24 Aug 2021 By AWAY IN STYLE

Caudalie Vinopure – The natural solution for acne-prone skin 63%

tural Solution For Acne-Prone Skin

– 63% Acne Spots From 1 Week

Although acne is almost inevitable during adolescence, it also stems from our lifestyle: wearing masks (maskne), hormone imbalances, pollution, stress, hormonal changes and unsuitable cosmetics. Although acne is a skin disease, it is not incurable. Unfortunately, common acne treatment with Benzoyl Peroxide or photosensitive ingredients and antibiotics are not only ineffective , but potentially exacerbate breakouts and trigger redness, dryness, burning.

Caudalie is going to present the new and upgraded Vinopure collection on 1st Sep, 2021 (soft launch on 23 August 2021 at Caudalie HK e-shop –  https://hk.caudalie.com/) to provide an ultra-effective and ultra-natural solution for acne-prone skin, reduce 63% blemishes from 1 week* and tackle acne spots, delated pores, blackheads and excess sebum.

Adhering to four clean beauty commitments, all Vinopure products have no endocrine disruptors, no irritants, no animal-derived ingredients and no non-biodegradable ingredients. The collection is free from synthetic fragrance, parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEG, sodium lauryl sulfate, paraffin, mineral oils, phthalates, or any animal ingredients, promoting a clear healthier-looking complexion for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin!

1-Week Natural Anti-Acne Treatment

Vinopure-Blemish-Control-Salicylic-Serum $340/30ml
Vinopure Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid HK$260/ 40ml
Vinopure Purifying Mask HK$240/ 75ml
Vinopure Purifying Gel Cleanser HK$190/ 150ml
Vinopure Purifying Toner HK$190/ 200ml