredients. I also get great ideas from my customers at the sushi bar.”

Any signature dishes or ingredients he loves to use in his dishes? “I love working with different textures of fish/seafood and creating Nobu-style special sauces and toppings for my sushi – from yuzu to truffle.

His hobbies? While living in the UK, Satoru became involved in the film industry in his free time and had a small part in an action scene in “47 Ronin” with Keanu Reeves filmed in 2013. He later starred in an avant-garde short film by director Alex Nicholson, entitled “Death of a Man”.  He was also a food stylist / coordinator for a Japanese food scene in the film Transformers: The Last Knight, filmed in London in 2017.

To experience Satoru’s new style sushi, reserve a table at NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong.

Gary Wong
Pastry Chef, Rech by Alain Ducasse


Originally from Canada, Gary is a Ducasse Restaurant veteran. He moved to London in 2011 to expand his culinary experience and consequently joined the opening team of the Bvlgari Hotel in 2012 as Pastry Demi Chef de Partie, when Alain Ducasse Paris was then overseeing its culinary operations.

In Fall 2013 Gary relocated to Hong Kong to be close to his family who live here. He has become an expert at restaurant and hotel openings. Most recently he worked as the opening Head Pastry Chef at MERCATO by Jean-Georges where he spent three years. He was also part of pre-opening team at the 1-Michelin star EPURE restaurant and Dalloyau (pastry boutique), where he spent two years.

Gary’s first food memories were in his native Vancouver, picking fresh plums and apples from the trees in his backyard.  Orchards with apricots and peaches were also close by in the Okanagan Valley. As per Gary, “I recall the wonderful aroma from the oven when baking fruit pies and berry crumbles. My favourite desserts are still ones made with fresh fruit.”

During his culinary training at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, he was fascinated by the scientific and technical side of pastry making – from the technique to the precision required – especially when working with sugar and chocolate. In fact, he later took a master class in sugar showpieces.

Gary gained experience working with large scale culinary operations at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, which caters to large conventions, and at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London, where he was also on the opening team.

To broaden his culinary experience and discover different cuisines and techniques, he moved to London and took the opportunity to travel extensively within Europe to further explore the diverse culinary scene.

What is his favourite dessert? Gary shares, “As a pastry chef, it is difficult for me choose a favourite dessert but Baba, a Ducasse signature, is one of my favourites, as are soufflés – which I love to create with seasonal fruit. One of the joys of working at Rech by Alain Ducasse is being able to create desserts with the highest quality seasonal products.”
Commenting on his recent appointment, Gary says, “I am thrilled to rejoin the Maison Ducasse Paris, which has such a respected and talented group of professionals.”

What is his culinary philosophy and inspiration?   “Respect what is traditional (ie: the techniques) but modernise for the palate of today. I like to use readily available seasonal items and to create desserts that are lighter and healthier. I am inspired by seasonal flavours and what I see around me. The ideas for my desserts then come naturally.”



To experience Gary’s inspired desserts, reserve a table at Rech by Alain Ducasse.

InterContinental Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Restaurant Reservations:  Tel: (852) 2313 2323  E-mail: fb.hongkong@ihg.com


Multi award-winning Chinese restaurant Mott 32 is pleased to present its exclusive Autumn & Winter menu to celebrate the festive season. Led by Maximal Concepts’ Group Executive Chef Lee Man-Sing, Mott 32’s culinary team has curated a selection of traditional Chinese dishes well-suited to the cooler months.

Mott 32’s Autumn & Winter menu showcases seasonal produce in the form of hearty, sharing-style dishes, highlighting the restaurant’s classic yet contemporary style through quality ingredients and progressive cooking techniques, allowing authentic flavours of Cantonese, Szechuan, and Beijing cuisines to shine.

Highlights from the menu include:

Xiǎo Róng’s Peppers

Dace Fish & Iberico Pork, Preserved Sausage

Fried French Quail Leg

with Termitomyces Mushroom, Garlic Chives

                                                                                                                         New Zealand Lamb Fillet

with Okra and Button Mushrooms

Free Range Chicken Casserole

with fermented Bean Sauce

Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek

and preserved Vegetables


Wok Fried Kale

with Szechuanese Cured Meat

Crabmeat & Scallop

with Braised Turnip, Egg White

Matsutake Mushroom & Dried Seafood

and Rice Casserole

Deep Fried Rice Dumpling

with Diced Australian Wagyu Beef and Wild Vegetables

With a dedication to quality ingredients, Mott 32’s culinary team continues to meticulously source and incorporate premium ingredients into this seasonal menu, such as French quail, New Zealand-bred lamb and Australian Wagyu beef.

A perfect autumnal dish, Chef Lee created the Fried French Quail Leg, Termitomyces Mushroom, Garlic Chive using tender pieces of quail meat, tossed with crispy garlic chives and chewy mushrooms for additional heartiness and texture. Quail is also believed to have health benefits by Traditional Chinese Medicine, for alleviating coughs and soothing sore throats, making it ideal for colder months. Lamb is thought to increase body warmth, hence the New Zealand Lamb Fillet, Fried with Okra and Button Mushrooms. The Crabmeat & Scallop with Braised Turnip and Egg White provides an abundant source of protein and omega-3s, with turnip chosen for its seasonality.

Guests can experience a taste of the seasons with Mott 32’s Autumn & Winter menu alongside our perennial signature dishes, such as the Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck   and Barbecue Pluma Iberico Pork Glazed With Yellow Mountain Honey, as well as our extensive cocktail and wine list, all to be enjoyed in the stunning ambience created by award-winning interior designer Joyce Wang.

