Times Square x emograms launches “Houseful of Joy”

As Chinese New Year approaches, many Hong Kongers are looking forward to the coming of the new year more than ever before! The ever so thoughtful Times Square especially invited Hungarian visual artist and designer, Kissmiklos to make his debut in Hong Kong, which uses his signature emograms as the inspiration behind the “Houseful of Joy” New Year Project. From January 18 to February 28, 2021, a huge art installation of emograms, interactive cheering zone, and art exhibition, shall bring you endless joy and smiles to Hong Kong people who have been secluded behind daily mask wearing in the past year.  At the same time, January 25 to February 8, 2021, upon designated spending at Times Square you could redeem a limited edition exquisite Temari ball designed red packet set and a stylish fortune bag. Join Times Square this Chinese New Year to pass on sincere blessings to everyone around.


The golden smiley face ball falls from the sky. The giant emograms ™  and lucky cat art installation signify prosperity and good fortune

Hungarian visual artist and designer Kissmiklos is known for integrating architecture, art, design, and graphic design to create visually impactful stories. Inspired by the word “emoji” which was once selected as the “Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year”, he designed his well-known emograms serieswhich showcases a variety of emotional facial expression from everyday life, created by various arrangements of alphabetical punctuations. The emograms series of Kissmiklos has been frequently published in the famous design magazine “BRAND”, and the Ball.Room project was exhibited at the 2019 Gwangju Design Biennale, which became a social media hotspot. This time, invited by Times Square to jointly create the “Houseful of Joy” New Year Project, Kissmiklos has made several breakthroughs in his design to cater to the festive atmosphere of the New Year.


As you enter Times Square’s atrium, a giant emograms light installation will immediately catch your attention. Be greeted by 8 giant inflatable emograms showing smiles full of positivity and auspicious New Year vibe, including the English characters “COOL”, “LOVED”, “HAPPY”, “FULL”, “SMILE”, “GOOD”, “LUCKY” and “ENJOY”. For the first time, Kissmiklos uses metallic tones in his design work, which not only implies auspiciousness, but also perfectly brings out New Year’s atmosphere of prosperity and harmony!


The art installation composed of two giant emograms “GOOD” and “LUCK” are equally eye-catching. Among them, the metallic “LUCK” emogram was custom designed for this project. Between the two giant emograms, discover a large “福”  fai chun which is Kissmiklos’ first Chinese word design.The ambiance created by this art installation is bursting with the festivity and good fortune!

The giant interactive lottery balls cheering stations are equally exciting for everyone to enjoy. Discover three big lottery ball machines each representing “Sweet Honey”, “Full House of Gold and Silver” and “Full of Happiness” are filled with “LOVED”, “LUCKY” and “Full” emogram respectively. Press the control in front of the lottery ball machines to charge them up with vitality, and watch “Lucky” emograms toss and roll with great fortune!


On the opposite side of the cheering lottery machines sits a two-meter-high lucky cat art installation. For the first time, Kissmiklos designs on non-spherical objects, giving these lucky cats outfits that sports a Chinese New Year atmosphere. Three fluffy lucky cats of differing sizes each printed with the character “Fu” specially designed by Kissmiklos for this project. Standing in front of the giant “KUNG HEI FAT CHOI” signage, these lovable lucky cats are selfie ready and waiting to greet you with good fortune.


Finally, there will be an exhibition gallery at the center of the atrium. Six selected 3D emograms are displayed, including “GOOD”, “HAPPY”, “LOVED”, “LUCKY”, “ENJOY” and “SMILE”. While enjoying the classic designs of designer Kissmiklos, Times Square’s aim is to wish Hong Kongers a happy new year in 2021 blessed with good luck and laughter. Reminding everyone that even though we are wearing masks, do not forget to keep smiling and enjoy life.


Bringing you sincere wishes for the New Year with a limited edition Temari designed red packets and stylish fortune bag!


Chinese New Year is incomplete without lucky money from red packets.  Inspired by the Temari ball that symbolizes “Wealth and Reunion”, Times Square brings you a special limited edition “Wealthy Blessing”  red packet.  Temari balls originated in the Tang Dynasty in China. Not only does the Chinese writing of Temari ball symbolize bringing happiness to the people around you, the ancient Temari was an artefact believed to bring blessings to others.  Giving a red packet with such a special meaning in its design doubles up the blessings to loved ones.


