Celebrate Chinese New Year with Chef Ho’s homemade Deluxe Turnip Pudding and Deluxe Low Sugar Red Date Pudding

As the Year of the Ox approaches fast The Royal Garden has prepared a lineup of legendary Chinese New Year puddings. Besides, the unique Deluxe Turnip Pudding andDeluxe Low Sugar Red Date Pudding handmade by Executive Chef Ho Wai Sing have come back again!


The Royal Garden’s renowned Cantonese restaurant The Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant presents the handmade Deluxe Turnip Puddingwhich is made of Japanese Daikon shredded in 1 cm thick cuts, together with dried scallops and shrimps combined with preserved sausages,” says Chef Ho Wai Sing, Chinese Executive Chef of The Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant. “It has fantastic ingredients so to enjoy the best of it, I would recommend cutting the pudding into 1-inch thick slices then slowly frying them until a golden brown crust forms on the outside,” he said. “In this way you will be able to enjoy the delicious fine ingredients as well as the chunky texture and sweetness of daikon in every bite.“


The Deluxe Low Sugar Red Date Pudding are made with premium red dates from Xinjiang, each red date is around 2 inches long. Chef Ho carefully peeled the red dates, cut them into small bites then mixed it in the pudding. A special recipe from Chef Ho is used as he reduced the amount of the sugar in the pudding so you may taste the natural sweetness from the red dates. This pudding is bursting with fragrance and the health benefits of red dates, which are full of multivitamins, calcium and protein.


In addition to these two limited edition puddings, Chef Ho and his experienced culinary team will also prepare other puddings daily such as the Dried Mandarin Peel with Red Bean and Lotus Seed Pudding, Ginger Pudding, Water Chestnut Pudding and the always popular Coconut Pudding, Turnip Pudding and Taro Pudding. They are all elegantly wrapped in gift boxes, these festive treats are a perfect and chic Chinese New Year gift.


A delightful gift box may also be purchased – a deluxe gift box where a fish-shaped pudding and Chinese preserved meat are included. Customers who place orders before 14 January 2021 will even enjoy special discounts. For enquires and ordering, please call 2733 2840.

Items Price per box (HK$)
Deluxe Turnip Pudding $398
Deluxe Low Sugar Red Date Pudding $308
Dried Mandarin Peel with Red Bean and Lotus Seed Pudding $298
Water Chestnut Pudding $298
Ginger Pudding $298
Coconut Pudding $298
Turnip Pudding $298
Taro Pudding $298
Deluxe Gift Box (Fish-shaped Pudding and Chinese Preserved Meat) $658


Early Bird Discount

Date Discount
For orders confirmed before 14 January 2021 Deluxe Puddings – 10% off; Other New Year Puddings – 20% off; Gift Box – 15% off