Wanna Jam Launches in Hong Kong with Homemade Jams & Xmas Hampers

Wanna Jam produces handmade, no preservatives jams and butters with the freshest ingredients.  Wanna Jam is also a platform for us to collaborate with local artists and businesses.   It is an opportunity to PLAY, to JAM, to have FUN.

Jam as in YUMMY Jam & Butters

We believe in the old saying, “You are what you eat!”  We eat to maintain good health, we eat to enjoy food; so Wanna Jam creates products that we feel safe to consume and happy to share with friends.  All Wanna Jam products are handmade in small quantities in Hong Kong.  We like to keep it simple, by keeping our ingredients list as natural and simple as possible; that means no artificial preservatives are added.  We also try our very best to maintain a NO Sugar or Low Sugar content in our products.

XMAS HAMPERS : Spread the love
by surprising a friend (create memories with all in one hamper)
by sharing a treat (top quality nibbles and treats)
by discovering the unknown (amazing local artisans)
by accomplishing a project together (DIY project & games menu)

This season we want to share our LOVE with you, giving you the tools to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Year 2020
We might not go out very much, but we definitely will be celebrating with family, friends, loved ones from near and far.  Celebrate life, celebrate togetherness, celebrate love.  Create some unforgettable memories.  The one take-away from this year is, make every moment count, share the love and let your loved ones know.

Happy Hampers HK has the perfect party preparation for YOU

A true HKer’s Hamper, Happy Hampers feature all local brands and businesses.  We take priority in choosing locally made and fun, creative products into our hampers.  We partnered up with the likes of Dear Harley (creative cake makers), Wanna Jam (handcrafted jams & butters), Stubborn Coffee (HK roasted coffee beans) and Cacao Chocolatier (made from scratch chocolates).

Understanding HKers also enjoy international premium products, we handpicked some top notch, award-winning and/or environmentally conscious goods.  Natural wines from Italy and Spain, Japanese sake and to fulfill that sweet-tooth, we have chocolate vodka for that killer cocktail.  Also some handmade memorabilia from Taiwan.

One feature of the Happy Hampers is a DIY project – cupcake mix and decoration pack.  We make it easy for you to create that loving memory or instagram moment with your kids or your girlfriends! Another feature is having a games menu, just a simple reminder of fun games you can play with your mates WITHOUT your phone!

Want more?

An extra service we offer is a top-off service for Hot Pot delivery service, a Surf’n’Turf hot pot for all your friends and family, for those who are tired of the everyday take-out menu.  Includes lobsters, beef, HKer’s favorite fishballs, veggies and stove plus burner! All you need is chopsticks and it’s ready to go!

Another extra product we feature is a social enterprise Furry Green – turning unwanted groceries into pet food.  Why not give your pets a feast too?

Happy Hampers have got everyone covered for the ultimate Christmas Party! From kids, adults, to your pets; with drinks, nibbles, activities, CAKE! and dinner (if you fancy).

Now let’s get ready to celebrate life! And look forward to a better 2021!

Happy Hampers HK products for Christmas 2020

Happy Hampers HK products for Christmas 2020

Apple Cinnamon Butter – Wanna Jam

Apple Cinnamon Butter with Brandy – Wanna Jam

Peanut Butter – Wanna Jam

Hand-crafted Hazelnut Chocolates – Cacao

Single-origin coffee – Stubborn Coffee

Handmade keychains – Style

Chocolate Vodka – Tipsy Assembly

Gingerbread Cookies pack – Dear Harley

Sprinkles – Dear Harley

Hot Pot to-go – Yolo Hotpot


Nuts – Ton’s Premium

Natural wines – Tipsy Assembly

Pet Food – Furry Green

*Hampers comes in 3 standard sets from $980 and up
*Customization available to suit different needs

Happy Hampers available for pre-order on www.happyhampershk.com on November 20, 2020

Happy Hampers Pop Up Shop at The One, TST from December 1 – December 31, 2020
Delivery Service from December 1 – December 31, 2020


Ring-a-ling! The bells are ringing! To celebrate this joyous festival, Gentle Bro CBD incorporated the wellness and Christmas elements by bringing the new limited edition holiday box set to your loved ones this season.

