Celebrate Chinese New Year with Chef Ho’s homemade Deluxe Turnip Pudding and Deluxe Low Sugar Red Date Pudding

As the Year of the Ox approaches fast The Royal Garden has prepared a lineup of legendary Chinese New Year puddings. Besides, the unique Deluxe Turnip Pudding andDeluxe Low Sugar Red Date Pudding handmade by Executive Chef Ho Wai Sing have come back again!


The Royal Garden’s renowned Cantonese restaurant The Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant presents the handmade Deluxe Turnip Puddingwhich is made of Japanese Daikon shredded in 1 cm thick cuts, together with dried scallops and shrimps combined with preserved sausages,” says Chef Ho Wai Sing, Chinese Executive Chef of The Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant. “It has fantastic ingredients so to enjoy the best of it, I would recommend cutting the pudding into 1-inch thick slices then slowly frying them until a golden brown crust forms on the outside,” he said. “In this way you will be able to enjoy the delicious fine ingredients as well as the chunky texture and sweetness of daikon in every bite.“


The Deluxe Low Sugar Red Date Pudding are made with premium red dates from Xinjiang, each red date is around 2 inches long. Chef Ho carefully peeled the red dates, cut them into small bites then mixed it in the pudding. A special recipe from Chef Ho is used as he reduced the amount of the sugar in the pudding so you may taste the natural sweetness from the red dates. This pudding is bursting with fragrance and the health benefits of red dates, which are full of multivitamins, calcium and protein.


In addition to these two limited edition puddings, Chef Ho and his experienced culinary team will also prepare other puddings daily such as the Dried Mandarin Peel with Red Bean and Lotus Seed Pudding, Ginger Pudding, Water Chestnut Pudding and the always popular Coconut Pudding, Turnip Pudding and Taro Pudding. They are all elegantly wrapped in gift boxes, these festive treats are a perfect and chic Chinese New Year gift.


A delightful gift box may also be purchased – a deluxe gift box where a fish-shaped pudding and Chinese preserved meat are included. Customers who place orders before 14 January 2021 will even enjoy special discounts. For enquires and ordering, please call 2733 2840.

Items Price per box (HK$)
Deluxe Turnip Pudding $398
Deluxe Low Sugar Red Date Pudding $308
Dried Mandarin Peel with Red Bean and Lotus Seed Pudding $298
Water Chestnut Pudding $298
Ginger Pudding $298
Coconut Pudding $298
Turnip Pudding $298
Taro Pudding $298
Deluxe Gift Box (Fish-shaped Pudding and Chinese Preserved Meat) $658


Early Bird Discount

Date Discount
For orders confirmed before 14 January 2021 Deluxe Puddings – 10% off; Other New Year Puddings – 20% off; Gift Box – 15% off




ELEMENTS Presents “Flourishing New Year” Shopping Rewards

Red packet design features peonies, the “King of All Flowers”, to signify abundance of joy in the new year

Located above MTR Kowloon Station, ELEMENTS is home to leading international luxe brands. As Chinese New Year approaches and flowers bloom in abundance, ELEMENTS proudly presents its “Flourishing New Year” Shopping Rewards. From 4 January 2021 until 11 February 2021, customers can enjoy a total of HK$2,000 rewards and limited-edition “Flourishing New Year” red packets upon same-day single spending of HK$2,000 or above. In addition, customers can enjoy up to HK$12,800 rewards and limited-edition “Flourishing New Year” premium red packet bag set upon designated spending. ELEMENTShas specially incorporated chic features into the design of its “Flourishing New Year” red packets, showcasing a unique and fashionable fusion of Chinese and Western culture to welcome the arrival of a brand-new year.

Spend HK$2,000 to Redeem Limited-Edition “Flourishing New Year” Red Packets

” src=”cid:image001.png@01D6E34F.04066DA0″ alt=”image001.png” align=”left” hspace=”12″ v:shapes=”Picture_x0020_5″ class=”Apple-web-attachment Singleton” style=”width: 2.6354in; height: 1.7604in; opacity: 1;”>ELEMENTS has selected the peony, an ancient symbol of fortune and prosperity, as this year’s aesthetic theme. Representing an “anticipation of life”, the emergence of the peony synchronises with springtime renewal, symbolising blessings of blossoming good fortune and abundance in the new year. The design of ELEMENTS’ red packets adopts elegant burgundy as the main tone to highlight the splendour of the peony, the “King of All Flowers”. Embossing is also employed to create a pronounced three-dimensional effect, making the vivid peonies appear to blossom on the paper, while the petals are decorated with golden accents to reveal the peonies’ enchanting beauty and regal composure. These lavish red packets are also printed with a spot UV effect on the peonies, which further enhances the textural effect of the entire design.

