Cartier Presents a Heartfelt Selection of Exceptional Gifts for Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 9 takes on deeper significance this year when life is so cherished: the opportunity to bestow affection, gratitude and meaningful presents upon your beloved mother. As always, Cartier can be relied upon for a rich array of creations and collectables – from gorgeous jewellery and exquisite timepieces to luxury leather goods and fabulous fragrances – to delight the person who gave you the greatest gift of all. Express your devotion and the endearing facets of your mother’s personality with the Maison’s classics, such as Panthère de Cartier, LOVE and Double C de Cartier bags, or contemporary icons like the boldBallon Bleu and Pasha watches.


LOVE bracelet, created in New York in 1969, presents clean lines and precise proportions, beauty and order, in one immoveable force: the ultimate symbol of maternal devotion. Choose a slim circle of pink gold paved with diamonds, or perhaps a stunning white gold band with black ceramic screws. Or look deeper into the collection to select a pair of sparkling earrings or a pretty LOVE necklace in pink gold whose interlocking rings speak to the unshakeable bond between parent and child.

The panther, a symbol of strength and grace rendered by Cartier over the generations into breathtaking bracelets, rings and necklaces, makes a powerful, bejewelled present for your mother. The sleekest of bracelets, cast in pink gold frosted with diamonds or clean-lined yellow gold, join the Panthère de Cartierfamily this year, while the feline’s fascinating face is the centrepiece of a charming pendant necklace.


The gift of a watch is a joyous reminder of time spent together: those long, carefree days of childhood and the rarer but equally precious moments of parental bonding enjoyed in later life. The round, ornate Ballon Bleu de Cartier collection points to a strong, generous heart, with a crystal bubble at three o’clock encasing its sapphire-cabochon-set winding crown. Pasha de Cartier timepieces defy convention: a neat square within an oversized circle, transparent case back, and easily interchangeable strap; boldly present, open-minded and versatile like the best mothers.

A mother bears a heavy load, but you can help lighten it by gifting her a Cartier handbag. In new iterations of the classic Double C de Cartier bag, understated minimalist lines allow the graphic jewel of a clasp to shine. Shades of pink or red calfskin offer a more feminine and vibrant modern chic than timeless black. Mother’s Day bouquets of roses are no longer fleeting tokens of love when their essence is captured in one of two Cartier high perfumes dedicated to the wild rose. L’Heure Osée and Pure Rose are fearless, fresh and complex fragrances in statement-making bottles.

From May 1 to 9, flowers become a shared experience at specially designed workshops exclusive to customers. Decorate a unique floral gift in Cartier boutiques as a Mother’s Day surprise, or join an online workshop together with your mother to bond over this soothing craft at home.







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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept “Black Panther” Flying Tourbillon

Following the announcement of its long-term partnership with Marvel Entertainment, Swiss Haute Horlogerie manufacturer Audemars Piguet is delighted to reveal the first iteration of its Marvel heroes watch series, the Royal Oak Concept “Black Panther” Flying Tourbillon, limited to 250 pieces. Inspired by historical character watch designs, the Manufacture wanted to pay tribute to a new generation of inspirational heroes and chose to focus on the powerful Marvel universe. Audemars Piguet has decided to kick off this Marvel series with a Black Panther timepiece in celebration of the family values and seamless blend of traditions and technology embodied by Marvel’s hero.

Rooted in ancestral craftsmanship and futuristic technology, the Royal Oak Concept “Black Panther” Flying Tourbillon brings forward the awe-inspiring creativity of complicated timepieces. This 42 mm piece speaks to Audemars Piguet’s long history of design experimentation and connection to the larger cultural world. Never standing still, the brand has continuously pushed further the limits of its craft and looked beyond Haute Horlogerie for inspiration, notably in the realms of pop culture, art and the entertainment industry.


“This collaboration is a dream come true! It is an honour today to pay tribute to Marvel’s heroes and further the strong connection Audemars Piguet has always had with the entertainment industry. This collaborative adventure promises many surprises to come!”
François-Henry Bennahmias
Chief Executive Officer

Tracee Ellis Ross Wears Tiffany & Co. At The 2021 NAACP Image Awards

Nominated for both Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture for “High Note” and Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for “Black-ish” Tracee Ellis Ross wore Tiffany & Co. by legendary designer Elsa Peretti®.

