Jimmy Choo unveils their Autumn Winter 2020 campaign featuring the breakthrough British actor, Daisy Edgar-Jones.  An overnight success born out of a period of Global  lock down, Edgar-Jones captured the hearts of many playing the leading role of Marianne in the critically acclaimed TV drama ‘Normal People’ that has charmed audiences across the world.

The campaign sees the continuation of the IN MY CHOOS content series that celebrates women who dare to stand out. The striking images that tell the story of Daisy as muse of the season brought to life with a video interview and short film vignettes. Shot by the London based American photographer Dan Martensen who intuitively captures Edgar-Jones’ confident and alluring spirit. With a maturity that belies her years, Edgar-Jones effortlessly moves between playful, glamorous and beguiling capturing the very essence of the Jimmy Choo woman and giving an insight into the girl everyone wants to know more about.

Shot on location at the London landmark hotel, Chiltern Firehouse, Martensen’s assertive images celebrate modern luxury against the elevated bohemia of London’s Bloomsbury. Video captured using a 16mm bolex camera lends an intimate reportage finish.         

“Daisy is a modern heroine in the making, she represents the archetypal Jimmy Choo muse for a new era, her talent combined with her humility lend her an unique allure and confidence. She has found herself on the cusp of global stardom during an extraordinary moment in history. I, like many others, was mesmerised by her performance in ‘Normal People’ and am so thrilled we were able to work together to create such a beautiful campaign that talks to the brand’s London roots so strongly.” Sandra Choi, Creative Director

“I am so delighted to be working with Jimmy Choo on this campaign. This is the first time I have worked on a commercial shoot, and it was a completely new and exciting experience for me. I loved finding a character through the shoes and accessories, it reinforced to me how transformative accessories, especially shoes, can be when playing a role – I also love how the collection includes off duty styles as well as glamorous heels.” Daisy Edgar-Jones

JIMMY CHOO發佈2020秋冬大片,黛西·愛德格-鐘斯優雅出鏡

Jimmy Choo於9月2日發佈2020秋冬大片,英國女演員黛西·愛德格-鐘斯(Daisy Edgar-Jones)優雅出鏡。Daisy在廣受好評的電視劇《普通人》中飾演主角Marianne,精湛的演技俘獲了全世界觀眾的心,在這個特別的時期一夜成名。

該系列廣告延續IN MY CHOO專題故事,頌揚那些敢於站出來的女性。一系列奪人眼球的照片講述了Daisy作為本季靈感繆斯的故事,精彩的視頻採訪和短片更使其栩栩如生。這組大片由倫敦的美籍攝影師丹·馬滕森(Dan Martensen)掌鏡,他精准地捕捉了Daisy的自信和迷人。Daisy有著與超乎年齡的成熟,她在俏皮、迷人和誘惑之間自如地轉換,展現Jimmy Choo品牌精髓,也讓觀眾對她有了更深入的瞭解。

攝影師Martensen選擇了倫敦地標性酒店Chiltern Firehouse作為外景地,內景則在布盧姆斯伯裡假日酒店拍攝,酒店的波西米亞風格完美襯托出Jimmy Choo的現代奢華氣質。Bolex 16mm的膠片攝影機則賦予短片新聞報導式的親切感。

“Daisy是一個成長中的時代女主角,也是Jimmy Choo新世代繆斯的典型代表,她兼具才華與謙遜,這使她散發出獨特的自信魅力。在這樣的特殊時期,她成為全球最令人矚目的明星。我和許多人一樣,對她在《普通人》中的表現深深著迷,我很高興我們能夠合作創造出如此驚豔的大片,強烈地傳達出Jimmy Choo的倫敦淵源。”

——創意總監 Sandra Choi

“我很高興能與Jimmy Choo合作拍攝這個系列的廣告。這是我第一次參與廣告拍攝,對我來說是一次激動人心的全新體驗。我喜歡通過鞋子和配飾來塑造一個角色,這次拍攝讓我更加確信配飾,尤其是鞋子,在扮演角色時的作用。我也很喜歡這個系列的休閒鞋款以及迷人的高跟鞋。”

——黛西·愛德格-鐘斯(Daisy Edgar-Jones)




DIOR tie-dye creations from Fall 20 by Maria Grazia Chiuri

Approached by Maria Grazia Chiuri as a manifesto questioning the meaning of fashion, the Fall 2020 ready-to-wear collection dialogues directly with Dior codes, reinterpreting motifs the Creative Director holds dear, such as tie-dye.

