Spring Summer 2019 marks our first decade. This collection looks back, but also forward – it explores the codes of the brand, the identity I’ve built up over the ten years since my first show. Fluid lines, a mix of masculine and feminine, print, an arresting mix of unusual colours – these are our codes.
It’s also a collection about choice – there are slender and wide trousers, midi and full- length skirts, eased shapes and fit ted forms. Brocade and satin, tailoring and fluidity. There’s a lightness throughout, that feels modern. It’s about dressing not our woman, but our women – reflected in our cast this season, as well as embedded in the clothes.
Today is a milestone: our ten-year anniversary, and my first show in London. I’m really happy to be able to celebrate this season back at home.


Thom Browne Womens Spring Summer 2019

 good and bad, at the beach.

being good at being bad, while being bad at being good, on a boardwalk, under the sun.

thom browne’s very own true american preppy is taken on the good route, or the bad one, as everything gets morphed, sliced, shredded, inlaid, embroidered, sculpted, sorted and distorted.

the seersuckers, gingham checks, oxford stripes, whale motifs, anchors are magnified just as bright fruity yellows, greens, pinks and light blues get saturated.

exaggeration is bad, just as it is good.

the good and the bad are blown up to ridiculous proportions or shrunken and sucked-in. theft turns from bad to good. bits from previous thom browne collections resurface in a new context.

trompe l’oeil deceives the eye while extensive buttoning exceeds in modularity.

bad turns into good as good edges to bad, with punk spirit and a fruit mask.

classic fabrics are treated either good or bad with couture finesse. altering surfaces and proportions is a good matter of virtuoso skills with the bad stance of a relentless spirit.

good requires bad and bad requires good: the two go hand-in-hand. is it good or is it bad?

Stella McCartney — Autumn 2019 Womenswear Collection

This season explores the archetypal contrasts of the Stella McCartney woman by combining classic British heritage with the bold and larger-than-life, exploring this dichotomy in a way that is very personal to Stella.

Through this lens we see masculine blended with feminine, graphic offset with classic and fluidity strengthened with boldness. The palette is a balance of heritage, softness and vibrant modernity, as quintessentially Stella tones like grey melange, sand, pale rose and waterlily blue meet energised hues like camomile and vermillion.


HUGO SS19 Menswear Collection

Inspired by the glory days of Berlin’s club scene, the new season features styles that are colorfully eccentric combined with bold and rave-related graphics. The palette is appropriately eccentric — with pops of acid yellow, touches of pale pink and blue, and hints of bright HUGO red. In terms of graphics, the collection takes its cues from rave culture. A print mash up created from ‘90s club posters features on technical silk shirts and directional tailoring. Adding to the season’s offering and continuing the brand’s fascination with logos, taped “HUGO” accents bring a retro touch to color-block tracksuits and sporty polo shirts.




Ports V Drop I

Young Hearts Run Wild – A dark urban fantasy in Ports V

PORTS V is proud to introduce its contemporary, romantic streetwear and sporty couture-inspired collection ‘Young Hearts Run Wild’. Designed by Creative Director Milan Vukmirovic, the limited edition “see now, buy now” capsule is exclusively sold online at and

Drawing off a narrative of dark romanticism and sporty couture, this Les Fleurs du mal-inspired collection from PORTS V brims with enigmatic elegance.

Reinventing the brand’s cool streetwear dressing with two dreamy, evocative themes — dark French poetry ‘Les Fleurs du mal’ (The Flowers of Evil) and sporty couture — this collection features poetic, experimental details executed in sporty shapes and gentle pastel hues. Elegantly juxtaposing sportswear silhouettes with bold experimental details, key pieces include dip dye contrast military trench coats, neon stripe staggered hem shirts, ‘LOVE’ gothic-style slogan hoodies, Les Fleurs du mal-inspired floral embroidery trousers and varsity bomber jackets. The lovely pastel palette infused across stripes and Les Fleurs du mal-inspired pieces gives the slightly gothic collection a fresh, feminine twist.

Dip dye details are designed on trench coats, sharply tailored trousers and boxy shirts to keep a contemporary balance. Much-loved PORTS V classics such as preppy striped logo sweatshirt, belted bag and ‘LOVE ONLY’ hats are designed to celebrate the brand’s rule-bending youthful DNA.

A beautiful, nightmarish masterpiece published in 1857 by Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du mal (The Flower of Evil) explores the inevitable, modern experience of alienation with a constant emphasis on beauty and innocence.

Les Fleurs du mal’s broken romanticism is delicately translated into the collection through evocative, pastel-hued floral embroideries on long coats, tailored trousers and T-shirts. The poem’s sensual, nostalgic flower portrait is seen on utility jackets, to cast dark dreamy notes to your everyday style. Embodying its dreamy decadence, Les Fleurs du mal floral is rendered on varsity bomber jackets, hoodies and cozy sweatshirt. PORTS V’s classic slogan ‘LOVE’ and ‘LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY’ took on a gothic calligraphy twist, expressing Les Fleurs du mal ‘s romantic yet sinister style.

The brand’s cool urbanity and youth-centric vision is further celebrated through preppy stripes and varsity silhouettes. Standout pieces include a colourblocked outdoor jacket and logo bag with a thought-provoking slogan ‘We should all accept recognise and celebrate our differences’. Pinstripe pullover, hoodies with PORTS V logo and ‘LIVE4LOVE’ slogans are created to offer timeless versatility.

Powered by dark, nostalgic floral motifs and striking dip dye finishes, this line-up features pastel-hued bomber jackets and camouflage vests that is versatile for spring layering; while the pleated trousers and stripe shirt will effortlessly vamp up a smart casual look.