Mott 32’s Autumn & Winter menu is now available until 24th January, 2020.

Website: http://www.mott32.com

Master sushi Chef Akira Umehara at Shikigiku

Experience the authentic Kyoto style sushi at The Royal Garden’s Shikigiku by guest sushi Chef Akira from Sushidokoro MAN

Renowned for its quality and authentic Japanese cuisine, Shikigiku Japanese Restaurant has invited master chef Akira Umehara from Sushidokoro MAN in Kyoto to make his guest appearance at The Royal Garden from October 8 to 12. Experience the essence of Chef Akira’s authentic Kyoto’s nigiri sushi, right here in Hong Kong!

Chef Akira has accumulated a wealth of experience and culinary techniques that paved the way for him to open and run his own successful high-end sushi restaurant, Sushidokoro MAN. Known for his impeccable skills and exceptional talent, Chef Akira is best at crafting the perfect sushi menu for his guests with emphasis on the finest seasonal seafood from his trusted seafood suppliers.

In October Chef Akira brings with him to Shikigiku two sumptuous lunch and dinner set menus featuring jet-fresh seasonal seafood such as Chef Akira’s signature sushi – Thinly sliced squid is sweet and gives a soft and slightly chewy texture; Fatty tuna, Sea eel, Whiting fish from Honshu, Kyushu shrimp and squid, Hokkaido scallop, Japanese figs and homemade Japanese fruit sherbet. Lunch menu is priced at HK$880 per person and dinner at HK$1,880 per person, plus 10% service charge.

Visit Shikigiku at The Royal Garden and embark on a gastronomic journey with master chef Akira. Reservations may be made by calling on 2733 2933.

Shikigiku Japanese Restaurant

Address: 1/F The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon

Telephone: 2733 2933

Opening hours: 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm & 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm


Japan’s dynamic, trendsetting F&B Group, AP Company, introduces NOJO Ramen x Izakaya (NOJO), a rebranding of NOJO Ramen Tavern at the hip and trendy H Code in the heart of Central.  The revitalisation reflects NOJO’s culinary direction moving forward, introducing izakaya favourites to complement its artisanal chicken broth ramen noodles, to be enjoyed with a curated and extensive sake selection.

Helmed by a seasoned culinary team from Japan, NOJO’s celebrated Paitan-style ramen is complemented by nearly 60 special and unique izakaya favourites, featuring Oden, Robata (grilled appetisers), Agemono (deep-fried), Sashimi, Yasai (homemade salad), Tsumami (snacks to eat with sake), and more.

Highlights include Overnight Sake Lees, Soy and Ginger Marinated Fried Chicken (HK$88), made with a carved ‘bird’ that is brined and marinated before deep-fried into a crisp, golden brown; Assorted Sashimi 3 kinds (HK$218), served with a set of unrefined moromi soy sauce for diners to experiment blends for a unique taste.  The miso bean in the moromi soy sauce can also used as a salad dressing or as a dip to pair with Raw Cucumber with Moromi Mayonnaise (HK$48), one of NOJO’s new side dishes.

Cheese lovers may indulge in Soy Sauce Marinated Cream Cheese (HK$48), a new fusion ‘tsumami’ snack that is light, yet rich in flavour.

For guests who wish to embrace the onset of autumn, a selection of ‘Oden’, a hearty Japanese simmered dish are served, made with chicken broth or chicken collagen and flying fish broth. The playful selection includes Chicken Wings (HK$48), Tofu Skin Roll with Minced Chicken and Corn(HK$48), Tofu Pocket Stuffed with Bacon and Cheese (HK$48), Stewed Camembert Cheese (HK$48), Stewed Potato in Blue Cheese Sauce(HK$48), and Japanese Rolled Omelette (HK$48), Minced Chicken Stewed Onion with Miso Cream (HK$58) and Teapot Steamed Seaweed(HK$58).  An Assorted Oden (HK$118) platter features highlighted Oden specialties, perfect for sharing.

Known for its signature ramen broth made with chicken, NOJO will continue to serve its Paitan Style Chicken Ramen, flavours of which include Spicy Dandan (HK$88), Yuzu (HK$98), Shrimp Miso (HK$128), and Soy Sauce (HK$138).  Toppings such as Soft-Boiled Dashi Egg (HK$18), Chicken Tsukune Meatballs (HK$18), Spicy Minced Chicken (HK$18), and Slow-Braised Whole Chicken Leg (HK$38) can be added.

Apart from its inspired yet accessible food menu, NOJO offers extensive sake, wine and cocktail menu designed for customers to uplift the izakaya experience.  Its sake menu features thirteen handpicked premium yet affordable sake, priced from HK$68 (tasting portion), HK$128 (120ml) and HK$598 per bottle.

Highlighted special sake included Yui – Akaiwasan Omachi (Tokubetsu Junmai, Ibaroki), Yui Masshigura (Junmai Ginjo, Ibaroki), Yushin – Oidemai (Junmai, Kagawa), and Kagiya (Junmai Ginjo, Ehime) and Ryusei (Junmai Daiginjo, Hiroshima).

Specialty signature cocktails features the newly launched sake-based cocktails such as Rock’n Tonic, (using Japanese Roku Gin to mix with tonic water and green tea, topped with yuzu peel, lime and rosemary), Masu Mule (inspired by the classic Moscow Mule, blending Masumi sake, ginger ale, frozen lemon, sweet ginger pickle and rosemary); and Cloudy Forest (a saketini mixing Roku Gin with Nigori sake, umeshu, apple juice and rosemary) — all of which are  perfect refreshments as an outdoor terrace drink (all priced HK$98).

