ZUJI chips in for your holiday every time you go

ZUJI chips in for your holiday every time you go

Do you dare to travel every day? Well if you do, online travel guru ZUJI dares to give you a discount every day.

Between 20 April and 14 May 2010, you can get a HK$100 ZUJI e-voucher when you enter your email address at www.zujihongkong.com/zujidollars.

The e-voucher will be sent to you five minutes after you enter your email. During the promotion period, you can get one e-voucher per day with the same email address. Each e-voucher can be used to knock HK$100 off each individual purchase of air tickets, hotels or travel packages with ZUJI.

So, whether you are going to spend the next month jetting around, or just have a couple of trips in mind, get online and get your e-vouchers now!

Harley Street Comes to Relais & Ch

At the Rachamankha, Chiang Mai
Western Psychology meets Eastern Spirituality creating a unique Health and Wellness experience

Internationally renowned Harley Street motivational therapist Paul Lennard is teaming up with The Life Change People to present a “once in a lifetime opportunity to find new meaning and direction” at the luxury Rachamankha Hotel, Chiang Mai. 

The leading energy therapist is famed worldwide for treating Premiership footballers, celebrities and top business executives.

He is now exclusively consulting for a unique ‘Wellness Package’ at the Relais and Chateaux resort in northern Thailand from April 30-May 6.

Rachamankha’s package of a Superior room and either a session with Paul Lennard or a ‘personality profiling’ with Thailand-based therapy network Life Change People is priced at 6,500THB a night – for a minimum of three nights including tax and breakfast.

Paul Lennard’s therapy combines deep tissue massage, cranio sacral therapy and Chi Nei Tsang to clear both emotional and physical traumas from the body. “This therapy works on every level: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual,” he explained. “As each of these aspects is so closely entwined, an emotional problem from long ago can be the cause of a physical problem today.” Life Change People, which combines holidays in carefully chosen boutique hotels in Thailand with individual ‘change therapy’ by qualified professionals, offers continuing packages until October 31 at the Rachamankha.

These include a discreet two hour full clinical personality profile designed to highlight areas of potential difficulty in life, followed by consultation exploring findings from a Profile Feedback Report and developing strategies to deal with problematic areas.
“These may include, work/life balance, stress or anything else standing between you and a successful, happy life,” said motivational psychologist Alex Gunn. The entire ‘Change Programme’ includes 16-20 hours of individual time with a Change Practitioner, supported with calls and email counselling for at least three months after returning home.
“Life change sounds like an overpromise, but it's not. This is one of a kind, a once in a lifetime opportunity to find new meaning and direction,” added Mr Gunn, a long-standing member of the International Network of Motivational Trainers.

The Rachamankha Chiang Mai is a luxury resort in the heart of Chiang Mai's old city, styled by two of Thailand's most famous architects with 24 traditional Lanna-style rooms grouped around airy courtyards. It combines a quiet location with easy access to the most famous temples and tourist attractions, and houses a stunning collection of original antiques and artifacts from across China and Southeast Asia.

For more information, to make room and consultation reservations please contact:
Rachamankha Hotel, Chiang Mai T +66 53 904119

Uzbeki-Israeli artist’s exhibition Talking With The Walls



Exhibition Dates: May 5- June 6, 2010
Opening Cocktail Reception: Wednesday, May 5, 7 – 9 pm

Nathan Slate Joseph creates raw, tactile works by staining shards of discarded steel with pigment and acid. Exposing the metal to rain, wind and sunlight in his outdoor studio, he achieves unpredictable patinas and textures. Joseph has been an integral part of the New York School of Art for the past 30 years. Today he is renowned for his works exploring themes of globalization, immigration and climate change. For his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Joseph unveils a new series of three-dimensional paintings, freestanding sculptures and wall-mounted vessels. Intensely colored, Joseph’s art straddles the realms of painting and sculpture, East and West, nature and the manmade.

For this exhibition, Joseph expands on iconic series from earlier periods in his long career. Augmenting his Silk Road series, for instance, Joseph creates eloquent geometric paintings by layering torch-cut metal panels. Blocks of saturated color reference Joseph's roots in the Silk Road hub of Bukhara. The fragments of roughly cut metal also evoke refugee settlements, which Joseph encountered growing up in Israel in the 1940s and 50s. In a similar vein, his boat-like wall-mounted sculptures from his Vessel series continue this narrative of movement across continents. Meanwhile, he adds to his Tumble Weeds series with ball forms made from strips of scrap metal. These unwieldy forms grapple with the tensions between the natural world and industrialization. ??Curator Sundaram Tagore says, "Nathan has been an important part of the fabric of New York City's art scene for many years, but his work has a universal element."??Joseph moved to New York City from Israel in the 1960s. Along with contemporaries Frank Stella, Carl Andre and John Chamberlain he began experimenting with scrap metal and other found objects.

