Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. announces a new exhibition opening in Shanghai, China, “Vision & Virtuosity,” celebrating the legendary jeweler’s greatest creative masterpieces. The first of its kind for Tiffany, “Vision & Virtuosity” was conceived as a journey through history, an exploration of Tiffany’s brand codes and a glimpse of what’s to come. It’s an immersive view into the acclaimed house that honors its past while revealing the importance of this unique history to the present. Shanghai, a global capital with a rich cultural heritage and international influence, is a fitting destination for an exhibition of this caliber.

“‘Vision & Virtuosity’ is a tribute to Tiffany & Co., which has stood for masterful craftsmanship and innovative design since Charles Lewis Tiffany founded his company in New York City in 1837,” said Alessandro Bogliolo, chief executive officer, Tiffany & Co. “These two values—vision and virtuosity—lie at the heart of Tiffany & Co. and this exhibition represents the best of our brand.”

“Vision & Virtuosity” transports visitors to an imaginative world that showcases the most important objects from The Tiffany Archives. The exhibition’s installations contextualize the brand’s trailblazing moments, documenting the numerous “Tiffany firsts” such as the introduction of the modern engagement ring, the Tiffany® Setting.

“There are many incredible objects in The Tiffany Archives that we draw inspiration from and we are constantly finding ways to reinvent and reinterpret them for our designs today,” said Reed Krakoff, chief artistic officer, Tiffany & Co. “With this exhibition, we honor the past and show how beauty and masterful craftsmanship are timeless and always relevant.”

The thematic journey takes visitors through six chapters devoted to Tiffany & Co.’s longstanding history of excellence in design and craftsmanship

Blue Is the Color of Dreams

The robin’s-egg Tiffany Blue® takes center stage in this room, which highlights the iconic color used in Tiffany jewelry, branding and its important presence as a cultural icon. Paying tribute to Tiffany’s legacy of discovering and introducing colored gemstones, this room features stones such as Montana sapphires and tanzanites—a purplish-blue stone that Tiffany introduced to the world in 1968.

The World of Tiffany

A visual testament to the breadth of Tiffany’s representation in popular culture, The World of Tiffany installation showcases Tiffany’s iconic influence in film, television, music and literature. This space highlights the evolution of the Tiffany Blue Box®, the construction of the Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City, influential figures who have donned Tiffany jewels and other definitive moments that have positioned Tiffany as a destination that creates joy through its inspiring designs.

The Tiffany Blue Book

Visitors will discover the innovation and artistry behind the high jewelry pieces that define the Blue Book collections. This room presents everything from the original 1845 Blue Book, the United States’ first mail-order catalogue, to the transcendent works of Jean Schlumberger and Elsa Peretti. This room tells the story of the design evolution and the craftsmanship that have informed Tiffany’s inventiveness for nearly two centuries, including pieces from current Tiffany & Co. chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff’s Blue Book collections.

Tiffany Love

Tiffany has always crafted designs that celebrate connections and the way people express their feelings through tokens of love. The objects in this room offer a glimpse into the important role that Tiffany has played in the world’s greatest love stories, including the design of the first modern engagement ring, the Tiffany® Setting and the newly introduced Tiffany True™ engagement ring.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

No other film has had such a profound role in cementing Tiffany’s allure in popular culture than Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This chapter takes visitors behind the scenes of the film with its curation of exclusive objects such as the original script with Audrey Hepburn®’s personal annotations and behind-the-scenes photos at the Fifth Avenue flagship store.

Diamonds: Miracles of Nature

In this room, visitors are invited to discover Tiffany’s most treasured and important diamonds. Diamonds: Miracles of Nature pays tribute to Tiffany’s diamond authority through the ages, from the Gilded Age and Art Deco periods to contemporary designs. The exhibition culminates with the crowning jewel of Tiffany—the Tiffany Diamond. This 128.54-carat fancy yellow diamond, which has long been a source of inspiration and a starting point for jewelry collections at Tiffany, is unequivocally one of the most important gemstones in the world.

Exhibition Name                   : Vision & Virtuosity

Exhibition Date                     : From 23rd September to 10th November, 2019

Exhibition Venue                  : Fosun Foundation Shanghai, China

JOHN HARDY – Fall 2019 Collection

John Hardy is pleased to present the newest collection from Creative Director Hollie Bonneville Barden. In admiration of the dramatic beauty of Bali, the mythical island where the brand’s story originates, the Fall 2019 collection is fueled by the transformative spirit of nature.