A testament to exceptional savoir-faire, this precious dyeing technique colors long dresses, skirts and short-sleeved shirts in a palette of spellbinding shades ranging from pink to deep red, navy blue and khaki. These hypnotic designs also unfurl on the iconic 30 Montaigne, Saddle and Dior Book Tote bags, as well as on irresistible bob hats. The fruit of constantly renewed research and experimentation, fabrics with this surprising and unique character have become a House emblem.

Ermenegildo Zegna XXX Summer 2021 Phygital Show

Ermenegildo Zegna XXX Summer 2021 Phygital Show. 2020 marks the 110th anniversary for Ermenegildo Zegna. The occurrence, which prompts to reassess and strengthen the core values of the brand and its responsible outlook. Ermenegildo Zegna XXX Summer 2021 collection, a project that includes both clothing and a different way to present them fusing a digital and a live experience, is an exploration of the unique bond between nature and machine whose connection is the man himself, as a sensitive and sensible being.

2020年是Ermenegildo Zegna創立110周年的紀念。藉此特別時刻,我們重新審視並深化品牌的核心價值,延續品牌一直以來履行對世界環境可持續發展的承諾。本季,Zegna以一場精彩的時裝展,發佈全新的Ermenegildo Zegna XXX 2021夏季系列服裝,帶來融合數字科技與現場體驗的視覺盛宴。此全新系列旨在探索自然與機械之間的獨特連繫,而兩者之間的紐帶正是富有感性與理性的人類。

Stella McCartney – Autumn 2020

The Empowerment of Women to be The True Selves

Autumn 2020 explores Stella women – unapologetic, unpredictable, unafraid to be themselves. It is an eclectic collection of contrasts and contradictions, revealing the unexpected and able to go anywhere and be anything. Pieces bring sophistication to the day and our signature effortlessness to the evening by making classic sculpturalism new, whilst ushering in a modern graphicism and progressive femininity.

Giving space to perspectives outside the West, our Autumn 2020 campaign was shot by Chinese photographer Leslie Zhang in Shanghai’s green spaces and amplifies the advocate voices of the woman: model, arts activist and C for ABC founder Cici Xiang.

Sharing her thoughts sustainable fashion, Cici Xiang comments, “There is no Planet B. As long as we protect it from now on, Earth can be healed.”

Sustainable materials are used throughout as part of our ongoing commitment to eco-friendly fashion, including organic cotton, sustainable viscose, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, regenerated cashmere and a vegan, cruelty-free animal alternative. We have also introduced a recycled polyester lurex across pleated skirts that has been developed especially for us in Italy. Our innovative KOBA® Fur-Free-Fur joins the core collection for the first time, which is recyclable and created with plant-based fibres – making it the most sustainable animal-free fur ever.


Christian Dior’s haute couture looks

Amour, Amoureuse, Scène d’amour, Fête d’amour… The names given to Christian Dior’s haute couture looks endlessly celebrated Love, the passionate sentiment that is more essential now than ever, and that has lived in Dior’s heart since its founding. As an ode to this heritage, the new Dioramour capsule collection designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri for Chinese Valentine’s Day resonates like a tender declaration of the House’s emblematic codes: red, “the color of life,” as Monsieur Dior called it, and polka dots — a motif of which he was equally fond. The latter plays out on the House’s iconic bags including the Lady D-Lite, Dior Book Tote and 30 Montaigne as well as selected pieces of ready-to-wear and lingerie, Mitzah scarves, fashion jewelry and cardholders. An invitation to demonstrate one’s affections or to treat oneself, to be discovered from July 23rd.