NOJO’s “Happy Hour All Day” promotion invites guests to visit from 3pm to 7pm to enjoy a selection of its vast libation menu along with ‘tsumami’, including an irresistible offer to sample four pints of beer and a choice of agemono dish including Maitake Mushroom Tempura, Sakura Shrimp Tempura, or Sake Lees Fried Chicken for HK$350.

Wines Day Wednesday” invites guests to celebrate the mid-week hump with a selection of international wines priced at HK$50 per glass and a discount of 30% per bottle of wine.

Designed in a fully conscious modern and cool Japanese manner, NOJO boasts an aesthetic of painted-finish furnitures and dark brown wood, complimenting a textured kitchen bar simply illuminated by warm colour pendant lights and subtle lighting.

Occupying over 2,100 sq ft, NOJO boosts an open kitchen and bar, with 34 seats in the shop full of live feeling; and 42 outside terrace seats creating an inviting space for the happy hour set to enjoy an after work libation.

NOJO Ramen x Izakaya is located at Shop 5 & Open Space, G/F, The Steps, H Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Opening Hours :

Monday – Tuesday : 12 noon – 4:30 pm ; 6 pm – 2 am

Wednesday – Saturday : 12 noon – 4:30 pm ; 6 pm – 3 am

Sunday and Public Holidays : 12 noon – 11:00 pm

For reservations or enquiries, please call (852) 2415-1333 or email nojo.hk@gmail.com.


Trendsetting Ramen Noodle Mecca

RAMEN CUBISM Expands to Tsim Sha Tsui

Continues Phenomenal Hong Kong Success Story of

Japan’s ‘Celebrity’ Ramen Champion Hayashi Takao

A new sister restaurant to Central’s trendsetting ramen noodle mecca RAMEN CUBISM is opening in Tsim Sha Tsui in late October, continuing the phenomenal Hong Kong success story of Japan’s ‘celebrity’ ramen champion Hayashi Takao with brand expansion to 8 Minden Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui.

RAMEN CUBISM has attracted a cult following since its Hong Kong debut in Wellington Street, Central in January.  Fast-track expansion of the brand has since included a sister brand in Chef Hayashi’s home town of Osaka – RAMEN PURISM — and the upcoming Hong Kong second branch in Tsim Sha Tsui.

In Kowloon, the new 1,800 sq ft, 31-seat venue replicates the brand’s design them of a cosy interior with predominant wood finish, invoking the sense of natural, fresh and authentic ingredients sourced from environmentally-friendly places.

It proved so overwhelmingly popular that he was unable to keep pace with demand, due to its lengthy preparation process – and finally decided to sell it just once a month.

The recipe also scooped him multiple awards, including champion of the 2018 YAHOO Next Generation Ramen Competition, Asahi’s Television Matsumoto Keno Competition, and Ultimate Ramen Osaka, New Store.

Now the enticing recipe is being introduced to Hong Kong in late October, highlighting Japanese’s favourite miso for a hint of sweet and spicy flavour; and a choice of unique toppings including Chef Hayashi’s own innovative version of traditional kinchaku, a pouch of shallots, ginger, vermicelli and konjac.

The innovation was originally dismissed as crazy, diverting from traditional kinchaku wrapped with rice cake. But it proved a roaring success, especially accompanied by his famous, signature slow-roasted pork shoulder.

Ahead of the Tsim Sha Tsui branch opening, RAMEN CUBISM in Central has introduced an extravagant and exclusive new seafood ramen for lobster lovers for limited time only. Featuring an entire 300-380 gram lobster, ‘The King of Lobster Ramen’ is on special at HK$298.

Embracing finest seafood ingredients with unforgettable umami flavour, it is served with the brand’s popular sea soy broth made of shellfish, nine premium Japanese soy sauces and bonito (skipjack), kombu and Japanese radish – accompanied by artisan seaweed and scallion from Osaka. The special is so exclusive that only six servings are available a day, and only after 3pm.

In Japan, one of the most popular dining experiences is ramen, with a side of beer.  Paying tribute to this long-standing culture, RAMEN CUBISM is launching a free beer promotion bringing added cheer with a complimentary can of Sapporo Premium beer with all ramen purchases – with a ‘one shot’ beer glass to experience authentic Japanese drinking culture.  Chef Hayashi personally recommends it to lighten the heartier broth.

“Tsim Sha Tsui is a logical location for extending the concept to Kowloon, with a vibrant local crowd as well as tourists from all over the world,” said Bird Kingdom Group founder and CEO, Eric Ting.

Chef Hayashi added, “I am thrilled with the Hong Kong popularity of our unconventional ramen creations, marrying traditional cooking technology and innovative ideas to bring a one-of-a-kind ramen comfort food experience to Hong Kong.”

“This is still just the beginning for RAMEN CUBISM, we have a long way to go yet.”

For more information, please visit https://www.ramencubism.com/, or email ramencubism@gmail.com.

Micasadeco & Café From Osaka Opens First Flagship in Hong Kong

Serving Signature Ricotta Cheese Pancake Alongside Other Savoury Delicacies

Originated from the fluffy pancake trend-setting city of Osaka, immensely popular Micasadeco & Café has recently opened its first flagship restaurant outside of Japan in Langham Place, Mong Kok. Set to create a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere, the new venture will be bringing its signature renowned Ricotta Cheese Pancake that received the highest ranking of 3 stars at the Sarah Japan Menu Award last year, alongside an extensive menu with a perfect mix between sweet and savoury delights, for Hong Kong diners to enjoy. 

To accurately depict the authenticity of Micasadeco & Café’s offerings, their team has especially invited their 4 new chefs who will be stationed in Hong Kong to their original branch in Osaka to learn how to make the authentic perfect pancake tower and other delicacies.

