Brand New Pet-Friendly Amenities and Rooftop Lawn at Peak Galleria

Introducing Pet Elevator, Pet Route, Photoshoot Station

Launching Peaknic Combo – Picnic with Breathtaking View of Hong Kong

Following its much-acclaimed facelift last year, Hang Lung Properties’ Peak Galleria has brought in plenty of pet-friendly amenities long desired by pet parents and their furry babies. This iconic landmark of Hong Kong is also introducing the Peaknic combo, allowing pet owners to enjoy a picnic with their four-legged friends on its new rooftop lawn by the Observation Deck on level three. With a world-class view of the Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island, Peak Galleria promises an unparalleled leisure experience for all!

Pet-friendly amenities and photoshoot station for an exceptional leisure experience

At Peak Galleria – the hottest pet-friendly shopping mall in town, not only is Fido allowed in most of the areas, they can also use a dedicated elevator to access the Observation Deck on level three, where they can roam freely and play. By late October, Peak Galleria will be setting up an Insta-station for pet lovers to snap away at – or with – their furry friends in a giant pet bowl installation, capturing the most beautiful memories with their pampered companions.

Customer service is the hallmark of the Peak Galleria shopping experience. As such, Peak Galleria has set up designated dog parking areas where Fido can rest while their owners go shopping or dining. In addition, complimentary pet strollers are available for loan from the Concierge for up to three hours with a deposit of HK$500. (Note: In all mall areas, all pets must be muzzled and on leash not exceeding 1.5 meters in length.)

Starting today, Pawfect Barber Shop, a pet salon-themed photoshoot station, will open on level one of Peak Galleria. A rich collection of props and backdrops will be available at the station, where owners can play stylist for their beloved pets for a fun-filled photo session. What’s more, a selection of items will be available for sale at PANDORA, Gift at Races, and Build-A-Bear Workshop. Meanwhile, patrons accompanied by their pets will be entitled to limited-time offers at the merchants below:

Weekend PetMart – where world-famous pet labels convene

From now on through December 31, over weekends and on public holidays, Peak Galleria will host the PetMart at the atrium, featuring pop-up stalls by multiple chich labels, including PRIVATE i PETS, KOLs Jerry. C @Jm9 and Kenji@ Ondogdog, PETCORE VET and WELLNESS, PETS 101, and Dreamcatcher Holiday Market. Discover a vast array of curated pet foods, pet supplements, handcrafted toys, and many more at PetMart, which is deemed to bring an exceptional shopping experience to pet owners and their furry friends!

Family Peaknic in style with furry friends

From now on, customers who order takeaway from participating restaurants or purchase a designated picnic set by Mina House or JinYaJu Noodle Bar of over HK$600 will receive a free picnic mat and a merchant cash coupon worth HK$100. Customers can also loan an exquisite picnic basket at no costs – a picnic essential for snapshots on the new rooftop lawn by the Observation Deck, against a backdrop of the scenic Pokfulam Reservoir and Hong Kong Island. The signature picnic sets at Mina House and JinYaJu Noodle Bar are available only at the Peak Galleria. The former specializes in crispy snacks, while the latter has a wide range of savory dishes, including the popular JinYaJu Noodle, chef-picked appetizers and specialty beverages. Menus for two and for four are available to meet the varied needs of avid picnic goers and paws.


Nature has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Lalique. Artist and founder René Lalique loved nature above all and observed it with utmost care. His creativity continues to be nurtured by the three “F”’s: Femme, Flora and Fauna, which were ubiquitous in his designs.
The new BOTANICA collection takes us into a universe where floral romanticism contrasts with mineral strength. Thanks to the talent of its artists and the exceptional expertise of its glass masters, Lalique captures the ornamental and symbolic power of peony and cherry blossoms. The
precision of the designs, the purity of the material and the play on reflections and transparency give birth to exquisite decorative objects. Through satin-finished crystal, sometimes highlighted with gold or enamel, Lalique, sculptor of light, immortalizes nature and invites us to admire its beauty.

