Cartier Presents a Perfect Selection of Deluxe Gifts for Fathers

Cartier creates exceptional pieces with unrivalled quality and unique design to manifest gentlemen’s charisma in everyday life. With Father’s Day just a few weeks away, the Maison has prepared a deluxe selection of gifts for your respected dad – Juste un Cloubracelets, Santos de Cartier watches and sunglasses,Pasha de Cartier eau de toilette, Must de Cartier credit card wallet and Panthère de Cartier stationery box.


The unisex wrist-hugging Juste un Clou bracelets in 18K white gold or yellow gold, can be worn as a stand-alone jewellery or stacked together, hold raw, concentrated energy and embody an assertive attitude that will certainly delight him.


The iconic Santos de Cartier watches, honour the Parisian geometry of the era with its square shape and visible screws. The strap caters to modern lifestyles and ease of movement with QuickSwitch system, and can be tailored to suit any occasion. Available in steel, gold, calfskin or alligator skin, all versions are interchangeable. The contemporary feel of sunglasses line from the same collection, paying tribute to aviator Santos Dumont, is the best surprise for your father.


Pasha de Cartier edition noire eau de toilette is a modern and charismatic reinterpretation of the original Pasha de Cartier fragrance. Green and citrus freshness, combined with amber and cedar depth.


Stylized with signature double C logo, demin calfskin and palladium finish, the iconic Must de Cartier credit card wallet serves as the finest Father’s Day present.


The exquisite Panthère de Cartier stationery box set is composed of a lacquered wooden box with fabric-covered base and interior, and a set of 15 cards and envelopes made of paper sourced from sustainably managed forests. The perfect present for your dad with discerning taste.








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Wristwatches for Father’s Day from Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry

Precision, performance, and style
Watches for Father’s Day, curated by Silicon Valley’s premier timepiece experts Stephen and Jared Silver

Hermès Arceau “78”

Invoking the French Maison’s unique blend of whimsy, polish, and horological prowess, the Hermès Arceau “78” is the perfect watch for those who want a high-quality yet everyday timepiece. This timepiece is a study in subtle contrasts, from its polished case to its grain-textured dark grey dial and textured bezel. Its parchment-colored hands and italicized numerals evoke mid-century watches, aged to perfection. The date window at 6 o’clock matches the numerals on the dial, and the watch is delivered on a barenia-colored leather strap, exhibiting the leatherworking mastery that is synonymous with Hermes.

Bell & Ross BRV2-93 GMT BLUE

For the man who is a consummate traveler, Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry recommends gifting the Bell & Ross BRV2-93, which allows the wearer to track up to three time zones at once. It features a 12-hour hand, an independently adjustable red 24-hour hand, and a rotating 24-hour bezel in blue and grey that delineates night and day and can be configured to display the third time zone. The watch is also ready to withstand any of the rigors of the road life with water resistance up to 100 meters, and large, high-contrast white numerals that offer crisp legibility against a sunray blue dial. The gray and blue striped elastic canvas strap (with light stretch) completes its practical yet stylish look.

OMEGA Happy Father’s Day 2021, Celebrating the Man of the Hour

A father plays many roles throughout his lifetime – from motivator and teacher, to handyman and driving instructor. For such a versatile guy, we believe that a diverse choice of timepiece is essential.

This Father’s Day, we’ve chosen two different watches for two different sides of your Dad. The OMEGA Constellation is built for the business leader, combining a confident and classic design with an array of cutting-edge materials. It’s a watch that truly feels at home in the boardroom.

Beyond the 9 to 5, every man needs time for enjoyment. The original Seamaster 300 arrived in 1957 as OMEGA’s first professional divers’ watch. Today, the vintage-inspired timepiece still carries that ocean spirit, but has been updated for any weekend adventure that a Dad might desire.