叮噹~叮噹~!為迎接聖誕節這個普天同慶的日子,Gentle Bro CBD 為您的摯愛帶來全新限量版聖誕禮盒套裝。

Made in the USA, enjoy the natural benefits of Gentle Bro CBD’s broad-spectrum, all-natural, THC-free CBD products today!

所有Gentle Bro的護理產品於美國製造,其天然和優質的廣譜CBD油不含四氫大麻酚,為生活節奏急促的都士人帶來不同功效和好處!

 To shop, please visit:


For more details and Q&A information, please visit:



Britain’s Most Cherished Chocolatier Charbonnel et Walker Arrives This Christmas, Chocolate Decadence at its Finest!

Charbonnel et Walker’s iconic Christmas collection is now available at The Landmark Christmas Market and from the 4thNovember via its online shop www.charbonnel.com.hk website.


Encased in a handmade Christmas-red and gold box, the Peppermint Cookie Christmas Truffles (HK$228) will be right at home in any festive household. A delicious combination of cookie and peppermint, these scrumptious delights are enrobed in dark chocolate and cookie pieces – the ultimate yuletide indulgence.


Gingerbread Christmas Truffles (HK$228) are a treat for adults and children alike. Milk chocolate truffles have been infused with the delicious flavour of real ginger before being hand-rolled in milk chocolate and deliciously crunchy biscuit crumbs.


White chocolate lovers will enjoy the Eggnog Christmas Truffles (HK$228) which pay homage to a classic, creamy Christmas tipple. White chocolate truffles enclose a decadent eggnog centre and are infused with brandy, natural vanilla and nutmeg for a glorious festive treat.


A warming cup of Hot Chocolate (HK$148) and a plate of Dark Chocolate Mint Thins(HK$248) are a splendid choice for Santa’s midnight snack or make for thoughtful stocking fillers, while variety can be found in the format of Charbonnel et Walker’s famous Winter House Selection Gift Box (HK$528). Filled with a signature range of fine, milk and dark chocolate and truffle treats, this decadent selection is a fantastic choice for a family affair or merry Christmas get together.

The renowned chocolatier’s elegant and enticing products are available at the Landmark Christmas Market, Shop 312-314, 3/F., Landmark Atrium, The Landmark, Central and also via the brand’s online shop.

CHANEL Beauty News: N°5 New Communciation Campaign

CHANEL invites you to discover the new chapter in the legendary journey of the most famous fragrance in the world, N°5, featuring Marion Cotillard – the new brand ambassador.

This is the first time that Oscar-winning actress, Marion whom was in relationship with the CHANEL  dates back to the beginning of her career, is the face of a fragrance, continues the lineage of great feminine figures who have previously been the face of this olfactory icon.

The director, Johan Renck, decided to take N°5 over the moon. The moon is a character in its own right in this new N°5 chapter, combined with the holiday spirit, it invites to reverie, by marrying the real with the imaginary.

The inspiration for this new campaign is a strong woman in love, whose seductiveness unfolds into joy. The film features a mysterious woman, draped in a black cape, that walks on a snow-covered Parisian bridge, a night of a full moon. Suddenly, her face is illuminated by the hypnotic reflection of the huge celestial body that she is gazing at intensely.

Here she is on the moon, dressed in a gorgeous dress, facing a man who is waiting for her. The two lovers begin an intoxicating and mischievous dance of seduction and abandon themselves to each other until the grand finale when they fly away together. She appears back on the bridge once again, she turns around and discovers the man at her side.

They look at each other with a knowing and happy smile. Dream has become reality.

The song, Team by Lorde that gives rhythm to the film, covered by Marion Cotillard, is an ode to the love where two beings speak as equals; while the choreography, created by Ryan Heffington was tailored for Marion Cotillard and her partner, Étoile dancer Jérémie Bélingard. The lovers spin around giddily in a modern saraband.