Ross appeared in a bold Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti® Snake necklace and iconic Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti® Bone Cuffs on each wrist in 18k gold. Introduced over fifty years ago, the groundbreaking Bone Cuff design is sculpted to conform to the wrist.

Cartier Unveils Diamond and Panthère Songeuse Watches The Beauty of Preciousness

As a prelude to Watches and Wonders Geneva 2021, Cartier unveils some extraordinary creations: Reptilis Diamond Watch and Rosary Diamond Watch, as well as the Panthère Songeuse Watches. Jewellery watches or jewelleries that display the time? They come to this incarnation, jewellery and watchmaking speak the same language. 

Diamond Watches

Cartier promulgates two elegant diamond watches – Reptilis Watch and Rosary Watch, timepieces to blur the lines and run counter-current to the rules of watchmaking and jewellery.

Reptilis Watch is an evening watch that belongs to the great tradition of diamond evening jewellery and stands out for its elegance, mastery of design, and fiery stones. Like a precious brocade, the diamond-paved chevrons weave into each other, edged with princess-cut diamonds. At the centre, a rectangular dial accentuated by four diamond hour markers. Light bursts forth, reflects and resonates all over. A supremely precious piece that offers a new reptilian interpretation and invites you to discover the sensuality of this animal in movement, undulating in a white flash.

Rosary Watch’s geometric elegance with the richness of random paving all the way to the heart of the dial. Everything is treated graphically; the refined design is pushed to the extreme between round and square. The tempo of its forms is born from the rhythmic succession of curved discs, paved and set with a small black square, evoking an Art Deco influence. At 12 o’clock lies a singular hour marker, also a black square.

Panthère Songeuse Watches

Making its emblematic animal the guardian of its precious hours is the approach that Cartier has taken this year, presenting a new interpretation of the feline through three exceptional timepieces – Panthère Songeuse Watches.

These pieces summon Cartier’s savoir-faire with three versions, all treated in a realistic manner: the jewellery craftsmanship of two diamond-paved watches with emerald eyes, sapphire or black lacquer spots, pays tribute to the delicate exercise of transposing the art of jewellery to the scale of watchmaking; a third creation showcases an artisanal technique that is dear to Cartier: champlevé enamel and the rich diversity of its chromatic range. The techniques required for this skill, mastered by the craftsmen of the Maison des Métiers d’Art, are carried out with the greatest concentration.

The enamel creation is a limited edition of 30 individually numbered watches.





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Hermès Lignes sensibles

The genesis of Hermès high jewellery lies in a drawing.

A line, a volume and a form are at the origin of each piece, and at the heart of the artistic process for the creative director of jewellery, Pierre Hardy.

This fundamental and uncompromising approach is central to the uniqueness of Hermès jewellery.

Its confident style stands out as much for the beauty of the gemstones as for the way that light is harnessed like material in its own right.

The jewellery not only embellishes the body, it gives it a language, accompanies its movements and expresses freedom.

Lignes sensibles is a true manifesto presented by Pierre Hardy with gracious radicality.

This very contemporary and incredibly free-spirited collection goes as far as inventing a second skin.

Circuits, drop stones and intricate geometric forms evoke organic cartography and compose a sensual world in which the body is exalted.


More than simply wearing a piece of jewellery, it asserts a personal truth.

The collection’s necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings are suffused with an impression of sensuality in which the skin guides the art of jewellery.

À l’écoute

Ondes miroirs

Hermès Réseau lumière

Contre la peau

Hermès Faire corps




EQA是平治旗下電動車品牌Mercedes-EQ的最新型號。EQA 250在香港市場的售價由HK$518,750起 (已包含電動車的首次登記稅寬減),如符合「一換一計劃」即由HK$355,000起。EQA 250最高輸出190匹馬力,並配備容量66.5 kWh的電池,提供高達426公里續航力(WLTP)。其綜合耗電量為17.7 kWh,而綜合碳排放量為0克/公里。客戶即日起可以透過網頁預訂全新EQA,或聯絡紅磡或柴灣的平治品牌中心查詢。