Whichever role your father plays, there’s an OMEGA watch that will certainly suit his style








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Tiffany & Co. Taps BLACKPINK’S ROSÉ

Tiffany & Co. 宣佈 BLACKPINK 成員 ROSÉ 成為全球品牌代言人

並首於Tiffany HardWear 系列廣告隆重登場

Tiffany & Co. 宣佈韓國女子組合 BLACKPINK 成員兼歌手 ROSÉ 成為全球品牌代言人。這位紅遍全球樂壇和時尚界的新一代女神將於 2021 Tiffany HardWear 系列廣告閃亮登場,而廣告並將於 4 23 日星期五在各 Tiffany & Co. 網絡頻道全球首播。

ROSÉ 說:「我一向喜愛佩戴 Tiffany 珠寶,這個經典品牌早已成為我生活的一部分,現在有幸成為品牌的一分子,對我來說意義非凡。能參與 HardWear 系列的全新廣告,我亦感到十分榮幸,熱切期待在廣告中跟大家見面。」

Tiffany HardWear 系列以 1971 年面世的手鍊為靈感,透過重塑 Tiffany Archive 典藏傑作,體現紐約市的前衛魅力與朝氣。廣告聚焦於系列的經典鉸鍊和工業風造型,大膽設計實驗對比、比例與平衡。

Tiffany & Co. Taps BLACKPINK’S ROSÉ

As Its New Global Ambassador

Fronting The 2021 Tiffany HardWear Campaign

Tiffany & Co. announces member of girl group BLACKPINK and solo artist, ROSÉ, as its new global ambassador. ROSÉ, who has become one of the most idolized young women in music and fashion, will debut her new role in the 2021 Tiffany HardWear digital campaign. The campaign makes its global debut across Tiffany’s channels on Friday, April 23.

“I’ve always loved wearing Tiffany jewelry. To be part of an iconic brand that has been part of my life for a long time makes it that much more special to me,” says ROSÉ. “I am very honored and excited to be a part of the HardWear campaign and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Based on a 1971 bracelet from The Tiffany Archive and having debuted in 2017, Tiffany HardWear is inspired by the edge and energy of New York City. The campaign highlights the collection’s gauge links and industrial shapes—bold designs that play with tension, proportion and balance.

Emanating strength and confidence, ROSÉ wears the collection’s graphic 18k yellow and rose gold links accented with pavé diamonds. Tiffany chose ROSÉ to star in the new campaign for her bold personality and modern style influence—as someone who embodies the attitude and identity of the collection.

Wulu Legend – Legendary Silk Road as Inspiration to Revamp Yourself

Fine Jewellery Brand Qeelin has launched a new series, the Wulu Legend, with designs that drew inspiration from the Silk Road. Wulu’s iconic aesthetics pay tribute to the origins of the brand, and serves to tie ancient oriental wisdom with modern aesthetics.

Since the founding of Qeelin in 2004, the pieces are famed with incorporating traditional symbolism into its contemporary aesthetics. Every unique jewellery by Qeelin is born of Chinese heritage and infused with modernity, celebrating the beauty of harmony in its artistry. It is with this cultural heritage approach that allows the brand to lighten the lives of the wearer.

Usher in an innovative artistic renaissance with the jewellery pieces

The progress of aesthetic interpretation often derives from the original concept and the fusion of the new ideas. In today’s highly globalized world, Chinese and Western cultures are complimenting each other in its own unique and distinctive ways at the same time. Dennis Chan, Founder and Creative Director of Qeelin, once again set off from Dunhuang, the city that inspired the brand’s conception. There he journeyed on the oldest section of the legendary Silk Road, in order to experience the interaction and integration of Chinese and Western civilizations over the past millennia. With renewed inspiration, he incorporated the exotic features of the Silk Road to the Qeelin’s classic Wulu series, and provided a new self-expression in the multi-cultural landscape from the gourd designs Qeelin is famed for; and with that, the Wulu Legend series was born.

A tribute to the origin with a glorious new steeped in tradition

The Wulu Legend series is divided into designs for daily use and special occasions. For daily use – Commercial Set – the pieces are inlaid with 18K rose gold and diamonds with rubies as embellishments; the ones for special occasions – Couture Set–it features classic Wulu silhouettes to symbolize happiness and longevity. The ruby in the centre forms a pattern that depicts a rich Western Silk Road style. The surface of the jewellery is all inlaid with diamonds, shining brightly to showcase a sense of modernity and prosperity. It is also a new way for millennial to express themselves.

