1 Dec 2023 By May Ng

“Central Market PLAY DUCK Grand Christmas Party”

Paying Tribute to “Father of the Yellow Rubber Duck” Mr. L.T. Lam, Hong Kong toy industry legend promotes cultural heritage infused with innovative technology

  • Visit this season’s must-visit photo hotspots! “Giant Yellow Ducks” Photo Spot and “Wonder Duck Multiverse” Exhibition,
  • Dive into the festive atmosphere with a Series of PLAY DUCK-Themed Christmas Activities, including “Giant LT DUCK” Photo Spot and “Wonder Duck Multiverse”, bringing vibrancy from day to night
  • Continue the 85-year cultural heritage of the Central Market, injecting vibrant colours into the traditional LT Duck with innovative technology, telling true Hong Kong cultural stories.

Amidst the enchanting ambiance of the approaching Christmas season, Central Market is poised to ignite with festive spirit like never before. Central Market continues the celebration of its two-year anniversary of its revitalisation, and proudly presents the “Central Market PLAY DUCK Grand Christmas Party”. In collaboration with vfxNova Digital Productions Limited and the iconic LT Duck, the legendary “Father of the Yellow Rubber Duck,” Mr. L.T. Lam, the beloved toy is brought to life with vibrant colours and a brand new image. Get ready to be immersed in a whimsical wonderland as Central Market undergoes a magical transformation, adorning its every nook and cranny with enchanting holiday decorations. During the festive season, Central Market will also host a diverse range of themed activities, encompassing design and art culture, placemaking, sustainability, wellness and sports, and innovative technology. These activities aim to foster cultural exchange and create a lively and vibrant party atmosphere from  day to night! Step into a world of sheer joy, nostalgia, and boundless creativity as Central Market warmly invites visitors from around the globe and local residents to embrace the holiday season!

Cultural Heritage: Capture Unforgettable Moments with “Giant Yellow Ducks” Photo Spot and Vibrant Neon Lights. Experience the ‘Yellow Duck Multiverse’ Exhibition, a Digital Art Tribute to Mr. L.T. Lam’s Glorious Toy Industry Journey

As a Grade III historic building, Central Market has long been dedicated to fostering cultural heritage and preserving the cherished collective memories of Hong Kong residents. In celebration of the “Father of the Yellow Rubber Duck”, Mr. L.T. Lam’s 100th birthday, Central Market and vfxNova Digital Productions Limited invite everyone to experience the magic of Hong Kong’s golden era of the 1950s toy industry through the perfect fusion of cutting-edge digital innovation and the timeless charm of local classics.

From 6 December until 2 January 2024, Central Market’s OASIS will feature five magnificent giant LT DUCKs, ranging in height from 1.5m to 2.5m. These adorable ducks symbolise the heartwarming concept of 5 generations of family gathering together. Visitors can even sit and pose on a fibreglass duck for those Instagram-worthy snapshots. To enhance the festive ambiance, OASIS will be adorned with captivating neon lights and lightboxes featuring Central Market, the beloved LT DUCK, and charming snowflake designs, transforming the night sky into a magical and dazzling display.

Creative and Art Culture: Italian Christmas Village Themed Market brings a unique Christmas experience with an Italian flair

Central Market has always been an advocate for promoting creative and artistic culture while fostering multicultural exchange. This Christmas, as one of the key events of ITALIA on Stage, Central Market will host the “Italian Christmas Village Themed Market ”, in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao and the Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong. From 8-10 December, this three day event will bring together various brands such as Andante, Borgovivo, Campari Group, Giando Group, Giovanni Pina, Illy, Metabev, Sino Vantage, Stecco Natura, Tablo, The Royal Garden – The Fine Foods, Trippa Florence, Venchi, Bling Fling and PTJ STUDIO, offering a taste of Italian charm with a unique European-style Christmas ambiance. In addition to the delectable selection of food and wine, discover exquisite scented candles, captivating glitter tattoos, and festive decorations that will enhance the joyful Italian cultural experience. The Italian automobile brand Alfa Romeo will also be showcasing the Stelvio GTS Q4 – an All-wheel drive SUV model, everyone is welcomed to come and admire the magnificence of this Italian luxury car.

Sustainability: Nina Park exhibition – Hong Kong’s first wood fossil park and four festive-themed DIY workshops on sustainability, advocating eco-conscious living

Both Central Market and Chinachem Group take sustainability very seriously. Nina Park, a wood fossil park, is located in Tsuen Wan scheduled to open in late 2023. The park will showcase the largest collection of wood fossils among urban parks in Asia. As Hong Kong’s first and only wood fossil park, Nina Park aims to inspire local and international visitors through exciting “edutainment” programmes and innovative designs. We invite everyone to embark on a voyage of a million lifetimes. Non-profit organisation Greenpeace will also organise the “Plastic-Free Ocean” exhibition from 20-23 December, with the aim of promoting the emerging trend of waste reduction through “reuse systems” and “resource sharing” to the public.

Wellness & Sports: BoC’s “Tennis Fever” Flash Event and the Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association 30th Anniversary Celebration Event

In celebration of the 80th anniversary of the publication of “The Little Prince,” Re:Fresh, an online mental health self-help platform, has invited Hong Kong artist simple faces to hold his first solo exhibition titled “The Little Prince Within Me” on the 1st floor of Central Market. The exhibition will run from 18-31 December, showcasing 20 new artworks that embody the unique creativity and healing philosophy of The Little Prince. Throughout the exhibition, various experts will be invited to give talks on mental and physical well-being.

Additionally, on 24, 25, 26, and 31 December, there will be several Christmas workshops with The Little Prince theme, including Christmas terrariums, French braided mini Christmas wreaths, and handmade lip balms, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of The Little Prince’s planet B612.

From 11-15 December, the Bank of China (BoC) will host the exciting “Tennis Fever” Flash Event. Attendees have the chance to capture memorable moments at the tennis-themed 3D art installation and immerse in the delight of the sport with fun tennis-themed games. Play for a chance to win smart sports watches, BoC Pay cash vouchers, and other exquisite prizes. Furthermore, participants can also play an AR game on the Hong Kong Men’s Tennis Open Instagram page, for the chance to win tickets to the highly anticipated “Bank of China Hong Kong Tennis Open 2024”, Garmin sports watches, and “Age-0” coins.

The Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association will also be holding its 30th Anniversary Celebration Event on 30 November, at the G/F OASIS, to promote the sport of lacrosse to everyone in Hong Kong, no matter their age or gender.

Indulge in exclusive shopping privileges from tenants at Central Market and explore an exquisite selection of Christmas gifts for your loved ones. 

Join in the Christmas celebration with limited-time editions from popular dining establishments in Central Market, including Asok Thai Cake, AW Patisserie, and The Mochiffon Cake. Asok Thai Cake introduces their first-ever Thai Christmas Cake set, featuring a tempting combination of Thai basil, Thai coffee, lemongrass mulled wine, and Bailey’s liqueur. AW Patisserie presents their Christmas Tree Cream Puff Cake in a range of limited edition flavours, including the Marukyu Koyamaen Matcha Chestnut White Bean Mochi Puff, Raspberry Cheesecake Puff, and the Gingerbread Belgian Dark Chocolate Feuilletine Puff.  The Mochiffon Cake offers adorable Christmas-themed cakes in flavours like Strawberry Greek Yogurt, Hojicha Chestnut, and Pistachio Chocolate Tree. These delightful treats are perfect for sharing with family, dear friends and loved ones, adding a touch of sweetness to your dining table while celebrating cherished moments during the holiday season!