From 4 January 2021 until 11 February 2021, customers with same-day single spending of HK$2,000 or above at ELEMENTS can redeem limited-edition “Flourishing New Year” red packets and a total of HK$2,000 rewards, including HK$1,000 ELEMENTS Dining Vouchers, and HK$1,000 Tenant Vouchers. In addition, with spending of HK$10,000 or above, customers can redeem limited-edition “Flourishing New Year” red packets and a total of HK$3,800 ELEMENTS Gift Vouchers and Tenant Vouchers.

Spend HK$60,000 to Redeem HK$12,800 Rewards and Limited-Edition “Flourishing New Year” Premium Red Packet Bag Set

Furthermore, customers who spend HK$60,000 or above at ELEMENTS can also enjoy a total of HK$12,800 ELEMENTS Gift Vouchers and Tenant Vouchers, and the limited-edition “Flourishing New Year” premium red packet bag set. The premium red packets are available in burgundy and gold versions, together with a fashionable two-way bag. Made of light and soft materials, this stylish handbag is fashioned in a chic golden colour to accentuate its elegant texture. The length of the shoulder straps is adjustable for the perfect statement of fashion and elegance. This one-of-a-kind bag can also be used as either a side shoulder bag or a handbag with a detachable metal chain, enabling you to mix-and-match different looks anytime, anywhere!

Secret Theatre Projects present REDEMPTION ROOM: a world premiere, immersive, online thriller experience

“You will be judge and executioner, but when an evil virus infiltrates the proceedings, how far will you go?” 

Redemption Room is a new live online experience where the audience gets to judge six disgraced celebrities as they seek redemption for their societal crimes. The production format takes a thrilling twist after an evil entity is awakened into the proceedings. Who will survive? Who will get their redemption? You will decide.

The experience will go live across the world in a Zoom studio featuring contestants from six major cities; Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Mumbai, Sydney and New York. The production will be going live from all those cities where our celebrities are located.

As the studio audience in the online experience you will vote on how far we push the contestants fears. But be warned, every-night audiences will be judging the proceedings and one audience member will even be asked to compete with the celebrities. So as an audience attendee you can vote, you can judge, you can contact the celebrities directly and have an outcome on the experience!

So who are Asia’s secret contestants? How will they fair against the contestants from all over the world? You can go to our website and connect with the celebrities straight away! Feel free to ask them about their journey!

For the experience we suggest you turn off the lights, light a candle and be prepared for the unexpected. Should you have paranormal fears please prepare accordingly. If Ouija boards are your taste, there will be a moment when you can get involved. Please be warned by wearing black you can summon demons….

There will be various screening times for Hong Kong and Singapore on various dates where audiences can enjoy the production from 7-10pm.

About Secret Theatre

Secret Theatre is a global immersive performance company founded by Richard Crawford in New York in 2009. Since then they have travelled the world creating unique experiences. Redemption Room is Secret Theatre’s premier online, immersive cinematic experience, bringing together a production that can be streamed and enjoyed from anywhere in the world. “I wanted to create a fitting show for our times that encapsulates all that 2020 was, so it’s a horror, thriller where audiences from all over the world can have an impact on the outcome and talk directly to the characters as soon as they by a ticket thus creating a pre-show immersive experience! We are really excited and can’t wait for it to launch.

The experience can be viewed on any device that supports Zoom. 

Please see the ticket page for global time zone options. 

The Shows go live on 25 February and run until March. 

Company website www.secrettheatres.com.

Please note the experience will be streamed at different times for different time zones so please check the ticket page when you purchase that you have the right time for your city.


Lane Crawford launches its Christmas campaign with LOVE, JOY, HOPE, PEACE – celebrating the essential things that bring us joy: relationships, family, community and our earth. At the close of a year where so many normalities have shifted, it is a time to wholeheartedly focus on the people we love and the places that we call our home.