A journey to Mexico in the 1970s inspired a shift toward his dramatic color palette. He was fascinated by the vibrant building facades and the manner in which their colors intensified over time. Soon he discovered the technique of applying pure mineral pigment mixed with water to zinc-galvanized steel. This was an important breakthrough. By incorporating color into his works, Joseph extended the language of the junk art movement. Years later, he traveled to China, India and Indonesia where he encountered shantytown dwellers crushing cans and scavenging for materials to make shelters. He then began to combine urban aesthetics with a concern for nature. ??Nathan Slate Joseph's work is in numerous public and private collections and he is reviewed regularly in publications such as Art in America. He has collaborated with the renowned architect Adam Tihany on multiple projects, and his work is installed at Jean Georges at the Trump International Hotel, New York; Inagiku at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York; onesixtyblue restaurant, Chicago; and the Dan Eliat Hotel, Eliat, Israel. He was awarded an Art in Architecture Award from the American Institute of Architects in 2003 for his work on the Harlem Patchwork Building. Notable private collectors include artist John Chamberlain, singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, and chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. His paintings have also been acquired by the Art in Embassies Program, Washington, D.C., for United States embassies in Cyprus, Mexico and Turkey. His work was most recently acquired by the Zimmerli Museum in New Jersey.

For more information, please call 2581 9678

The First Product Series of SPA by MTM

The First Product Series of SPA by MTM
Home Spa Sensation
Luxurious Experience to Balance the Five Senses
Extending Uncompromised Luxury on the 5th Anniversary

Since opening in 2005, SPA by MTM has been devoted in providing “personalized and professional” service stemming from its philosophy of “Custom-blended formulation. Your skincare solution”, and it has won wide recognition as the city’s best spa.  This year, SPA by MTM has officially launched its Home Spa Sensation series to deliver an experience of uncompromised luxury and balance of the five senses at home.

“Rest should be a part of work, and even more so as a part of life. Irrespective after work or play, take in a moment of tranquility to refresh, restore, and return to the beautiful you.”  The three-piece “Home Spa Sensation” body care set has included Nutritious Body Lotion as a luxurious dessert for skin; Aromatic Body Mist, an aromatic spray that unites skin nourishment and sense soothing; and Smoothing Hand Therapy to rest your hands after a hard day’s work.

Exclusive Offer for the 5th Anniversary 
In addition to personalized spa treatments, SPA by MTM offers a comprehensive home spa journey of luxurious, quality products for the busy urbanites. 

From now to 31 May 2010 in MTM Custom-blended Skincare Centre and SPA by MTM, Hong Kong , new customers are entitled to a complimentary $100 Product Cash Voucher upon purchase of any Home Spa Sensation products.  The exclusive offer is subject to availability, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Home Spa Sensation Series:

1) Nutritious Body Lotion (120ml)         $580
Luxurious dessert for skin…
Pamper your body skin with an ingredient only found in luxurious facial skincare – Pro-Phosphor Complex; this natural anti-weary ingredient is effective in anti-aging and improving skin vitality.  This is complemented by highly penetrative Yoghurt Extract to replenish moisture at the deep layer of dry skin and Lychee Protective Active to protect against oxidation by scavenging the negative effects of UVA and UVB. 

2) Aromatic Body Mist (100ml)             $480
Unites the pleasure of senses of touch and smell for a good sleep…
The Pecan Oil ingredient is gentle and highly penetrative, rich yet non-greasy; Sweet Almond Oil is rich in Vitamin A, B and E and Fatty Acid, protecting, nourishing and soothing sensitive skin; lastly, the delicate scent of Jasmine Extract calms your senses and gradually leads you into sleep. 

3) Smoothing Hand Therapy (100ml)        $480
Leaves the stress at work and rests your hands at home…
The Provitamin B5 helps the skin to capture moisture in the air and enhance its moisture absorbing ability resulting in moisturized, soft and smooth skin. In addition, Sea Fennel Extract is considered as a healing and moisturizing agent to combat dry, flaky skin, optimizing the moisture retention and circulation capability of skin cells; while abundant Vitamin E and A help in anti-oxidizing and repairing skin cells.  A well-deserved nourishment care to your tired and overly-used skin cannot be missed in your home spa routine; let your hands “refresh, restore and become more beautiful”.