And the gold embroidered lace dress, chosen by Virginie Viard accompanies each movement of the actress, is inspired by an iconic dress worn by Mademoiselle Chanel.

The union of the lovers after their celestial dance embodies an ideal: it is made for a woman who strives to accomplish her dreams. That is the power of N°5.


 JOYCE CABINET呈獻意大利復古傢俬珍品 



JOYCE CABINET 呈獻:中世紀意大利復古傢俬經典重現

JOYCE CABINET unveils a carefully curated selection of rare vintage Italian interior pieces at the JOYCE flagship store in Central, Hong Kong. Each a collector’s item in its own right, the one-off finds are a comprehensive representation of Mid-century Modern Italian interior décor.

JOYCE CABINET 在香港中環的JOYCE旗艦店精挑細選選出稀有的意大利復古傢俬珍品。每件作品都別具收藏意義,這些難得一見的作品全面地展示中世紀現代意大利室內設計的氣息。

Post-war Italian interior designers were pioneers, shaping the Italian design identity as we know it today. Eye-catching primary colours, fine craftsmanship and high quality materials define the genre. Deeply considered designs incorporate the body’s movement and posture. Simple forms fused with traditional elegance. These iconic often minimalist pieces stand the test of time: a piece of history with gravitas that can be passed on from one generation to the next.


“Vintage furniture and design objects share part of our collective history. The value of craftsmanship and the corresponding genius of designers form the soul of JOYCE. Showing these works alongside our curation of fashion is a way of saying that, especially in today’s world, we can break from the expected norm and embrace new ways of using our creative headspace.” said Judd Crane, Senior Vice President of JOYCE.

JOYCE高級副總裁Judd Crane說:「復古傢俱和設計品是我們集體歷史的一部份。這些工藝的價值及其設計師的才華也反映JOYCE的靈魂。透過這些作品和我們策劃的時尚一起展示,是為了表達在現今任何事也能突破既定的框架,我們需要的是吸納新思維才能擴闊創造空間。」

JOYCE CABINET presents pieces by some of the biggest names in the industry. A conversation starter for those in the know, each stand-alone piece has its own story to tell. A Joe Columbo floor lamp, chairs by Mario Botta and Afra & Tobia Scarpa a Fontana Arte mirror as well as Murano glass centrepieces by the likes of Flavio Poli, Vittorio Zecchin and Tapio Wirkalla for Venini. These influential designers often had a background in industrial design and architecture, producing structurally sound, functional and beautiful pieces. By combining what was at the time cutting edge techniques and skills honed over generations by local artisans and manufacturers, they created museum-worthy furniture with soul.

JOYCE CABINET首次展示一眾名師之作,每件獨立作品都甚有來頭,對於傢俱收藏家來說,極具話題性:Joe Colombo 的落地燈、Mario Botta 和 Afra & Tobia Scarpa 的椅子、Fontana Arte 的鏡子及 Flavio Poli、Vittorio Zecchin 和 Tapio Wirkalla 等為 Venini 設計的穆拉諾玻璃裝飾品。這些具影響力的設計師來自設計及建築學背景,設計作品均結構精湛、實用且超越一般美學的作品,結合現代的尖端技術和當地工藝傳承的工匠創造出具博物館收藏價值的傢俬傑作。

Available at JOYCE Central and shop.joyce.com



JOYCE Central store


New World Tower, Central

(2810 1120)

DiVino Patio brings in Autumn with New Chef – Omar Agostini

November marks a very warm “Benvenuto” (“welcome” in Italian) not just to the cooler weather but also to new Chef Omar Agostini at DiVino Patio.  Hailing from Abruzzo in the very centre of Italy, Omar has travelled the world as a renowned Italian Chef and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Omar brings impressive qualifications of the culinary kind with his vast experience. Beyond Abruzzo, his career brought him to Germany and London – where he has honed his craft in the Como Hotel, Halkin Hotel, where he collaborated alongside Michelin-star chef, Stefano Cavallini.R’S

From London, his voyage continues as Private Chef to Donatella Versace, Bruce Willis, and Demi Moore in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Each experience led him further into his career, working with renowned Michelin Chefs such as Alain Ducasse (11 years in Alain Ducasse group including the 1 Michelin Star restaurant,  Trattoria Toscana by Alain Ducasse, l’Andana Tenuta la Badiola in Tuscany).  His work with Ducasse involved running Master Chef Italy when the finals were done in Omar kitchen!