Gift a gift of nature, Lane Crawford is bringing in sustainable taxidermy pieces from Terra House, the only local business in Hong Kong that specialises in etymology, taxidermy and preservation.  The stunning pieces of art are made of naturally deceased butterflies, which are all ethically sourced and they will be showcased through a Cabinet of Curiosities.

To take the stress out of Christmas, customers are invited to the Hong Kong’s own and first CBD café. Lane Crawford is partnering with FOUND, Asia’s first dedicated cannabinoid concept store and café to launch a pop-up where customers will be able to enjoy CBD-infused coffee, tea, juices, and snacks (with non-CBD options available). An exclusive Lane Crawford x Found Christmas gift set, featuring LIFE water-soluble CBD liquid, Felix & Co body balm, Chocobien CBD chocolate bars, Pure Sunfarms CBD gummies, Floax CBD bath salts, and Found CBD-infused tea bags. 

From now to December 31, 2020
Lane Crawford ifc mall 
Lane Crawford Times Square (時代廣場連卡佛)
Lane Crawford Canton Road 

K11 Art Mall unfolds the K11《OUTSIDE IN: An Unconventional World of Art Toys》

Jason Freeny Asia XXRAY Experience Store

Opening up the city’s first and most comprehensive showcase of New York anatomical artist Jason Freeny

Highlights of the showcase that are sure to delight include life-size sculptures of Jason Freeny’s crossover works with the trendy Mousy Little by STAYREAL from Taiwan, and Mister HellYeah by Thai artist MAMAFAKA. In the following months, K11 《OUTSIDE IN》Jason Freeny XXRAY Asia Experience Store will unveil more of Freeny’s creative interpretations of beloved personas with unconventional surprises. These will include not-to-be-missed installations of XXRAY Cookie Monster, Japanese animated superhero XXRAY Gatchaman, the mighty XXRAY Astro Boy, as well as a special holiday capsule collection!

Take home exclusive Jason Freeny x MIGHTY JAXX art toys 

To bring the spirit of this unique showcase home for the holidays, the K11《OUTSIDE IN》 Jason Freeny Asia XXRAY Experience Store will sell over 50 art toy styles by Jason Freeny, including anatomized beloved Sesame Street characters as well as special limited edition collectibles made in collaboration with design studio MIGHTY JAXX. These imaginative collectibles come in an array of styles, with selected toys exclusively available as blind box purchases. As the perfect surprise gift, the character of the art toy will only be unveiled once they open the box for an exhilarating and unexpected reveal.

Explore a wide and inclusive range of art toys with prices ranging from HK$110 to HK$2,100.

Jason Freeny x MIGHTY JAXX Art Toys

Visit the K11 《OUTSIDE IN》Jason Freeny Asia XXRAY Experience Store at K11 Atrium and chi K11 art space to explore how Jason Freeny’s characters are born from scratch through a collection of his rarely seen computer graphics unveiling his unlimited creativity. Be inspired by Freeny’s works to discover the unusual in the familiar and the unconventional inside of you.

Date: Now – 28 February 2021

Time: 11am – 10pm

Venue: K11 Atrium (G/F) and chi K11 art space (B2/F), K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Price: HK$60 per ticket; K11 Uth KLUB member HK$30 per ticket (entry fee applicable to chi K11 art space)

Ticketing link: http://bit.ly/K11ArtMallOutsideIn

#K11OUTSIDEIN #K11HK @k11hk @gummifetus @mightyjaxx @inception_co

K11 MUSEA Curates Exciting New Festive Pop-ups Just in Time for Christmas

Discover Time Limited Festive Gift ideas By Rosewood Hong Kong, MoMA Design Store and Artisanal Handcrafted Treasures all popping this festive season at the city’s arts and cultural landmark

Cheat Your Way To a Good Beef Wellington This Christmas: Be The First to Taste and Take Home the Festive Gourmet Menu with Royal Truck’s First Exclusive Pop-up

K11 MUSEA curates a series of delightful festive pop-ups just in time for Christmas with gift ideas presented by the likes of Rosewood Hong Kong and MoMA Design Store, as well as unique treasures created by emerging artists and designers including Magentamag Resin. Situated across K11 MUSEA, the new festive pop-ups open from 11 – 13 December and every day from 17 – 27 December. While the sixth floor offers an array of arts and crafts, homeware and beautifully wrapped gourmet delights alongside creative works of art for art lovers to enjoy; the Royal Truck at MUSE EDITION caters to the fashion and gastronome set alike with an exclusive pop-up bringing the finest festive gourmet cuisine including the not-to-be missed pre-packed Homemade Beef Wellington ready for you to take home and daily baked Christmas cupcakes in Rose & Raspberry and Sea Salt Caramel that you can enjoy whilst sitting out at the promenade and taking in the iconic views of the city.