Shop A, G/F, 3 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay  T +852 2923 7888
Shop 118, Citygate, Tung Chung, Lantau Island T +852 2923 6060

Photographs by Alvin Mak and Dana Shek

18th – 29th May 2010

Slowear Gallery, G/F, Fringe Club
2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat, Noon-10pm


Urban Abstractions explores the fundamental aesthetics of the urban surroundings in precise detail. Lines of architecture meander across space; their shapes are bent and twisted by glass façades. While their walls shed skin and reveal tree-ring history of undercoats. The series of images are then juxtaposed to assemble a distilled impression of the city.
Alvin Mak is from Hong Kong and has been photographing since childhood. Dana Shek has her origins in Hong Kong but was born in Scotland. She has resided in Hong Kong since 2000. They have exhibited in UK, Hong Kong, Beijing and Korea.


Urban Abstractions progressed from the exploration of Urban Impressions. While Impressions draw material from the marks and activities of the streets, Abstractions take a graphical approach to examine the city.
"Every place has a unique brand of look and feel. A few tell-tale details often trigger the memory of the larger context. Hong Kong is a special place that contains a concentrated blend of structures from various eras. I am thrilled to see the wide variety of elements. The diversity allows great freedom to tune the tones, texture and composition.” Alvin Mak

Dana recalls her experience while she was out on a shoot, “While working on the wall series, an elderly man approached me as I photographed the gray wall near his outdoor barber shop. He was bemused at first wondering why a wall would draw my attention, but he went on to recall that 10 years ago the wall was painted bright red and before that blue because of the various owners. Now all the colours are covered up by a layer of grey cement. I was drawn by the colours and textures but the association with the old barber and his simple story gave the walls an identity beyond the surface quality". Dana Shek

Urban Abstractions explores the fundamental aesthetics of the urban surroundings in precise detail. Lines of architecture meander across space; their shapes are bent and twisted by glass façades. While their walls shed skin and reveal tree-ring history of undercoats. The series of images are then juxtaposed to assemble a distilled impression of the city.

Biography of Dana Shek

Dana’s parents are from the grass islands off Sai Kung, Hong Kong and they immigrated to Scotland in the 70's where she was born. In 2000, after graduating from Multi-Media Textiles Design, she moved to Hong Kong to experience a different pace of life.

The multi-media textile training has influenced her aesthetics. Looking through the lens, her instinct is to compose by colour, surface pattern and texture. The interest for photography began with a Polaroid obsession during her university years. She would capture everyday subjects from friends and family to the mundane. Now the focus has shifted to include street life, new surroundings and experimental studio work.

The move to Hong Kong has brought many new ideas into her life, and has perhaps taught her to re-examine upon past ideas and subjects with new perspectives.

Biography of Alvin Mak   

Alvin was born in 1974, into a family of engineers in Hong Kong. When he was little, he dreamt of becoming an inventor. At the age of six, he received his first 35mm Praktica camera from his mother and began to learn photography. His studies took him to Canada where his interest in art was encouraged through his school years.

Though ironically, his own inclinations were mechanical and he was trained as a mechanical engineer. He went to the University of Canterbury in New Zealand for university, where he studied subjects such as descriptive geometry, fluid dynamics, kinetics and kinematics – science that deals with matter, forces, space and motion. After graduation in 1998, he returned to Hong Kong develop his career. His work allowed travel to various parts of industrial China. Reflecting on the contrast of between cities and cultures, he decided to explore his growing interest in art.

His works examine the persona of the city, by the study of her distinctive marks, and the observation of her activity. As with a person, he believes each city and culture has its own arrangement of shape, color, space and motion.

The Met

High-Definition Screenings of Hong Kong Philharmonic Maestro Edo de Waart Conducting at The New York Metropolitan Opera  Edo de Waart conducting Richard Strauss’s Der Rosenkavalier is next in the series  “The Met: Live in HD” in Hong Kong on April 24-25

Opera lovers are in for a rare treat with Hong Kong Philharmonic’s Artistic Director and Chief Conductor Edo de Waart conducting at The New York Metropolitan Opera – transmitted back to Hong Kong via high-definition screenings. The maestro is conducting Der Rosenkavalier, Richard Strauss’s comic masterpiece of love and intrigue in 18th-century Vienna.

Dazzling high definition transmissions of his critically acclaimed performance at The Met are being screened on April 24 and 25 (including both morning and evening screenings) at the WellcomeTheatre, Bethanie Campus, Pokfulam – home of the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts film school.