The theme of this new collection is cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms symbolize the ephemeral character of beauty and life, inviting one to marvel at the present moment.  limited edition of 88 pieces in fuchsia, illuminated with gold and highlighted with enamel and applied by hand. While, scintillating on satin-finished crystal, the cherry blossoms of the Sakura vases evoke the universally admired and wondrous blossoming of the Japanese cherry tree.Symbolizing the ephemeral character of beauty and life, each piece  invites one to marvel at the present moment. Issued in clear crystal and pink luster exclusively for the Lalique Boutiques.

To celebrate 2021, the year of the Ox in Chinese astrology, Lalique designed the Ox and Nam Buffalo sculptures. The Ox is known to be determined, perseverant and trustworthy. Available in clear and gold stamped. While the Nam Buffalo, is a symbol of strength and virility, embodies a quiet force. Available in clear crystal or Limited Edition of 20 pieces in pink luster as Lalique Boutiques exclusive.

MoMa Design Store Launches “The Record Shop” Pop-up at K11 MUSEA in Celebration of Its 1st Anniversary in HK

From 17 September until the end of November 2020, the Pop-Up store will be a tribute to the harmonious intersection of music and design as a reflection on 20th-century pop culture, bringing together a robust selection of new LPs, concert posters, and books that explore the interplay between the visual arts and music.

Here are some highlights of the pop-up:
1.  Design’s Contributions to Music’s Most Well-known Records
The heart of the Pop-Up is built upon an offering of more than 45 new LPs from MoMA’s permanent collection, while featuring special edition cover designs by modern artists. The assortment highlights a part of the MoMA collection that explores the contribution design has played on some of the most well-known albums of our generation. Prominent artists include:
  • Andy Warhol-  the pop art icon, created a record cover for jazz musician Thelonious Monk. The album’s interplay of handwritten and printed text is in line with the pop legend’s fascination with the relationship between man and machine made objects.
  • Yoko Ono- wife and artistic partner of musician John Lennon, used a time-delay camera with Lennon to take nude photographs of themselves for the cover of Unfinished Music No.1: Two Virgins, the first of the duo’s three experimental albums.
  • Raymond Pettibon-  a key figure in the ‘70s California punk scene. He engaged a wide spectrum of American iconography pulled from literature, art history, philosophy, religion, politics, sports and alternative youth culture.
Coveted records by the most influential recording artists of all-time will also be available in a genre-spanning selection that reflects the culture and history of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Records include Rubber Soul and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club by The Beatles; Nevermind by Nirvana; classic rock albums by The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie; and albums from punk rock icons Sex Pistols and The Ramones.
2. Audio Equipment with Both Incredible Sound and Design
For a limited time the equipment to play these special LPs on will be available to purchase at The Record Shop Pop-up and MoMA Design Store Hong Kong. 
Here is a selection of the unique and interesting equipment at the Pop-Up:
Brionvega – the historic Italian company renowned for its unique and timeless designs- will be displayed for all music and art lovers.
  • The Brionvega Radiofonografo turntable is particularly well-known – a customised all-white version that belonged to David Bowie was valued at HKD$2M at Sotheby’s after he passed away. This iconic turntable model will be showcased and available for order at The Record Shop Pop-Up, priced at HK$85,800.
  • The Brionvega TS217 Wear It powered by British designer Michael Young will also be displayed, as will the Brionvega Radio grattacielo, an original design by Marco Zanuso. 

The Record Shop audio gear also includes the GPO Brooklyn Boombox ($2,648), TEAC CD Recorder with Cassette Player and Turntable ($3,800), DENON AH-D9200 Bambooover-ear premium headphones ($10,980), Transparent Speaker- HK exclusive ($4,580) and Cotodama Lyric Speaker Canvas ($14,980).

3. Special Exclusive Shopping Privileges from 11-27 September
To celebrate MoMA Design Store’s 1 year anniversary at K11 MUSEA, exclusive shopping privileges are offered to delight fans from 11-27 September. For each of the following spending levels, customers will enjoy different special tiered offers:
  • Enjoy 10% off upon spending HK$500.

  • Enjoy 15% off upon spending HK$1,000.

  • Enjoy 20% off upon spending HK$2,000.

