Tiffany & Co. Atlas X Collection New Additions

– The Perfection Of The “X” Factor

Tiffany & Co. has launched new additions to the Atlas X collection, taking inspiration from the classic Atlas™ collection that was in turn inspired by the Roman numerals on the iconic clock of the Tiffany flagship store on Fifth Avenue. The new 18k rose gold bracelet, bangle, pendant, ring and earrings dazzle with Tiffany diamonds and feature the unique “X” and avant-garde design for an iconic, fashionable and bold look.

Tiffany & Co. has launched new additions to the Atlas X collection, taking inspiration from the classic Atlas™ collection that was in turn inspired by the Roman numerals on the iconic clock of the Tiffany flagship store on Fifth Avenue. The new 18k rose gold bracelet, bangle, pendant, ring and earrings dazzle with Tiffany diamonds and feature the unique “X” and avant-garde design for an iconic, fashionable and bold look.

Your “X” Factor

“X” represents “ten” in the Roman numeral, and in everyday language, “X” also represents an infinite power. The new jewelry in the Atlas X collection uses “X” as the design motif to show that Tiffany is committed to pursuing excellence in every step – from sourcing the stone to crafting each powerful and unique piece with exquisite craftmanship. The new Atlas X styles are crafted with 18k rose gold and diamonds, the three-dimensional and striking “X” design bring trimmed with a blade edge. What’s more, the diamonds dazzling on the pieces create a new image to the collection while continuing the spirit of the iconic design.

The Tiffany 18k rose gold Atlas X Open Hinged bangle and ring surround the Roman numerals around the bangle and ring with diamonds making it a stunning piece, while the crisscross elements on the Tiffany Atlas X Wide bracelet, pendant, ring and earrings in 18k rose gold with diamonds inject extraordinary vitality to the jewelry; the new additions can be worn in different combinations projecting your unique character.

The new additions of the Atlas X collection are simple yet versatile, whether you wear it alone or stacked, making them perfect statement pieces showcasing your unique “X” factor without boundaries.



  • Beautiful Bespoke Phantom Collection Car debuts in Southern California marking a special occasion for its owners
  • Glenn and Gigi Moss celebrate 40th anniversary with a light and dark duo of Rolls-Royce commissions
  • Discreet message on each commission marks the time and place they met and the time and place they wed
  • Rolls-Royce delivers commissions in private ceremony in Orange County, California

“Rolls-Royce Phantom Tempus is a motor car for those who shape the world as they seek their own place in the universe. They understand that whatever our individual gifts, talents, and opportunities, we are all gifted time – and it is up to us to make the most of every precious moment. With Phantom Tempus, we have created a space in which the strictures of time no longer apply – as illustrated by the deliberate absence of a clock. Rolls-Royce clients are not bound by time; the outside world with all its pressures and demands are forgotten. We offer our congratulations to Glenn and Gigi Moss, not only on their years together, but also on these two beautiful Rolls-Royces, commissioned to mark this special occasion.”

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

“I could think of no better way to mark a special moment in time in Gigi and my life together than with this duo of Rolls-Royce commissions. The beauty of commissioning a Rolls-Royce is in making it personal and intimate. Phantom Tempus provided us with a wonderful canvas to personalize the painting of our lives together. And the addition of the Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge commission is a statement to celebrate the fact that we will carry our passion for life long into the future. Some things are timeless, and this is what we celebrate.”  

Glenn L. Moss Sr

Rolls-Royce Phantom, the marque’s pinnacle product, resides at the apex of the luxury world. Producing a Collection Car is always a seminal moment for the marque. With the Phantom Tempus Collection, the sources of inspiration are on an appropriately grand scale: time, deep space, and a theoretical physicist who changed the way to see the universe. Only 20 examples of this stunning Bespoke creation have been built at Rolls-Royce’s Global Center of Luxury Manufacturing Excellence in West Sussex, England.

To mark a very special moment in time, their 40th anniversary, Riverside California residents Glenn and Gigi Moss, have commissioned one of these rare and spectacular cars for themselves. Their Phantom Tempus was delivered to them at an exclusive celebration, together with a special Bespoke Dawn Black Badge. The beautiful pair of Bespoke Rolls-Royce’s were delivered to Mr. and Mrs. Moss by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Orange County.

