Salvatore Ferragamo – My Vara Campaign

Ferragamo opens up a new chapter in the #FollowVara project, launched to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic shoe created by Fiamma Ferragamo, daughter of founder Salvatore.

Ferragamo開啟#FollowVara企劃新篇章,慶祝品牌創始人Salvatore之女Fiamma Ferragamo構思設計的品牌標誌性鞋履誕生40周年。


My Vara is an innovative personalisation project, which will be available from November in 25 selected boutiques around the world. Clients will now be able to add their own personal touch to an emblematic house icon – available in lipstick, bon bon (pink) and black – by customizing the signature hardware with a choice of letters and two special ornaments of a heart and a star.

My Vara是一個頗具創意的個性化定制企劃,將於11月在全球25個指定精品店推出。顧客可以在品牌的經典單品上留下屬於自己的個性印記,用字母以及特別的心形和星形飾件來創製專屬的個性化飾件,有唇膏紅、粉紅色和黑色三種顏色可供選擇。

Since its creation, Vara has not only become the single best-selling model in the history of Salvatore Ferragamo but has also set the standard for young women with a modern, dynamic lifestyle: a shoe that meets the ever-changing needs of daily life, while fulfilling the desire for an exclusive, versatile accessory.

自面世以來,Vara一直是Salvatore Ferragamo史上最為暢銷的鞋履,不僅能滿足時刻變化的生活所需,還是一件別具一格、靈活百搭的配件單品,為時尚現代、充滿活力的年輕女性樹立了一種標準。

My Vara will be accompanied by a digital communication programme on the website,, and on social media, forming the second chapter of the web campaign launched this summer. Central to this new chapter are three exceptional ambassadors: models Cara Taylor, Hiandra Martinez and Soo Joo Park, the three stars of the ad campaign for the Signorina Ribelle fragrance, who join the established cast of women united in celebration of Vara.

Ferragamo將在官網www.ferragamo.com和社交媒體上啟動My Vara專屬數碼宣傳活動,旨在打造今夏網上廣告宣傳的第二波高潮。此次宣傳活動將聚焦於三位卓越大使:模特Cara Taylor、Hiandra Martinez和Soo Joo Park,這三位聲名顯赫的女明星曾參與品牌Signorina Ribelle香水廣告片的拍攝,她們為慶祝Vara誕生紀念日再次匯聚一堂。

Lee X Coca-Cola Special Fashion Collection

Celebrating a connection that stretches back more than 80 years, Coca-Cola® and Lee Jeans are launching a new fashion collaboration, inspired by the official Coca-Cola Bottler uniforms which Lee created in the 1930’s.

This collection is being supported by an integrated campaign that will run across Asia Pacific. Themed “Real Buddies”, the campaign is a salute to the long and lasting friendship between two brands that have an authentic connection. The work takes a refreshingly retro approach to fashion advertising that defies category conventions. Inspired by vintage Coca-Cola and Lee Jeans posters from the 1940’s and 1950’s, the campaign features modern day moments captured using vintage illustration techniques instead of fashion photography. Titled “Real Buddies Since 1930”, the four painted images evoke the classic nature of the two brands, showing moments between buddies that reflect the close nature of Coca-Colaand Lee’s relationship. Each of the four images is a classic homage to their shared cultural
history, showing iconic moments of friendship – girlfriends dancing in front of their  townhouse at a block party, riding down Ocean Drive in sunny L.A. with a BFF, an idyllic afternoon at the county fair, and creating shared memories with a group of friends at a music festival. While the images have an authentically vintage vibe to them, hidden elements in each scene hint that this is not some lost moment from long ago, but a timeless moment that could be happening now.