31 rue Cambon with CHANEL

31 rue Cambon 是一篇向 CHANEL 美學發源地 rue Cambon 31 號總部致敬的頌詞,藝術總監 Virginie Viard 構思系列廣告時,再次邀請美國導演 Sofia Coppola 助一臂之力 — 去年 12 月工藝坊系列在巴黎大皇宮亮相,如同將總部 Chanel 女士 的公寓、訂製服展覽廳以及著名的鏡面樓梯搬進時裝表演現場,震撼的意念 Sofia Coppola 亦 有參與其中。

工藝坊系列廣告由 Sofia Coppola 任指導,Melodie McDaniel 負責攝影,傳奇的鏡面樓梯 成為廣告背景,模特兒 Mona TougaardGigi HadidVittoria CerettiRebecca Leigh LongendykeAnna Ewers、 Ola Rudnicka、潘浩文及 Blesnya Minher 踏著歡快步伐,從 Gabrielle Chanel 的殿堂走到 Karl Lagerfeld 與好友經常去的巴黎 La Coupole 餐廳 — 當 年餐廳的舞會可謂盛極一時。

廣告概念延續時裝展的主題,回歸 CHANEL 風格之根本,由建於二十年代初的裝飾藝術風格鏡 面樓起步,據說當年 Gabrielle Chanel 會坐在第五級樓梯觀察樓下舉行的時裝表演,觀眾卻 見不到她,從鏡中反映她就見到模特兒示範的身影。Sofia Coppola 解釋說:「我們想像當年 在總部舉行時裝表演的情景,觀眾近距離欣賞模特兒穿梭示範的興奮心情,還有 Chanel 的鏡 面樓梯都令我心往神馳。」

系列用色全為 CHANEL 經典:白色飄逸長裙及縐緞套裝;黑色平織外套繡彩色水晶,黑色羊毛 茄士咩軟呢大衣有華美刺繡;金色見於絎縫大衣、連身裙及一款繡滿花朵的蕾絲裙;Lesage 工 藝坊的麥穗、絲帶或珍珠刺繡點綴於多款服裝;一個鑲水晶金色雀籠形晚裝小手袋取材自 Chanel 女士公寓中的小雀籠,亦用於配襯廣告中一個造型;CHANEL 經典雙色概念見於輪廓 分明的黑白軟呢套裝,以及 Massaro 工坊製作的金配黑色高跟鞋;Lemarié 羽飾及花飾工坊 的工藝,為黑色蕾絲連身裙、有 CC 標誌的淡褐色半截裙以及印山茶花白色阿剛紗小斗篷錦上 添花;Gabrielle Chanel 心愛的山茶花鋪滿一件晚裝飛行員短外套;軟呢混珠片衣料用於連胸 飾的連身褲、短身套裝的外套及直身半截裙;另一經典元素鏈條與珍珠串、蝴蝶結或山茶花配 搭相得益彰。時尚首飾如手鐲、項鏈、長項鏈及頸圈光華閃爍,為造型添上華美一筆。

2019/20 工藝坊系列廣告影像表現 rue Cambon 31 號總部的神髓、活力、傳奇地位及永不過 時的時代感,完美地向 CHANEL 的歷史及經典風格致敬。


Go straight to the heart of CHANEL’s world: this was the spirit of the Paris – 31 rue Cambon 2019/20 Métiers d’art collection, which paid tribute to the House’s historic address. For the collection campaign, Virginie Viard has called upon the American director Sofia Coppola. They had also collaborated on the décor for the runway show, held last December at the Grand Palais, which reconstituted Mademoiselle Chanel’s apartment, the Haute Couture salons as well as the famous mirrored staircase of 31 rue Cambon.

The same staircase now serves as the backdrop to the campaign, photographed by Melodie McDaniel under the direction of Sofia Coppola. The models Mona Tougaard, Gigi Hadid, Vittoria Ceretti, Rebecca Leigh Longendyke, Anna Ewers, Ola Rudnicka, Pan Haowen and Blesnya Minher take a celebratory path that leads from Gabrielle Chanel’s legendary address to a place frequented by Karl Lagerfeld and his friends – the restaurant and the dancing of La Coupole in Paris.

A way of returning to the fundamentals of CHANEL’s style. Starting with the staircase at 31 rue Cambon, an Art Deco oeuvre created in the early 1920s where Gabrielle Chanel would sit to watch her shows, unseen by the audience, perched, as legend has it, on the fifth step. “We thought about the original shows that were held at 31 rue Cambon, and how great it must have been to see the models walking by so close, and the setting by Coco’s mirrored staircase, which always gives me a thrill to see,” explains Sofia Coppola. Mirrors with cubist faceting in which the silhouettes of the collection are reflected.