The inspiration for this pair of Bespoke commissions arose from the Moss’ desire to celebrate the moment in time at which their life together began. The Phantom Tempus’ Bespoke Spirit of Ecstasy is made of solid silver, with the location and date the couple first met in 1976 engraved into the base of the statuette. Additionally, latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates mark the precise location. Discreetly etched into the base of the black carbon fiber Spirit of Ecstasy which graces the prow of the Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge, is the date and location where the couple wed in 1981.

Phantom Tempus

One of 20 for Glenn L. Moss Sr

The exterior of Mr. Moss’ Phantom Tempus is presented in a bright and stunning Crystal over Arctic White. The couple chose the bright color to signify the light and infinite nature of time in their marriage. This brilliant finish is highlighted by a hand-painted black coachline, and detailing.

Upon opening the coach doors, an illuminated treadplate reads, ‘Phantom Tempus Collection – Hand built in Goodwood England for Glenn L. Moss Sr.’ The interior of the Moss Phantom Tempus carries over the ‘light’ theme with Arctic White hand-crafted leather offset by black highlights, piping, and contrast stitching. The fascia is finished in black Sparkle Piano reminiscent of the deep darkness of space glittering with the timeless brightness of the constellations.

Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge

Bespoke for Gigi Moss

In addition to creating a very personal Phantom Tempus, Mr. Moss asked the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars to create a singular Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge for Mrs. Moss. With an exterior finish of Crystal over Bright Red, the vibrant swathe of color stands in stark contrast to the bright white hues of the Phantom Tempus. Equipped with a Bespoke Aero Cowling, the four-seater convertible quickly and stylishly transforms into a sleek two-seater roadster.

The Spirit of Ecstasy that adorns the bonnet is milled from black, high-gloss carbon fiber. This transformation to a darker aesthetic extends to certain chrome surfaces including the front grille surround, luggage compartment lid finisher, exhaust pipes and air inlet finisher. The ‘Double R’ signifiers on the Rolls-Royce badges are inverted in color, a key signifier that this car is a Rolls-Royce Black Badge model, representing the alter ego of the brand. The car’s rims are created using 22 layers of carbon fiber folded and formed to provide an aggressive style.

Complementing the treadplate of Phantom Tempus, the treadplate for this Dawn Black Badge reads ‘Hand built in Goodwood England for Gigi Moss’. The hand-crafted interior of the car is finished in full natural grain leather with black highlights and piping. The Rolls-Royce monogram is embroidered on each headrest as is the ‘Unlimited’ infinity logo which is embroidered on the Dawn’s upholstery. The centrepiece of the Black Badge cabin is the aerospace-grade, aluminum-threaded carbon fiber composite surfacing material. The air vents are darkened using the Physical Vapor Deposition process. This surfacing method is utilized to ensure that the parts will neither discolor nor tarnish over time.

This Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge commission provides a stunning, darker ‘alter-image’ to the light and infinite nature of Phantom Tempus, leaving the couple with a lasting memory of their very special relationship.

OMEGA Goes for Gold With a new Seamaster Aqua Terra Tokyo 2020

Known as the ultimate prize at the Olympic Games, a gold medal represents the greatest accomplishment of an athlete’s career. In tribute to that iconic sporting honour, the Swiss watchmaker OMEGA has crafted two unique timepieces, each dedicated to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, and made in full 18K yellow gold.

OMEGA has been the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games since 1932, and will serve in the role for the 29th time when the prestigious event begins this July in Japan. If anybody knows about the precision, excellence and commitment required to stand at the top of the Olympic Games podium – it’s OMEGA!

The new Seamaster Aqua Terra watches are offered in 38 mm or 41 mm sizes, and both stand out for their radiant yellow gold cases. As always, OMEGA has used 18K gold, considered to be the premium standard in watch and jewellery making, with its superb balance between purity and practicality. Each timepiece is driven by a Co-Axial Master Chronometer calibre, guaranteeing the Swiss industry’s highest standard of precision, performance and magnetic resistance.

The new Seamaster Aqua Terra Tokyo 2020 Gold Editions come with OMEGA’s full 5-year warranty and are delivered to customers inside a special presentation box.










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Hermès Watch – Cape Cod Chaîne d’ancre

Cape Cod Chaîne d’ancre

Appears dressed in diamonds and obsidian to reveal new precious and distinctive facets of its personality.

In 1991, the Cape Cod watch was born under the bold pencil strokes of Henri d’Origny – «a square in a rectangle».

Its original case is composed of two «anchor chain» half links, a motif created by Robert Dumas in 1938.