In 2014, Chef Omar arrived in Hong Kong to work with the Gaia Group alongside the respected, Chef Gianni.  He was a consultant chef at Isola for over 4 years.  It a little wonder that Chef Omar has tasted such success – his approach is simple yet specific.  To tell the story of food through progressive Italian cuisine with an emphasis on ingredients the environment – giving all guest a sensational experience of real comfort food.

Must try dishes at the Patio this Autumn are the, tagliolini crab with salted lemon and the Agnolotti pork with apple and parmesan cream

This fall DiVino Patio may be filled with an abundance of ‘new’, but old mainstays remain hot and happening – like the outdoor patio, ideal for al fresco event, Aperitivo-hour and the ever-popular Pizza-Making Sundays for kids.


Advance bookings are required:

DiVino Patio: Shop 11, 1/f, BRIM28, Causeway Bay Centre, No 28 Harbour Road, Wanchai. Tel: +(852) 2877 3552



Brand New Pet-Friendly Amenities and Rooftop Lawn at Peak Galleria

Introducing Pet Elevator, Pet Route, Photoshoot Station

Launching Peaknic Combo – Picnic with Breathtaking View of Hong Kong

Following its much-acclaimed facelift last year, Hang Lung Properties’ Peak Galleria has brought in plenty of pet-friendly amenities long desired by pet parents and their furry babies. This iconic landmark of Hong Kong is also introducing the Peaknic combo, allowing pet owners to enjoy a picnic with their four-legged friends on its new rooftop lawn by the Observation Deck on level three. With a world-class view of the Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island, Peak Galleria promises an unparalleled leisure experience for all!

Pet-friendly amenities and photoshoot station for an exceptional leisure experience

At Peak Galleria – the hottest pet-friendly shopping mall in town, not only is Fido allowed in most of the areas, they can also use a dedicated elevator to access the Observation Deck on level three, where they can roam freely and play. By late October, Peak Galleria will be setting up an Insta-station for pet lovers to snap away at – or with – their furry friends in a giant pet bowl installation, capturing the most beautiful memories with their pampered companions.

Customer service is the hallmark of the Peak Galleria shopping experience. As such, Peak Galleria has set up designated dog parking areas where Fido can rest while their owners go shopping or dining. In addition, complimentary pet strollers are available for loan from the Concierge for up to three hours with a deposit of HK$500. (Note: In all mall areas, all pets must be muzzled and on leash not exceeding 1.5 meters in length.)

Starting today, Pawfect Barber Shop, a pet salon-themed photoshoot station, will open on level one of Peak Galleria. A rich collection of props and backdrops will be available at the station, where owners can play stylist for their beloved pets for a fun-filled photo session. What’s more, a selection of items will be available for sale at PANDORA, Gift at Races, and Build-A-Bear Workshop. Meanwhile, patrons accompanied by their pets will be entitled to limited-time offers at the merchants below:

Weekend PetMart – where world-famous pet labels convene

From now on through December 31, over weekends and on public holidays, Peak Galleria will host the PetMart at the atrium, featuring pop-up stalls by multiple chich labels, including PRIVATE i PETS, KOLs Jerry. C @Jm9 and Kenji@ Ondogdog, PETCORE VET and WELLNESS, PETS 101, and Dreamcatcher Holiday Market. Discover a vast array of curated pet foods, pet supplements, handcrafted toys, and many more at PetMart, which is deemed to bring an exceptional shopping experience to pet owners and their furry friends!