“Drawing from our heritage that’s rich with bold and iconic jewelry, the latest collection brings forth the untamed and elaborate side of John Hardy, made into talismans of power and self-expression,” explains Bonneville Barden.

The Chaumet Garden of Earthly Delights/Chaumet

Faithful to its naturalistic tradition, Chaumet celebrates a living and symbolic flora and fauna by enriching its collections with new creation: captivating brooches and cocktail rings to light up special occasions, and new Bee My Love pieces for everyday wear.

A bouquet of brooches

Les Espiègleries de Chaumet

Inspired by the antics of jungle animals, Chaumet sets out some playful gardening vignettes, inventing a jewellery world in which the natural is a source of spectacle and everyday objects are transformed into poetic subjects. Here, diamonds spill from a spade, wellington boots sprout flowers, a little hen pecks at a big scarecrow, the day’s harvest blooms in an exquisite basket like a jewel box, and a precious drop of water falls from a watering can.


Chaumet’s emblematic collection Attrape-Moi incorporates new bee brooches, revisiting the Maison’s prized imperial emblem, to fasten to a lapel or alight on a dress. _e iconic High Jewellery design unveils unprecedented coloured stones combinations whilst new Precious Jewellery brooches provide a poetic revisiting of the symbolic insect’s stripes.

Broche OEillet

From the dandies of literature to the bright young things of our time, carnations have long bloomed in the buttonholes of men seeking to set themselves apart. Today, Chaumet reinvents this outward sign of refinement as a Precious Jewellery Broche OEillet in diamonds and white gold.

Cocktail rings in bloom

L’Épi de Blé de Chaumet

Sapphires and coloured stones extend the panoply of their joyful palette across High Jewellery rings that evoke the sight of wheat bending in the wind, writing a colourful new chapter in the history of the collection.

A pastoral profusion


Celebrating a symbol of immortality and victory that held great importance for Josephine, one that has always been present in the Maison’s creations, Laurier Precious Jewellery is enriched with new diamond-set creations. Rose gold enters the collection in a delicately carved medallion pendant and a band ring that also comes in white gold, on which a branch encircles the finger in the manner of an architectural frieze.


L’Épi de blé de Chaumet

A contemporary echo of the wheat sheaf tiaras loved by Josephine, an example of which dating back to 1811 is held by the Maison, the L’Epi de Ble de Chaumet Precious Jewellery collection offers a fresh take on a symbol of fertility and fecundity particularly prized by the Maison. To the rings, bracelet, earrings and brooch are added two creations to complete this cluster of gold and diamond cereals. A necklace emphasises the neckline with its delicate grains and a new brooch, a marker of abundance, gracefully links two light ears of wheat.

World record dive for OMEGA Planet Ocean

At the British Museum in London, OMEGA reveals the watch that made the world’s deepest dive – and the groundbreaking technology behind its success.


When Victor Vescovo successfully piloted his deep submergence vehicle DSV Limiting Factor to the bottom of the Mariana Trench earlier this year, the 10,928m dive set a new world record and prompted loud applause from OMEGA’s project team. Along for the record-breaking ride was OMEGA’s Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional. Three of them in fact: two on the submersible’s robotic arms and another on a data-gathering unit dubbed a Lander. All three took the dive in their stride and surfaced completely unscathed.


Commenting on their flawless performance under extreme pressure, President and CEO of OMEGA Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann described the Ultra Deep watches as, “Extraordinary pieces of technology that represent OMEGA watchmaking at its most inventive.”


Joining the unveiling in London was adventurer Victor Vescovo, who praised OMEGA’s project team for their “ability to create a full ocean timepiece that’s not only super tough, but slim, light and stylish.”


OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional – Even tougher testing


All of the watches were pressure tested at Triton Sub’s facility in Barcelona with the attendance of a DNV-GL surveyor. The chosen maximum pressure is linked with tolerances required in the Mariana Trench, but to be extra sure and to comply with dive watch standards, OMEGA insisted on adding a 25% safety margin, which meant the watches had to perform perfectly at an astonishing 1500 bars / 15,000 meters.