The motif inspired by a boat chain is anchored on the dials of the Cape Cod and reveals a plurality of fanciful touches.

This year, the Cape Cod is once again transformed:

shimmering with diamonds and carved in obsidian stone a grey vitreous volcanic rock – or sandblasted, gilded and lacquered, its distinctive graphic shape plays with materials and textures.

Available in 3 versions – gem-set rose-gold or steel.  

Paired with a single- or double-tour strap in Chantilly-coloured or pearl grey alligator,

crafted in the Hermès Horloger workshops.


IWC Schaffhausen joins forces with Airspeeder, the world’s first electric flying car racing series, in a new engineering and timekeeping partnership. Combining the passion both companies share for technological progress, human endeavour and sustainability, they will work together in pioneering this new form of motorsport to fast track a new era of clean-air mobility.

The Airspeeder racing series is the brainchild of founder Matt Pearson, who also runs Alauda, the world’s first performance electric flying car manufacturer. Taking inspiration from the role sport has traditionally played in advancing the cause of technology, Pearson’s visionary idea is to create a new kind of motorsport to accelerate the advanced air mobility revolution and transform passenger, logistical and even medical transportation.

The planned global race series will eventually see a full grid of eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) craft, manufactured by Alauda, managed by individual teams and operated by elite pilots, compete at heights of up to 40m off the ground and at top speeds of 200km/h. The air races will take place on electronically-created tracks and be streamed globally, minimising the environmental impact of more complex logistics and infrastructure.

Christoph Grainger-Herr, CEO of IWC Schaffhausen

“It’s fantastic to play a part in bringing Matt’s bold vision to life. The Airspeeder team are true pioneers of aviation and they are bringing together two things that are really close to IWC’s heart. From making some of the planet’s best pilots’ watches for the last eighty years to the cut and thrust of modern automotive design and racing, we have always equipped and inspired those who dare to dream. We are proud to collaborate on an endeavour that will make such a progressive impact on society,”

Christoph Grainger-Herr, CEO of IWC Schaffhausen

From its technical base in South Australia, the Airspeeder project has brought together some of the brightest minds in aviation, motor racing and performance automotive engineering from across the world. Charged with envisioning a better future, the diverse team of engineers, specialists and pilots are encouraged to think innovatively to push the boundaries of technical excellence, a philosophy which IWC also shares. The new partnership reflects this common purpose and will establish a knowledge exchange to prompt technological progress within the engineering departments of both organisations. Learn more about the partnership here.

Airspeeder developed its first small-scale prototype performance eVTOL in 2017 and has continued to finesse the design ever since through computer modelling and simulation, as well as extensive testing. The newest vehicle, the Mk3, is the world’s first fully functional electric flying racing car. With an overall aesthetic reminiscent of classic 1950s sportscars combined with racing drones, the speeders feature an octocopter layout, airfoil-profiled rotor arms, cuttingedge carbon-fibre composites and the latest EV battery technology. New advances in safety are delivered through a suite of technologies and engineering elements never before seen on an eVTOL craft. These innovations include LiDAR and Radar collision avoidance systems that create a ‘virtual force field’ around the craft to ensure close but ultimately safe racing. Designed for maximum performance and aerial agility, they move through the air with precision and pace. An entire grid of these remotely piloted Mk3s is currently being built by Airspeeder, ahead of this year’s competitive pilotless events. The Mk4 is expected to launch in 2022, before the inaugural crewed season gets underway.

Tiffany & Co. Colab…

Tiffany & Co. Introduces Three New Global House Ambassadors 

Anya Taylor-Joy, Eileen Gu and Tracee Ellis Ross make their debut in the 2021 Tiffany T1 campaign, ‘Give Me the T

Tiffany & Co. unveiled that Anya Taylor-Joy, Eileen Gu and Tracee Ellis Ross are its newest global House ambassadors. Ushering in a new creative vision for the storied jeweler, today, Taylor-Joy, Gu and Ross made their debut in the 2021 Tiffany T1 campaign, ‘Give Me the T,’ launching across Tiffany platforms on Tuesday, June 15.

“I love jewelry that has symbolism in it,” said Anya Taylor-Joy. “I love it to mean something to me. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything to anybody else, but I like to look down at my fingers and have a story.”