The set of eight red packets include four circular and four traditional rectangular shaped red packets, each with various Temari ball designs.  These delicate red packets are comparable to art pieces; created with exquisite and craftsmanship such as embroidery, gold leafing etc. In addition, Times Square is launching a special “Good Luck” Bag, with a bright red color and a touch of gold, which fashionably augments the new year.


From 25 Jan – 8 Feb, upon same-day spending of certain amount (maximum 2 receipts) by electronic transaction to redeem “Wealthy Blessing” red packet and “Good Luck” Bag. Customers are required to register at https://timessquare.com.hk/member/index.php to join this promotion and enjoy the rewards.


Same day spending

by electronic payment

Can redeem
HK$1,000 or above A set of “Wealthy Blessing” Lai See
HK$2,000 or above A set of “Wealthy Blessing” Lai See and a ” Good Luck ” Lai See Bag

Limited daily quota for all items, first come first served. Available while stock lasts.

Terms and conditions apply.


Date:               25 Jan – 8 Feb 2021

Time:               10am-10pm

Location:         5/F and 9/F Redemption Counter


With its rich and prestige British heritage of the brand since 1865, The Langham, Hong Kong presents “A Glimpse of London”, the first-ever and groundbreakingexperience to local staycation in 2021 – get on board The Langham flight with the pink boarding pass to London, take Instagrammable photos from the two very elegantly decorated British theme rooms, and enjoy the best of the best British cuisines.

A Glimpse of London

When travelling has become one of the most essential ways to retreat from the busy metropolitan life, embarking on a trip to London is a dream comes true especially during the times where all of us have to stay at home. The Langham, Hong Kong redefines borderless travel with the newest staycation experience by letting guests submerge into a seamless London trip with ease – check in to the iconic stylishly appointed guestroom with a tailor-made pink boarding pass, take millions of selfies for Instagram at two designated British theme rooms namely “A Trip to London Parks” and “Pink Afternoon Tea Room”, and delight in the decadentauthentic British menu at our fine restaurant.

Priced from HK$1,148* for a one-night stay at Superior Courtyard View Room (complimentary upgrade to Deluxe room), complimentary breakfast buffet for two and a 30-minute self-service photo session for two at the two British theme rooms; enjoy an extra HK$800 dining credit with rates begin at HK$1,648*.

A Trip to London Parks

Inspired by different famous parks in London, this meticulously decorated room in British style allows guests to soak in the tranquillity of natural parks in London, take a respite from the hustle of the never-stopping city, and be surrounded by grassy meadows and wooded expanses with a glance at the incredible landmarks and skyline in London.

Pink Afternoon Tea Room

Afternoon tea is not only always recognised as the British national pride, but also an opportunity to indulge and share with friends and family. This femininely decorated room showcases several Instagrammable spots in pastel colours for British tea lovers, which is a perfect place for guests to shine “pink” in the social media world.

Keep Calm and Eat On

Traditional British dishes will be available to make the London experience fulfilling and delicate. As The Langham hotels are known for serving the best afternoon tea experience since The Langham, London first served it in 1865, and was since fondly known as the birthplace of experiencing the tradition of British afternoon tea at a hotel, we continue to present this indulgence to guests as well as other British must-try including Fish N Chips, Shepherd’s Pie of Lamb, Banger and Mash, Baked Seafood Pie, Traditional British Breakfast and etc. at the hotel’s acclaimed restaurants.

*All prices are subject to 10% service charge

The Langham, Hong Kong welcomes reservations from now until 31 March 2021 and are available for stays between 18 January and 31 March 2021. Package details: https://bit.ly/3oxygTs

The World’s Most Instagrammed Waterfalls

REVEALED: The World’s Most Instagrammed Waterfalls

  • Niagara Falls maintains its worldwide recognition as the most Instagrammed waterfall with 4 million hashtags
  • Iguazú Falls in Argentina claims second place with just over a million posts
  • Iceland’s Gullfoss is the third most Instagrammed at 329,576 Insta hashtags
  • 59% of social media users are prepared to break travel restrictions to visit their dream destination
  • Angel Falls may be the tallest waterfall but it falls short on Instagram, placing in 20th

While millions are still constrained by lockdowns and Covid-19, social media has been a haven to explore the world from the comfort of our homes. With searches for ‘travel destinations’ up 100%*, it even allows us to plan future holidays.