The chromatic range draws from the emblematic colours of CHANEL: white on a long fluid dress and a satin crêpe ensemble; black on a jacket in jersey embroidered with multicoloured strass and a richly embroidered tweed coat in wool and cashmere; but also gold, on a quilted bronze coat, a dress and a delicate lace ensemble swathed in flowers. Embroidery by the House of Lesage, whether it is an ear of wheat, ribbons or pearls, punctuates several creations. A minaudière in the shape of a golden cage constellated with strass, reminiscent of the famous little bird cage present in Mademoiselle’s apartment, is used to accessorise one of the silhouettes in the campaign. Two-tone, a CHANEL code, is perfectly expressed with a graphic suit in a black and white tweed, as well as the gold and black pumps made by the House of Massaro. The feather and flower maker Lemarié renders sublime a black lace dress, an ecru skirt embellished with double Cs, and a white cape in silk organza printed with camellias.

This flower, so dear to Gabrielle Chanel, entirely covers little evening bomber jackets. Tweed is blended with sequins on a jumpsuit finished with a plastron, and a short suit jacket and pencil skirt. Chains are also among the symbols celebrated and are worn with strands of pearls, bows or camellias. The jewellery – cuff bracelets, necklaces, sautoir necklaces, pendants and chokers – complete the look.

A true embodiment of the spirit and the energy of 31 rue Cambon, this series of photographs summons the legend of this unique place, its effervescence and its eternal modernity. The Paris – 31 rue Cambon 2019/20 Métiers d’art collection campaign is a celebration of the history and the codes of the House of CHANEL.

Versace | Capsule

Versace launches a capsule collection celebrating the upcoming summer.

The collection boasts a dedicated print depicting heritage gold-tone acanthus leaves fused with subtle animalier accents. The hand-painted motifs are placed onto a checkerboard background in bright shades of yellow, green, orange and turquoise.

Evoking a summer by the sea, the vivid design is featured on an assortment of styles for women, men and children. Women wear the print on silk bralettes and ethereal pleated skirts, while men layer light jackets over t-shirts boasting the same pattern. Printed pieces are paired with matching sandals or espadrilles and a selection of beachwear completes the collection.

Accompanying the printed vacation wardrobe, a selection of limited edition tote bags will be available exclusively in boutiques in luxury resort destinations around the world such as Capri, Porto Cervo, St. Tropez, Barcelona, Monaco and Miami. With a limited series of ten bags, each tote boasts the name of its holiday location.




品牌同時帶來多款限量手提袋,配襯夏季的印花度假造型。手提袋將於全球多個熱門度假勝地的專門店獨家發售,包括卡普里(Capri)、切爾沃港(Porto Cervo)、聖特羅佩(St. Tropez)、巴塞隆拿(Barcelona)、摩納哥(Monaco)和邁阿密(Miami)。系列共有十款限量手提袋,每款均以該度假勝地為主題,別具特色。

The Faces Of Chanel Eyewear

The singer Angèle, the actresses Isabelle Adjani and Margaret Qualley, and the musicians Sébastien Tellier and Pharrell Williams: five artists and five unique creative worlds light up the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2020 eyewear campaign with their aura, photographed by Karim Sadli. All of them have a special relationship with Virginie Viard, Artistic Director of CHANEL’s Fashion collections. For this campaign, they chose their favourite pair of glasses from the collection. Five eyewear designs for one single attitude: one that allows everyone to assert their style.

Each pair of sunglasses highlights the originality of these inspiring faces. For Angèle, it’s an oval design with a transparent acetate frame that contrasts with the metal temples attached to a necklace of grey faux pearls. Margaret Qualley’s mischievous face peeps out from behind a butterfly frame in black metal, also linked with a string of pearls, this time in white. We can only guess at Isabelle Adjani’s enigmatic gaze behind large square sunglasses in a black acetate with the name CHANEL inlaid like a jewelled hair slide along one of the temples. The XL rectangular shield worn by Sébastien Tellier honours the tweed that swathes its frame. The double C takes shape as a patch and signs the temples. Finally, an oversized rectangular design in black acetate worn by the CHANEL ambassador Pharrell Williams, is embellished with fine metal plaques engraved with a motif that evokes a woven tweed.

Discover the Spring-Summer 2020 Eyewear campaign from March 2020.