Give Me the T’ campaign shows unique character

Showcasing Tiffany’s signature collection through a pared-down, contemporary lens, Taylor-Joy, Gu, and Ross star in three vignettes obliquely centered around the letter T. Highlighting the design’s bold forms, striking pavé diamonds and intricate craftsmanship, the campaign was shot by Mario Sorrenti in New York City. While the story behind Tiffany T1 remains centered on inner strength and individuality, the breadth of the collection has evolved over the past year to include new bracelet, earrings and pendant styles, as well as new 18k white gold iterations. In the ‘Give Me the T’campaign, Taylor-Joy, Gu and Ross layer the new designs with other striking T1 pieces—such as the T1 choker with nearly 250

“Growing up, I would often wander through the flagship store on Fifth Avenue, imagining myself as a grown woman wearing the bold elegance of Tiffany’s signature diamonds. All these years later, to be the face of this iconic brand and to represent the T1 collection is a dream come true,” said Tracee Ellis Ross. “Shooting the campaign was a welcome moment of inspiration and glamour after the challenging year that we’ve all experienced.”

“Wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, especially one that is meaningful or motivational in a personal sense, is an inexorable feeling—it’s empowering, inspiring and exciting to express myself, to feel seen and heard without having to utter a single word,” said Eileen Gu. “I’m obsessed with the balance between elegant simplicity and striking boldness that the new T1 collection offers.”

Following the T1 campaign, Taylor-Joy and Gu will star in the ‘Knot Your Typical City campaign—also shot in New York City by Sorrenti—for a new jewelry collection that Tiffany is set to release in North America this fall, and globally in 2022. Wearing designs from the new collection, Taylor-Joy, Gu and Alton Mason pass through city streets as quintessentially hard-to-impress New Yorkers offer clear nods of approval.

Tiffany is proud to celebrate these inspiring individuals and will continue to explore exciting new avenues to highlight its latest and most iconic collections.

Tiffany & Co. 宣佈 Anya Taylor-Joy Tracee Ellis Ross Eileen Gu


於全新一輯 Tiffany T1 Give Me the T」系列廣告登場

Tiffany & Co. 繼早前宣佈韓國女子組合 BLACKPINK 成員兼歌手 ROSÉ 成為全球品牌代言人後,今天再度宣佈演員 Anya Taylor-Joy滑雪運動員谷愛凌(Eileen Gu) 著名黑人演員 Tracee Ellis Ross 三位成為全球品牌代言人,並於 2021 Tiffany T1 廣告「Give Me the T」中粉墨登場,廣告由615 (星期二) 起於 Tiffany 各大平台推出。

「我喜愛帶有特別含意的珠寶,對於對我別具意義的珠寶情有獨鍾。它不一定要對其他人有任何意義,我純粹喜歡看看手指,回想當中的故事。」—Anya Taylor-Joy

Give Me the T」 演繹獨特真我
三位以簡潔時尚的方式演繹 Tiffany & Co. 的經典系列,在圍繞字母「T」的三個章節中亮相。廣告由 Mario Sorrenti 於紐約掌鏡,突顯珠寶的奪目形態、矚目鋪鑲鑽石及精細工藝。Tiffany T1 象徵內在力量及獨特個性,系列款式涵蓋手鐲、耳環及吊墜。在「Give Me the T」廣告中,三位以新品配襯T1的經典款式,包括鑲嵌近250顆、共重逾13克拉的圓形明亮式及方形階梯式切割美鑽的T1短項鍊,演繹系列如何讓佩戴者展現真我。

「我在成長階段經常到紐約第五大道的旗艦店閒逛,幻想自己已經長大成人,佩戴奪目優雅的Tiffany經典鑽飾。年月過去,我成為了這個經典品牌的大使,為T1系列代言,仿似夢想成真。全球經歷難關重重的一年後,這次廣告拍攝為自己帶來鼓舞和煥發魅力。」—Tracee Ellis Ross

「戴上美麗的珠寶,尤其是對自己別具意義或帶來鼓舞的珠寶,是種無可抵擋的感覺。不發一言亦能展現真我和備受關注,令人覺得充滿力量、啟發和振奮感。我對全新T1系列珠寶兼備的優雅簡約及矚目前衛風格為之著迷。— Eileen Gu

除新一輯 T1 廣告外,Anya Taylor-Joy 谷愛凌 (Eileen Gu) 更將出演同樣由 Sorrenti 於紐約取景拍攝和的「Knot Your Typical City」廣告,為品牌即將於今年秋季及 2022 年在北美及全球推出的全新珠寶系列宣傳。二人將連同著名模特兒 Alton Mason 佩戴全新系列的珠寶,化身紐約時尚型人,穿梭於紐約街頭。

Tiffany & Co. 欣然弘揚這些鼓舞人心的人物的精神,並將繼續開闢令人振奮的新蹊徑,以突出品牌最新和最經典的系列。

Columbus Yachts

Columbus Yachts, a brand of Palumbo Superyachts, presents the new 50-metre Sport M/Y K2.