Lush invites street shoppers to wash their hands and  launches new soap bars! #LushSoap

  • A place to wash your hands on the street with fresh handmade soap
  • Wash away dirt, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses
  • A new soap – 13 Soap Unlucky for Dirt Soap join the new look all year round range
  • Palm-free nature, effective ingredients and packaging free

Lush did all we could to pass our soaps last few months, especially the handwash and hand sanitizer which had run out in supermarkets at that time, to hospital authority workers, charities and groups in our local communities. Also, we are offering street shoppers their own piece of soap peel to wash their hands on arrival at the local Lush shop. We believe that soap is better for the environment than liquid handwash in unrecyclable plastic pumps and also because it is a tried and tested route to the best hygiene.

According to a study on the effectiveness of soap and water vs alcohol-based hand sanitisers, soaps are physical and solid, not only are they highly alkaline which disrupts bacterial cell membranes and fungal cell walls, the alkalinity also creates a hostile biochemical environment for microorganisms. With viruses, the physicality of a soap along with the way in which it is used ensures that the virus can’t stick to your hands reducing the risk of transference via contact, hand sanitiser doesn’t have this benefit.

Mark Constantine OBE, Lush Co-founder & Managing Director recommends using soap and water too…

“The reason Lush is recommending washing hands with soap and water is because soap has two functions, it dislodges and washes away dirt, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses.”

To understand more about the effectiveness of solid soap, Lush Cosmetic Scientist and Product Inventor, Daniel Campbell, discusses it further here.

Introducing our new look soap collection!

There are 14 soaps in the new, all year round range, including a brand new 13 Soap Unlucky for Dirt Soap. All soaps in the new range will now be pre-cut to around 100g, removing the need to weigh each out in-store, ensuring a quicker shopping process for customers as they also adhere to current social distancing measures.

NEW! 13 Soap Unlucky for Dirt Soap (HK$70/100g)

For squeaky clean hands lather up and let the antibacterial properties of oregano get to work. With moisturising honey, your hands will be clean and soft, and enjoy the intoxicating, deep rose scent.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap (HK$65/100g)

Caramel-scented suds that will leave your skin feeling soft and soothed. Lather the soap packed with moisturising English honey under running water, cleanse and rinse.

Outback Mate Soap (HK$75/100g)

Time for a refreshing cooldown with tingly, cleansing peppermint and eucalyptus oils. Lather under running water, wake up to the rousing lemongrass and rinse.

Sleepy Soap (HK$80/100g)

The signature Sleepy scent of lavender and tonka, joins a creamy lather of oat milk to help you cleanse, calm and unwind.

Malone Souliers

In this fall, luxury footwear brand Malone Souliers selects a variety of styles to make you feel vibrant. Either feeling feminine and sexy in the gold and silver Demi, energized in the colorful Lucia series or showing off classic elegance style in the Marilyn series.


在這個秋季,奢華鞋履品牌Malone Souliers甄選多種款式,讓你感受活力氣氛。金銀色的Demi 鞋履,呈現女性嫵媚性感之姿。色彩豐富的 Lucia 系列鞋履,帶你邂逅秋日活力。Marilyn 系列的 經典優雅,輕啟奏響秋日序曲。


Malone Souliers shoes are timeless and classic. The George boots are perfect for a classy gentleman. The Julian series is a speak of modernity with luxurious suede materials and embroidery details. The effortless style of Alberto loafer series will keep you stylish and comfortable while styling easily with your winter wardrobe.

Malone Souliers 鞋履雋永經典,時髦的 George 靴款,成就紳士型格,不懼時光。奢華的 Julian 系 列鞋履,刺繡與麂皮的材質在低調中譜寫他的摩登質感。舒適的 Alberto 系列 loafers,完美搭配 任何單品,讓你悠然度過秋日。

Langham Nymphenburg Residence

Handmade Porcelain, Modern Interior and Ground-Breaking Design: the Langham Nymphenburg Residence, Munich Makes Its Debut Following a Two-Year Reimagination

With an unrivalled location featuring a direct view of the majestic 490-acre imperial estate of Nymphenburg Palace, unique handcrafted artworks in every room, and interiors that are elegantly appointed, The Langham Nymphenburg Residence, Munich is a defining milestone for The Langham Hotels and Resorts’ expanding European portfolio. Steeped in royal Bavarian history and set in the grounds of the world-renowned Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, the new residence offers luxurious comfort, privacy and exclusiveness that is peerless.