Family Peaknic in style with furry friends

From now on, customers who order takeaway from participating restaurants or purchase a designated picnic set by Mina House or JinYaJu Noodle Bar of over HK$600 will receive a free picnic mat and a merchant cash coupon worth HK$100. Customers can also loan an exquisite picnic basket at no costs – a picnic essential for snapshots on the new rooftop lawn by the Observation Deck, against a backdrop of the scenic Pokfulam Reservoir and Hong Kong Island. The signature picnic sets at Mina House and JinYaJu Noodle Bar are available only at the Peak Galleria. The former specializes in crispy snacks, while the latter has a wide range of savory dishes, including the popular JinYaJu Noodle, chef-picked appetizers and specialty beverages. Menus for two and for four are available to meet the varied needs of avid picnic goers and paws.


Nature has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Lalique. Artist and founder René Lalique loved nature above all and observed it with utmost care. His creativity continues to be nurtured by the three “F”’s: Femme, Flora and Fauna, which were ubiquitous in his designs.
The new BOTANICA collection takes us into a universe where floral romanticism contrasts with mineral strength. Thanks to the talent of its artists and the exceptional expertise of its glass masters, Lalique captures the ornamental and symbolic power of peony and cherry blossoms. The
precision of the designs, the purity of the material and the play on reflections and transparency give birth to exquisite decorative objects. Through satin-finished crystal, sometimes highlighted with gold or enamel, Lalique, sculptor of light, immortalizes nature and invites us to admire its beauty.

The theme of this new collection is cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms symbolize the ephemeral character of beauty and life, inviting one to marvel at the present moment.  limited edition of 88 pieces in fuchsia, illuminated with gold and highlighted with enamel and applied by hand. While, scintillating on satin-finished crystal, the cherry blossoms of the Sakura vases evoke the universally admired and wondrous blossoming of the Japanese cherry tree.Symbolizing the ephemeral character of beauty and life, each piece  invites one to marvel at the present moment. Issued in clear crystal and pink luster exclusively for the Lalique Boutiques.

To celebrate 2021, the year of the Ox in Chinese astrology, Lalique designed the Ox and Nam Buffalo sculptures. The Ox is known to be determined, perseverant and trustworthy. Available in clear and gold stamped. While the Nam Buffalo, is a symbol of strength and virility, embodies a quiet force. Available in clear crystal or Limited Edition of 20 pieces in pink luster as Lalique Boutiques exclusive.

MoMa Design Store Launches “The Record Shop” Pop-up at K11 MUSEA in Celebration of Its 1st Anniversary in HK

From 17 September until the end of November 2020, the Pop-Up store will be a tribute to the harmonious intersection of music and design as a reflection on 20th-century pop culture, bringing together a robust selection of new LPs, concert posters, and books that explore the interplay between the visual arts and music.

Here are some highlights of the pop-up:
1.  Design’s Contributions to Music’s Most Well-known Records
The heart of the Pop-Up is built upon an offering of more than 45 new LPs from MoMA’s permanent collection, while featuring special edition cover designs by modern artists. The assortment highlights a part of the MoMA collection that explores the contribution design has played on some of the most well-known albums of our generation. Prominent artists include:
  • Andy Warhol-  the pop art icon, created a record cover for jazz musician Thelonious Monk. The album’s interplay of handwritten and printed text is in line with the pop legend’s fascination with the relationship between man and machine made objects.
  • Yoko Ono- wife and artistic partner of musician John Lennon, used a time-delay camera with Lennon to take nude photographs of themselves for the cover of Unfinished Music No.1: Two Virgins, the first of the duo’s three experimental albums.
  • Raymond Pettibon-  a key figure in the ‘70s California punk scene. He engaged a wide spectrum of American iconography pulled from literature, art history, philosophy, religion, politics, sports and alternative youth culture.
Coveted records by the most influential recording artists of all-time will also be available in a genre-spanning selection that reflects the culture and history of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Records include Rubber Soul and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club by The Beatles; Nevermind by Nirvana; classic rock albums by The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie; and albums from punk rock icons Sex Pistols and The Ramones.
2. Audio Equipment with Both Incredible Sound and Design
For a limited time the equipment to play these special LPs on will be available to purchase at The Record Shop Pop-up and MoMA Design Store Hong Kong. 
Here is a selection of the unique and interesting equipment at the Pop-Up:
Brionvega – the historic Italian company renowned for its unique and timeless designs- will be displayed for all music and art lovers.
  • The Brionvega Radiofonografo turntable is particularly well-known – a customised all-white version that belonged to David Bowie was valued at HKD$2M at Sotheby’s after he passed away. This iconic turntable model will be showcased and available for order at The Record Shop Pop-Up, priced at HK$85,800.
  • The Brionvega TS217 Wear It powered by British designer Michael Young will also be displayed, as will the Brionvega Radio grattacielo, an original design by Marco Zanuso. 