CHANEL and the five faces of the Spring-Summer 2020 eyewear campaign

In just a few months Angèle has become the pop icon of her generation. Her dazzling success was rewarded with the Prize for the Best Concert at the 2020 Victoires de la Musique. Activism, irony, feminism and a lucid take on the social networks: her style is endlessly seductive. The Belgian singer-songwriter has collaborated with CHANEL with performances on the piano at several events organised by the House and she regularly attends the runway shows imagined by Virginie Viard.

Isabelle Adjani, legendary actress, marked the history of French cinema in the most emblematic films, from One Deadly Summer and Camille Claudel to La Reine Margot. Her exceptional filmography has been recompensed with five Césars for Best Actress. It was on the set of Camille Claudel by Bruno Nuytten, that the actress first met Virginie Viard, who at the time was assisting costume designer Dominique Borg. A woman of commitment, passionate about music, Isabelle Adjani recently featured on the new single by French band The Penelopes.

Margaret Qualley is a radiant young actress first known for her work on the TV series, The Leftovers. In 2019, she was nominated for an Emmy for her role in Fosse/Verdon and she also made an impression in Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood alongside Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. She wore CHANEL to the recent Academy Awards ceremony. A natural spontaneity defines her style.

In January, Sébastien Tellier, a gracefully melancholic musician, released the video clip to A Ballet, the first single from his new album. This is the ninth record in his bewitching discography. A friend of the House, he played live accompanied by an orchestra, at the

CHANEL Spring-Summer 2014 Haute Couture runway show. The world of this unmissable musician will be the subject of a documentary entitled Many Lives, supported by CHANEL and the premiere of which was presented during the opening evening of FAME (International music film festival), that took place in February 2020 at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris.

Pharrell Williams is a Grammy Award winning, Academy Award nominated musician, producer, philanthropist and ambassador for CHANEL. Pharrell Williams also created the CHANEL-Pharrell capsule collection in 2019 with Karl Lagerfeld.

Berluti | 2020 Fall Collection

A versatile wardrobe is at the core of the Fall 2020 Collection by Kris Van Assche. As comfortable in classic heritage pieces as he is in trendy, innovative ones, the Berluti man proves modern timelessness is inseparable from true chic.

This season’s focus is on mixing and matching different styles. Berluti’s latest collection includes a variety of technical fabrics and borrows cuts and details from classic military garments, filtering them through the Maison’s unique savoir-faire and identity. The result is an array of exceptional, timeless pieces.

百搭衣櫥是Kris Van Assche所打造的2020秋季系列的核心理念。正如憑藉前衛創新的作品引領潮流一樣,這位Berluti創意總監對於經典的傳承同樣駕輕就熟,本季詮釋出當代經典與真正時尚密不可分的深刻奧義。


Functional, eclectic and light, outerwear is always easy to wear. Parkas – knee-length or short – take on the large pockets and zip details of a modernized field jacket and mix cotton and nylon with Scritto-embossed leather elements. A classic raincoat’s technical fabric makes it water repellent and exceptionally light, while a formal double-faced wool and cashmere coat is deconstructed to make it softer and more comfortable. Leather is ubiquitous, taking a down jacket from classic to one-of-a-kind thanks to its embossed details and exclusive nylon-and-wool fabric. Quilted lamb leather is the star material of a raincoat and a short jacket featuring military-inspired details. Leather jackets go from the patina blouson with an elasticated hem and the shearling-collared, supple deer skin aviator jacket – the ultimate Berluti pieces – to the statement-making patchworked jacket with a bonded membrane and the nubuck suede perfecto with a brand new “Deep Sea Blue” hand-applied patina effect. A teddy jacket mixes wool gabardine and leather sleeves with embossed Scritto, and features terry cloth logo patches.

外套兼具輕便實穿、不拘一格的特點,易於穿搭。及膝或短身的Parka大褸採用現代外套輪廓的口袋與拉鍊設計細節,結合純棉和尼龍面料與Scritto圖紋皮革元素相得益彰。經典雨衣所採用的科技面料兼備防水與輕盈的特性,同時雙面正裝大褸採用羊毛混羊絨,被賦予更為柔軟與舒適的觸感。皮革元素如今被廣泛應用,壓花細節與獨有的尼龍羊毛混紡面料成就出獨一無二的經典款羽絨服。絎縫羊皮可謂製作雨衣和軍裝短款外套的常用面料。皮褸款式豐富,從以Patina古法染制的束腰短褸,到羊毛翻領設計的鹿皮Aviator外套,再到個性鮮明的皮革拼接外套以及採用全新深海藍(Deep Sea Blue)色調作Patina渲染的Nubuck麂皮騎士外套,一應俱全。Teddy外套以羊毛華達呢為主體面料,皮革衣袖飾以Scritto印花圖紋,並有標誌性的毛圈面料logo飾片點綴其中。