For over two years, the 18th century manor was meticulously restored and revived as a bespoke private residence for guests. Inhabiting a spacious 9,000 square feet, The Langham features seven bathrooms, four bedrooms, three living rooms, an airy dining room, a fully-equipped kitchen, fitness centre, conference suite, home cinema and wine cellar.  The private sun-dappled terrace allows guests to relax in the middle of a beautifully landscaped garden and further offers enough space to seat 100 guests, if it is desired to organise an exclusive outdoor event.

The Langham Nymphenburg Residence, Munich exemplifies the ideal asset to expand our footprint in Europe and build the presence of our luxury brand,” says Stefan Leser, chief executive officer of Langham Hospitality Group. “The residence will provide the services and amenities of a luxury hotel stay with the personalised touches of a private home.  Our guests will have ample space, privacy and exclusivity, alongside the full complement of The Langham signature services in a beautiful regal setting.”

Leser adds: “The deep-rooted passion to craftsmanship and excellence shared by Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg and The Langham Hotels and Resorts will create a splendid private retreat for our guests. I truly believe this remarkable residence will play host to countless celebratory moments and the level of personalisation will be second to none.”

Munich-based interior design firm Mang Mauritz Design has created an elevated and tasteful living experience for The Langham Nymphenburg Residence, Munich that is complemented by the lighting design of Lichtkompetenz from Zurich. Wall fixtures in the shape of graceful flowers illuminate the staircase and crystal chandeliers drape from the bedroom ceilings. The kitchen features a customised design by Dross & Schaffer with appliances by Gaggenau. The rooms have been thoughtfully conceived and furnished with elegantly comfortable furniture from Walter Knoll and Donghia, vivid textiles by Jim Thompson, bedlinen by Frette, plush silk carpets by Jan Kath and stylish cashmere blankets from Allude, all of which were hand-selected to match the colour palette of each room.

Befitting this palatial setting, specially curated pieces from the Nymphenburg workshop, renowned for exquisite avant-garde and tailor-made designs for four centuries, have been selected and custom-tailored specifically for the Langham Nymphenburg Residence, Munich. The Nymphenburg porcelain is not only featured in the exquisite dinnerware and tableware collection, but also in each bathroom, as well as in the decorative art pieces that are showcased in all the guestrooms, each of which highlights a distinctive design scheme.

The Ladies’ Room features soft pastels and is decorated with vintage bird cages, each housing different porcelain birds from the Nymphenburg Collection. The Gentlemen’s Room, designed in darker tones, features dogs as its primary theme, underscored by the decorative artworks. The Blue Room on the upper floor presents a beautiful dark blue backdrop complete with a painted starry sky with dazzling constellations on the side wall.  Not to be outdone, the colourful children’s bedroom showcases a lively circus theme, with wallpaper by Cole & Son and a collection of animal figurines to spark the imaginations of the younger guests. With windows overlooking the garden, this room is bathed in natural light and offers glimpses of the beautiful creations at the porcelain manufactory.

All seven bathrooms, including the two restrooms, are inspired by unique motifs that express a delightful sense of playful whimsy. In one bathroom, butterflies flutter across the walls and are featured both inside the washbasins and on the lamps, while another conjures up the ambiance of an aquarium, with hand-painted goldfish swimming across the porcelain tiles. A third bathroom recreates the lush setting of a safari with a relief in pâte-sur-pâte technique. The Royal Bavarian Spa on the first floor provides a truly regal setting, with a traditional blue-and-white colour scheme enhanced by delicate 24-carat gold detailing hand-painted views of royal Bavarian castles such as Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau and Herrenchiemsee. The private wellness-room and sauna built by Corso Saunamanufaktur draws inspiration from the patterns of Dominikus Auliczeks’ famous Pearl tableware which was designed in 1792 and has been produced by Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg to this day.

From the dining room on the ground floor, guests enjoy a direct view over the magnificent estate to Nymphenburg Palace. The dining table, which seats up to 12 guests, is framed by two sculptures by Damien Hirst and illuminated by a Lindsey Adelman chandelier of brushed gold combined with the finest Nymphenburg porcelain.