A new chapter for a contemporary interpretation of youth and creativity

In order to showcase Qeelin jewellery’s philosophy, the brand invites you to enter a playful and approachable world where the brand boldly uses urban dance elements and social media hot topics as inspirations. By employing a younger and more modern way to express the collision of tradition and contemporary culture, the series is the epitome of self-expression of the new generation.

At the same time, the brand is launching a brand documentary with pioneering online cultural media platform “Yi Tiao”. In it, Creative Director Dennis Chan talks about Qeelin’s aesthetic imagination of contemporary design and Chinese culture.

In Qeelin’s design philosophy, the functions of a jewellery piece are not to simply give an extra oomph to the wearer’s style, but to explore different creative ways to showcase the pieces and make this daily ritual fun. Together with Qeelin, it is high time to discover the beauty within yourself.

Montblanc announces Xin Zhilei as Brand Ambassador

Luxury Maison Montblanc introduces actress Xin Zhilei as brand ambassador. With her compelling performances in both film and television, Xin has made a lasting impression on audiences across China demonstrating her ability to craft  distinctive characters. She has also earned attention as an emerging icon of the fashion world.  Staying true to her aspirations and passions,  she has embarked on her own unique journey to reach her goals with confidence, creativity and a unique sense of style. These qualities make her a Montblanc Mark Maker, an individual who makes their mark on the world and embodies WHAT MOVES YOU, MAKES YOU, the Maison’s brand ethos. In her role as ambassador, Xin will join the Maison in its mission to inspire people to express their full potential on their own terms, and celebrate those who have found their own original path to success.

Known for her leading roles in movies Crosscurrent and Brotherhood of Blades II, and TV series Candle in the Tomb, Xin always remains true to her original beliefs, and never stops exploring new possibilities in her journey as an actress. In addition to her thriving acting career, she is also a strong presence in the fashion world gracing the cover of many fashion magazines. Xin’s desire to excel, her determination to keep pushing boundaries and her positive mindset are qualities that set her apart.

Bohème is Montblanc’s central women’s product line that captures the essence of fine watchmaking in its own unique way. Since its launch in 2014, it has been a favorite among powerful women. With Xin Zhilei as a new Mark Maker Montblanc hopes to continue to inspire women who are changing the face of success to pursue the endeavors that they love and enjoy the road they take to get there.


IWC Schaffhausen launches a smartphone app in time for the digital Watches and Wonders exhibition. This IWC APP will bring the Swiss luxury watchmaker even closer to watch lovers, connecting IWC’s global family digitally. The signature launch feature is a virtual watch try-on  based on Augmented Reality (AR). Customers can point their camera at their wrist and try on IWC’s 2021 novelties virtually.

The mobile app represents an exciting new channel to engage with IWC digitally and always provides the latest insight into its universe. The main launch feature is a virtual watch try-on based on Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Customers can point the camera of their
smartphone at their wrist where they will then be able to see a watch true to its actual size. This new functionality not only makes IWC’s high-quality mechanical timepieces much more tangible but also enables customers to compare different case diameters.

“For IWC, technology is never just an end in itself, but always a means to improve our customer’s experience and offer tangible added value. While this year’s Watches and Wonders event will again be held virtually, we wanted to make sure that our partners, clients and fans will be
able to see our novelties on their wrists when we reveal them tomorrow. Recent progress in AR technology has been a game changer, allowing us to bring our watches to people’s homes virtually”, explains Dominic Weir, Chief Digital Officer of IWC Schaffhausen.

In addition to the virtual watch try-on, the app is filled with exciting features and exclusive content related to the world of IWC. The brand also plans to reveal compelling stories within its relaunched podcast format. The launch guest will be no other than 7-time F1TM world champion and IWC brand ambassador Lewis Hamilton. Over the coming months, IWC will gradually and continuously improve and extend the app with new features and content to enhance the customer experience.


Cartier Presents a Heartfelt Selection of Exceptional Gifts for Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 9 takes on deeper significance this year when life is so cherished: the opportunity to bestow affection, gratitude and meaningful presents upon your beloved mother. As always, Cartier can be relied upon for a rich array of creations and collectables – from gorgeous jewellery and exquisite timepieces to luxury leather goods and fabulous fragrances – to delight the person who gave you the greatest gift of all. Express your devotion and the endearing facets of your mother’s personality with the Maison’s classics, such as Panthère de Cartier, LOVE and Double C de Cartier bags, or contemporary icons like the boldBallon Bleu and Pasha watches.