No café is complete without a drinks menu. A range of coffees are available made with the trusty La Marzocco coffee machine, a perfect pairing for Micasadeco & Café’s food offerings.

Opening on September 20th in the airy basement of Langham Place, Mong Kok, Micasadeco & Café will be serving diners breakfast till dinner Monday through Sunday. In celebration of their Hong Kong opening, the first 300 customers and those who spend HK$200 or above subsequently at the café will receive a complimentary limited edition tote bag. Grab them while stock lasts!

About Micasadeco & Café

Originated from the city of Osaka in Japan, Micasadeco and Café is famous for its award-winning Ricotta Cheese Pancake. The restaurant and café also offer an extensive menu including their signature pancakes, pasta, curry, sandwiches and many more sweet and savoury delicacies, serving from breakfast, lunch through till dinner.

Address: Shop B2 26-27, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 8 AM – 11 PM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/micasadecoandcafehk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/micasadecocafe_hk/

Superfood Restaurant Avobar

All About Avocado: Superfood Restaurant Avobar Makes Debut in Hong Kong

Presenting All-Day Healthy Dishes Carefully Crafted Using The Beautiful Superfood

Following its first permanent home just last year, London’s original avocado themedrestaurant Avobar ventures out to Hong Kong to open its first international extension in K11 MUSEA, Tsim Sha Tsui. Set to create a casual, inviting and unique dining concept, Avobar has created a wide-ranging mix of fresh and delectable dishes, each with its own creative avocado-twist. The all-day menu offers a variety of healthy comfort food, covering everything from brunch dishes, bowls and salads, through to sharing plates for the evening.

For those looking to treat themselves to an avobrunch, Avobar features delicious stacks of the Matcha Pancakes served with homemade avobutter and a sweet or savoury topping; and their Ultimate Avo Toast, is served deconstructed with sliced avo, guacamole, poached eggs along with a side of avo lime jam and sourdough toast. Other signature dishes include the infamous Avo Bun Burger, a nutritious sweet potato and red lentil patty sandwiched between two perfectly cut half avocados. Two alternative versions of the Avo Bun Burger are also available, which are the new epic edition of the Avo Bun Lobster with succulent lobster chunks, tangy mango, passion fruit and tabasco mayo, and the Avo Bun Beef, a special Hong Kong edition with pulled beef, tomato salsa & salsa verde. Another popular dish that is new on the menu and exclusively sold in Hong Kong is the Pasilla & Mushroom Risotto with miso zuke cod. To end the perfect meal on a sweet note, avo lovers can opt for the rich and gooey Choc Avo Brownie with sweet potato syrup from the dessert menu.

To compliment all the avo-inspired dishes, Avobar has incorporated the beautiful superfood into their cocktails as well. The Avo Margarita cocktail  comes with an avocado twist, featuring fresh lime juice, triple sec liqueur, homemade avocado purée and tequila. There are other summer influenced cocktails on the menu, such as the signature Avocolada, made with white rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, avocado and fresh lime juice, simple yet refreshing.

Offering a relaxed feel, Avobar Hong Kong uses its very own branding concept botany meets urbanity, which can be seen in the industrial yet warm interior enhanced with eclectic furnishings. In the main dining area, the restaurant features a bamboo-like wall, drawing attention to its eye-catching chairs and cushions in coral that contrasts with their neutral wooden benches and stools. Right next to the open kitchen, the bar countertop is made with a stunning patterned concrete complemented with high stools that runs through the back of the restaurant. As for the flooring, it is filled with monochromatic geometric patterns that compliments well with the beautifully decorated coral-coloured leaves and industrial spotlights that brighten up the whole space.

What makes Avobar so special is that each avocado is ethically and sustainably sourced with growers and farmers all over the world, bringing the highest quality avocados to Hong Kong all year round. Not to mention, avocados are packed with nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients, Avobar’s offerings are perfect for contemporary health-conscious consumers who may also live a gluten-free or vegan friendly lifestyle.

To keep everyone feeling just as healthy on the outside, Avobar also sell a lifestyle range of avocado based products, including avo-inspired t-shirts, tote bags and more to be sold at the restaurant so you can bring some of Avobar home.

Avocados, which are at the heart and soul of the restaurant, is a symbol for positivity, health, uniqueness and fun, which is what Avobar hopes diners can experience with them. This cosy dining space offers 60 seats in the industrial and eclectic decorative setting, serving delights from breakfast, lunch, through to dinner, merely using the all-mighty avocado to bring a range of tasty and healthy dishes for diners in Hong Kong to indulge in.


THINKWINE, don’t think….


Led by celebrated French sommeliers Romain Loriot and Jean-Benoit Issele, wine bar and events destination ThinkWine has officially opened its doors on 2 Shelley Street. Launched in response to a gap in the market for an affordable yet serious wine destination, ThinkWine introduces a sophisticated new wine and food-pairing experience to the city’s discerning wine drinkers.

Introducing The Wines at ThinkWine

Stocking close to 600 different wines, the extensive “Chateau to Table” wine menu at ThinkWine showcases an alluring diversity of wine terroir, appellations and vintages rarely found in Hong Kong. Think Wine takes great pride in its collection from the Burgundy and Languedoc-Roussilon regions of France, offering over 250 wines from more than 120 different winemakers. ThinkWine also invites guests to taste and experience wines from countries such as Australia, Italy, Spain and Germany; as well as from less-represented countries such as Lebanon and Morocco.