Wanna Jam Launches in Hong Kong with Homemade Jams & Xmas Hampers

Wanna Jam produces handmade, no preservatives jams and butters with the freshest ingredients.  Wanna Jam is also a platform for us to collaborate with local artists and businesses.   It is an opportunity to PLAY, to JAM, to have FUN.

Jam as in YUMMY Jam & Butters

We believe in the old saying, “You are what you eat!”  We eat to maintain good health, we eat to enjoy food; so Wanna Jam creates products that we feel safe to consume and happy to share with friends.  All Wanna Jam products are handmade in small quantities in Hong Kong.  We like to keep it simple, by keeping our ingredients list as natural and simple as possible; that means no artificial preservatives are added.  We also try our very best to maintain a NO Sugar or Low Sugar content in our products.

XMAS HAMPERS : Spread the love
by surprising a friend (create memories with all in one hamper)
by sharing a treat (top quality nibbles and treats)
by discovering the unknown (amazing local artisans)
by accomplishing a project together (DIY project & games menu)

This season we want to share our LOVE with you, giving you the tools to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Year 2020
We might not go out very much, but we definitely will be celebrating with family, friends, loved ones from near and far.  Celebrate life, celebrate togetherness, celebrate love.  Create some unforgettable memories.  The one take-away from this year is, make every moment count, share the love and let your loved ones know.

Happy Hampers HK has the perfect party preparation for YOU

A true HKer’s Hamper, Happy Hampers feature all local brands and businesses.  We take priority in choosing locally made and fun, creative products into our hampers.  We partnered up with the likes of Dear Harley (creative cake makers), Wanna Jam (handcrafted jams & butters), Stubborn Coffee (HK roasted coffee beans) and Cacao Chocolatier (made from scratch chocolates).

Understanding HKers also enjoy international premium products, we handpicked some top notch, award-winning and/or environmentally conscious goods.  Natural wines from Italy and Spain, Japanese sake and to fulfill that sweet-tooth, we have chocolate vodka for that killer cocktail.  Also some handmade memorabilia from Taiwan.

One feature of the Happy Hampers is a DIY project – cupcake mix and decoration pack.  We make it easy for you to create that loving memory or instagram moment with your kids or your girlfriends! Another feature is having a games menu, just a simple reminder of fun games you can play with your mates WITHOUT your phone!

Want more?

An extra service we offer is a top-off service for Hot Pot delivery service, a Surf’n’Turf hot pot for all your friends and family, for those who are tired of the everyday take-out menu.  Includes lobsters, beef, HKer’s favorite fishballs, veggies and stove plus burner! All you need is chopsticks and it’s ready to go!

Another extra product we feature is a social enterprise Furry Green – turning unwanted groceries into pet food.  Why not give your pets a feast too?

Happy Hampers have got everyone covered for the ultimate Christmas Party! From kids, adults, to your pets; with drinks, nibbles, activities, CAKE! and dinner (if you fancy).

Now let’s get ready to celebrate life! And look forward to a better 2021!

Happy Hampers HK products for Christmas 2020

Happy Hampers HK products for Christmas 2020

Apple Cinnamon Butter – Wanna Jam

Apple Cinnamon Butter with Brandy – Wanna Jam

Peanut Butter – Wanna Jam

Hand-crafted Hazelnut Chocolates – Cacao

Single-origin coffee – Stubborn Coffee

Handmade keychains – Style

Chocolate Vodka – Tipsy Assembly

Gingerbread Cookies pack – Dear Harley

Sprinkles – Dear Harley

Hot Pot to-go – Yolo Hotpot


Nuts – Ton’s Premium

Natural wines – Tipsy Assembly

Pet Food – Furry Green

*Hampers comes in 3 standard sets from $980 and up
*Customization available to suit different needs

Happy Hampers available for pre-order on www.happyhampershk.com on November 20, 2020

Happy Hampers Pop Up Shop at The One, TST from December 1 – December 31, 2020
Delivery Service from December 1 – December 31, 2020


Ring-a-ling! The bells are ringing! To celebrate this joyous festival, Gentle Bro CBD incorporated the wellness and Christmas elements by bringing the new limited edition holiday box set to your loved ones this season.