Interested in tourist hotspots, Showerstoyou.co.uk were keen to discover which waterfalls are the most popular on social media. After collating the number of Instagram hashtags per waterfall, they can now reveal all!


In first place, Niagara Falls is the world’s most Instagrammed waterfall. While one of the smallest by size (51m), it appears the famed romantic destination hasn’t lost its appeal, raking in a total of 3,397,431 hashtags.

In second place is Iguazú Falls. Argentina’s Wonder of the World had its hashtag shared an incredible 1,005,532 times on Instagram and is a sight to see once overseas travel is allowed.

Gullfoss claims the third most popular waterfall on social media. One of Iceland’s biggest tourist attractions, physically and figuratively, it boasts 329,576 hashtags on Instagram.

In fourth is the famous Victoria Falls in Zambia (286,410 hashtags) and Skógafoss in Iceland (255,519 hashtags) in fifth – tourism in the near future to both should help their countries’ economies bounce back.

Completing the top ten most popular waterfalls to visit are:

  1. Multnomah Falls (USA) – 251,639 hashtags
  2. Yosemite Falls (USA) – 190,185 hashtags
  3. Seljalandsfoss (Iceland) – 163,914 hashtags
  4. Bridalveil Fall (USA) – 147,678 hashtags
  5. Snoqualmie Falls (USA) – 131,475 hashtags

Flipping the results, whilst it may be the tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls in Venezuela falls short and lands in 20th place – the Wonder of the World clocks just under 30,000 Instagram hashtags to date (29,659).

Also of less influence on social media are Peru’s Gocta Falls in 19th (36,810 hashtags) and Switzerland’s Rhine Falls in 18th place(44,065 hashtags).

For all waterfalls in the top 20, please refer to the graphic above for further information.


With travel restrictions differing from country to country, Showerstoyou.co.uk were also intrigued to discover how far people are willing to go to quench their sightseeing needs.

In a flash survey of 3,296 people, a whopping 59% stated they are willing to flout restrictions to visit somewhere they’ve always wanted to go.

33% said they are worried they won’t ever be able to visit locations on their bucket lists, and finally 24% said they had or are considering paying for a virtual tour experience.



Michael Kors is pleased to share the 2021 Lunar New Year campaign, celebrating the spirit of togetherness and spending time with the ones you love.

With fewer people traveling home for the holiday, this year’s campaign focuses on bringing a sense of home to you, wherever you are celebrating. Drawing inspiration from classic Chinese cinema, the vibrant stills and video vignettes capture those cherished moments and age-old traditions that make Lunar New Year so special—gathering around the dinner table with family and friends, sharing your favorite foods, and enjoying a cup of tea & sweets after the meal.

The 2021 Capsule Collection features a luxe selection of the brand’s most-loved bags, including the SoHo shoulder bag, exclusively offered in a new, special edition Red or Black Tweed.

Gift this bag to a loved one, and then, as per tradition, slip one of the brand’s logo-embossed red money envelopes inside.


Chef Max Levy Announces the Return of Omakase at Okra Hong Kong

Lunchtime Omakase is Now Served at the Popular Sake Bar’s Ground Floor

Okra Hong Kong is bringing back its long-awaited and unmatched Omakase offering exclusively for lunch.

The popular sake bar and eatery will serve its widely sought-after Omakase experience, for the first time on its ground floor. The shorter lunch hour-friendly version packs in a real punch, with each plate representative of the restaurant’s ingredient-driven philosophy, celebrating foods sourced locally and from an intimate network of choice growers and producers around the world.

Bold and beautiful flavours abound in the new menu, featuring an impressive array of, characteristically Okra, ‘unconventional’ creations. Emblematic sushi and sashimi dishes include Aged Toro Tartar with charcoal-black salt and white truffle, Roasted Carabinero Sushi starring Spanish scarlet-red prawn, a creamy and buttery Cod Shirako served hot on bamboo, accompanied by citrusy and spicy, yuzu kosho and more.

Keeping the elements of surprise and trust, in delivering this Japanese chef tradition in its most genuine form, Chef Max will alter the meal to highlight in-season produce, meat and seafood of only the best quality – allowing for guests to always arrive feeling intrigued, and leave feeling enlightened.