The integrated campaign includes print, event, in-store, social, digital, and public relations. In a surprising twist, these vintage visuals were brought to life to create video content, giving their old-world charm a modern interpretation that echoes Lee’s long history of innovation and reinvention. Social activations and content celebrate real world “Real Buddies”, drawing people into the story. These are supported by on-ground events such as flash mobs featuring Coke® X Lee Bottlers reminiscent of the original 1930’s bottlers, challenging friends on the street to demonstrate their “Real Buddiness”.

Lee will open a pop-store store at Kiosk 107B & C , 1/F, Mira Place, Tsim Sha Tsui on 4th
January 2020 together with the launch of the marketing campaign.

Shanghai Tang Appoints BINGQIANG XU As Chief Shoe Designer A Playful Take on Modern Chinese Chic


Shanghai Tang is delighted to announce the appointment of acclaimed Chinese designer BING XU as the brand’s Chief Shoe Designer. He will join hands with Shanghai Tang’s Creative Director Victoria Tang-Owen to create a range of contemporary and cutting-edge footwear designs inspired by Chinese cultural heritage and aesthetics as well as the brand’s deep rooted “Created by Chinese” ethos.

上海灘歡迎中國設計師BING XU加入並擔任品牌首席鞋履設計師,其將與上海灘創意總監鄧愛嘉攜手推出一系列融匯中西的創新之作,以根植於中國文化的「中國創造」精神,多元新銳的創意設計,向世界展現蘊含中國文化底蘊的東方時尚美學。

“I am honoured to be the Chief Shoe Designer of Shanghai Tang. I believe contemporary Chinese culture is the soul of the brand. I hope to combine and highlight this unique brand aesthetic with designs created for a modern lifestyle in forthcoming collection,” says Bing Xu.

BING XU對此表示道:「很榮幸成為上海灘的首席鞋履設計師。我認為上海灘的『當代中國文化精神』是品牌的靈魂,需要與摩登生活時尚互為呼應,我希望將兩者相結合,並在系列作品中得以呈現。」

Being a sought-after Chinese designer in recent years, Bing Xu graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York in 2011 and Polimoda in Florence. He founded his luxury footwear label Bing Xu in 2013 and started to present his collection independently in Milan in 2017. The brand is frequently featured in fashion and lifestyle magazines including GQ, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Xu actively works as Style Contributor to New York Times’ T Magazine and Wallpaper magazine in China. His work has been showcased by GQ for two seasons running at London Fashion Week.


BING XU,作為近年全球炙手可熱的中國設計師,2011年畢業於紐約FIT時裝學院及佛羅倫斯柏麗慕達時裝學院,2013年創立的同名潮鞋品牌備受時尚及生活雜誌如《GQ》 《Vogue》《時尚芭莎》的推崇。他同時亦是中國《紐約時報》旗下的《T Magazine》及《Wallpaper*卷宗》的時尚撰稿人。其設計的系列產品曾受《GQ》推薦參加2015年倫敦時裝週,自2017年開始於米蘭時裝週發布及展示作品。

Bing Xu is the first Chinese designer to launch an exclusive footwear collection with 10 Corso Como and Lane Crawford, becoming the most popular footwear brand in the department store since 2014. The brand was invited by luxury conglomerate LVMH to enter T Fonfaco store in Venice in September 2016.

BING XU是第一位與10 Corso Como 及連卡佛(Lane Crawford)合作推出特別鞋履系列的中國設計師,其設計的產品自2014年便成為連卡佛鞋履部售罄率最高的鞋履品牌。 2016 年9 月,其品牌受LVMH之邀進駐威尼斯T Fondaco新店。

Bing Xu specializes in luxurious whimsical footwear with velvet and embroidery as his iconic design style. The refined materials and meticulous details incorporated into his designs continued to offer a sense of novelty to customers. The exclusive “Bing Xu for Shanghai Tang Collection” launched in early September 2019 was a great hit and quickly become the brand’s best-selling items. Stay tuned for more exciting collections coming soon.