Recommendations by the bottle include NV Nicolas Maillart Grand Cru Rosé (HK$930/bottle), a delicious elaboration of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay grapes, as well as the Pol Roger Winston Churchill 2004 (HK$3,450/bottle), a full-bodied and highly complex champagne assemblage of Grand Cru Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays with a honey-coloured hue. For those who prefer to sip on a white, sommelier picks include the 2005 Meursault Premier Cru (HK$2,450/bottle) from the legendary Les Charmes vineyard of Cote d’Or, a terroir well-known for providing the best conditions for white wine. Another is the 2003 Chateau Musar (HK$980/bottle) from Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, a unique wine accented by big, leafy and vegetal aromas while fruity on the palate. From the red wine selections by the bottle, recommendations range from the highly classic and savoury 2017 Derey & Freres Gevrey-Chambertin (HK$680/bottle) from Cote de Nuits in France, to the exceptional and rare 1976 Pommard Premier Cru “Les Pézerolles” (HK$7,300/bottle) from Burgundy in France.

Wine by the glass at ThinkWine starts at HK$60 per glass, and Wines by the Bottle start at HK$280 per bottle. There is something for every wine-lover.

Introducing The Food at ThinkWine

At ThinkWine, guests will discover an enhanced wine tasting experience with carefully curated food pairings. The food menu offers a delectable assortment of premium bites to pair perfectly with your glass of wine; ranging from fine aged cheeses from France to the indulgent homemade chocolate tart. The menu is carefully categorized as Sea, Farm, Land, and Sweet Tooth.

Signature bites include wild Iranian caviar selections by premier caviar producer Kaviari Paris, offering Kristal Caviar (HK$830/30g) served with blinis and crème fraiche or such as Tarama black truffle (HK$80/90g). The beef tartare (HK$120/100g) is a testament to ThinkWine’s dedication to only the finest produce, as the beef is sourced from the world-renowned Alexandre Polmard butcher in Paris. From the Pata Negra House is a mouthwatering variety of Spanish Iberico hams such as the acorn-fed 100% Iberico Ham (HK$210/50g) and chestnut and acorn-fed 100% Iberico Lomito (HK$110/50g).

The artisanal French cheeses on offer range from the 30-months-aged Comté (HK$70/50g) by Fromages Mons Meilleur Ouvrier de France to Saint-Nectaire (HK$60/50g) by Xavier. Finally, for those with a sweet tooth and for a highly interesting wine pairing, ThinkWine takes pride in its homemade Chocolate Tart (HK$100) dessert.

About ThinkWine

At ThinkWine, we are serious about wine. The ultimate destination in Hong Kong for wine lovers and professionals, we offer over 600 wines handpicked by celebrity French sommeliers including “Chateau to Table” direct imports from France, signature French culinary delights and a charming event space for wine tastings, masterclasses and more.

ThinkWine – Contact Information

Address: 2/F, LL Tower, 2 Shelley Street, Central, Hong Kong Opening Hours: 3pm – 2am, last order at 1am
Tel: +852 2886 3121
Website: https://thinkwinehk.com

SIMON ROGAN’S AULIS | 2 Michelin-Starred


Ever-Evolving Experiences at Aulis & Roganic Hong Kong Led by Celebrated Chef Simon Rogan of 2-Michelin-starred L’Enclume


Aulis Hong Kong, the brainchild of renowned British chef Simon Rogan, has won wide acclaim since its opening in late December last year. As summer comes to a close, Aulis development kitchen introduces a series of fresh and innovative creations to the ever-evolving tasting menu.

The Aulis Hong Kong Experience

Aulis Hong Kong invites guests to surrender their senses to the creativity of the chefs, who utilize the world’s most advanced kitchen equipment to create highly progressive dishes personalised to the tastes of only 12 guests at a time. The ever-evolving 10 course creative menu (with up to 15 course servings) offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in Rogan’s unique culinary vision first-hand, and is currently priced at HK$1,480+10% per guest, with an additional HK$680 + 10% for the wine pairing experienceThere is also an option for non-alcoholic drinks pairing, priced at an additional HK$380+10%

This season, some of the new starting dishes on the menu include Mackerel, Carrot, Marigold, a tartlet made from local baby Spanish mackerel, carrot puree, pickled apple and a garnish of marigold grown in on-site Evogro cabinets; and Crab, Chicken, Sea Herbs, a crispy chicken breast

page1image5805232page1image1702240skin topped with English brown crab, mixed with brown crab meat mayonnaise, and a colourful garnish of sea herbs and tagette from a local edible flower supplier in the New Territories.

Another delightful new addition is the Squid, Dashi, created with fresh local squid, pickled turnips, squid and dashi broth, and a garnish of seaweed. The resulting dish is topped with garlic and chili oil for a distinctly Asian spin. Scallop Pike Perch features a plump Hokkaido scallop that has been barbecued in its shell, served with smoked cod roe sauce and garnished with smoked pike perch roe from Petrossian, Paris. For the meat course, enjoy a stunning cut of Wagyu with black garlic, salted gooseberries, turnip and chamomile.

This season, dessert includes four British inspired creations. Among the sweets, the new addition isButtermilk, Cherry, Rosemary, a buttermilk and cherry custard with rosemary caramel, served with a beetroot and homemade Hibiscus kombucha syrup.