Having passed the Triton tests, OMEGA’s Seamaster Ultra Deep watches were then subjected to the highest level of testing in the watch industry. Post-dive, all watches were put through the rigorous 8 tests over 10 days set by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). Even after their extreme underwater journey, each watch achieved Master Chronometer certification.



Jaeger-LeCoultre is delighted to present three exquisite variations of Rendez-Vous Sonatina celebrating “Peaceful Nature”, each offered in a limited edition of eight pieces. These supremely elegant timepieces embody three distinct expressions of refined and delicate femininity.

Testament to the rare talent of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s craftsmen, they unite the codes of fine watchmaking and the delicacy of Métiers Rares™ (Rare Handcrafts), celebrating the Art of Precision in both technical execution and aesthetic expression.

Orchids: a symbol of beauty, grace and charm, cultivated and appreciated in China for more than 3,000 years. Butterflies: believed to represent metamorphosis, hope and life itself – their almost weightless fluttering evoking a sense of lightness and joy.

Elegant yet delicate, fragile yet strong, orchids and butterflies unite on the dials of this new edition of the Rendez-Vous Sonatina, expressing the most enchanting facets of the feminine character.

Giving full rein to the skill of the Maison’s artisans, these new timepieces call on three of the Métiers Rares™ (Rare Handcrafts) that Jaeger-LeCoultre has so thoroughly mastered: guillochage, micro-painting on mother-of-pearl, and gem-setting.

The dials are engraved with a wavy guilloché motif that enhances the tonal variations of the mother-of-pearl, then a delicate tint of pink, green or purple is added. Onto this gleaming background the exquisite composition of orchids and butterflies is brought to life by the artisan, one tiny brushstroke at a time. Lifelike in their detail, with a remarkable sense of visual depth, each of these miniature works of art is subtly different, imbued with the artisan’s personality and passion. A fine oval-shaped ring of diamonds draws the eye to the painted image where, set among the blooms, in a free-form, flower-shaped aperture, the Night & Day indicator is visible.

Set on the edge of the dial, a delicate gold star marks the time of a special rendezvous, moved into position by a second crown. When the time comes, the watch releases a single, melodious chime to remind the owner of her appointment.

This poetic and whimsical expression of femininity is brought to life by the technical sophistication of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Manufacture Calibre 735, a self-winding movement developed specially for the Sonatina, which is displayed beneath the transparent sapphire case-back.

To complete these watchmaking treasures, an alligator leather strap, matched to the dial colour and given a glowing, shiny finish, is fastened to the wrist by a pink gold buckle.

Conceived as a joyful expression of femininity, these special editions of Rendez-Vous Sonatina are limited to eight examples of each variation, and are available exclusively from Jaeger-LeCoultre boutiques.

In the mix Stackability by Chaumet / Chaume

Mix-and-match bracelets, stacked rings, layered necklaces… Chaumet jewellery offers an invitation to playful creativity. Golds and medleys of stones combine to compose singular adornments, with a sense of personal identity, to be worn as a second skin.

A contemporary variation based around the imperial symbol of the bee, the Bee My Love collection is enriched with new pieces featuring the honeycomb motif. Supple necklaces, pendants and earrings can be paired on a whim with rings and bracelets in graphic compositions.

Garnet red and soft pink quartz, pearls and diamonds, pink and grey gold … Inspired by the personality of the Empress, who freely revisited and appropriated the codes of fashion, Joséphine, Chaumet’s iconic collection, is a fertile source of fantasy.

From occasion to occasion, from year to year, the Chaumet Liens celebrate the symbolic bonds that unite people, lovers, friends and relatives. In white gold, pink gold, or boldly playing with colour, bracelets and rings come together to celebrate the strength of relationships that only deepen and develop over time.

Kaya Scodelario Perfectly Demonstrated Clash de Cartier The New Jewellery Signature by Cartier

The new jewellery signature by Cartier – Clash de Cartier that simultaneously champions and eschews classic forms, that balances clean design with an excess of energy, and a serious spirit with original charm. Clash de Cartier shakes up the Maison’s aesthetic heritage of studs, beads and clous carrés. Together, they form a singular, ribbed mesh which becomes Cartier’s new jewellery signature as imagined by the design studios. Clash de Cartier is a chic balancing act, a mix and match of aristocratic codes. This jewellery takes a swipe at protocol, tradition and liberty. A clash of attitudes.