Mercedes-EQ, EQA, H 243, 2021; EQA 250 (Stromverbrauch kombiniert: 15,7 kWh/100 km; CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 0 g/km) // EQA 250 (combined electrical consumption: 15.7 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)

The compact electric car from Mercedes-EQ: The EQA is now available for reservation in Hong Kong

Made in Germany, advanced technology and premium quality make the EQA particularly attractive.
EQA is the name of the latest model from the all-electric world of Mercedes-EQ.  Prices in Hong Kong start at HK$518,750 including FRT and EV concession (HK$355,000 with “One-for-One Replacement” Scheme) for the 190 hp EQA 250 (combined power consumption: 17.7 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km) with up to 426 km driving range (WLTP) and 66.5 kWh battery capacity. Customers can reserve their EQA at or contact Hung Hom/Chai Wan Brand Centre for more information.

Mercedes-EQ, EQA, AMG Line, mountaingrau magno, Studioaufnahme; EQA 250 (Stromverbrauch kombiniert: 15,7 kWh/100 km; CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 0 g/km);Stromverbrauch kombiniert: 15,7 kWh/100 km; CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 0 g/km*
Mercedes-EQ, EQA, AMG Line, mountain grey magno, studio shot; EQA 250 (combined electrical consumption: 15.7 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km);Combined electrical consumption: 15.7 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km*



我是一個別致的八角形小盒子。 我亦擁有一枚呈不對稱造型的手鐲,鑲嵌其中的寶石綻放出層次豐富的色彩。 我同時是一套配色和諧的珠寶。
最後一個提示:我是大自然 (Nature) 和高訂時裝 (Couture) 的當代化身,象徵著 Dior 先生兩個鍾愛的設計元素。

Gem Dior…… 由 Dior Joaillerie 珠寶系列藝術總監 Victoire de Castellane 設計的 原創系列,薈萃七枚腕錶及十一款珠寶。

GemDior與兩年前推出的高級珠寶系列同名。英語「Gem」(寶石) 與法語「J’aime」 (我喜愛) 同音。Victoire de Castellane 解釋道:「我構思的這一系列珠寶及腕錶造型 抽象,洋溢現代格調,我會將之形容為『有機抽象』風格,透過細心考量的設計顛覆既 定的桎梏,為工匠帶來一次真正的技術考驗。」

在這創作精神主導下,造型獨特的腕錶錶殼呈現出礦石的天然形態,猶如一片碧璽原晶。 Victoire de Castellane 構思的錶帶,造型呼應 Dior 先生籌備高訂時裝展時,將布料 樣品釘在紙張上的手法。

融會大自然和高訂時裝的 Gem Dior 是一闋美學風格的宣言,兼具創意巧思與獨特個 性,設計充滿意想不到的驚喜;當中以黃金鑲嵌寶石的腕錶尤其富代表性。其八角形錶 殼邊緣採鏤空設計,孔雀石錶盤以綠松石及美鑽圍攏。

呈不規則造型的無扣錶帶以裝飾寶石 (孔雀石、青金石、紅玉髓、粉紅色蛋白石及虎眼 石) 疊層鑲嵌而成,綻放層層遞進的鮮明色彩。

全鉸接設計令這款珠寶腕錶可作開口手鐲配戴,為纖纖素手妝點獨特創意,優雅而饒富 個性。Gem Dior 另有六個版本 (包括精鋼配襯黑色珍珠貝母;全鋪鑲鑽石玫瑰金;及 金、鋼襯青金石等款式),每枚均附有一條可替換的黑色皮革錶帶。

Gem Dior 別出心裁的幾何設計同樣在珠寶作品上大放異彩。當中的主打款式包括黃金 戒指及手鐲,刻意設計成不規則狀的鍊節鑲嵌寶石和美鑽,如波浪般完美綻放出起伏有 致的藍綠色調。

系列另有色彩較素淨的戒指、手鐲及耳環,以黃金、玫瑰金及白金鑄造,飾以全鋪鑲或 半鋪鑲鑽石,璀璨的炫彩與精巧的金工構成細緻的對比,彰顯 Gem Dior 獨特的設計, 教人愛不釋手……



My first clue is a quirky case in an irregular octagonal shape.
My second is an asymmetrical bracelet in a variety of colors, in stratified layers of gemstones. My third is an ensemble of color-coordinated jewels.
And, lastly, I’m the contemporary symbiosis of Nature and Couture that Monsieur Dior so loved. Who am I?