Aulis Hong Kong New Seasonal Tasting Menu

Mackerel, Carrot, Marigold

Fermented Pear

Crab, Chicken, Sea Herbs
Truffle Pudding
Mushroom Wholemeal, miso glaze
Sea Urchin Custard, Our Caviar Hong Kong Pea
Smoked Eel, Beetroot
Squid, Dashi
Raw Beef in Coal Oil, Pumpkin, Sunflower Grilled Salad with Westcombe Cheese Scallop Pike Perch

Beef, Celeriac, Black Garlic Buttermilk, Cherry, Rosemary Stout, Molasses, Burnt Milk Battenberg Doughnut

New Seasonal Menu and Dishes at Roganic Hong Kong

Located alongside Aulis and making up the larger dining room, ROGANIC presents a more affordable city-centric take on farm-to-table dining from London. Equipped with an award-winning team of chefs, Roganic carries over elements of Simon Rogan’s two-Michelin-starred L’Enclumewhilst adapting to the local palate in fun and offbeat ways.

Simon Rogan’s team led by Head Chef Oli Marlow has created a series of innovative dishes that highlight ingredients picked fresh from local farms. Chef Marlow, who led the Roganic flagship in London to one Michelin stardom and its impressive four AA Rosettes rating in 2019, takes on the Hong Kong branch with a vision focused on Asian ingredients.

New additions to the Roganic menu includes the Sweetcorn Tart, which features a tartlet made from spring roll pastry, smoked cod roe emulsion, sweetcorn that is barbecued and lightly pickled, and a topping of tagette and astina cress. Kombu & Aged Beef is a new take on the beef tartare, featuring kombu cracker, dry-aged sirloin tartare from the UK, Japanese white soy dressing with pickled kohlrabi, and nori crumb and emulsion garnish. A savoury interpretation of the traditional English bread and butter pudding, Berkswell Pudding is served with birch sap syrup and topped with aged Berkswell cheese.

A delectable combination of flavours, Mackerel, Apple, Horseradish is local baby Spanish mackerel lightly cured in citrus and coriander seeds, dressed with oyster emulsion and pickled apple, and served with roasted mackerel bone broth, fresh apple and horseradish juice. Reflecting the chef’sdedicated towards sustainability, Chicken, Leek, Turnip uses the breast of a Hong Kong breed of chicken called “Three Yellow Chicken”, served alongside terrine and turnip puree. Also new to the menu is the Atlantic Black Cod, served with bio-dynamic cauliflower and black garlic. For dessert,

tuck into the Apple Tart accompanied by woodruff ice cream, and the Roganic, the caramelised white chocolate and miso ice cream dessert set within a Roganic logo mould, and served with homemade pear compote.

Indulge in the 10-course Full Tasting Menu (HK$980) for the full Roganic experience, or the 8- course Short Tasting Menu (HK$680), both with the option of wine pairings. The Set Business Lunch Menu is available on Tuesdays till Sundays, and is priced at HK$280 for three courses.

Roganic Hong Kong Tasting Menu

Sweetcorn Tart
Berkswell Pudding
Crab with Carrot
Chicken Skin & Pickles Seaweed Custard & Pike Perch Kombu & Aged Beef
Soda Bread & Cultured ButterMackerel, Apple, Horseradish Dill Brined Cabbage, Teriyaki, Wasabi Codfish, Cauliflower, Smoked Sauce Chicken, Leek Turnip
Aged Beef, Beetroot, Cabbage Earl Grey, Beetroot
Stout, Molasses, Burnt Milk Apple Tart, Woodruff ice cream

Editor’s Note

Battenberg Cake Doughnut

Restaurant Information

Address: Roganic, UG/F 08, Sino Plaza, 255 Gloucester road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Email: reservations@roganic.com.hk
Tel: +852-2817-8383
Capacity: 48 pax main dining room / 34 pax private dining rooms


Hong Kong Island’s latest luxury hotel introduces French haute cuisine, modern Cantonese fare, legendary signature cocktails, a redefined Afternoon Tea concept, the St. Regis Sabrage ritual, and Canto Mary cocktail

The grand opening of St. Regis Hong Kong in April 2019 introduced an exceptional culinary experience supported with new dining and bar concepts: French haute cuisine, modern Cantonese fare, legendary signature cocktails, a redefined Afternoon Tea, the St. Regis champagne sabering ritual and the Canto Mary cocktail.  Contemporary French and signature Chinese restaurants are led by Michelin-starred chefs; and cocktails are complemented by live jazz music within a curated ambience inspired by the St. Regis New York’s stately residential atmosphere, Hong Kong’s distinctive architecture and East-meets-West culture.


L’Envol French Restaurant


Helmed by Chef Olivier Elzer from France, L’Envol offers an inventive interpretation of French haute cuisine, incorporating the use of selected ingredients and seasonal produce from France and Asia. The sophisticated dining room perfectly encapsulates Parisian flair in an opulent and feminine palette of beige, white and gold with pastel marble and brushed bronze, reflecting Elzer’s contemporary culinary compositions. For a more intimate dining experience, L’Envol offers a private dining room that can sit up to six guests.


Bringing over 20 years of experience, Elzer has previously led Pierre and L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon to two and three Michelin stars respectively, as well as opened Seasons, a local French eatery in Hong Kong. Highly regarded as one of the leading French chefs in Hong Kong, Elzer is passionate about refining and redefining the tastes, textures and techniques of French cuisine with his menu constantly evolving. This passion drives the creation of innovative, seasonal dishes showcased on the menus at L’Envol.


Elzer’s seasonal 8-course Prestige Menu showcases the most premium caviar from around the world including Shadi, Kristal, L’Imperial, Oscietra and Beluga caviar. Dishes include Kristal Kaviari with Brittany razor clams “a la marinière” with pressed Kristal caviar creamPoached French pink rock lobster with Imperial caviar, cucumber and dill emulsion and Seared Wagyu beef tenderloin and beef marrow with beluga caviar and blinis. The 8-course Prestige menu is priced at HKD2,688 per person. L’Envol also serves the 8-course Signature menu at HKD1,888 per person and the 5-course Decouverte menu at HKD1,288. These menus are available for lunch and dinner; and in addition for lunch, the Allure set lunch menu is available, from HKD588 per person including coffee and tea.