The Record Shop audio gear also includes the GPO Brooklyn Boombox ($2,648), TEAC CD Recorder with Cassette Player and Turntable ($3,800), DENON AH-D9200 Bambooover-ear premium headphones ($10,980), Transparent Speaker- HK exclusive ($4,580) and Cotodama Lyric Speaker Canvas ($14,980).

3. Special Exclusive Shopping Privileges from 11-27 September
To celebrate MoMA Design Store’s 1 year anniversary at K11 MUSEA, exclusive shopping privileges are offered to delight fans from 11-27 September. For each of the following spending levels, customers will enjoy different special tiered offers:
  • Enjoy 10% off upon spending HK$500.

  • Enjoy 15% off upon spending HK$1,000.

  • Enjoy 20% off upon spending HK$2,000.

Lush invites street shoppers to wash their hands and  launches new soap bars! #LushSoap

  • A place to wash your hands on the street with fresh handmade soap
  • Wash away dirt, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses
  • A new soap – 13 Soap Unlucky for Dirt Soap join the new look all year round range
  • Palm-free nature, effective ingredients and packaging free

Lush did all we could to pass our soaps last few months, especially the handwash and hand sanitizer which had run out in supermarkets at that time, to hospital authority workers, charities and groups in our local communities. Also, we are offering street shoppers their own piece of soap peel to wash their hands on arrival at the local Lush shop. We believe that soap is better for the environment than liquid handwash in unrecyclable plastic pumps and also because it is a tried and tested route to the best hygiene.

According to a study on the effectiveness of soap and water vs alcohol-based hand sanitisers, soaps are physical and solid, not only are they highly alkaline which disrupts bacterial cell membranes and fungal cell walls, the alkalinity also creates a hostile biochemical environment for microorganisms. With viruses, the physicality of a soap along with the way in which it is used ensures that the virus can’t stick to your hands reducing the risk of transference via contact, hand sanitiser doesn’t have this benefit.

Mark Constantine OBE, Lush Co-founder & Managing Director recommends using soap and water too…

“The reason Lush is recommending washing hands with soap and water is because soap has two functions, it dislodges and washes away dirt, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses.”

To understand more about the effectiveness of solid soap, Lush Cosmetic Scientist and Product Inventor, Daniel Campbell, discusses it further here.

Introducing our new look soap collection!

There are 14 soaps in the new, all year round range, including a brand new 13 Soap Unlucky for Dirt Soap. All soaps in the new range will now be pre-cut to around 100g, removing the need to weigh each out in-store, ensuring a quicker shopping process for customers as they also adhere to current social distancing measures.

NEW! 13 Soap Unlucky for Dirt Soap (HK$70/100g)

For squeaky clean hands lather up and let the antibacterial properties of oregano get to work. With moisturising honey, your hands will be clean and soft, and enjoy the intoxicating, deep rose scent.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap (HK$65/100g)

Caramel-scented suds that will leave your skin feeling soft and soothed. Lather the soap packed with moisturising English honey under running water, cleanse and rinse.

Outback Mate Soap (HK$75/100g)

Time for a refreshing cooldown with tingly, cleansing peppermint and eucalyptus oils. Lather under running water, wake up to the rousing lemongrass and rinse.

Sleepy Soap (HK$80/100g)

The signature Sleepy scent of lavender and tonka, joins a creamy lather of oat milk to help you cleanse, calm and unwind.