Gem Dior… An original collection of seven watches and eleven pieces of jewellery designed by Victoire de Castellane, Artistic Director of Dior Joaillerie.

Gem Dior takes its name from the eponymous high jewellery collection launched two years ago. “Gem” is a euphonious nod to ‘J’aime’ (French for ‘I love’). “I designed a collection of watches and jewellery that’s not figurative,” explains Victoire de Castellane. “The spirit of this collection is modern, it’s a style that I would describe as abstract-organic, an organized disruption that turned out to be a true technical challenge for our ateliers.”

In that spirit, the watch’s unique case was designed after the natural formations of minerals, in this case slices of rough tourmaline. Meanwhile, for the bracelet, Victoire de Castellane drew inspiration from Monsieur Dior’s way of pinning fabric swatches from his haute couture shows onto sheets of paper.

From this union of Nature and Couture was born Gem Dior, a statement as creative as it is singular, with a design that never fails to surprise. A case in point is the collection’s emblematic piece in yellow gold and gemstones. Its octagonal case with cut-out sides is set with turquoise and diamonds around a malachite dial.

The asymmetrical and clasp-less bracelet is made of strata of ornamental gems (malachite, lapis lazuli, carnelian, pink opal, tiger’s eye) forming an intense commotion of hues.

Fully articulated, this timekeeping jewel is designed to be worn as an open cuff, creating a unique look for the wrist. Elegant, with a strong temperament. Gem Dior is available in six other versions (in steel and black mother-of-pearl, in pink gold with full diamond pavé, in gold and steel and lapis lazuli, etc.), each presented with an interchangeable black leather strap.

The atypical geometry of Gem Dior’s design carries over to an irresistible range of jewellery. The star styles are a yellow gold ring and bracelet with perfectly, deliberately misaligned links in gemstones and diamonds to create an undulating impression of blues and greens.

In a more monochrome register, the jewellery collection is completed by rings, bangles and earrings in yellow, pink and white gold, fully or semi-paved with diamonds. The play of contrast on the refined metalwork brings out the distinctive design of Gem Dior. And just begs to be touched…

Cartier Reinterprets Tank Cintrée

Cartier Reinterprets Tank Cintrée with a Limited Edition Version

To Celebrate Its 100th Birthday

For the occasion of the Tank Cintrée’s 100th birthday, Cartier presents a limited edition of 150 numbered pieces, all sold before the launch, illustrating the success of the new editions ofCartier watchmaking’s signature designs. A very faithful tribute to the original model that marks its entry into the 21st century. 

Its simple and curved design, the scope of its vertical case and the elegance of its “eggshell” dial made it destined for aesthetes from the outset. For this new watch, the Tank was elongated and is characterised by the curvature of its case. Comfort and ergonomics, its name comes from its curved shape which allows the watch to mould itself naturally to the wrist.

While the thickness of its case measures 6.40 mm today, all of its signature aesthetics remain: the “rail track”, Roman numerals, apple-shaped hands, beaded winding crown set with a sapphire cabochon and ardillon buckle bracelet. 

An aesthetic signature that remains unchanged since its creation in 1921, it is a watchmaking classic that is now equipped with a Manufacture movement with manual winding, the calibre 9780 MC.

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The Debut Launch of Bouchier by Designer Melinda Zeman


A new bold, globally minded fine-jewellery house from Hong Kong,

devoted to diamonds and street-chic women.

On Pedder is proud to announce the debut launch of Bouchier, by designer Melinda Zeman, with a special event at On Pedder New World Tower in early March 2021.

(2021年2月1日,香港)On Pedder 隆重宣布, 香港設計師Melinda Zeman 的首個珠寶品牌BOUCHIER將於2021年3月上旬在中環新世界大廈On Pedder展出多個不同風格的系列。

Established in Hong Kong in 2019 by Melinda Zeman, who is half-Chinese/half-Ghanaian, the fine-jewellery house captures her multi-cultural sensibility and targets modern, self-determined, independent women who make bold, “playful luxury” style statements. “Bouchier uses diamonds, 18K gold and precious gemstones to create pieces to express your personality — which could be classic or cutting-edge, but not pretentious,” Zeman says.