Local interest should also be heightened by Renée Fleming performing the leading role of aristocratic Marschallin. She received rapturous acclaim performing in Hong Kong last year.
Maestro de Waart’s Der Rosenkavalier is the next highlight of this year’s season of The Met: Live in HD operas transmitted to Hong Kong. The Met is renowned for the world's finest singers and most lavish productions – and the dazzling high definition screenings are sharper and bigger than real life, for the price of a cinema ticket. The new craze made its debut in Hong Kong this year and is delighting opera fans worldwide. Oprah Winfrey’s O magazine called them “the closest thing to a front row seat”.

An internationally renowned “orchestra builder”, Maestro de Waart has led the Hong Kong Philharmonic since 2004/05 and is acclaimed for raising the standards and reputation of the 90 strong orchestra through his keen artistic vision, vastly expanded repertoire and spearheading a number of important landmark tours. In constant demand as a guest conductor, he regularly appears with the world’s leading symphony orchestras and musicians and was appointed an Honorary Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in recognition of his contribution to music internationally, and in particular, his commitment to developing future generations of musicians in Hong Kong.

He steps down from the Hong Kong Philharmonic at the end of the 2011/12 season.

Screenings of The Met: Captured in HD in Hong Kong are sponsored by the Foundation for the Arts and Music in Asia, a non-profit charitable organisation helping young singers in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia to help launch their careers.
Upcoming Screenings
The Hong Kong screening season continues with one of the most popular operas of all time, Georges Bizet’s Carmen, on May 15-16; Plácido Domingo performing Giuseppe Verdi’s Simon Boccanegraon May 29-30; a new production of French composer Ambroise Thomas’s Hamlet on June 5-6; and Renée Fleming returning again in Tony Award winner Mary Zimmerman’s production of Gioachino Rossini’s fanciful epic, Armida, on June 12-13.
Programme Enquiry: 2579 5581
Bookings for The Met: Live in HD
For bookings and information about the performance schedule for The Met: Live in HD at Bethanie Campus, Pokfulam from now until June 2010, visit the web site: /www.themetinhongkong.info
Tickets can be purchased at the HK Ticketing Call Centre or website (www.themetinhongkong.info/buy-tickets.html), priced at HK$150 (HK$100 for Full-Time student / Senior Citizen with valid ID). *Ticket Price does not include HK Ticketing Customer Service Fee.
Evening presentations include optional dinner (HK$140/person, one 500ml bottle of water included); Matinees include optional sandwich lunch (HK$60/person, no drinks included). Both will be served at the first intermission at the foyer.
About ‘The Met:Live in HD’ in Hong Kong    
The Met: Live in HD was created by The Met’s dynamic general manager Peter Gelb in 2006, when he had the idea of filming its most dazzling productions in high definition format and initially transmitting them to cinemas across the US.
The acclaimed performances now reach over 1,000 venues in 42 countries and attract rave reviews wherever they go.
Screenings are broadcast in the US by satellite in real time, meaning cinemagoers see them at virtually the same time as audiences at the Met’s home in the Lincoln Centre, New York.
The Hong Kong screenings are delayed but the impact of a live performance remains the same, with the added attraction of on camera interviews with the opera stars during the intervals and a bird’s eye view backstage before the start and during the set changes.
Vanity Fair magazine called the Captured in HD screenings the “new craze” while Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine said they were ”the closest thing to a front row seat”.
The Met is renowned for the world’s finest singers and most lavish productions.
The Met: Live in HD operas are sponsored by the Foundation for the Arts and Music in Asia, a non-profit charitable organization helping young singers in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia to launch their careers.  

Naumi Hotel

Infinity Pool

“… Pleasantly captivating! ”
Long flights are about the only shortfall for holidaying, however, images of Singapore jostled in my head and kept my spirit high. It has been a while since I visited last…. Arrival in the busy city of Singapore is somewhat a buzz. The noise and heavy traffic sounds chaotic but is surprisingly orderly. The cab driver was polite and wasn’t talking much, allowing me to soak in the surrounding landscape and the array of lights which is structured to further enhance the already beautiful manicured garden beds. The noise dulled as the cab veered left onto a narrow Seah Street. You would be slightly surprised by the appearance of a quaint and grey 10 storey building – The Naumi Hotel. No grand entrance, no doorman nor bright lights. The street is quiet and the facade of squared columns were clad in a mesh trellis to support the growing vines, adding a touch of softness to the otherwise urban concrete jungle. The subdued glass entrance hid the gem behind the entrance doors. Arrival was late; the lighting (I thought) was appealing in contrast to the bright lights and grand entrances of some hotels I had been to in the past. The simplicity of the modern décor was rather romantic. The expansive lacework Muriel of steel with flowers and butterflies line the wall behind the bar. Modern Italian furnishings and calm music adds ‘chic’ to the atmosphere as I wound down and sank into the lounge. The reception staffs were charming, other than the formalities of checking in, the serene atmosphere was just captivating!