The living room on the floor above offers an even better stunning view of the palace and is fitted out with wall-to-wall shelves displaying a curated collection of Nymphenburg’s most impressive porcelain pieces. Not forgotten are the audiophiles who will be aurally gratified with the arresting sounds emanating from the unrivalled Sennheiser electrostatic headphone system in the room. The home cinema on the second floor, furnished with an inviting lounge, comfortable armchairs by Walter Knoll and a large screen, is perfect for private viewings. Guests may maintain their fitness regime in the gym furnished with Technogym equipment and includes an en-suite spa-bathroom comprising a treatment cabin.

For more information about The Langham Nymphenburg Residence, Munich, please visit email



Moncler Genius extends its pioneering spirit in 2020 as it continues to enhance its exploration into new horizons. Giving a voice to personal creativity, a symposium of designers were invited to give their unique take on Moncler, and boundaries were broken as the creative hub went beyond fashion into the world of experience. Each Moncler Genius collection has a dedicated launch date, ensuring a facilitation of personal expression that rolls out ceaselessly throughout the year.


Veronica Leoni interpreted the outdoors attitude of Moncler with a lusciously feminine instinct. Imagining an army of women on a quest for a lost paradise, Leoni looked at the exoticism of the beginning of the 20th century and interpreted it in a modern and functional way. Shapes are soft and elongated, with enveloping coats that play the kimono and balloon shape to the extreme without forsaking function. While references are rooted in decadent imagery, the outcome is effective and grounded: technical fabrics replace silks, and even devorè motifs have a performance purpose, while drawstrings and cords, far from being merely decorative elements, allow items to be reconfigured in multiple ways. The collection merges the utilitarian with the languid to create something both empowering and elegant. Wools, devoré velvets, nylon twill, off-center diamond quilting and knit provide the opportunity for a layering of textures. Knitwear plays an important role, in mohair–padded jumpers that offer a playful interpretation of the boudin, and in elongated chenille sweater dressing. Military nods meet sanguine exoticism in a palette of blacks, blues and tans lit by bright touches of pink, red and powder blue. Accessories are chunky-soled boots and shoes with chain details or metal rings, and and the quilted cylinder bags in nappa or nylon.


Veronica Leoni is pragmatic in her approach to design as she is thoughtful. Spontaneity is her medium; soulful precision her signature. She came to fashion through a literary degree accomplished in her native Rome. However, she credits her aesthetic imprinting to the visual and subcultural richness of the city of London: a place that has been integral to the shaping of her taste and vision. A defining experience has been working alongside master purist Jil Sander, where Leoni acted as knitwear head designer in the span of time that saw Sander back at the creative helm of her eponymous label. Subsequently, she acted as head of pre-collection at Celine for four years during Phoebe Philo’s tenure. She brings her crystalline vision to 2 Moncler 1952, where she is responsible of womenswear since 2018.

2 MONCLER 1952 available in Moncler boutiques, and in selective wholesale networks worldwide.



盟可睞Moncler將先鋒精神延續至2020,繼續探索全新視野。Moncler Genius(天才計劃)旨在賦予 每位設計師個人創造力及話語權,眾多各具特色的設計師因此受邀參與其中,自由詮釋其對品牌的 獨特見解;創意團隊超越時尚的邊界、擁抱感官體驗,從而實現自我突破。盟可睞Moncler賦予每 一個Moncler Genius系列專屬發售計劃,確保個性化的表達全年無休。


Veronica Leoni 以感性的女性直覺詮釋盟可睞 Moncler 作為戶外運動服先驅者的美學態度。 Leoni 想 像著一支女性軍隊在尋找失落天堂的情境,以 20 世紀初的異國情調為藍本,並賦予其現代感和功 能性。修身外套玩轉和服風格及立體造型元素,廓形柔美纖長,同時亦具備實用功能。整體設計源 於慵懶意象,卻彰顯出強而有力的質感:高科技面料取代了絲綢,連燒花圖案亦具功能性。拉帶和 細繩不再僅僅是點綴,還能打造出多樣化的造型。本系列在實用主義中註入一縷慵懶風情,設計充 滿力量又兼具優雅。羊毛、天鵝絨、尼龍綾、偏心菱形絎縫和針織等多種面料與工藝的應用,賦予 服飾單品細緻的紋理層次。針織單品在本系列中扮演了重要角色,如趣味演繹條紋設計的馬海毛混 紡填充套頭衫以及長款雪尼爾毛衣裙裝等。軍裝風和熱情洋溢的異域情調相映成趣,粉色、紅色和 粉藍色等亮色為黑色、藍色和棕褐色等底色注入了亮眼活力。配飾方面,厚底靴和鞋子以鏈條細節 或金屬環裝飾,絎縫圓筒包則以納帕軟羊皮或尼龍製成。