The success of the SPORT line by Columbus Yachts, established in 2011 with the award-winning 40-metre models, is confirmed. Vertical bow and streamlined profile, stylistically this project has broken the mould of the time becoming an icon of sportiness and elegance. Today the fleet is enriched with a new 50-metre model characterized by the distinctive elements of this design which combine new aesthetic nuances with an engineering development of the hull to guarantee a high level of comfort even when cruising in rough sea conditions.

Columbus Sport 50’s naval engineering was developed by Palumbo Superyachts in collaboration with the Hydro Tec studio, while the exterior and interior design is penned by Luca Dini Design & Architecture.

Featuring several new solutions designed to the specific request of its experienced Owner who is on his third project with Palumbo Superyachts, M/Y K2 accommodates 11 guests in five comfortable cabins and 11 crew members sharing seven cabins.

The concept of this yacht mirrors the personality, style and approach to life of its owner. Elegant, refined, attentive, demanding, but also sporty, traveller and open-minded.”, comments Luca Dini, founder of the Luca Dini Design & Architecture studio.

From the naval engineering and architecture point of view, the lines of Columbus Sport 50 M/Y K2 are characterized by a razor-sharp vertical bow, with double-edged cross sections to improve seaworthiness and keep the boat dry even in rough sea conditions.

Requirements such as transatlantic range combined with the reduced draft to allow for shallow water cruising in the Bahamas, have implied searching for an optimization on the entire resistance curve, both at maximum contractual speed and at lower speed. Hull with an all-aluminium superstructure and 499 GT tonnage.” comments Eng. Cutolo of Hydro Tec, who adds: “Actually, the performance analysis at lower speeds has provided particularly interesting readings, with a consumption of about 70 l / h at 10 knots that is a particularly good result if we consider the hull characteristics.”

The interior is clean, bright, harmonious and coherent. The layout has attractive outdoor spaces ideal for conviviality as they provide the flexibility of enjoying various daytime activities by easily transforming the sunpads into conversation seating sets or creating areas suitable for receiving guests. To maximise the versatility of each area, great attention was paid to shading solutions. On the two decks, bar and dining facilities are set up both indoor and outdoor. A comfortable entertaining area has been created in the upper deck, with a large TV screen, bar and a game table.

A swimming pool with Jacuzzi is located forward on the upper deck and can be reached from the cockpit through two large side walkways that turn the whole deck into a proper relaxation and entertainment area.

The fitness section in the owner’s area forward on the main deck, spreads over 18 square metres and is equipped like a functional gym designed in every detail and complete with a hammam in the owner’s bathroom.

The beach club, thanks also to the transformer platform with an approximately 4 square metre pop-up accessory automatically raising when the platform opens, offers a generous relaxation and entertainment area.

The research has moved towards a contemporary, striking and at the same time relaxing style, bound to maintain its pleasant appeal also in the future.

Zyricote and Tanganyika Frisè, two wood essences with an exotic and decò flair, the reflections of lacquer and steel details, together with the soft textures of leather and fabrics modulate the atmosphere of any environment on board. The cappuccino-coloured onyx and the white Lasa floor mat used in the bathrooms are also very impressive.

The overall effect is completed by branded furnishings, with a predilection for the Fendi collection, though with a keen eye to the classic and tailoring tradition of great national companies.

In the proposal, the notes of colour are given by the selection of textile materials capable of harmoniously completing any environment, with attention to small details, while maintaining a strong masculine imprint.

It is a precious interior, reserving pleasant surprises and welcoming with reassuring luxury.

Another aspect particularly well developed from a technical perspective was the reduction of noise and vibrations reaching extremely low noise levels in the guest rooms and especially significant because obtained at a value of 85% of the maximum power of the propulsion system, therefore at a speed slightly higher than 20 knots.