The St. Regis Hong Kong offers guests over 800 wine and Champagne references including red, white, rosé, and dessert wines, including more than 100 references for Champagne. Chief Sommelier Tristan Pommier’s mission is to provide an extensive and holistic wine and beverage list, focusing on small boutique wineries so that guests can enjoy rare vintage or limited edition bottles with their selected menu. For connoisseurs, they can enjoy labels that are exclusively available at L’Envol and the St. Regis in Hong Kong including thePommery, “Les Millesimes d’Or” 1983, and Pommery, “Les Millesimes d’Or” 1964 MagnumChateau Cos d’Estournel 1975 from Saint-Estèphe in Bordeaux is considered one of the fifteen Deuxiemes Crus, a vintage red wine that L’Envol also houses. Aside from vintage and iconic wines, guests at L’Envol can also enjoy premium Armagnac and rare cognac selections for the perfect after dinner digestif.


At the end of every meal, guests can enjoy a decadent selection of cheeses served on a cheese trolley paired with homemade condiments including Iranian honeycomb, white chocolate, homemade fig and pepper. A unique cheese offered at L’Envol includes the 24-month aged Artikadza from Pays Basque that is only produced in small batches annually and Le Salers, a traditional French semi-hard cheese from the volcanic region of Auvergne.


L’Envol is open for lunch from 12:00pm-2:30pm; and dinner from 6:30pm – 10:30pm. For reservations, please call 2138 6818 or email srhk.lenvol@stregis.com


Rùn Chinese Restaurant


Led by award-winning chef Hung Chi-Kwong from Hong Kong, Rùn sets the scene for a relaxed and social dining experience featuring modern Cantonese cuisine prepared with the flair and passion that is the acclaimed Hung’s trademark. Culinary highlights include sophisticated dim sum, fresh seafood, signature roasts and nourishing soups – altogether an exciting contemporary take on classic Chinese cuisine.


The menu showcases the gastronomic mastery of Hung’s decades of knowledge and experience, using the best quality ingredients to create delicate and innovative seasonal dishes in a modern setting inspired by a traditional Chinese tea pavilion. Featured on the menu are seasonal specialities menu including Chilled Lotus Roots, a refreshing and vibrant dish marinated in red dragon fruit; Baked Diced Wagyu Beef Puff, a delicate two colour hand-woven puff pastry wrapped with diced Wagyu Beef in a succulent black pepper sauce;Simmered Tiger Prawn in Crab Roe Sauce and Double-boiled Abalone Soup, Kelp, Goji and Baby Coconut.  A freestanding abstract pavilion in pale oak creates a building-within-a-building flanked on two sides by window-side tables, and two private dining rooms with distinctive lighting and artworks that can sit up to 16 and 10 guests.


At Rùn, Tea Master Kezia Chan greets guests with a welcome tea of the day and can tailor each brew according to guests’ preference. In summer, a cold infused tea is presented; and a digestif tea is offered at the end of the meal. A summer favourite includes a specially brewed tea with 10 types of flowers including lily, jasmine, thousand-year red flowers, rose bulb, chamomile, osmanthus, chrysanthemum, sakura and orchid for a floral note.  Other tea offerings include the Heritage Pu-erh Tea 50 years and Aged Pu-erh with Tangerine Peel


Breakfast is served at Rùn from 6:30am – 10:30am; lunch service is from 12:30pm – 2:30pm; and dinner service is from 6:00pm – 10:30pm. For reservations, please call 2138 6808 or email srhk.run@stregis.com


The Drawing Room and Astor Terrace


The captivating ambience at The Drawing Room, a relaxed and inviting residential setting that resonates with Western and modern Asian influences, transforms from day to night along with its spectrum of offerings. Cool and verdant, the adjacent Astor Terrace is a peaceful, inviting, open-air haven with al fresco custom-made banquette seating, striking sculpture installations and a lush ornamental garden extension to The Drawing Room.


The Drawing Room serves a fresh, seasonal menu of international dishes throughout the day and in the afternoon, the Afternoon Tea service. At 5:30pm, the unique St. Regis Champagne sabering (sabrage) ritual takes place orchestrated by our St. Regis Host.


Poised to redefine the St. Regis legacy, signatures that include locally-inspired rituals unique to the property are introduced:


·         Afternoon Tea: a reinterpretation of the traditional Afternoon Tea, the St. Regis Hong Kong Afternoon Tea allows guests to select their choice of savouries and sweets based on their preferences from a dim sum-inspired trolley

·         Champagne Sabering: dating back to the battles of Napoleon Bonaparte who famously opened champagne with his saber, the St. Regis Hong Kong performs the sabrage ceremony at 5:30pm every day to celebrate the transition from day to evening  

·         Violet Hour and Spirits Trolley: At dusk, St. Regis Hong Kong will present a spirits trolley and create bespoke martinis paired with customised tasters presented at table side. Spirit selections are different every day, allowing guests to sample unique spirits available at St. Regis Bar


This seasons, The Drawing Room launches an all new summer Afternoon Tea menu created by executive sous-chef Chef Vincent Leroux and executive pastry chef Chad Yamagata including summer treats such as Oishi, a Japanese inspired finger sandwich served with tuna, shiso, marinated tomato and fresh cheese; A French Affair, creamy smoked salmon rillettes served with cucumber and Greek yogurt; and sweet treats like Lychee Rose VerrineCherry Pistacho and Prosecco Tart. The summer Afternoon Tea is available every day at 2:30pm – 5:30pm, priced at HKD388 per person, and HKD688 for two persons including coffee and tea.