Veronica Leoni 的設計務實而深刻。她那自發性的靈感與善於精確表達充沛的情感成為了她的風格。 在家鄉羅馬獲得文學學位後,她選擇進入時尚行業。然而,倫敦這座視覺與次文化極其豐富的城市, 才是她心目中的審美啟迪:她的品味和眼界都與倫敦密不可分。與純粹主義大師 Jil Sander 共事的 這段經歷對於 Leoni 的職業生涯有著決定性的影響,在 Sander 重新回到她的同名品牌、並再次執掌 創意之舵期間,Leoni 負責針織系列的設計。隨後,在 Phoebe Philo 任職 Celine 時期,她擔任了四年 早春及早秋系列的負責人。Leoni 自2018 年起擔綱設計 2 Moncler 1952 的女裝系列,並為其帶來了 清澈純粹的構想。

2 MONCLER 1952 女裝系列於9月3日在盟可睞 Moncler專賣店及官網 上正式發售。

Delight in a Brand-New Yum Cha Experience by Man Wah at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong invites gourmands for an indulgent dim sum feast as it presents a new weekend Yum Cha experience by Michelin-starred Man Wah.

Currently under a renovation programme, Man Wah is transforming its dining facilities and will unveil a new menu showcasing the next generation of time-honoured Cantonese cuisine when it reopens late January 2021.

During this period, fans of Man Wah are welcome to dine on authentic Cantonese culinary delights prepared by Executive Chinese Chef Wing-Keung Wong and his talented team. Serving up a curated menu of classic dim sum and à la carte dishes, guests can relish in an array of all-time favourites including Har Gau with Tiger Prawn and Bamboo Shoot; Crab Meat, Black Truffle and Vegetable Dumpling; Barbecued Iberian Pork Loin with Longan Honey; Fried Rice Vermicelli with Crab Meat and Egg; Almond Cream with Egg White, and more. A selection of signature tea blends will also be on offer to complete the dining ritual.

Launching on 8 August 2020, Yum Cha by Man Wah is available from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday at the Small Connaught Room located on the first floor of the hotel. Click here to view the menu.

For more information and reservations, please call +852 2825 4000 or email

Sands Macao Dining Wins Big

Ten Restaurants at Sands Resorts Macao and Sands Macao

Receive Wine Spectator 2020 Restaurant Awards

Quality wine lists recognised with prestigious accolades

Sands Resorts Macao and Sands® Macao have again received commendations from the prestigious Wine Spectator 2020 Restaurant Awards for the superb wine lists at 10 of their restaurants.

This is the eighth consecutive year Wine Spectator magazine has honoured Sands Resorts Macao and Sands Macao for their restaurants’ outstanding wine offerings. This year, two-glass Best of Award of Excellence winners include Portofino and North at The Venetian® Macao; La Chine, Brasserie and Lotus Palace at The Parisian Macao; CopaSteakhouse and Golden Court at Sands Macao; Chiado and Dynasty 8 at Sands® Cotai Central; and Zi Yat Heen at Four Seasons Hotel Macao.

Tom Connolly, Senior Vice President of Food and Beverage Operations, Sands China Ltd. said: “We are thrilled and honoured to be recognised by Wine Spectator, now for the eighth year in a row. Our team works hard to ensure we offer the best possible experience for our guests, and that includes dynamic wine lists representing the finest international labels old and new, offering great value at every price point. Being endorsed in this way is hugely gratifying, and encourages us to continue raising the bar.”

With Macao designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, there has never been a better time to explore Sands Resorts Macao and Sands Macao’s award-winning array of great dining options.

Wine Spectator’s Restaurant Awards recognise restaurants whose wine lists offer interesting selections, are appropriate to their cuisine and appeal to a wide range of wine lovers. Wine Spectator began its programme to commend the world’s best wine lists in 1981. There are three levels: the Award of Excellence, the Best of Award of Excellence and the Grand Award — with 2,289; 1,387; and 100 winners this year in each respective category.