叮噹~叮噹~!為迎接聖誕節這個普天同慶的日子,Gentle Bro CBD 為您的摯愛帶來全新限量版聖誕禮盒套裝。

Made in the USA, enjoy the natural benefits of Gentle Bro CBD’s broad-spectrum, all-natural, THC-free CBD products today!

所有Gentle Bro的護理產品於美國製造,其天然和優質的廣譜CBD油不含四氫大麻酚,為生活節奏急促的都士人帶來不同功效和好處!

 To shop, please visit:


For more details and Q&A information, please visit:



Britain’s Most Cherished Chocolatier Charbonnel et Walker Arrives This Christmas, Chocolate Decadence at its Finest!

Charbonnel et Walker’s iconic Christmas collection is now available at The Landmark Christmas Market and from the 4thNovember via its online shop www.charbonnel.com.hk website.


Encased in a handmade Christmas-red and gold box, the Peppermint Cookie Christmas Truffles (HK$228) will be right at home in any festive household. A delicious combination of cookie and peppermint, these scrumptious delights are enrobed in dark chocolate and cookie pieces – the ultimate yuletide indulgence.


Gingerbread Christmas Truffles (HK$228) are a treat for adults and children alike. Milk chocolate truffles have been infused with the delicious flavour of real ginger before being hand-rolled in milk chocolate and deliciously crunchy biscuit crumbs.


White chocolate lovers will enjoy the Eggnog Christmas Truffles (HK$228) which pay homage to a classic, creamy Christmas tipple. White chocolate truffles enclose a decadent eggnog centre and are infused with brandy, natural vanilla and nutmeg for a glorious festive treat.


A warming cup of Hot Chocolate (HK$148) and a plate of Dark Chocolate Mint Thins(HK$248) are a splendid choice for Santa’s midnight snack or make for thoughtful stocking fillers, while variety can be found in the format of Charbonnel et Walker’s famous Winter House Selection Gift Box (HK$528). Filled with a signature range of fine, milk and dark chocolate and truffle treats, this decadent selection is a fantastic choice for a family affair or merry Christmas get together.

The renowned chocolatier’s elegant and enticing products are available at the Landmark Christmas Market, Shop 312-314, 3/F., Landmark Atrium, The Landmark, Central and also via the brand’s online shop.

CHANEL Beauty News: N°5 New Communciation Campaign

CHANEL invites you to discover the new chapter in the legendary journey of the most famous fragrance in the world, N°5, featuring Marion Cotillard – the new brand ambassador.

This is the first time that Oscar-winning actress, Marion whom was in relationship with the CHANEL  dates back to the beginning of her career, is the face of a fragrance, continues the lineage of great feminine figures who have previously been the face of this olfactory icon.

The director, Johan Renck, decided to take N°5 over the moon. The moon is a character in its own right in this new N°5 chapter, combined with the holiday spirit, it invites to reverie, by marrying the real with the imaginary.

The inspiration for this new campaign is a strong woman in love, whose seductiveness unfolds into joy. The film features a mysterious woman, draped in a black cape, that walks on a snow-covered Parisian bridge, a night of a full moon. Suddenly, her face is illuminated by the hypnotic reflection of the huge celestial body that she is gazing at intensely.

Here she is on the moon, dressed in a gorgeous dress, facing a man who is waiting for her. The two lovers begin an intoxicating and mischievous dance of seduction and abandon themselves to each other until the grand finale when they fly away together. She appears back on the bridge once again, she turns around and discovers the man at her side.

They look at each other with a knowing and happy smile. Dream has become reality.

The song, Team by Lorde that gives rhythm to the film, covered by Marion Cotillard, is an ode to the love where two beings speak as equals; while the choreography, created by Ryan Heffington was tailored for Marion Cotillard and her partner, Étoile dancer Jérémie Bélingard. The lovers spin around giddily in a modern saraband.

And the gold embroidered lace dress, chosen by Virginie Viard accompanies each movement of the actress, is inspired by an iconic dress worn by Mademoiselle Chanel.

The union of the lovers after their celestial dance embodies an ideal: it is made for a woman who strives to accomplish her dreams. That is the power of N°5.