Hong Kong top buffets covered

I love to indulge at buffets especially the hotel ones and believe me scores of my associates are also in favor of my demeanor. What an avenue of dishes to salivate. It is an eating establishment. Sure you will put on a couple of pounds and good for you to run a couple of Ks to burn it off. On the other hand, an abundance array of health and nutritious items are also catered for where no other eateries could compare.  From various form of salads, veggies, cheese, juices to fruits. A great day’s health intake if you are that kind.  Here are my favorite hotel buffets

Café TOO :: Island Shangri-la Hong Kong
Theme :: Singapore Food Delights
Where :: Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Central, Hong Kong Phone 852 2877 3838

I enjoyed my food here. Atmosphere was terrific with a good variety of clientele. From families to a romantic lunch for two. On specials was food from the lion city Singapore. It’s a big hit and I believe the hotel will be introducing this specialty on a regular basis. The music was great not that is if you get the chance to listen then its not to fast, not to slow just like café TOO.

The Mistral :: Intercontinental Hotel Kowloon
Theme :: Children under 11 eats for free

Where :: 18 Salisbury Road, Hong Kong Phone 852 2721 1211

The sparkling Sunday brunch buffet here is amazing. Kids under the age of 11 eat for free “ what a bargain” and of course not to mention a heavenly room, which is the children’s, play room for the kids to what else but play, then eat, then play, then eat again. As a parent, it’s a wonderful concept, there should be more. We had time to soak up the atmosphere, had delicious goose liver, oyster & make our own pizzas while qualified personnel looks on. Brunch here is interesting, the entrée is offered in buffet format while main course is a la carte. It’s fantastic; I would for sure bring the kids here again.

The Marriott Café :: JW Marriot 
Theme :: Seafood Galore

Where :: 88 Queensway, Hong Kong Phone 852 2810 8366

OK the variety of food here is average but for some reason it just seems to pack it in even on a Monday night. There is an aura about the Marriott Café, which makes it unique and you feel extremely comfortable that makes you want to indulge more.  I love the good in size Singaporean mud crabs, which was on offer and the extremely tender roasted beef with pepper sauce. It is all about quality not quantity.

Eclipse :: The Langham Hotel TST
Theme :: All about Lobster
Where :: 8 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong Phone 852 2378 9988

This little gem was a surprised. All and all it fits about 120 guest but what it lacks in size, it sure covers up for a good variety of food that is on offer. From Canadian smoked salmon to Australian oysters and the great American Lobster.  Good value for money as there are a promos, if its your b’day month, you eat for free but you must bring someone along.

The clipper Lounge :: The Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Theme :: Sunday Breakfast

Where :: 5 Connaught Road Phone 852 2522 0111

This has to be one of the best breakfast buffets in Hong Kong. Fantastic service blends with an awesome variety of great food, juices and fruits. I especially enjoyed the seafood porridge and the omelets. For some reason, everything seems very fresh.

If you are planning a breaky, lunch or dinner, buffet is one way to stimulate your senses.

Reviewed by AK


One of the most stunning and chic restaurants ever seen in Hong Kong even though it opened its doors many years ago and it is still a “must visit” for locals and visitors alike. Aqua, one of Hong Kong’s most innovative restaurants in the last few years, moved from Hollywood Road to a 9,000sqft penthouse at One Peking Road. Housed in Tsim Sha Tsui’s designer fashion capital, the new location features jaw-droppingly sleek interiors set against the breathtaking neon lights of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour and Kowloon through a panoramic 21-feet-tall floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall.

As far as the food goes, the restaurant comprises two distinct cuisine styles: Aqua Roma and Aqua Tokyo, which will highlight the best of Japanese cuisine. Aqua Tokyo also feature a robatayaki grill and an unforgettable sushi bar, where patrons can select jet-fresh seafood from chilled feature displays, while overlooking the flashing neon lights of Nathan Road.

The bar, Aqua Spirit, towers above the restaurant and is set to rival any of the most chic lounges or bars found anywhere in the world’s most happening metropolises. Some of Hong Kong’s best known DJs have already played there giving the city’s clubbers a fresh new dancing spot. As long as they can afford the cocktails that is!

Review by AK

29 & 30/F, One Peking Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Tel:  (852) 3427 2288


The Watermark Restaurant

I love everything about this restaurant. Stunning views of the Victoria Harbour, fantastic food, fabulous interiors and great services.

Best time to get there is at seven on a summer's day and enjoy the beautiful surreal sunset.  An elegant stone entrance and water feature takes you into a stairway which leads you to an intimate dining area. The interior of this restaurant oozes style with cathedral like very high translucent sky light ceilings. And if you like to suss out this fabulous restaurant from another angle, just look up and you will enjoy a stunning reflection of the whole dining area and you start to wonder if it was architecturally designed for that purpose.

Food here is wonderful. You could see how meticulously organized the chefs and kitchen hands are by just peeking through the open kitchen. For starters i recommend the Irish rock oysters with lemon and down it with Morel and lentil cream with pancetta brochette soup. For main course, Beer roasted baby pork with vanilla golden apples, celery and grain mustard is a must and dine all that in with a bottle of wine from their very impressive wine collection, perch high in the 30-plus feet high space.

The spaciousness of this restaurant ensures your conversation remains private for a discerning clientele.
Maybe its the sea breeze or the table I was sitting or even my date but i cant help feeling extremely romantic at The Watermark.

Reviewed by AK
09 March 2010

The Watermark Restaurant
Central pier 7,  Top Level, Star Ferry Hong Kong Tel 852 2167 7251  
Hours :: Mon-Sun 11am-12midnight
last call :: 10.30pm

Ravesi’s Bondi


Located along the heart of Sydney’s trendiest coastline suburb, Ravesi’s is home to one of the best accommodations Bondi has to offer. A boutique hotel that brings a touch of stylish decadence to the grungy seaside suburb. Housing only a few rooms, the boutique hotel has accumulated a long waitlisted of fashionable clientele.