Regent Elevates Guest Experience with Suite Upgrade

Regent Seven Seas Cruises® has enhanced luxury travel with the launch of its Elevate Your Experience offer, where guests can choose to sail Alaska, Northern Europe or the Mediterranean with a FREE Two-Category Suite Upgrade, up to a Penthouse Suite, on select 2021 voyages.

Travellers can relax and unwind in their embarkation city with a FREE 1-Night Pre-Cruise Hotel Stay when they upgrade to a Concierge Suite. Or they can upgrade to a luxuriously-appointed Penthouse Suite and enjoy additional perks and amenities, including a personal butler.

A Reduced 10% Deposit is also applicable to bookings under the offer, affording more freedom and flexibility for those planning their 2021 holidays.

“With Elevate Your Experience we have taken the unrivalled experience found across our fleet to new levels,” said Jason Montague, president and chief executive officer, Regent Seven Seas Cruises. “Whether sailing Alaska, Northern Europe or the Mediterranean, guests can savour incredible value and the heightened in- suite service-levels of a Free Suite Upgrade, relishing in an elevated luxury experience.”

Additionally, Regent Reassurance, which allows travellers to cancel for any reason up to 15 days prior to departure date and receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit, has been extended to all bookings made by September 30, 2020, for all voyages departing through October 31, 2021.

Elevate Your Experience applies to bookings made by September 30, 2020.

Experiences Elevated at Sea and on Land

Regent Seven Seas Cruises not only takes their guests to the destination, they show it to them with FREE unlimited shore excursions in every port, as well as providing the choice for even more in-depth exploration with Regent Choice shore excursions, Small Group Tours, Go Local Tours, Gourmet Explorer Tours and Wellness Tours.

The luxury cruise line aims to pique pent-up wanderlust with carefully selected, must-do highlights in destinations featured in its Elevate Your Experience offer.


With a peaceful tranquillity that contrasts with a rugged and wild terrain, the majestic Alaskan wilderness offers spell-binding and unforgettable exploration across over 150 shore excursions in nine Alaskan ports. Hiking glaciers, kayaking, panning for gold and more are all possible, but Alaska truly shines when getting up close and personal with some of its most famous residents.

Whales, eagles, wolves, deer and otters are just a fraction of the wildlife that may be encountered, but possibly the most exciting beast that can be observed is the mighty bear. In Ketchikan, a Regent Choice shore excursion takes guests on a bear-spotting mission by air and land. After taking in the breath-taking landscape courtesy of a floatplane, guests land in Neets Bay, which is followed by a hike into the Tongass National Forest, where bears are often found feasting on wild salmon

The Mediterranean

Culture and cuisine are always on the menu in the Mediterranean and their influences throughout history have been captured by Regent in more than 850 shore excursions in 83 ports. Artistry of all kinds from architecture to music to culinary delights are celebrated in this sun-drenched part of the world with a multitude of options for the travelling epicurean in each and every port that is visited. Get lost in the spice markets of Istanbul, Turkey in the East; enjoy a day at a relaxed fishing village close to Porto, Portugal in the West; or, in Provence, France, enjoy an extraordinary lunch paired with local fine wines as part of a Food & Wine Trails tour of the La Cavale estate.

Then there are the world-class museums which abound at every turn. The Small Group tour of the renowned Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain is a must for culture vultures interested in the works by giants of Pop Art, Minimalism, Arte Povera and Conceptual Art. The building is a work of art in its own right.

Northern Europe

Undiscovered gems of remote ports to remarkably modern cities pepper this wonderfully eclectic part of the world. Regent has curated over 450 shore excursion options in 55 ports from Iceland to Russia. They include meeting Shetland Ponies, in Lerwick, Scotland, after discovering the ruins of 17th century castle, and visiting Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and other important historical sites in Berlin, via Warnemunde, Germany.

The jewel in the crown of Northern Europe however is arguably the incredible scenery in and around the fjords of Norway and a highly recommended free shore excursion is the Flam Railway to Vatnahalsen. The incredible feat of engineering, which includes 20 corkscrewing tunnels, elevates up to 866 metres in just 20 kilometres, and travels through magnificent mountain scenery, through ravines and past waterfalls, rivers and snow-capped mountains.

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