Powered by two 2000 HP MTU engines, M/Y K2 is able to reach a maximum speed of 21.5 knots, with a cruising speed of 17 knots and a wide range for transatlantic crossings. TEAM Italia’s multitouch dashboard, designed in collaboration with the Palumbo Superyachts team and the Captain of M/Y K2, was built on the concepts of safety and manoeuvrability, providing the captain with adaptability in any sea condition.

Basically, Columbus Sport 50 embodies two distinct souls that allow it to be an absolutely sporty boat in terms of maximum speed without compromising on comfort and range, as well as being absolutely in line with displacement type vessels when cruising at economic speed.

The boat is equipped with a tender and jet ski respectively positioned astern of the lower deck (3.31 metre Seadoo) and at the bow (Castoldi Jet tender 21 of 6.5 metres). The tender is launched and hauled through a side opening in the hull.

M/Y K2 has a latest generation entertainment system developed in collaboration with Videoworks. To allow external connections, two VSAT Sailor 900 High Power antennas have been installed, so as to count on full satellite signal reception at any angle the yacht is located, and three Cradlepoint 5G ready dual modems. The latter, thanks to the second extractable modem integrated in the device, will make it possible to switch to 5G technology, avoiding long work on board.

Columbus Sport 50 M/Y K2 is expected to officially debut at the next Monaco Yacht Show in September.

Columbus Sport 50 M/Y K2 is available for charter with Fraser.

Omega Constellation

A father plays many roles throughout his lifetime – from motivator and teacher, to handyman and driving instructor. For such a versatile guy, we believe that a diverse choice of timepiece is essential.

This Father’s Day, we’ve chosen two different watches for two different sides of your Dad. The OMEGA Constellation is built for the business leader, combining a confident and classic design with an array of cutting-edge materials. It’s a watch that truly feels at home in the boardroom.

Beyond the 9 to 5, every man needs time for enjoyment. The original Seamaster 300 arrived in 1957 as OMEGA’s first professional divers’ watch. Today, the vintage-inspired timepiece still carries that ocean spirit, but has been updated for any weekend adventure that a Dad might desire.

Whichever role your father plays, there’s an OMEGA watch that will certainly suit his style

The Winston with Love collection

Mr. Harry Winston once exclaimed, “Jewels are more than my love and my life; they are an insatiable obsession.” Mr. Winston’s enduring passion for precious gems was a constant throughout his life and served as the guiding light for all of his endeavors.

As a House rooted in an unwavering commitment to the most exceptional gemstones, this passion continues to run deep today. For its latest offering of incredible jewels, the House of Harry Winston explores the intense feelings of love, through a fine jewelry collection that chronicle its extraordinary phases. Forged in diamonds and colorful precious gemstones, the collection is a true expression of L.O.V.E. Much like an acrostic poem, each letter represents a different phase of love – the crescendo of an emotion that is innately felt, but at times, hard to express. From the first light of affection, to a passionate obsession, to the ultimate vow and an eternity together, with each phase the feelings of love grow stronger, and more meaningful. Of all of life’s gifts, these feelings are among the greatest. Like rare diamonds and gemstones, love is a force of nature not to be reckoned with. This is Winston with Love.

Examining the infinite possibilities of this most heartfelt sentiment, the collection encapsulates each stage of love, focusing on variations in color, movement, meaning, and form. The collection, completely made by hand, offers a modern interpretation of the signature Winston design aesthetic and consists of 39 pieces, separated into four unique chapters: L – Winston Light; O – Winston Obsession; V- Winston Vow; and E – Winston Eternity.