But if there is a reason to visit Ravesi’s at all, it is the new award winning Drift bar that took home ‘hotel bar of the year’ at NSW AHA (Australian Hotel Association) State Awards on 28th November 2008.

Great attention to detail, a cute and friendly bar boy and tasty cocktails is a sure reason to check out a place, but if your thinking about moving across to Ravesi’s restaurant post-drinks I would think again. While Drift offers spunk and class among the beach side locals, Ravesi’s in reality, is a pub trying to step life up a notch with the development of an upstairs dining room. Above the bustling Ravesi’s pub lays the restaurant where we dine. Stretching the length of the first floor, the restaurant wraps around the building to offer sweeping views of the famous Bondi beach. Sit back, relax and watch the kite surfers sail across the horizon.

While Drift offers spunk and class among the beach side locals, Ravesi’s in reality, is a pub trying to step life up a notch with the development of an upstairs dining room. Above the bustling Ravesi’s pub lays the restaurant where we dine. Stretching the length of the first floor, the restaurant wraps around the building to offer sweeping views of the famous Bondi beach. Sit back, relax and watch the kite surfers sail across the horizon.

My first attempt at Ravesi’s was a Saturday night. We were booked in for dinner but turned away due to a private party that was pumping on upstairs above us. Not the best first impression. However, sources had told me that the dining room could produce some good fare and so I remained curious to find out for myself. It is actually rather difficult to find a decent feed in Bondi worthy of the prices tags. Being such a trendy destination most places carry a name for being ‘fashionable’ rather than providing the desired ‘good grub’. In the end persistence held out and we were seated on the Ravesi’s deck come Tuesday night to enjoy the view of street crawler that bustled below us.

So what were our thoughts? Well, they won’t hang your jacket so you better hope for a spare chair beside you. Main salads are a big thing here at a standard $25 a head, they include all goodies from harrissa lamb to tempura soft shell crab, or take barbequed chicken and throw in some other treats such as eggplant or gorgonzola. We opted for the dolce latte Gorgonzola and rocket salad with stone fruit, caramelised chestnuts, sun-dried cranberries and 20 year balsamic. The salad worked as a nice clean fresh accompaniment to our mains, which were a little oil drenched. Little cubes of fried kumera. Mounds of wilted spinach. It looks a lot like a prearranged supermarket dish, but a bite into the small orange cubes assures us otherwise. Kumera is a fabulous vegetable native to New Zealand. Available in orange and white, kumera remarkably resembles sweet potato, yet I enjoy it so much more. The sweet orange vegetable is the accompaniment to my succulent pink salmon fillet, along with a few sprigs of white asparagus; the dish makes up one of a selection of international plates on the menu.

The restaurant has a relaxed casual ambient, but a trip to the bathroom will remind you that you are in a pub. It seemed a few customers had been fighting with the toilet paper.

Review by Ivana Martyn

Ravesi's Bondi
118 Campbell Pde Bondi Beach 2026 NSW Phone 02 9365 4422

Summer Palace

A palatial banquet in the local mall

As with the outlets at Kowloon’s new W hotel or Central’s Four Seasons, the restaurants in the Island Shangri-La are housed in both a hotel and a shopping centre. The phenomenon of an integrated hotel-residential-retail-commercial complex seems to be finally catching on in Hong Kong. But of course, Admiralty’s Pacific Place was the SAR’s frontrunner.

Eating in such a staid and settled location is not to everyone’s taste. However, the Shang has always achieved an envied level of refined intimacy in its restaurants. Naturally, if you’ve lived in the city long enough, this is hardly ‘new’ news.

A large central column and high ceilings work perfectly as dividing, privacy-generating features. Only the rather dowdy chandeliers do anything to take away from is a simple and elegant dining room.

Just like its twin, the Shang Palace across the water, Summer Palace specialises in everything and anything that’s Cantonese. From the traditional golds and reds that shimmer from lacquered wood carvings, to the service that is nothing but impeccable – the flagship for the hotel chain remains an institution.

If its interior betrays these regional roots, then the large menu simply only serves as a reinforcement. As any local Hongkonger will know, Cantonese dishes are normally divided along these lines: barbecue, abalone, shark’s fin, soup, bird’s nest, poultry, pork, beef, noodles and seafood – and dim sum the star of the lunch menu. There are also some seasonal specialities and chef recommendations to mull over in the ordering process.

A large tea assortment and an impressive wine choices add to the difficulty of the selection. Although I discovered that a bottle of Victorian 2005 Stonier Pinot Noir was a fine accompaniment for my dinner.

The signature stewed spare-ribs in a clay pot ($175) is deliciously rich and tender. Its dark, terracotta-red colour matching the surroundings. The braised bamboo fungus stuffed with diced vegetables ($150) is exquisitely presented and has a wonderful, crunchy consistency. For dessert, the double-boiled aloe vera was a real, refreshing treat to round the meal off.

Naturally, as with all authentic and immaculately presented food, these delicacies come at a price. Though the eclectic bunch of shoppers, hotel guests, local residents and business crowd had no complaints during my recent trip to Summer Palace.

Only one curious tourist asked a question of the kitchen. He had never heard of an abalone before and wanted to see one before he ordered it. A fresh uncooked abalone was duly dispatched but the unusual shape and markings of the mollusk worried the Frenchman. “We do not have these in Paris,” he exclaimed nervously. It’s a just a different kind of snail I reassured him…a much more expensive snail.

Review by James Moore

Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong Tel 852 2820- 8552