An urban indulgence in Les Fleurs du mal’s poetic and gothic wonderland, this pastel palette collection will add an eccentric, playful edge to any streetwear formula.

Christian Dior

DIOR Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2019 Show in DUBAI

“Is it a man or a woman? It’s neither one nor the other – it’s a clown.” *

The circus is a magical place. Inspired by this fantastical world, a subject of fascination for so many artists, Maria Grazia Chiuri created a Spring-Summer 2019 haute couture collection that was presented in Paris in January.

Christian Dior loved going to the Cirque d’Hiver, where Richard Avedon, who had an extraordinary gift for capturing the essence of Monsieur Dior’s style, shot the celebrated photo Dovima with Elephants in 1955. One of the fashion world’s most emblematic images, it evokes perfectly the majesty of haute couture. In 1950, British television also covered the House’s show at The Savoy in London with a report titled Dior ‘Circus’ Comes To Town.

The circus theme reappeared later at Dior under John Galliano’s creative direction. For isn’t a fashion show, after all, akin to the parade that inaugurates a circus show? Great 20th-century artists such as Pablo Picasso, Erik Satie, Serge Diaghilev and Léonide Massine joined Jean Cocteau – a regular at the Cirque Medrano, which also counted Federico Fellini among its fans – to develop the ballet Parade in Italy between Rome – the birthplace of Maria Grazia Chiuri – and Naples, before presenting it in Paris in 1917.

For Maria Grazia Chiuri, this fantastical creative chaos provided the starting point for this new haute couture collection. The visual unfurling of the pieces that compose it represents an unleashing of the memory and the imagination associated with the circus through costumes, fashion and art, extending and the evocation of Cindy Sherman’s work focusing on clowns. This collection consists of a superposition of images: a woman’s tattooed skin, reminiscent of the Victorian circus\ and its fairground phenomena, becomes a motif-drenched unitard that shapes the body and tells a wearable story under dresses. Powdery shades that come together and blend into an infinite palette – like those on the curtain painted by Pablo Picasso for the ballet Parade – also symbolize this sense of the worn, of the fine dust that sprinkles stage clothes.

Skirts embroidered or inlaid with opaque sequins are shortened as tutus that nod to the circus codes of acrobats, tamers and riders. Maria Grazia Chiuri employs this broad variety of images to compose her own “parade”, comprising full and very light pants, narrowing at the ankle, which can also become sumptuous jumpsuits. Shorts are paired with sheer white shirts accented with ruffs or ribbons seemingly frayed with the passage of time. There are also leather corsets and the geometric white clown outfit, whether spare or sumptuous, reinterpreted through its materials, embroidery and proportions. To this dreamlike parade, fifteen entirely new creations have been added especially for the collection’s presentation in Dubai.

These fifteen exceptional silhouettes, enhanced by the dazzle of gold, intense reds, and subtle shades of green and lilac, symbolize all the excellence of the savoir-faire in the Dior Ateliers. Pleated skirts shimmer like rainbows, accentuating the celestial magic of the circus even more. And then there are the long, fitted redingotes punctuated with hand-embroidered frogging, and tamer’s jackets — a flamboyant reinterpretation of the iconic Bar jacket. These unique and marvelous creations revisit Dior codes through an eminently feminine contemporary vision. The grace and evocative power of the circus render sublime the “Kingdom of Dreams”, as Christian Dior described the magic of dresses and haute couture in his memoirs.

rue Madame the floral wardrobe

Spring has fin ally arrived! rue Madame brings you the floral pieces and create something fresh for your spring/summer wardrobe.

For the new season in 2019, designers breaks the golden rules by creating a bold contrast between tartans that are destined for fall and winter and liberty prints that are best suited for spring and summer without showing the least trace of incompatibility, marking a ground-breaking statement of “more is more” and injecting a fresh note to your wardrobe on the scorching days.

rue Madame brings together a rich array of hot-sellers from across the globe. Blazers continue to take the central stage. Unisex, oversized shape adds a heavy dose of summer vibes, whereas the elongated silhouette eliminates the perceived dullness of suit jacket, which is matched with the wrap dress of the moment for a balanced look with featherweight, comfortable materials, manifesting the masculine-femininity of French women.

This season, silhouettes in catchy pastel shades reign, with violet, peacock green, and rouge red enhancing the total look through precise coordination of colours.



Olivia Wilde wearing the Malone Souliers

Olivia Wilde wearing the Malone Souliers ‘Daisy’ Boot to the ‘Booksmart’ Portrait Studio during the 2019 SXSW Film Festival in Austin

ba&sh SS19 Women, adventure & freedom


Diesel 2019

After releasing Spring—a motocross, extreme sport and retro video game-inspired collection—Diesel
looks to Tokyo, Japan as its main influence for its Summer drop. Tokyo has long been central to
Diesel’s aesthetic direction and overall inspiration.

Additionally, Summer’s look draws cues from rockabilly culture, and sets the look on the street-style
packed neighborhoods of Shibuya and Shinjuku. It is a bold collection, where denim, leather and
souvenir jackets are the key components. Additionally: embroidered tops and jolts of color combined
with black and gray all mix together for a defiant, wild-child appeal.

Oversized silhouettes are a defining shape for Summer, and essential pieces come in XL denim cuts,
frayed or grommet-studded leather, and as jackets with novel souvenir decorating.
Chain jewelry shines against leather, bits of neon strobe against tees and tear-away tops, and striking
sneakers are ready to hit the block. The main pattern draws inspiration from Western bandanas—it
appears on skirts, shorts and shirts.
This is a fearless interpretation of summer for 2019—and one that speeds from the racecourse to the
rock stage. It’s time to scream at the top of your lungs and party onward—and give new meaning to the
term “dancing in the streets.”