BING XU的設計素以幽默俏皮、充滿靈性與無拘無束的自由生活態度見稱。以絲絨與刺繡為標誌性設計風格,產品細節精美考究,每個系列都為粉絲帶來了源源不絕的驚喜。 2019年9 月,上海灘與BING XU推出的首個聯名系列便成為全球鞋迷的心愛產品。更多精彩產品將隨後推出,敬請期待。


Naomi Wattsi in Dior

Naomi Wattsi in Dior to the 71st Bambi Awards in Germany on 21st November.

  • Naomi Watts wore a Dior Spring-Summer 2020 white lace embroidered dress, a Dior blue leather evening clutch and Dior shoes.

Intimissimi’s much anticipated Fall Winter 19/20 fashion show

It was one big and bougie night at Intimissimi’s much anticipated Fall Winter 19/20 fashion show, flaunting the brand’s sexy and versatile yet, comfortable contemporary lingerie. Staged in a picturésque French café chanteuse setting, the event was decked out in countless lights, grand chandeliers and cascading shiny crystal pendants making the perfect white palette backdrop against which every woman can project a vision of herself. Moreover, winning the hearts of the audience was the spectacular line up of artists performing a series of captivating live acts to engage guests amid the glitz and the glam. The all white folies bergère was the ideal scene to showcase the Italian brand and its take on the cherished intimate garments every woman covets in her wardrobe.

It was one big and bougie night at Intimissimi’s much anticipated Fall Winter 19/20 fashion show, flaunting the brand’s sexy and versatile yet, comfortable contemporary lingerie. Staged in a picturésque French café chanteuse setting, the event was decked out in countless lights, grand chandeliers and cascading shiny crystal pendants making the perfect white palette backdrop against which every woman can project a vision of herself. Moreover, winning the hearts of the audience was the spectacular line up of artists performing a series of captivating live acts to engage guests amid the glitz and the glam. The all white folies bergère was the ideal scene to showcase the Italian brand and its take on the cherished intimate garments every woman covets in her wardrobe.

Among other guests who attended the fashion show were Hong Kong’s iconic Miss Hong Kong pageant winner and popular actress Grace Chan; Hong Kong’s Ambassador to Intimissimi Irisa Wong accompanied by her supermodel mother Janet Ma; Hong Kong socialite Amanda Lui and top fashion and beauty influencers Jessie Li, Jenn Lam and Jessica Wong. Adorned in the most intimate picks, Hong Kong’s stellar representation was spot on, if not extra.

Intimissimi is a real bra specialist for both women and girls, by assisting them to find – among its broad range of over 40 bra types – the right one in terms of support and performance, without sacrificing style and elegance. Intimissimi believes that each woman is unique with her own physical traits and character. Every woman should wear a different bra in terms of style and features to enhance her silhouette – and to express her personality.

Honorary Oscar Lina Wertmuller’s Celebration Lunch Hosted By Martha De Laurentiis
(Photo by Daniele Venturelli )


Hermès AW19 Collection

Hermès’ AW19 Women’s Silk

MICHAEL Michael Kors與Michael Kors Mens 2020


MICHAEL KORS榮幸宣佈,正式發佈由著名攝影師Cass Bird為MICHAEL Michael Kors和Michael Kors Mens掌鏡的全新2020假日系列廣告大片。

這兩個系列均以雪花水晶球為主題,展現了不同假日場景的魅力。在雪花飛揚的冬日裡,Bella Hadid、Austin Auggie和Salomon Diaz身著#MKGO“海洋滑雪風(Sea & Ski)”膠囊系列產品,已迫不及待開始在滑雪賽道上切磋技術,一決高下;夜幕降臨,與朋友Adesuwa Aighewi、Abby Champion和Heejung Park一起在這場盛大的假日聚會上盡情舞蹈;最後,身著俏皮的MICHAEL KORS LOGO配飾的他們,再次踏上了旅程,完美詮釋了獨具魅力的Jet Set風格。該廣告大片充滿活力和歡樂,展現別樣假日風趣。