Okra Hong Kong’s newly-launched Omakase Lunch promises to be the perfect daytime indulgence. A concise version of the typically more elaborate traditional dinner affair, eight intricately prepared courses, followed by a delicately sweet serving of Matcha Ice Cream with a drizzle of probiotic-rich Amazake and a sprinkle of umami in the form of homemade black bean purée is now available from noon to 6pm at the Sai Ying Pun restaurant and sake bar, for HK$980/person.

At Okra, acclaimed chef and long-time sake scholar, Max Levy, should not only be trusted to serve the finest plates, but the chef’s recommendation should also be respected in presenting the best-suited sakes to pair with the meal. Lunchtime visitors can opt for a short pairing of four glasses of sake for HK$380/person, while those looking to make it a boozy brunch or lunch, will appreciate a longer pairing of eight glasses of premium sake for HK$680/person.

Reservations are essential to enjoy Okra’s Omakase Lunch. Bookings can be made for 12-6pm from Monday to Saturday by emailing info@okra.bar or by Whatsapping +852 2806 1038. Limited booking slots are also available via the restaurant’s online reservations system: https://www.exploretock.com/okra/experience/246555/lunch-omakase.

Address: G/F & 1/F 110 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun

Telephone: 2806 1038

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 12-6pm*

*Hours adjusted as per government regulations.

Website: http://okra.kitchen/

Social: @okrahongkong

Reservations can be made by emailing info@okra.bar

Takeaway is available until 9pm, WhatsApp +2806 1038 to order.


Cartier Unveils The Culture of Design Campaign

Featuring Seven Iconic Designs with Precious Details

For Cartier, it all starts with the design. An uncompromising feature: the line is clean and precise. This radical concept, conceived by one of the only Maisons capable of designing creations that form a unique collection of cult jewellery and watchmaking designs, will become Cartier’s signature.

Tank, Trinity, Juste un Clou, Santos, Love, Panthère or Ballon Bleu, instantly recognizable, these collections are based on four main principles of creation: the purity of the line, the accuracy of the shape, the precision of proportions, the precious details.

This intelligence of design places objects seamlessly within their time as well as within the future. Contemporary, although vintage to some, these designs stand the test of time: classic, eternal, essential. They can all be reinvented and continue to inspire conversations: a boundless source of creative energy which Cartier dares to develop over time. A cultural, but also emotional heritage. These pieces are heirlooms. The connection that we have to these pieces continues to grow with time. A powerful feeling directly linked to the idea of heritage and the timelessness that they symbolise.




Cartier website: www.cartier.hk

Gucci | Doraemon

Gucci 農曆新年廣告企劃推出 日本人氣動漫角色多啦 A 夢別注系列

為慶賀 2 月 12 日正式踏入辛丑牛年,Gucci 創作總監 Alessandro Michele 特別設計了一個農曆新年別注系列,與日本人氣動漫角色多啦 A 夢攜手共賀新禧。 多啦 A 夢是來自 22 世紀的貓型機械人,特地穿越時空回來,利用四次元百寶袋內藏的法寶幫 助小學生野比大雄。是次 Doraemon X Gucci 聯乘企劃亦標誌著漫畫版《多啦 A 夢》踏入 50 周年。

多啦 A 夢亦化身全新 Gucci 農曆新年廣告企劃主角,亮相於攝影師 Angelo Pennetta 的鏡 頭前。這隻人氣機械貓是來自幻想國度的友伴,陪你度過日常生活的每一刻,無論是吃早餐、 打電玩還是在花園舉行派對,可愛的多啦 A 夢都為你和好友增添歡樂色彩,將平凡時刻化作 愉快冒險。

男女裝別注系列網羅不同種類的單品,在 GG 圖案上加印經典藍色多啦 A 夢標誌,將於 1 月 12 日推出。至 1 月底,多啦 A 夢將換上俏皮新裝,在新一批限量單品上閃亮登場,慶賀辛丑 牛年。

系列將透過 Gucci 數碼平台及全球指定 Gucci 專門店進行推廣。品牌向互動數碼地圖上標示 位置的圖標取材的期間限定店 Gucci Pins,亦將為多個城市帶來精彩的購物體驗,讓人樂在 其中。