Leather is also the star of the season’s patina suit, made from calf skin and complete with an Ice Black patina blending grey and black tones. Elsewhere, tailoring oscillates between the formal and the casual, and while the sleek Alessandro suit – worn over a silk shirt with an all-over Scritto print – takes on a vibrant cherry shade, a new half-canvas construction travel jacket in naturally wrinkle-free virgin wool can be paired with jogging-inspired tapered trousers or trendy knee-length cargo trousers in Prince of Wales with nylon details. Nylon yokes are also inserted in a military-inspired soft cotton overshirt-and-trousers set.

皮革也是本季Patina染色西裝的重要材質,西裝採用小牛皮面料,經冰黑色(Ice Black)Patina古法染色技藝與灰黑色調混合處理而成。本季的剪裁在正式與休閒之間切換自如:Alessandro光面西裝內搭Scritto圖紋真絲襯衫,令充滿活力的櫻桃色調更為明亮突出;全新的半帆布構造旅行夾克採用天然抗皺初剪羊毛,可搭配錐形慢跑褲或當季的威爾士親王(Prince of Wales)款帶有尼龍細節的及膝工人褲;軍裝款軟棉質外套式襯衫與褲裝套裝中亦貫穿了尼龍拼接的細節。

Casual ready-to-wear pieces creatively embody Berluti’s DNA: a beige military shirt with patch pockets and a virgin wool sweater with pearl rib stitch details are embroidered with terry cloth logos mimicking military badges. Featuring a Scritto jacquard motif, Fairisle sweaters in a wool, cotton and silk blend become statement pieces. A leather crest is applied to a comfortable neoprene hoodie, and jersey tee-shirts are decorated with Berluti’s logo. Even raw denim pieces include an all-over Scritto print on the inside, revealed only when the jeans or jacket sleeves are rolled up.


Alongside Berluti’s emblematic “Alessandro” shoe, made out of a single piece of leather with no visible stitches and embossed with a Scritto Swipe motif, this season’s formal shoes comprise “Démesure”, a lace-up with a diagonal stitch; “Andy” loafers (originally created in 1962 for Andy Warhol) with a Scritto-embellished strap and “Arthur”, a new monk buckle shoe with stitching details on the top, treated with an “Ice Black” patina. An unapologetic fashion statement, the new “Camden” creepers are inspired by rock & roll culture and feature a chunky rubber sole and a square last, coming in Oxford and lace-up boot forms, both in a delicate grained Venezia leather. “Gravity” sneakers are the perfect leisurely choice, with two new variations: a high-top sneaker with a scratch strap – available in the edgy matte texture of Vitello Opaco leather and in “Deep Sea Blue” patinated grained Venezia -, and a low one inspired by classic outdoors shoes.

除了Berluti標誌性Alessandro鞋履 — 這款以整張皮革製作、隱藏縫線細節並飾有Scritto Swipe斜圖紋為特色的經典之作外,本季囊括的其它正裝鞋履還包括:斜紋細節裝飾的Démesure綁帶鞋、鞋舌上飾有Scritto圖紋的Andy樂福鞋 (源自於1962年專門為Andy Warhol打造的鞋款),以及頂部縫線設計、經冰黑色Patina古法染色處理的全新Arthur扣帶鞋。鮮明的潮流態度在Camden新款厚底鞋充分體驗—受到搖滾文化影響,採用厚實的橡膠鞋底與方形鞋頭造型,融合了牛津鞋和綁帶靴的特點,由紋路細膩的Venezia皮革製成。 Gravity休閒鞋本季呈現兩種款式,成為休閒鞋履的不二選擇,一款是有裝飾綁帶的高筒鞋型,採用的Vitello Opaco前衛霧面材質皮革及深海藍Patina古法染色處理的Venezia皮革兩種面料,另一款則是深受經典戶外鞋履啟發的低筒休閒鞋。