Premium Room


I scooted from one end of the bedroom towards the kitchenette to get my cup of tea, really – my addiction to this reddish brown liquid is tragic! I have to admit; there is a very distinctive style to this refurbished hotel, recalling the curved walls as I approached the room the night before. The details and the finishes are commendable! From the design of the kitchen area as you enter, mirrored cupboard doors to enhance the entrance corridor, dropped ceilings, subtle lighting, the use of living and resting space has been obviously well-planned, the color of the room is wonderful, the details followed through in all areas. If you have to work, the facilities are there, boasting the first Hotel in Singapore to have CUCS (Cisco Unified Communications Systems). Basically security when sending and receiving information on the communications network. I can’t say there is much to fault! Absolutely stunning and comfortable too as I curled my legs on the lounge and sipped the last drop of tea.

Appointments to attend to and the day past quick, quick strides and it weren’t long before I arrived back at the Hotel. Centrally located, it was rather convenient to chill for a couple of hour’s in between appointments in comfort and pleasant surroundings of the Hotel away from the humid conditions of Singapore. I had the opportunity to chat to the staff members, tried a few different cocktails, checked out the roof top pool – great setting, wet edged, great view and a subtle breeze – I really didn’t want to go out to my next appointment! My stay didn’t last long at Naumi but what has transpired over the couple of days was enough to make me want to stay, Singapore has changed but hasn’t in my mind… still clean, still beautiful, shopping was amazing and so was the food as usual and having the opportunity to stay at Naumi Hotel just showed the city is catering for the business travelers who might not necessarily want the fussiness but the comfort of home! A place to unwind from the hectic day, a place away but not too far away from the hubbub of activities … I enjoyed Singapore more so this time and Naumi Hotel was part of that enjoyment. I know why they received the accolades they did, deservingly so … extremely inviting, pleasantly captivating!

Written by Maria Harding

Naumi Hotel
41 Seah Street, Singapore 188396 T +65 6403 6000


Paris Pass

Paris Museum

Like a drop of vino? Test your knowledge of the grape at the French Wine Fair (8-9 May) and see some of the best sights Paris has to offer with the Paris Sightseeing Pass.
As professionals and enthusiasts gather to taste some of the country’s best vintages, take the opportunity to tickle your taste buds with the Paris Pass, which gets you free entry in to the O’Chateau Wine Attraction where you can test three different wines and learn from experts.
The Paris Sightseeing Pass also gives access to over 60 top attractions including the iconic Arc de Triomphe, entry to the world-famous Musée du Louvre and the awe-inspiring Notre-Dame Cathedral.
Users have priority access at the busiest sights to avoid queues, a free guidebook, and many additional deals, discounts and free offers. A Paris Sightseeing Pass includes a metro pass giving you unlimited travel on the metro, buses and RER within central Paris.

A two-day Paris Sightseeing Pass costs €89 for adults, €45 for teens (between 12 and 17 years) and €24 for a child (between 4 and 11 years).

A four-day Paris Sightseeing Pass costs €126 for adults (€63 for teens and €32 for children), and a six-day option costs €154 for adults, €72 for teens and €41 for children.

Check out all the activities on offer with the Paris Sightseeing Pass at www.parispass.com. The website includes a map tool to plan visits, details on all the included attractions, and full details of exclusive special offers including restaurant deals.

For more information and to buy a Paris Sightseeing Pass visit www.parispass.com, call +44 (0)1664 485 020

Continental’s direct to Guam


Eligible holders of HKSAR or BNO passport now can visit Guam without a visa

Put on your swim suit! Continental Airlines is re-launching its nonstop service to the tropical island of Guam from Hong Kong, beginning this Friday, April 2, 2010. The twice weekly direct flight will depart from Hong Kong every Monday and Friday. The nonstop service is also timed to provide travelers departing Hong Kong with convenient flight connections at Guam Airport to Honolulu, Hawaii. Connecting services on this route to and from Guam via Manila or Tokyo are also available for the rest of the week.

Vacation packages for four days two nights or five days three nights including flight tickets and hotel accommodation are available from HK$3,999 (additional taxes, fees and surcharges may apply). For more details, customers can contact Continental Airlines Holidays at 2870 8711 or visit www.co-holidays.com

Continental Airlines is the only carrier offering daily nonstop service from Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai to New York. Continental is also the largest carrier in New York and offers connections to over 150 destinations throughout the Americas. The routes are serviced with B777-200 aircraft with spacious cabins and individual entertainment in every seat. For reservations, please contact Continental Reservations (852) 3198 5777


Chen Brothers Exhibtion