Gucci 2021 年農曆新年系列擁有專屬的可持續包裝物料,包括可完全回收再造的環保包裝袋 和吊牌,兩者同樣印有多啦 A 夢圖像,慶祝漫畫面世 50 周年。

這隻日本大人氣機械貓更將蒞臨澳洲、中國、香港、印度、日本、馬來西亞、新加坡、台灣、 泰國及越南的指定專門店,在外牆或對街裝置上矚目登場。此外,多啦 A 夢亦將成為上海和 香港 Gucci ArtWalls 的主角,在 GG 圖案前亮相,呼應別注系列的設計。

Gucci App則特別為企劃推出手遊,利用擴增實景技術(AR)將多啦A夢活現眼前。用家只需 掃描相關的Gucci ArtWalls及系列包裝,即可欣賞到心愛的卡通人物生動演出。

Gucci’s campaign for Chinese New Year celebrates the House’s dedicated collection featuring Japanese manga character Doraemon

To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, commencing on February 12th and which heralds the Year of the Ox, Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele has imagined a dedicated collection of special items that feature the famous Japanese manga and anime character, Doraemon – the cat-type robot sent from the XXII century to help a young boy called Nobita Nobi with secret gadgets from his four-dimensional pouch. The resulting Doraemon X Gucci collaboration is also marking the manga’s 50th anniversary.

For the occasion, Doreamon takes the stage of the new Gucci Chinese New Year campaign shot by photographer Angelo Pennetta. This highly recognizable character becomes a companion who transforms everyday activities into joyful adventures. From having breakfast, to playing video games with friends or partying in the garden, the affable Doraemon in the role of an imaginary friend brings color into people’s lives.

The special collection for men and women featuring pop icon Doraemon in his classic blue color over the GG motif, across different product categories, will debut on January 12th. Later in the month of January, a new special and playful Doraemon‘s disguise, exclusively created in tribute to the year of the Ox, will be revealed.

The pieces will be promoted through Gucci’s digital channels and selected Gucci stores worldwide. Gucci Pins, the House’s ephemeral stores inspired by the pins seen on interactive digital maps, will also bring immersive shopping experiences to several cities.

The Gucci 2021 Chinese New Year Collection has its own sustainable packaging, which comprisesfully recyclablegreen bags and matching swing tickets referencing the 50th anniversary of the cartoon, all featuring Doraemon.

Furtherly under the spotlight, the Japanese manga character will take over selected store façades and street installations in different cities across Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Doraemon will also be the star of two Gucci ArtWalls in Shanghai and Hong Kong, where he will pose over the GG motif, as in the collection.

Bespoke entertainment will be available on the Gucci App bringing Doraemon figure to life thanks to Augmented Reality. Scanning the Gucci ArtWalls and the dedicated packaging, users will discover a choreography by their favourite character.


Creative Director: Alessandro Michele

Art Director: Cristopher Simmonds

Photographer: Angelo Pennetta

Chaumet Jeux de Liens & Jeux de Liens Harmony

Symbols of the eternal links that connect us to those we love, the Chaumet Jeux de Liens and Jeux de Liens Harmony jewellery collections are filled with festive and covetable pieces to cherish, conveying the joy that being together brings. Timeless and joyous pieces for everyday wear, they revisit the tradition of the Maison, a jewelled source of sentiment for more than 240 years.


An emblem of unwavering attachment between two people, the Jeux de Liens collection celebrates enduring relationships with creations of striking modernity and bold colours. Contemporary and delicate reinterpretations of the link motif, enhanced by the delicacy of diamonds, they are expressions of lightness and joie de vivre, offering a multitude of colourful possibilities in ornamental stones mounted on rose or white gold.

Rounded Jeux de Liens Harmony medallions evoke the magic of meeting and the happiness to be found in being together. Playing with the symbol of an asymmetrical circle, these precious creations–in rose gold that’s polished, twinkling with pave diamonds or set with hard stones – can be engraved on the back to hold the memory of a name, date or personal message, creating a unique gift. In malachite or carnelian, the Jeux de Liens Harmony pieces pulse with emotion, in hues from deep red to bright green. These festive and playful medallions are available in different sizes as well as bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Perfect for stacking and layering in a merry mix and match with Jeux de Liens jewels.


Caudalie – Resveratrol-Lift Collection

2 times more effective than Vitamin A for Boosting Natural Collagen Production

At the start of the new year, Caudalie is going to take anti-ageing to the next level by launching a new and upgraded Resveratrol-Lift collection on 5 January 2021. Equip yourself this new year with the most powerful natural anti-ageing solution to rebuild the youthful beauty from within!