MICHAEL Michael Kors 2020假日系列服裝和配飾充分滿足了消費者的多重需求, #MKGO“海洋滑雪風(Sea & Ski)”膠囊系列包含適用於任何場合的百搭產品,不論是舒適的滑雪針織衫,還是時尚的比基尼,以印花字母為標誌,活力動感,玩味十足。同時,將金屬質感與別致黑色調和素雅動物花紋相結合,輕鬆增添奢華氣質。本季背包、水桶包和腰包採用條紋皮革製成,LOGO印花背帶前衛大膽,搭配全新的Jet Set Girls圖案,背上即刻出發。搭配運動鞋和雪地靴,毫不費力增添整體造型時髦感。

Michael Kors Mens 2020假日系列服裝和配飾,實用性與時髦兼備,醒目的寶石藍和暮色藍與沉穩的中性色調形成鮮明碰撞,令服飾既能適合工作環境,又適用於各種娛樂場合。

該系列廣告大片已於2019年10月下旬正式發佈,並在美國、歐洲和亞太地區Vogue、Vanity Fair、Harper’s Bazaar、InStyle、Elle和GQ冬季刊中展現,也將覆蓋美洲、歐洲和亞洲總計約40個市場,同時還將通過數位媒體平臺、社交媒體平臺和傳統的戶外媒體進行推廣與宣傳。


Berluti’s Scritto Motif

Berluti’s iconic Scritto motif gets a multicolour revamp, taking over outerwear, clothing, bags and accessories in an array of vibrant, cosmic-inspired colours.

A tribute to the artisanal beauty of calligraphy and manuscripts created by Olga Berluti in the early 2000’s, the Scritto motif has since become one of Berluti’s trademarks, often engraved in Venezia leather objects or worked into jacquard fabric. This season, under Kris Van Assche’s direction, Scritto gets a pop, urban twist, with superimposed patterns taking on shades of indigo, ice grey, cosmic blue, clover and techno magenta and covering clothing and accessories for a modern, summery collection.

Worn with formal tailoring, outerwear blends traditional know-how with functional shapes and unique technical details. A technical parka is made from extremely thin water-repellent suede and finished with invisible seams. Another one features a three-fabric patchwork, mixing a check pattern with a clover green Scritto print over a cosmic blue background. A classic cashmere field jacket includes a bonded membrane to make it water-repellent. And Berluti’s emblematic nylon “B-Way” is covered in contrasted, colourful Scritto motifs.

Just like this season’s silk shirts, featuring boxy fits and large collars and paired with formal trousers. An avant-garde take on tailoring is embodied by the “Alessandro” jacket, a fully lined, full canvas construction with a sleek silhouette. Luxurious fabrics meet functional shapes and ultra-comfortable details in jogging trousers, complete with an elasticated drawstring belt. Casual looks are topped off with bright-coloured logo-ed tees and a structured neoprene hoodie embroidered in a chic leather logo.

Sneakers bring an extra dose of cool to the collection, with this season’s “Gravity” mixing Vitello Opaco leather with black mesh nylon and a three-layered rubber outsole, and featuring a black Scritto motif for the first time – or acquiring a rich wild berry tone. On the other hand, the minimal, pure- lined “Stellar” pairs essentialism with a true bootmaker attitude with a diamond cut-inspired square toe tip and decorative tone-on-tone stitches.

This season’s bags are doused in Scritto, with the “Complice” cross-body bag trading its usual Jacquard Scritto base for the new Nylon Multico fabric, complete with Vitello Piuma leather details. As does the brand new “Chill-Out” multi pocket tote. Taking on a new Storm Blue patina over its signature Venezia leather, the also new “Daylight” satchel takes Scritto engraving to new heights through a vibrant shade of clover green for a colourful, kaleidoscopic effect.