This season, Berluti is unveiling its new SIGNATURE Canvas, a coated cotton material printed with a Scritto-inspired motif and a crest. A knowing wink to Berluti’s rich heritage, it is featured in “Odyssée”, a functional travel sailor bag with Venezia leather details, as well as the messenger “Escapade”, the “Explorer” backpack and the versatile tote “Ulysse”, perfect for business and casual moments. The ultimate 48-hour bag, “Aventure”, takes on a Venezia Gloria leather – as supple as nappa and as solid as classic Venezia – and a vivid “Deep Sea Blue” patina. Iconic Berluti bags this season span from the “Journalier” messenger with a full Scritto motif and an “Ice Black” patina, ideal to carry essentials daily, the vertical “Toujours” and the classic “Un Jour” – which, fitting a 15 inch laptop, is the ultimate business bag -, to the trendy and comfortable “Balade” cross body bag in Venezia Gloria and the “Day Out” backpack. Discreetly decorated with a Scritto Swipe and complete with a flap drawstring closure and an “Ice Black” patina, it embodies Berluti’s idea of a modern classic.

本季,Berluti推出全新的SIGNATURE Canvas,這一全新的材質以塗層帆佈為主體,覆面圖紋是以品牌經典Scritto圖紋為靈感的徽章印花。作為對Berluti品牌經典的一次致敬,該系列以「史詩旅程」為主題,貫穿整個Odyssée系列——採用Venezia皮革裝飾的實用旅行水手包、Escapade郵差包、Explorer背囊和百搭的Ulysse手提包都是商務與休閒場合的絕妙之選。全新Aventure旅行袋採用Venezia Gloria皮革,兼具小羊皮的柔軟和經典Venezia皮革的牢固,經明亮的深海藍Patina古法染色處理,不失為48小時商旅的最佳選擇。本季Berluti經典袋款齊全,包括全覆以Scritto圖紋和冰黑色Patina古法染色的Journalier郵差包、直版設計的Toujours公事包、可容納15寸手提電腦的經典Un Jour公事包;美感與舒適完美融合的Venezia Gloria皮革材質Balade斜揹包;以低調的Scritto Swipe圖紋、翻蓋抽繩設計和冰黑色Patina古法染色的Day Out背囊,展現出Berluti對於當代經典的精妙解讀。


Second Release of HUGO x Liam Payne Capsule

After the success of their first capsule, HUGO and Liam Payne go back to their roots this season.

HUGO and Liam Payne unveil their second collaborative effort, a capsule of menswear pieces in a signature palette of black, white, navy, and red. This season celebrates the HUGO ambassador’s fast-track journey from teen pop sensation to established solo artist.

Comprised of apparel, accessories, and an exclusive new sneaker style, each piece features a “go fast” chevron motif inspired by a tattoo on the global brand ambassador’s right arm.

The new collection brings together the brand’s unconventional style and Liam’s sporty aesthetic, as HUGO’s signature slim-fit jeans blend with athleisure-inspired sweaters and track pants. Nodding to the origins of HUGO and the year in which Liam was born, the brand’s logo is reinvented as ‘HUGO93.LP’ boldly printed or embroidered across all 14 pieces.

“I’ve learned so much about my own style over the past two years and I’m so grateful to continue to design clothes that I love to wear,” Liam says. “This season is very me. It’s all about easy styles that are perfect for the weekend.”

The new collection is available to shop in store today.

HUGO x Liam Payne第二季聯乘系列 I

繼首個聯乘系列在去年成功推出後,德國品牌HUGO與其國際品牌大使Liam Payne在今季的合作將回歸本源,追尋初心。

全新HUGO x Liam Payne系列以黑、白、海軍藍及HUGO紅為主調。今季,品牌以Liam從青少年流行音樂偶像到單人發展歌手迅速成名的音樂道路作出發點,所有服裝、配飾及專屬設計的運動鞋都飾有靈感取自Liam右前臂的V形箭頭圖案紋身,代表疾速前進的意思。

系列結合HUGO前衛創新的理念與  Liam的運動風美學,例如以品牌標誌性修身剪裁的牛仔褲混搭運動休閒風的衛衣及長褲。為紀念HUGO 和Liam共同誕生的1993年,品牌標誌亦特意重新演繹成「HUGO93.LP」的字樣,並採用印花或刺繡的方式綴飾在14件單品上。


HUGO x Liam Payne全新系列今日起於HUGO海港城專門店發售。