Caudalie, the forerunner of Vine Resveratrol, partnered with Genetics Professor Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School decided to take it one step further by discovering the new generation Advanced Grapevine Resveratrol patent, an unprecedented combination of Vine Resveratrol, Vegan Collagen Booster and Micro Hyaluronic Acid. This exceptional patent is present throughout the entire new and upgraded Resveratrol-Lift collection unlocking skin’s own renewal and youth potential. In just 1-day, Natural Collagen Production is enhanced by 5 times, Hyaluronic Acid Natural Production is boosted by 2 times! The best collagen is yours, boost it to bring the youth back to your face!

The new reinvented star product, Resveratrol-Lift Instant Firming Serumis empowered with the highest concentration of 1,000ppm Advanced Grapevine Resveratrol patentits natural anti-wrinkle and firming power is 2 times more effective than Vitamin A without any photosensitive, irritating and drying side effects. This best natural alternative is perfect for sensitive skin and pregnant women, encouraging skin’s natural power to accelerate skin recovery and amplify collagen, firmess and elasticity.

This collection does not contain controversial ingredients in the market, including silicon, alcohol, mineral oils, parabens, phenoxyethanol, paraffin, phthalates or animal-derived ingredients.




Resveratrol-Lift Instant Firming Serum


Resveratrol-Lift Firming Cashmere Cream


  Resveratrol-Lift Firming Eye Gel-Cream


Resveratrol-Lift Firming Night Cream $480/50ml


Next Clean Beauty Milestone

In 2021, Caudalie, the pioneer of clean beauty, continues leading the way in clean and sustainable beauty. At the start of the new year, the brand is taking action and committing more for the planet by launching upgraded collections with new eco-designed packaging delivering the most effective, clean and environmentally-friendly skincare to protect the skin and respect the environment.

  1. Upgrade patentsfor higher efficacy without any side effects.
  2. All formulas composed with more than 97% vegan and natural-origin ingredients, while adhering to four clean beauty commitments: no endocrine disruptors, no irritants, no animal-derived ingredients and no non- biodegradable ingredients.
  3. Target Zero- Waste goals by launching new 100% recyclable packaging and sustainable manufacturing process with zero use of fossil fuels to reduce 40% carbon footprint, 75% energy consumption.




“At MAKE UP FOR EVER, we believe that

there is no perfect makeup without a perfect base”.

The first, unavoidable step for flawless complexion is the perfect primer.

Introducing STEP 1 PRIMERS, the most inclusive* range of

primers featuring 3 custom-based skin perfecters and

6 targeted color correctors, co-created with our pros.

Delivering incredible 24-hour** correction for every skin type and tone,

this collection of primers amplifies any makeup routine,

for confident, empowered makeup application that lasts all day long.

This comprehensive collection of primers is designed for customization

—personalize your coverage by targeting skin concerns with different formulas.

Their long-lasting 24-hour** staying power ensure looks

remain flawlessly on point—no matter what the day holds.


**Except STEP1 PRIMERS – Shine control


The all-inclusive range features 9 primers which instantly correct

the most common skin concerns for every type, shade and tone

—from oil control to neutralizing and brightening.

Everyone’s skin is different, which is why each primer is formulated

to target skin’s individual needs with personalized priming.

The pro-crafted formulas are infused with Ginseng,

an adaptogen known to survive and thrive in extreme conditions,

so they can stay smooth and balanced. Each formula

is powered by a blend of highly-effective ingredients,

including Glycerin, Glycols and B5 Provitamins,

which infuse skin with hydration, softness and elasticity;

spherical powders, to impart a creamy sensoriality

and gorgeous blurring effects; as well as polymers,

expert film-formers which ensure all-day long lasting results.


STEP 1 PRIMERS is launching with an inspiring campaign:


and the brand’s collective of professional makeup artists,

it promises inclusivity for every skin type and tone with formulas that

target critical skin concerns, deliver instant,

covetable results and perform relentlessly for 24-hours a day**.

Each of the 9 primers is designed to be included in all skincare routine,

with personalized treatments formulated to help

to embrace its individuality, boost its confidence,

and put its best skin forward. All day, every day.

**Except STEP1 PRIMERS – Shine control

MAKE UP FOR EVER Step 1 Primer (9 items)

Price: HK$340 / 30ml

Available on 1 Jan 2021