Unveiling the next round of iconic re-releases and must-have capsule drops…

四大必備都市機能capsule系列陸續登場 …

Inspired by its iconic history and signature designs, The North Face Urban Exploration presents its Fall/Winter 2019 collection, titled “The Archives, Reimagined,” for men and women. Since the brand’s beginnings until present day, we enable explorers of all walks — and we never stop exploring.

Designed for today’s city explorers who balance an active office and outdoor life, the new collection reinterprets TNF Urban Exploration’s archival products with urban elements, modern aesthetics and authentic utility.

For Winter, two of the brand’s classic and most popular outdoor functional jackets — the legendary “Nuptse” and the alpine-technical “Steep Tech” — are reinvigorated with a modern approach and restyled for today’s city look. Each jacket reinvents its traditional fabrics by infusing top-notch technologies, offering explorers a contemporary city look with modern style and unexpected functions.

Created under “The Archives, Reimagined” theme, the Winter 2019 season kicks off in October with the release of four new capsule collections:



This season, the many facets of the Stella Man are united under a defiant activist spirit, evoking a profound message of environmentalism with poetic messages by author Jonathan Safran Foer. Reinterpreting the themes of the women’s ready-to-wear collection with a subversive irreverence, pieces turn heritage on its head and not everything is as it seems.

The palette is a spectrum of rich, earthy tones like rust, camel and grey alongside fresh green ash and smoky teal, with pulses of bright colour like lilac and orange.

Stella’s eco ethos and hope for a circular future remain at the forefront, with 64% of the collection made from sustainable materials. Organic cotton, sustainable viscose, ECONYL® regenerated nylon and recycled polyester are used throughout.

Stella says of the collection, “this season is not only sustainably-made, but you see it in messaging and the prints on the clothes themselves. We’ve amplified it, we’ve turned it up a little bit, in a way that’s still hopefully joyous and approachable. Our touch is always humorous and hopeful.”

Inspired interpretations of Mother Nature enhance the collection throughout, the strongest presence within a capsule collection titled ‘We are the Weather’. Named after Jonathan Safran Foer’s upcoming novel about the climate crisis, it features his thought-provoking phrases and a countercultural, artful sun graphic across knitwear, organic cotton shirting, shorts and T-shirts, juxtaposing activism with classicism.

Hand-painted horses dance across a matching silk shirt, tie and shorts, acting as a Stella signature that is symbolic of her love for animals. Leopard is introduced into Spring Summer for the first time, created from photocopies of Fur-Free-Fur, scaled-up and printed onto lightweight separates like an organic cotton, voluminous duster coat and trousers.

Modern utility appears in various forms throughout the collection. Trousers and a jacket in refreshing smoky teal are worn with sleek Alter-Nappa monk strap shoes, characterising the Stella Man who is both an activist and a professional. An unexpected take on camouflage, a standout jumpsuit is printed with an all-over Earth satellite print.

Blurring the lines between formal and casual, checked grey Savile Row tailoring is overprinted with the graphic leopard print, or overlaid with a bold houndstooth. A powerful minimalism cuts through as a double-breasted suit is presented in blush pink and bleached denim pieces are offered in bright white.

The ‘Eco-weirdo’ graphic injects our signature sense of humour into a purple T-shirt and monochrome wallet, irreverently playing on the outside perception that climate change is just a fantasy. Dip-dyed pieces also add splashes of bold playfulness.

For accessories, functional pieces like backpacks and belt bags are printed with the satellite Earth print. The new logo water bottle holder is a nod to our hope for a world free from single-use plastics for the sustainably-minded Stella man.

Revisiting the activist spirit of the season, statement hiking boots with commando soles ground the footwear collection, subtly finished with the Stella recycled logo. The innovative, glue-free and easily recyclable Loop returns as a classic runner in Alter-Suede and recycled nylon in bright pop colours. Sunglasses transition from retro-futuristic to sleek and modern in both metal and bio-acetate frames.