BOUCHIER由中非混血兒Melinda Zeman於2019年在香港創立,其作品充分展現她多元化的時尚觸覺和獨立自主的當代女性特質,打造出前衛跳脫而不失奢華的獨特風格。Zeman說道:「Bouchier的產品以瑰麗堂皇的鑽石、18K金和珍貴的寶石設計來突出個人魅力,既屬經典,也是尖端前衛,平日佩戴不會顯得太過隆重。」

Enchanted by jewellery from a young age, Zeman’s creative inspirations have ranged from traditional Chinese period dramas, where elegant female characters were adorned in intricate gold pieces, to the golden age of MTV, where hip-hop artists, R’n’B singers and pop icons expressed their bold, individual, decorated style. “Beyond a status symbol,” she explains, “I learned that jewellery signified poise and confidence.”

Melinda自小對珠寶首飾非常迷戀,她的創作靈感從中國古裝劇中女角色配戴金壁輝煌的首飾,還有經典 MTV 內大膽前衛的嘻哈和R&B歌手造型風格。她解釋說:「我了解到珠寶除了是身份的象徵,亦象徵著優雅與自信。」

Bouchier’s best-sellers and iconic pieces will be available at the On Pedder special event. The innovative, eye-catching curations range from “huggie” small-hoop earrings to chain-inspired bracelets and rings, as well as stackable twist-tie rings with a neon touch. Guests will be invited to meet the designer as well as place custom requests — particularly for made-to-order ring and bracelet sizing.

Bouchier一系列熱賣和標誌性單品將於On Pedder的特別展覽中有售。破格創新,耀眼奪目的款式包括「huggie」小圈耳環到鏈環設計的手鏈和戒指,以及帶有螢光配色的扭結設計等。設計師亦會親臨展覽現場與客人面交流,展覽亦提供戒指和手鐲尺寸定制服務。

“Bouchier is synonymous with luxury and unabashed playfulness,” Zeman adds. “I believe every day should be vibrant, with room for adaptability, and wearing jewellery should always be a thrill.”

Melinda補充:「Bouchier是代表著奢華與玩味兼備的代名詞,希望能為佩戴者帶來自信和喜悅。我認為每一天都應該要充滿活力,給予自己想像空間 。」


Cartier Unveils The Culture of Design Campaign Featuring Seven Iconic Designs

The Reflection of Rebellion – Juste un Clou Bracelet


For Cartier, it all starts with the design. An uncompromising feature: the line is clean and precise. This radical concept, conceived by one of the only Maisons capable of designing creations that form a unique collection of cult jewellery and watchmaking designs, will become Cartier’s signature.

Tank, Trinity, Juste un Clou, Santos, Love, Panthère or Ballon Bleu, instantly recognizable, these collections are based on four main principles of creation: the purity of the line, the accuracy of the shape, the precision of proportions, the precious details.

This intelligence of design places objects seamlessly within their time as well as within the future. Contemporary, although vintage to some, these designs stand the test of time: classic, eternal, essential. They can all be reinvented and continue to inspire conversations: a boundless source of creative energy which Cartier dares to develop over time. A cultural, but also emotional heritage. These pieces are heirlooms. The connection that we have to these pieces continues to grow with time. A powerful feeling directly linked to the idea of heritage and the timelessness that they symbolise.

Juste un Clou

Imagined in the 1970s by designer Aldo Cipullo for Cartier New York, theJuste un Clou bracelet is the reflection of a nonconformist, rebellious and provocative era. On the bangle, before the head of the nail, five ridges are engraved in the bracelets, which are reminiscent of flat-headed hardware nails with identical engravings. The eye for detail goes even further with a diamond shape that has been reworked into its lines and the end the faceted tip. On the diamond versions, the choice of setting informs the shape and geometry of the creations. Four different settings are used for Juste un Clou. On the diamond-paved tip, the graduated cut emphasises volume and perspective. With Juste un Clou, Cartier perfects the purity of an ordinary shape and turns a simple nail into a jewel with pure, radical and uncompromising lines. The entire nail is present, but more elegant, less sharp, like a rock-chic statement all at once. The expression of Cartier‘s design vision.





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