  1. Winston Light.The first stage of love glows with excitement and light through jewels full of color and luminosity. Sparks, a series of pendants, earrings, and rings, captures the fiery form of a firework bursting in the air and embodies the feelings of the very first spark. Available with three different colored center stones – red rubellite, blue tanzanite, or orange spessartite – the radiant, mixed metal rays found on each piece are set at varying heights and feature an artful assembly of brightly coloredgemstones and diamonds meant to evoke the complex distribution of flaming light. Brilliant Glow is an extraordinary high jewelry suite that demonstrates the House’s breathtaking gem-setting expertise. The centerpiece of the suite is a one-of-a-kind necklace that exudes the fluidity of a piece of fabric as it delicately graces the neck with a brilliant composition of diamonds, yellow diamonds, pink sapphires, spessartites, and rubies. At its core hangs a sweet heart-shaped yellow diamond – a subtle nod to the start of budding new romance.
  2. Winston Obsession.The second stage is filled with a burning passion that knows no bounds. Like two souls in the night, the Dancing Flames series consists of two high jewelry suites that pair vibrant gems with diamonds in modern settings that capture love’s intense heat. A pair of chandelier earrings, with a subtle gradation up the ear, cascade with diamonds and fiery gemstones in hues of orange, purple and red, while its complementing hair accessory and ring reimagine the intricacies of wild flames. The second suite centers around a high jewelry necklace set with a central sugarloaf ruby emboldened by diamond, purple sapphire, spessartite, and ruby flames. Flare, a series of highly dimensional earrings and rings in three colorways, is a formidable representation of its namesake and speaks to the House’s undeniable expertise, as each is constructed using the complex technique of mixed metal pave.
  3. Winston Vow.An undeniable love has led to the ultimate commitment – a vow to one another. The Winston Promise pendant, ring and earrings, depict a subtle heart motif with diamonds, rubies, yellow diamonds and pink sapphires, set in rose gold. Adding a contemporary touch, the half heart earrings are a mismatched pair that, when placed side-by-side, reveal the full motif. In Dual Hearts, the name says it all. Two extraordinarily matched heart-shaped rubies are set on top of a cluster of breathtaking diamonds. The beauty of these pieces – rings, pendants, and earrings – are in their simplicity. Diamonds appear to float on top of the skin, in true Winston fashion, and the addition of two red rubies add a romantic touch to an iconic House design.
  4. Winston Eternal.The last phase of love celebrates a lifetime together. Two interlocking hearts, in diamonds, rubies and pink sapphires, make up the Sweet Heart pendant, earring, and ring. A pure representation of love, these pieces celebrate life’s vast possibilities with gemstones that seemingly have no beginning or end. The pinnacle of any love story is the idea of an eternity together forever. The Endless Love suite, adapted from an archival Winston design, pairs diamonds and rubies in a signature twist motif. A perfect representation of the intertwining of two souls, the magnificent necklace elegantly frames the neck, while the matching earrings elegantly climb the ear, and ring, which celebrates the eternal embrace of love.

The utmost precision and attention to detail are required to express the beauty and complexity of love. Winston with Love embodies the House of Harry Winston’s passion for expressing deep, intangible emotions in the world’s rarest gemstones through unparalleled craftsmanship and design.

Tiffany & Co. Introduces Its First Men’s Engagement Ring: The Charles Tiffany Setting

This spring, Tiffany & Co. debuts The Charles Tiffany Setting, its first men’s engagement ring featuring a bold solitaire diamond. The ring is named after founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, who, in 1886, captivated lovers around the world with the introduction of the women’s solitaire diamond engagement ring, the Tiffany® Setting. Following in the footsteps of its iconic sister, The Charles Tiffany Setting honors the jeweler’s long-standing legacy in love and inclusivity, paving the way for new traditions to celebrate our unique love stories and honor our most cherished commitments to one another. In Mid-May 2021, the first Tiffany men’s engagement are firstly launched at Tiffany flagship and HK One Peking Road is the first couple stores in the world to present this innovative design, men around the world can celebrate and honor their love with the unrivaled beauty and craftsmanship of a Tiffany diamond.

Tiffany’s first diamond engagement ring designs for men are a modern and bold departure from the traditional wedding band. Recalling a signet silhouette, the platinum and titanium designs revise a classic men’s style with powerful contours, a contemporary profile and feature a striking center diamond.

The first release of The Charles Tiffany Setting will be available in round brilliant and emerald-cut diamonds up to 5 carats. The styles with a round brilliant diamond showcase a streamlined knife-edge band, inspired by the band on the iconic Tiffany® Setting, while the styles with an emerald-cut diamond feature strong, architectural beveled edges.

Tiffany continues to bring a new level of transparency to its diamond supply chain, reaffirming its reputation as the leader in diamond traceability. The House is unique among global luxury jewelers in its ability to deliver the full craftsmanship journey for each newly sourced, individually registered diamond, including each diamond that is set in The Charles Tiffany Setting.  Such diamond’s region or countries of origin, along with where it was cut and polished, graded and quality assured, as well as set in jewelry will be available from any sales professional as well as printed on the Tiffany Diamond Certificate.

What’s more, in celebration of the season of love, Tiffany brings the sparkling touch of romance to the lovely couple with exquisite range of jewelry including the classic Tiffany® Setting and Tiffany True® engagement rings, the stylish Tiffany True® wedding bands, Tiffany T True rings and the elegance Tiffany Victoria® rings and earrings.

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