LOVE bracelet, created in New York in 1969, presents clean lines and precise proportions, beauty and order, in one immoveable force: the ultimate symbol of maternal devotion. Choose a slim circle of pink gold paved with diamonds, or perhaps a stunning white gold band with black ceramic screws. Or look deeper into the collection to select a pair of sparkling earrings or a pretty LOVE necklace in pink gold whose interlocking rings speak to the unshakeable bond between parent and child.

The panther, a symbol of strength and grace rendered by Cartier over the generations into breathtaking bracelets, rings and necklaces, makes a powerful, bejewelled present for your mother. The sleekest of bracelets, cast in pink gold frosted with diamonds or clean-lined yellow gold, join the Panthère de Cartierfamily this year, while the feline’s fascinating face is the centrepiece of a charming pendant necklace.


The gift of a watch is a joyous reminder of time spent together: those long, carefree days of childhood and the rarer but equally precious moments of parental bonding enjoyed in later life. The round, ornate Ballon Bleu de Cartier collection points to a strong, generous heart, with a crystal bubble at three o’clock encasing its sapphire-cabochon-set winding crown. Pasha de Cartier timepieces defy convention: a neat square within an oversized circle, transparent case back, and easily interchangeable strap; boldly present, open-minded and versatile like the best mothers.

A mother bears a heavy load, but you can help lighten it by gifting her a Cartier handbag. In new iterations of the classic Double C de Cartier bag, understated minimalist lines allow the graphic jewel of a clasp to shine. Shades of pink or red calfskin offer a more feminine and vibrant modern chic than timeless black. Mother’s Day bouquets of roses are no longer fleeting tokens of love when their essence is captured in one of two Cartier high perfumes dedicated to the wild rose. L’Heure Osée and Pure Rose are fearless, fresh and complex fragrances in statement-making bottles.

From May 1 to 9, flowers become a shared experience at specially designed workshops exclusive to customers. Decorate a unique floral gift in Cartier boutiques as a Mother’s Day surprise, or join an online workshop together with your mother to bond over this soothing craft at home.







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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept “Black Panther” Flying Tourbillon

Following the announcement of its long-term partnership with Marvel Entertainment, Swiss Haute Horlogerie manufacturer Audemars Piguet is delighted to reveal the first iteration of its Marvel heroes watch series, the Royal Oak Concept “Black Panther” Flying Tourbillon, limited to 250 pieces. Inspired by historical character watch designs, the Manufacture wanted to pay tribute to a new generation of inspirational heroes and chose to focus on the powerful Marvel universe. Audemars Piguet has decided to kick off this Marvel series with a Black Panther timepiece in celebration of the family values and seamless blend of traditions and technology embodied by Marvel’s hero.

Rooted in ancestral craftsmanship and futuristic technology, the Royal Oak Concept “Black Panther” Flying Tourbillon brings forward the awe-inspiring creativity of complicated timepieces. This 42 mm piece speaks to Audemars Piguet’s long history of design experimentation and connection to the larger cultural world. Never standing still, the brand has continuously pushed further the limits of its craft and looked beyond Haute Horlogerie for inspiration, notably in the realms of pop culture, art and the entertainment industry.


“This collaboration is a dream come true! It is an honour today to pay tribute to Marvel’s heroes and further the strong connection Audemars Piguet has always had with the entertainment industry. This collaborative adventure promises many surprises to come!”
François-Henry Bennahmias
Chief Executive Officer

Tracee Ellis Ross Wears Tiffany & Co. At The 2021 NAACP Image Awards

Nominated for both Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture for “High Note” and Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for “Black-ish” Tracee Ellis Ross wore Tiffany & Co. by legendary designer Elsa Peretti®.

Ross appeared in a bold Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti® Snake necklace and iconic Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti® Bone Cuffs on each wrist in 18k gold. Introduced over fifty years ago, the groundbreaking Bone Cuff design is sculpted to conform to the wrist.