Cartier Celebrated the Launch of Clash de Cartier

Kaya Scodelario and Notable Guests Graced the Star-studded Party in Paris

Cartier celebrated the launch of Clash de Cartier in Paris

Cartier celebrated the launch of its new jewellery signature collection, Clash de Cartier, an expression of duality, dynamic tension & opposites at La Conciergerie de Paris on the evening of 10 April. The celebration was hosted by Cyrille Vigneron, President & CEO Cartier International. It was a star-studded party for the launch of Clash de Cartier with the presence of Hollywood stars and notable attendees including Jake Gyllenhaal, Sofia Coppola, Monica Bellucci, Kaya Scodelario, Rami Malek, Xavier Dolan, Claire Foy, Letitia Wright, Annabelle Wallis, Mélanie Laurent, Tilda Swinton, Golshifteh Farahani, Bianca Brandolini, Amira Casar, Maiwenn, Romain Duris, Niels Schneider, Tahar Rahim, Haider Ackermann, Ludivine Sagnier, Rod Paradot, Troye Sivan, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Alek Wek, Lucy Boynton, Beth Ditto, Lykke Li, Tinie Tempah, Albert Hammond Jr (The Strokes), Joanna Preiss, Camille Razat, Farida Khelfa, Thomas Dutronc, Sonia Sieff, Daniel de la Falaise, Tom Sturridge, Nadine Labaki, Natacha Ramsey-Levi, Jackson, Ana de Armas, Eiza Gonzalez, Yosuke Kubozuka, Laurinda Ho and many more.



Cartier Website:

DAMIANI | a limited edition

The leading Italian luxury jewellery brand, DAMIANI , is celebrating its 95th anniversary in 2019. As its approaches its centenary, the brand has decided to mark the occasion with a threefold celebration: a limited edition of the iconic Belle Époque collection with a tour of high-end jewelry events in the world’s leading capitals of luxury, and a special logo dedicated to DAMIANI’s traditional passion for beauty.

Winnie Harlow Wears Fabergé at Cannes

Canadian supermodel, Winnie Harlow, wore The Secret Garden High Jewellery Collection on the Cannes red carpet at the amfAR Gala which took place at Hotel du Cap.

Harlow wore The Secret Garden High Jewellery Suite – each piece a triumph of art – twinned with Richard Quinn’s bespoke Art Nouveau hand embroidered and nature inspired dress.

The Fabergé Secret Garden collection is inspired by founder Peter Carl Fabergé’s love of flowers and Russian artist Marc Chagall’s vivacious flower bouquets. It captures the colourful explosion of blossoming flowers. A captivating jewelled composition, comprising an unusual mix of materials including carved hardstone, enamel and gold, where the focus is the extraordinary harmony of shades created by exceptional gemstones with character. These include precious gems such as vivid emeralds, padparadscha sapphires, and raspberry rubies, surrounded by vibrant pink spinels, mint tourmalines, tanzanites, moonstones and opals.


OMEGA hosts a star-filled tribute to the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing with George Clooney and an impressive line-up of NASA veterans; including Charlie Duke and Thomas Stafford.

It was a gathering of greats at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center when OMEGA paid tribute to the mission that made history. “Golden Moments” dinner served beneath the impressive Saturn 5 rocket, which was attended by George Clooney, Amal Clooney, Charlie Duke and Thomas Stafford.


Clearly proud of the Swiss brand’s claim-to-fame as the first watch worn on the Moon, President and CEO of OMEGA Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann summed up the spirit of the occasion. “It’s a huge achievement to land on another world. I can’t think of a better reason to raise a glass in tribute.”

Lens Position: 2774

Though OMEGA Ambassador George Clooney drew a great deal of media attention, the self-effacing actor was determined to ensure the spotlight stayed focused on his fellow guests. “It’s a great pleasure to be here – and an honor. I have enormous respect for the people who made the Apollo missions such a success.”


To mark the 50th anniversary OMEGA has released a 42 mm Speedmaster in 18K Moonshine™ gold – an exclusive new alloy which offers a paler hue than traditional yellow gold and higher resistance to fading over time. The design is replete with lunar history as well as modern materials and a superb new movement: OMEGA’s Master Chronometer Calibre 3861- a manual-winding OMEGA Co-Axial escapement movement with Moonshine™ gold plated main plate and bridges, as well as burgundy markings.