At St. Regis, jazz plays an intrinsic part of the St. Regis legacy and signature. Every evening at 6:30pm, guests are treated to live performances by international jazz musicians that complement dinner and drinks as dusk sets in.


The Drawing Room is open from 9:00am – 10:30pm; lunch is served from 12:00pm – 2:30pm; Afternoon Tea is served from 2:30pm – 5:30pm; dinner is served from 6:00pm – 10:30pm. For reservations, please call +852 2138 6800 or email srhk.drawingroom.bar@stregis.com


The St. Regis Bar


Adjacent to The Drawing Room and Astor Terrace, The St. Regis Bar celebrates the feel of quintessential old New York City and classic Hong Kong. Featuring a customized handpainted mural that takes centre stage behind the bar by Beijing artist Zhang Gong, the art piece depicts Hong Kong’s rich history, cultural and natural sources, as well as local icons such as old Wan Chai and its colourful street scenes, the Hong Kong Star Ferry and Victoria Harbour. Rich warm tones, tweeds and brass details along with bronze oak paneling and olive leather upholstery give the bar a cosy and welcoming atmosphere to enjoy evening drinks or an after-hour digestif.


The bar evokes a tale of two cities with New York’s subway and Hong Kong’s tram, both launched in 1904, also the same year the St. Regis New York was founded, providing the inspiration for 14 unique cocktails, including the classic Bloody Mary and a Hong Kong curated Canto Mary made with local ingredients such as dried tangerine peel, five spice and Kowloon soy sauce. The bar also serves the unique Two Cities craft beer that is customized for the St. Regis Hong Kong in partnership with local brewery Young Master. The signature brew, a rye lager, combines the old-school lager brewing tradition with the addition of rye malt as homage to the iconic delicatessen culture of the city.


During Violet hour from 6:30pm, St. Regis Bar will present a custom-made spirits trolley decked with spirits of the week where personalised cocktails can be created to the guests’ preference. Guests can sample over 100 labels of liqueur and spirits at the St. Regis Bar, including new era liqueurs namely Vodka au caviar petrossianH. Teoria HysterieH. Teoria PerfidieH. Teoria Procrastination in tomato, tea and passionfruit flavours uniquely offered at St. Regis Hong Kong. St. Regis Bar also houses a limited edition whisky from Komagatake – Komagatake YakushimaSamaroli Demerara 19 Years Old “Old Vintage 1998” rum from Guyana, South America and Armagnac collection including those from Baron Gaston Legrand, a brand passed down from generations in Lannepax, in the Bas-Armagnac region for over 120 years. For a bespoke cocktail experience, a unique line of essences from Santa Bianca, Italy are used to enhance your cocktails with unique flavour undertones including bergamot orange, rose, lavender, vetiver, bay, cedarwood and clary sage.


The St. Regis Bar is open daily from 11:00am – midnight.  No reservations allowed, for more information, please call +852 2138 6800 or email srhk.drawingroom.bar@stregis.com


Bespoke Tableware


D. Porthault, well known for their luxurious embroidered and printed linens, designed the tablecloths and tablemats at the hotel. The feminine interior of L’Envol is reflected in the tablecloth, which is light beige in colour with a delicate pattern of linear ascending effervescence of champagne bubbles, symbolising a spirit of celebration. At The Drawing Room, the tablemat takes after the original pattern of the Orient Express train, symobolising the connection between East and West.


The glassware in the hotel is created by Cristallerie de Paris. Following with the champagne motif, L’Envol’s glassware mimics the sparkling fizz of the beverage, with carved lines that represent the iconic shape of a Louis XIV Crystal Chandelier, a symbol of royalty, purity and serenity.  At The St. Regis Bar, the pattern of the glassware is a tribute to the rich St. Regis legacy, and to Mrs. Caroline Astor, the mother of the St. Regis founder Mr. John Jacob Astor IV, who loved diamonds and often adorned herself with her collection of diamond jewellery.


Bespoke Spirits


St. Regis Hong Kong also partnered with Distillerie De Paris, one of France’s most innovative distillery to create bespoke and branded spirits for guests. Each in-house guests can find specially curated gin, flavoured vodka and rum in the mini-bar for their enjoyment.


Olivier Zatka, director of food and beverage comments: ‘The St. Regis Hong Kong is bringing an exceptional dining experience to the region, masterminded by award-winning chefs with years of experience in creating sophisticated, seasonal and delectable dishes for guests at the hotel. We also strive to create bespoke and personalised experiences for our luminaries, from tablecloth to glassware, each painstakingly designed for the outlet. We also house an extensive beverage collection from bespoke branded spirits, vintage wines to beautifully created cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks; as well as rare teas at Rùn and decadent cheese presented in a custom-designed cheese trolley at L’Envol.”  


About The St. Regis Hong Kong

The St. Regis Hong Kong reflects the vision of interior designer Andre Fu of a Hong Kong mansion, blending the timeless elegance of the St. Regis legacy to the silhouettes of Hong Kong’s architectural and cultural diversity. Thoughtfully-designed accommodations featuring 129 rooms and suites are complemented by East meets West elements that provide the perfect setting to offering personalised St. Regis Butler Service. L’Envol French restaurant and Rùn Chinese restaurant feature culinary highlights by Michelin-starred chefs, while The Drawing Room will host a redefined Afternoon Tea experience, and The St. Regis Bar signature cocktails are complemented by live jazz music. For information and reservations, please email srhk.reservations@stregis.com, or visit stregishongkong.com or call +852-2138 6888.